roastedhello friends01:44
roastedI just added the gnome3 and gnome3-staging PPAs for ubuntu gnome 13.04, but I'm still getting gnome 3.701:44
roastedevery guide on the planet said those 2 PPAs = Gnome 3.8. What am I missing?01:44
jbicharoasted: GNOME 3.7 basically is 3.8 https://live.gnome.org/ThreePointSeven/01:49
tyrogroasted: Nothing. You have 3.8. The release candidate of it to be more precise :)01:49
jbichauntil we figure out https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=696981 you probably won't get gnome-shell 3.8.0 though01:50
ubot5Gnome bug 696981 in general "many keyboard shortcuts stopped working with 3.8.0 on Ubuntu" [Normal,Unconfirmed]01:50
tyrogjbicha: do you recommend keeping using the staging ppa in the following weeks as more packages move to gnome3 ppa or drop it?01:50
jbichatyrog: uh, some things in the staging ppa are broken so I only recommend it if you can deal with that and know how to use ppa-purge01:52
tyrogjbicha: I do. But gnome3 ppa by itself provides gnome 3.8 already? Recent snapshots of the shell, extensions and all that stuff, I mean01:53
jbichaI don't think we'll push gnome-control-center 3.8 to the regular gnome3 ppa this month or the next because it needs a lot of work01:53
tyrogIn what aspects?01:54
jbichathe latest version of gnome-shell and extensions that works is in the regular gnome3 ppa01:54
jbichaauto-suspend is broken without logind, external Settings panels don't work, OnlyShowIn (to hide some panels in certain desktops) is broken, several Ubuntu patches need to be rewritten, etc.01:55
tyrogthat happens with the control center 3.8 from staging ppa?01:56
jbichayes, also Unity has some major issues with gnome-settings-daemon 3.801:56
tyrogjbicha: Will you be able to put only one of the instances of "Online Accounts" in the control center, instead of 2?01:57
jbichano, that's a complicated problem since neither goa nor uoa support every app we need01:58
tyrogAnd the language installer from Ubuntu doesn't work in Gnome 3.8 right? At least I can't find mine after the upgrade to 3.8. Using raring01:58
jbichatyrog: you can install language-selector-gnome and run gnome-language-selector manually from the command line02:00
jbichawe need to add that to our release notes since others will have that same question02:00
tyrogjbicha: Done :) . Very easy. But why does the application get removed from the menu/activities?02:01
jbichasetting the language also doesn't work right with g-c-c 3.8 (lots of regressions... :( )02:01
jbichabut I think it works fine in System Settings in 3.602:02
Ponch0also becareful with updates, they may remove ur hnome install and reinstall unity02:02
tyrogPonch0: That happened to you?02:02
tyrogjbicha: Another bug I'm facing, don't know if it is related to the packaging of gnome3 in ubuntu or if is upstream. In classic mode, the notification bar is always up when in youtube watching fullscreen videos :)02:03
tyrogDidn't try that in the Shell yet02:03
roastedI don't understand. The same PPAs in Ubuntu give me Do the PPAs auto detect Ubuntu vs Ubuntu GNOME to decide who gets what?02:04
jbichatyrog: uh it should show in the Activities Overview at least, could you file a bug against language-selector-gnome? I'm assuming it shows with gnome-shell 3.6 just not with 3.802:04
tyrogroasted: No, they simply compare the package versions I think02:04
roastedtyrog: so is it considered odd that I got on Ubuntu and 3.7 on Ubuntu Gnome? (both 13.04, both with Gnome3 and Gnome3-staging PPAs)02:05
roastedor expected behavior?02:05
tyrogjbicha: Yes, shows in 3.6, not in 3.802:05
tyrogroasted: What do you mean by 3.8? The shell? Or what? Any way, both Ubuntus should give you the same version02:06
jbichatyrog: could you try downgrading all your gnome-menus packages to the 3.6 versions?02:07
jbichatyrog: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+sourcepub/3008532/+listing-archive-extra gives a list of the affected package names02:08
jbichaI'm thinking that GNOME doesn't like something in the Categories line of language-selector.desktop02:09
roastedtyrog: an hour ago I had Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit running on this laptop. I added the gnome3 and gnome3-staging PPAs. I ran update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, and got On this same laptop, now, I did the same thing. Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 64 bit, gnome3 and gnome3-staging, update, upgrade, dist-upgrade.... 3.702:24
roastedI'm having lag when I search for applications, so I was hoping that was a 3.7 thing solved by 3.8, but if I can't get 3.8 (even though I just had 3.8...)........ meh.02:25
tyrogYou shouldn't use staging anyways. It contains some broken packages as jbicha said02:25
roastedoh, okay. I'll just ppa-purge it.02:25
roastedbut would the regular gnome3 ppa give me 3.7 or 3.8?02:26
tyrogjbicha: I downgraded menus to the version on the gnome3 ppa and language selector now appears in the menu :)02:26
tyrogroasted: Don't worry, it will give the best 3.8 they have managed to package at the moment. 3.8 is still very new, not many distros have it02:26
roastedtyrog: right. I get that. I'm just saying, I duplicated identical efforts in ubuntu and ubuntu gnome, and ubuntu gave me 3.8 and ubuntu gnome gave me 3.7. That was just confusing me a bit.02:27
tyrogjbicha: fonts problem in the ubuntu software center, do you also have it?02:27
tyrogroasted: If you want to use GNOME, just use Ubuntu Gnome. If you want to use both Unity and Gnome Shell/Classic, then use Ubuntu. But Unity will probably break with the update through ppa, as it is 3.6-based.02:29
roastedtyrog: right, and I'm using Ubuntu Gnome...02:29
roastedThe thing is, Ubuntu with these PPAs (so far) actually gave me a better Gnome experience, as Gnome Shell wasn't freezing whenever I searched for an application.02:30
roastedHence my interest in getting it to 3.8 as I thought it was a 3.7 issue.02:30
tyrogroasted: reinstall Ubuntu gnome, and add only the gnome3 ppa, then dist-upgrade. Then if you have bugs, report them :)02:30
roastedI am on Ubuntu Gnome.02:31
roastedI'll ppa-purge staging and see if that helps.02:31
tyroglike jbicha said, 3.7 IS 3.8. The packages currently on the gnome3 ppa are the latest ones known to work with less bugs02:32
tyrogI have used both versions from gnome3 ppa and staging, and even the gnome testing ppa, and all of them provide the same gnome shell if that is what you want to know :)02:33
roastedwhat I don't get is this... Ubuntu 13.04 + gnome3 + gnome3-staging = gnome Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 + gnome3 + gnome3-staging = gnome 3.7.92. That's what confused me.02:35
tyrogroasted: Gnome staging doesn't have packages that change the version of gnome 3 from the one that is currently in Gnome3 ppa02:37
jbicharoasted: you're confused, gnome-shell has not been uploaded to either of the gnome3 ppa's because there are some problems with the new version02:38
tyrogjbicha: do you have the bug with the fonts in USC?02:38
tyrogand flash in fullscreen?02:38
tyrogroasted: It should be 3.7.92, not 3.8. If you have 3.8, then you are using any other PPA02:39
jbichatyrog: if you mean in the USC sidebar, yes02:40
roastedI'm not confused over anything. I put Ubuntu 13.04, gnome3, and gnome3-staging on this laptop like 6 times. Each time,
roastedThere's no confusion over that. It's what I experienced multiple times.02:40
roastedThat's why I was confused with Ubuntu Gnome, as I hit 3.7 and kind of thought, well that's odd...02:40
tyrogjbicha: The fonts in the categories.02:40
tyrogroasted: you ARE confused, because 3.8 is NOT in the gnome3 ppa02:40
jbichatyrog: could you file that bug too? ;)02:40
tyrog3.8 FINAL, to be more precise02:41
jbicharoasted: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+packages?field.name_filter=gnome-shell&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter=raring02:41
roastedthen it must have been in gnome3-staging02:41
roastedI added those TWO PPAs02:41
roastedand got I'm 100% positive of it.02:41
tyrogroasted: It isn't there either02:41
jbicharoasted: maybe you were using the ricotz testing ppa?02:41
roastedI used ricotz on my initial install of my deskteop, but not on my laptop.02:41
roastedall of the guides I read said for Ubuntu 13.04 to use those two PPAs, hence why I only added those two on thi slaptop.02:42
roastedAnd bingo. Just like the guides said, I got 3.802:42
tyrogroasted: what packages are you checking?02:42
tyrogthe versions02:42
roastedgnome-shell --version02:42
roastedvia terminal02:43
jbicharoasted: please run apt-cache policy gnome-shell02:43
roastedwell, I just purged staging on this laptop. would that matter?02:43
tyrogroasted: no, but you should purge it anyways02:43
roastedyeah, I just meant in reference to running apt-cache02:44
roastedwhat are you wanting to see from this?02:44
tyrogroasted: gnome3-staging doesn't have gnome-shell at all.02:44
roastedI installed gnome-shell02:44
jbicharoasted: that will tell you what version of gnome-shell is available and where it came from02:44
tyrog3.8 is ONLY in ricotz ppa02:45
roastedjbicha: oh, I see. This was from my install earlier on this laptop. I formatted Ubuntu in favor of Ubuntu GNOME.02:45
roastedtyrog: okay, well, I somehow found 3.8 without ricotz on 13.04.02:45
roastedfrom gnome-shell --version, at least. :)02:45
tyrogthat is 3.7.x, which is THE SAME as 3.8. It is the dev version that ended with 3.802:47
roastedwould it be possible it flagged from gnome-shell --version then?02:47
tyrogtell the outputs of that command, and the one jbicha told before02:47
roastedtyrog: I can't. This is from an install I formatted earlier.02:48
roastedtyrog: I had installed Ubuntu 13.04 on this laptop about 4 separate times, each time adding gnome3 and gnome3-staging to do different testing and messing around.  I formatted it today for Ubuntu Gnome.02:48
roastedI was just tossing that comment around since I was a little confused over that. But in the end it doesn't matter that much. :D02:48
tyrogroasted: Dont worry about it then. Just use the Gnome3 PPA02:48
roastedtyrog: already on it ;)02:49
tyrogroasted: can you open a video on youtube, in fullscreen, and tell me if you get the notification bar down in the screen?02:49
roastedI do have to admit, this freezing I'm getting when searching for applications is enough for me to put Ubuntu back in and just PPA gnome on that side.02:50
tyrogroasted: After purging staging, you should reboot02:50
roastedI see no notification bar02:50
roastedwould I have to run another upgrade or dist-upgrade to correct things?02:51
roastedafter the purge?02:51
roastedor does ppa-purge automagically do that?02:51
tyrogsupposedly no02:51
roastedsounds good - brb.02:51
tyrogbut there is nothing wrong with trying the dist-upgrade after purging...02:51
roastedhm, I got the freeze one time, but with 8 other appications so far, nadda.02:53
tyrogfreezes are normal with these all around search tools like unity and gnome shell02:53
roastedI see - I just never saw it before, on 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, etc :P02:54
roastedseems to be better now, but I'll try a dist-upgrade and see how it fairs.02:54
tyrogbrb - going to test the shell02:54
Ponch0how do I reinstall gnome shell along side ubuntu since it was removed last night?02:55
Ponch0both PPAs are already in02:56
roastedfreezing is back. I didn't have this on ubuntu with gnome 3. :(((((02:58
jbichaPonch0: I recommend installing ubuntu-gnome-desktop03:03
Ponch0jbicha thanks03:05
Ponch0it doesn't work.03:05
jbichacould you post the errors you get then?03:06
Ponch0E: Invalid operation ubuntu-gnome-desktop03:08
roastedis gnome-clocks currently broken?03:08
jbichasudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop03:08
Ponch0it was yes03:08
roastedgetting TypeError: Argument 1 does not allow None as a value03:08
roastedvia terminal03:08
roastedfor 'gnome-clocks'03:09
roasted(with a bunch of other crap too)03:09
Ponch0heh duh thanks03:09
Ponch0everythings back to normal, thank you flying spaghetti monster03:15
roastedwas the battery indicator broken in 3.7?03:17
Ponch0it was for me03:17
Ponch0it's fine now03:17
roastedin 3.7.92?03:18
roastedI'm just flat out not seeing it right now03:18
roastedand I'm on battery power03:18
roastedmaybe another reboot is in order?03:18
Ponch0yeah I was missing it for awhile also03:18
Ponch0I think it's a theme that was messing with it, but I forgot at this point03:19
roastedI'm fully updated, still not seeing it. let me change the theme though.03:19
Ponch0yeah i'm not a 100% but I think that was the culprit03:20
roastedah yes03:20
roastedfroze for 10 seconds while typing "tweak" in search03:21
Ponch0I don't get that either but I never had that issue besides an occasional freeze, or if the computer went Idle it always froze03:21
roastedI get short blips of lag when I type in the search03:21
roastedlike I'll type firefox and it'll do firef03:22
roastedand sit there for a few esconds03:22
roastedor synaptic... synapt (for a few seconds)03:22
Ponch0I understand,, I don't have that issue.03:23
Ponch0just when computer goes idle i pretty much have to restart.03:23
roastedI didn't have that issue on ubuntu with gnome3, but I have it on ubuntu-gnome with gnome3.03:23
roastedmeh. maybe with the next update.03:23
roastedalso, I changed my theme to the only other default one available - simple - no battery icon, but accessibility comes back with that theme, and goes away with adwaita again03:24
Ponch0roasted: I don't have the issue of computer pretty much blanking out in idle when I have ubuntu with gnome 303:24
roastedPonch0: so you're on Ubuntu... not Ubuntu-Gnome?03:24
Ponch0I'm on ubuntu 13.04 that has unity as alternative at log in03:25
Ponch0i pretty much have 2 choices log into the ubuntu to desktop or gnome desktop.03:25
roastedI wanted a pure gnome expeirence, that's why I tried ubuntu gnome03:26
roastedbut if this lapotp locks up once more I'll be formatting it03:26
Ponch0yeah I understand, at the time when I installed the new ubuntu non of the other versions of ubuntu were working with my hardware.03:27
Ponch0so I took the first ISO i found.03:27
Ponch0I did remove the ubuntu desktop and only had ubuntu-gnome but yesterday an update removed gnome and reinstalled the ubuntu unity desktop03:27
roastedjust made sure I was fully updated and rebooted - still no battery indicator.03:29
roasteddoes the gnome3 ppa get me 3.7 on ubuntu 12.10?03:30
Ponch0i udnno 12.10 doeskt work with my hardware03:30
Ponch0just do what I did. install ubuntu 13.04 with unity and than install gnome along side03:31
Ponch0also the current theme i'm using that shows battery is called "numix"03:31
roastednumix... k I'll check into that03:32
Ponch0im pretty sure I got it from webupd803:32
roastedI just tried 3 different themes and I didn't see the battery indicator03:32
roastedyou'd think the default one would work03:32
Ponch0i actually don't like the battery indicator cuz i'm always plugged in but I like the theme03:33
roastednumix installed03:34
roastedno battery indicator03:34
Ponch0hm that's what did it for me I'm pretty sure, I dunno :(03:36
darkxstricotz, hi08:36
dupondjeAnyone has empathy running on Raring ? :s11:16
roasteddupondje: I have empathy running with raring for gtalk and facebook.13:41
roastedI find it a little confusing that I have new icon themes installed to /usr/share/icons and tweak tool is not changing them as it should. <_<13:43
roastedwell, this is interesting.13:51
roastedA friend of mine and I have been doing some tinkering with Gnome. We've been bouncing between Ubuntu+Gnome3 PPA and UbuntuGNOME+Gnome3 PPA to find the differences and whether one works better for our uses than the other, etc.13:52
roastedBoth he and I have experienced random lag in the activities menu with UbuntuGNOME 13.04 + Gnome3 PPA, where we would type something like, firefox... but it'd be firef(3-4 second lag)ox.13:52
roastedWe're also missing battery indicator icons.13:52
roastedNow I understand this is a 13.04 spin so it's not finalized, but I do find it odd how in Ubuntu with the same PPA, the speed is improved (zero lag) and the battery icon is there.13:53
roastedIs this some sort of bug that I should report or am I sounding like a broken record player where you guys heard this all before and it's an active issue being worked on?13:53
jbicharoasted: Ubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME are the same, Ubuntu GNOME just installs different packages by default (ubuntu-gnome-desktop) and has some different default settings (ubuntu-gnome-default-settings)13:58
roastedjbicha: so does it strike you as odd that more than 1 user has experienced the identical lag symptoms on UbuntuGNOME + Gnome PPA that does not exist with Ubuntu + Gnome PPA?13:59
jbicharoasted: my instinct is that it is a coincidence14:00
roastedjbicha: I find it a little strange that I duplicated it on two systems here and another user some 1,200 miles away managed to follow the same steps and ran into it.14:01
roastedJust my 2c.14:01
jbichathere's a general lag problem, perhaps mozjs17 helps14:05
roastedI don't understand what you mean by that jbicha14:06
jbichathere is a lag problem and I don't think it matter whether you have Ubuntu + gnome-shell or Ubuntu GNOME14:08
roastedOh, I see what you mean.14:08
roastedI don't know, I found it to be rather cut and dry since I've done a dozen installs of Ubuntu vs UbuntuGNOME in the last week.14:09
jbichaa new version of the mozjs library may help with that problem but it's a bit late for that to show up in the regular Ubuntu repositories14:09
roastedwell, that's depressing.14:09
jbichaI think we'll use it in the GNOME3 PPA though14:09
roastedI wonder if there's SOMETHING else that could explain it.14:09
roastedLike I said, UbuntuGNOME... lag... Ubuntu... no lag.14:10
phunyguysame here.14:10
roastedIt's not that the lag is so bad it's unusable, but it's consistent enough to make me wonder if I should hop back on Ubuntu and PPA it over.14:10
roastedjbicha: meet my 1,200 mile coincidence. :P14:10
phunyguyis it 1200 miles?14:11
phunyguyprobably so.14:11
roastedMichigan, no?14:11
phunyguyzoinks no14:11
phunyguyprobably closer to 80014:11
roastedapologies. :D14:11
roastednice, gnome-clocks is fixed :D :D :D14:50
roastedno battery indicator quite yet tho. :P14:51
roastedI also had to do a hard reboot on my laptop. Since then I haven't experienced the lag I mentioned earlier. derp??14:51
roastedIs there an alternative way to get into system settings > brightness and lock? brightness and lock is crashing system settings each time I open it, but I'd like to adjust my timeout on my screen going black since it's currently at one minute...15:00
jbicharoasted: I don't think so, we need to patch gsettings-desktop-schemas to restore the schemas that gnome-control-center 3.6 uses15:30
roastedjbicha: I see. Have you by chance seen the birghtness and lock issue I'm speaking of?15:37
roastedsounds good :)15:38
dupondjeEmpathy is not working here, can't edit accounts, nor it shows contacts16:54
dupondjebut it connects, and I can respond in chats16:54
dupondjeand it works perfect in Unity ...16:54
roasteddupondje: 13.04?16:58
dupondjeroasted: yep17:00
roasteddupondje: I noticed I had to nuke my empathy accounts and re-add them (I retained my /home dir when I did the fresh install). After that they operated fine.17:00
dupondjeroasted: I tried removing them yet :s17:02
dupondjeits just gui that is borked17:02
roastedwhat GUI?17:03
roastedempathy or gnome?17:03
saryI've successfully upgraded from 12.04 to 13.04, is it okay to install ubuntu-gnome metapackages! are there any known issue i should know about ?17:03
roastedhave you considered removing and purging empathy and re-installing it?17:03
dupondjeroasted: already did :(17:03
roastedor perhaps nuking the empathy data folder within your home dir?17:03
roastedempathy has its own folder within ~/.config17:04
dupondjetried removing empathy and removing files in .config etc17:06
dupondjebut no help17:06
dupondjeits strange it works perfectly in Unity imo17:06
roasteddo other messengers such as pidgin work okay?17:06
dupondjedid not try yet17:06
roastedjust a thought17:06
roastedI mean empathy working in unity is a huge +1 that it's something with Gnome, but if you can get another messenger to work on Gnome (I would think) it would further solidify that theory.17:07
saryhi there roasted , dupondje :)17:11
sarydupondje: what it you run emapthy in terminal !17:11
dupondjesary: no output17:11
roastedsary: are you on 13.04?17:12
dupondjeI just get "No contacts online" ...17:12
dupondje(empathy:12525): folks-WARNING **: Failed to reach quiescence normally (1 backends and 0 persona stores still haven't reached quiescence). Forcing IndividualAggregator quiescence due to reaching the timeout.17:13
dupondje(empathy:12525): empathy-CRITICAL **: empathy-utils.c:569: empathy_account_manager_get_accounts_connected called before AccountManager ready17:13
saryroasted: Cheah! :)17:13
dupondje(empathy:12525): empathy-CRITICAL **: empathy-utils.c:569: empathy_account_manager_get_accounts_connected called before AccountManager ready17:13
dupondjeI get this after some time ...17:13
roastedsary: can you go into system settings and select brightness and lock? Does that crash system settings for you?17:13
saryroasted: sure thing , hold up ..17:13
saryroasted: no issue at all, both function properly!17:14
roastedDo you have any PPAs installed?17:15
roastedso you're on 3.6 then?17:15
roastedsary: brightness and lock crashes for me instantly when I click on it (and only it... other functions in sys settings work fine). I'm on 13.04, Gnome3 PPA, 3.7.9217:20
guest-pNHnt1Back, Sary here ..17:23
roastedsary: brightness and lock crashes for me instantly when I click on it (and only it... other functions in sys settings work fine). I'm on 13.04, Gnome3 PPA, 3.7.9217:23
guest-pNHnt1roasted: you're absolutely right , a minute or so after adjusting brightness and lock on/off , the whole desktop hangs!17:26
roastedmy desktop doesn't hang. It just crashes system settings.17:27
roastedlike if I select brightness and lock, it disappears as if I just ALT F4'd it17:27
guest-pNHnt1but, here is the cach .. i'm on a guest session and the issue didn't occur .. yet!17:27
cmathesonhey speaking of empathy not working, if i try to connect to my personal jabber server all my accounts die (otherwise gmail and facebook connect fine)17:28
cmathesona notification pops up that says "internal error"17:28
cmathesonthis is running gnome 3.6 on 13.04 (i just ppa-purged 3.7 though)17:28
guest-pNHnt1ah! thene i think we should check and investigate ./sessions-errors for a start.17:28
guest-pNHnt1dupondje: excuse me , i've missed your empathy output .. BRB.17:31
roastedguest-pNHnt1: are you on a laptop?17:31
guest-pNHnt1roasted: correct.17:32
roastedguest-pNHnt1: do you have a battery indicator in the top right?17:32
guest-pNHnt1roasted: nope!17:33
guest-pNHnt1wait , but am on the guest session still.17:33
dupondjeok, removed cache folder or folks17:38
dupondjeand now it seems to work somehow17:38
dupondjeexcept MSN17:39
roastedthis brightness thing is driving me insane17:44
roastedif only my brightness was set to turn off monitor every 10 minutes I wouldn't care. But it's set to 1 minute and auto crashes itself so I can't change it. AHH17:44
atrusroasted: can you change it with dconf-editor? i think that's in org.gnome.setting-daemon.plugins.power17:46
roastedatrus: hmm, how would I navigate to that within dconf?17:48
atrusjust by clicking the [+] boxes17:48
roastedwell yeah, but I'm not sure which one in particular.17:48
roastedoh I got it17:49
roastedI didn't realize each . separated a new drop down17:49
roastedahh thank you atrus :) :) :)17:50
roastedit'll make this issue not seem so insanely obnoxious right now17:50
sarydupondje: on my user session , empathy connect o accounts normaly.18:50
saryperhaps, your system is missing one of the protocol support connection packages!18:55
sary" Telepathy " .. that is.18:55
saryi think we might've gone offtopic here , #ubuntu+1 it is .18:56
darkxstjbicha, can you upload updated cogl http://pastebin.com/N5A2tCap20:15
jbichadarkxst: yes, it will probably wait in the queue until thursday's beta release though20:22
jbichahow about you open a bug and request a sponsor though?20:23
darkxstjbicha, yes I could, but that will take ages20:40
jbichadarkxst: if it doesn't get sponsored by Thursday or Friday, ping me & I'll do it21:04
darkxstjbicha, ok21:04
Ponch0My software updater gets stuck on applying changes.... is there anyway to do this manually?21:39
jbichadarkxst: wow, gnome-shell 3.6.3 has been stuck in the SRU queue for 5 weeks :(22:26

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