nooooomy laptop gets hot and loud in xubuntu but not in win00:07
nooooowhen i pull the electric cable off its getting cooler and more silent00:07
nooooohow to use the battery-powered mode with the dc cable connected?00:07
zequencenooooo: Sounds like at least the monitor gets dimmed when you pull the plug00:08
nooooouname -r 3.2.0-39-generic00:08
nooooo:) 00:08
nooooono the monitor stays as it is00:09
nooooothe fan is immediately slower, more silent and the whole laptop cooler00:09
noooooi was reading and trying a lot about bios bug, kernel versions ect00:09
noooooi think the easiest fix would be this dc cable in out thing00:10
nooooohow to use the battery-powered settings for dc-powered too?00:10
zequenceI don't know what your battery powered settings are. This is more of a user question. You would probably have more luck on #ubuntu or #xubuntu00:11
zequenceat least, that's my best guess00:12
nooooozequence: ok thank you00:12
nooooou dont have any idea what to do else?00:12
zequenceNope, sorry. I'm not that good with laptops00:12
nooooookidoki thanks anyway!00:13
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rtg_sforshee, your EFI_VARS_PSTORE patch got merged in 3.9-rc514:11
ogasawarartg_: just fyi, I pushed a small cherry-pick from linux-next to raring master-next to add a haswell cpu id14:15
rtg_ogasawara, hmm, I thought I remembered doing that last week.14:15
ogasawarartg_: hrm, it wasn't there when I looked.  maybe you forgot to push?14:16
rtg_ogasawara, well, lemme look at the actual patch to see if it looks familiar14:16
rtg_ogasawara, ok, I was dragging my feet on that one thinking it would soon get merged in 3.9.14:19
rtg_sforshee, you're familiar with brcmsmac. perhaps you can advise jsalisbury re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1131914/comments/314:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1131914 in linux "[Regression] No wifi after suspend/resume" [Medium,In progress]14:32
sforsheertg_, ack, I'll take a look14:32
jsalisburyrtg_, sforshee, thanks.  I pinged upstream and the patch author to get their feedback as well.14:33
sforsheejsalisbury, we had to revert another commit related to bcm 4313iPA iirc14:34
jsalisburysforshee, ok14:34
* ogasawara back in 2014:37
sforsheejsalisbury, you're sure it's that one and not b6fc28a158076ca2764edc9a6d1e1402f56e1c0c?14:39
sforsheethat's the one we've already reverted, and it's getting reverted upstream as well14:39
jsalisburysforshee, yeah, reverting it allowed wifi to work after a suspend/resume cycle.  The bug also occurs with v3.9-rc4. 14:41
jsalisburysforshee, I can try reverting b6fc28a158076ca2764edc9a6d1e1402f56e1c0c as a test, unless there is a kernel I can test where it already is reverted.14:41
sforsheejsalisbury, Ubuntu-3.8.0-15.25 contains the revert14:42
sforsheejsalisbury, the one you identified is mostly just rearranging code, but there is one small functional change that could be to blame14:42
jsalisburysforshee, I'm pretty sure the bug still happens on Ubuntu-3.8.0-15.25.  Let me give it a try.14:43
rtg_jsalisbury, Linville just sent you an email on your revert request14:46
sforsheertg_, his question was the same as mine ;-)14:47
jsalisburyrtg_, sforshee, ack.  I'm installing Ubuntu-3.8.0-15.25 now to see if it fixes the bug.  I'll also test 3.9-rc5.14:48
rtg_jsalisbury, John says that revert is not yet in -rc514:48
jsalisburyrtg_, whoops, I didn't see that bold, hiightligted and under lined 'not' :-)14:49
rtg_I thought not14:50
jsalisburyrtg_, sforshee, I have a ton of test kernels on this machine that exhibits the bug, so I'm just doing a little clean up before testing.14:52
sforsheejsalisbury, will you give me the contents of /sys/kernel/debug/brcmsmac/bcma0:0/hardware on that machine?15:02
jsalisburysforshee, sure15:02
jsalisbury_sforshee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5667582/15:06
jsalisburysforshee, installing Ubuntu-3.8.0-15.25 now, should know if it has the bug in about 5 minutes15:07
sforsheejsalisbury, ack15:07
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sforsheejsalisbury, the commit your bisect identified looks like it should be a no-op for your wireless15:10
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jsalisburysforshee, yeah, it looks like I reverted it against Ubuntu-3.8.0-15.25: linux-image-3.8.0-15-generic_3.8.0-15.25~lp1131914v1_amd6415:11
jsalisburysforshee, so, I probably got the real fix, which is revering  b6fc28a1515:12
sforsheesounds like it15:12
jsalisburyperfect timing15:12
jsalisburysforshee, lol that is it.  The stock Ubuntu-3.8.0-15.25 kernel doesn't have the bug.  15:14
sforsheejsalisbury, excellent. I love it when the bug is already fixed :-)15:15
jsalisburysforshee, rtg_, thanks for the help.  I'll respond to upstream and update the bug15:15
sforsheejsalisbury, np15:15
rtg_jsalisbury, please remember to annoy apw tomorrow about bug #1157952. He is most familiar with that driver, and I'd like to get it fixed before we go to press with 13.0416:19
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1157952 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "SCSI keysense errors on console with Raring (3.8 kernel) within Windows Azure" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115795216:19
jsalisburyrtg_, will do16:19
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danjaredkamal: do you still have that XPS 13 handy?19:38
kamaldanjared: yes I do19:43
* ogra_ guesses thats something you dont give away quickly once you have your hands on it :)19:44
danjaredkamal: might you have a chance to look at this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/dell-sputnik/+bug/116202619:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1162026 in linux "backlight not adjustable after screen turns off and then back on" [Medium,Triaged]19:47
kamaldanjared: ok, yes, I see that problem also.  I've grabbed the bug, and will dig into it.19:54
danjaredkamal: thanks!19:56
* rtg_ -> EOD20:19
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infinityapw: Aaaaandyyy.  Are you going to sponsor zequence's SRU kernels?23:15
infinityzequence: Assuming your current PPA kernels are entirely caught up with what's in proposed?23:15
zequenceinfinity: I think they're allright, unless I'm missing something about the procedure. The bug automation was off this time23:18
infinityzequence: Speaking of bugs, if someone finishes regression-testing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-lowlatency/+bug/1153652 I can release it, instead of just skipping it with your next upload.23:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1153652 in kernel-sru-workflow "linux-lowlatency: 3.5.0-26.28 -proposed tracker" [Medium,In progress]23:20
zequenceinfinity: booted and tested23:59

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