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airurandoi hadn't realised natty was from irish waters16:19
airurandohello chrono80017:00
chrono800Back at ya ;)17:06
chrono800Its really cool to be back on IRC,  So many happy memories for me are flooding back circa 1994!!!17:08
chrono800I'm back to my internet root days, will stay logged for the evening I think, while whatching "Promethius" :)17:11
airurandoThis is a relatively quiet channel.  Frequently there is no one about so never take silence as an insult ;-)17:12
chrono800Could you do some introductions to the people you know in here, airurando for me?17:12
chrono800Anyone I might have met in person at skynet last year in UL?17:13
airurandochrono800 you met czajkowski and tdr112 at skycon17:13
airurandolaura and Jeffrey17:14
chrono800I have a mental picture of these people now, great!!17:14
airurandoyou also met AndrewMcC at skycon17:14
airurandomy neighbour17:14
chrono800Ah yeah.. cool :)17:15
airurandoebel is the point of contact for our LoCo.17:15
chrono800good to know!17:15
airurandonow get back to the film17:16
chrono800Thanks for the comprehensive fb message.  I'll look and the links in due course....!17:16
airurandono prob17:16
chrono800yep!!, I'll stay logged into this room, check back visually later, cya ;)17:17
chrono800should read "at the links...."17:17
airurandooh one last mention you also met andru183 at skycon17:18
chrono800Can you remind me at what time, place?17:19
airurandoHe is the president of Skynet (UL Comp Soc). We briefly chatted to him at the dinner17:20
chrono800Don't worry..not important..17:20
chrono800Ah OK!17:20
chrono800Will check in later, as I've already said.  Now back to my movie ...!17:21
chrono800One hr into "prometheus" movie, pretty gripping so far...! blu-ray adds to the well planned out story so far....! :)18:42
chrono800WOW!!! What a really GREAT Movie!! :)19:46
chrono800Gives a whole NEW meaning to GIRL POWER!! ;)19:47
chrono800Has anyone in here seen "Prometheus"?  Would love to hear your views?19:49
chrono800What about you laura?19:49
ebelchrono800: yo yo20:31
ebelnope, haven't seen prometheus20:31
chrono800yo yo back at ya ebel..! :)20:36
chrono800Are you a si-fi fan at all?20:37
ebelyep, i like me some sci fi20:37
chrono800Aliens series?20:37
ebelhaven't seen/read much lately20:37
ebelyep, seen the aliens series.20:38
chrono800Well "prometheus" is a prequel!!20:38
ebelyeah heard that20:39
ebelheard it's good too20:39
chrono800Well worth a view!  The bigger the screen, louder the sound the better..!20:39
ebelmaybe will give it a download.20:39
ebeldoes it have predators in it? or is it just aliens?20:39
chrono800just aliens!20:40
ebelthink star trek was the last scifi film I saw20:41
* ebel has kinda gone on a history bent recently :P20:41
chrono800do continue.....>:o20:42
ebelah just reading history books & watching history shows.20:43
ebelThe Borgias, The Tudors are good shows. Just starting watching Vikings, mostly good but a bit historically nonsense at times.20:44
chrono800I like Jeremy Irons as an actor. He is in the Borgais right? sky atlantic?20:50
chrono800I like History programs that have religious themes in them like the film "Kingdom of Heaven" or Irish history..20:53
chrono800 airurando tells me you are the point of contact for ubuntu ireland's LoCo?21:10
chrono800Might chat to you more about that on wed, if you're going to the meeting on in here?21:11
ebeleh sure21:13
* ebel tries to remember what's happening on wednesday21:13
ebelI'm often here, I'm on IRC a lot. Feel free to ask anytime.21:13
chrono800I'm gonna head off, I know where to reach you now....! Might see you wed. :)21:19
tdr112  evening21:23

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