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* Elbrus wants to upload a fix in raring for his package cacti (Debian bug 702690 http://bugs.debian.org/702690)06:41
ubot2`Debian bug 702690 in cacti "cacti: Multilevel tree doesn't work with jstree in 0.8.8a+dfsg-3" [Normal,Open]06:41
Elbrusdocumentation suggest that a freeze exception is needed06:41
infinityElbrus: No exception needed if it's just a bug fix.06:41
Elbrusupload to raring or raring-proposed?06:42
infinityUpload to Debian, ideally, and then sync it.06:42
Elbrusvia experimental is still fine?06:43
Elbrusok, I will do it that way then06:43
infinityThough, don't you want the fix in unstable?06:43
infinityOr is the bug only when mixed with experimental packages?06:44
infinityElbrus: Anyhow, however you choose to upload it to Debian, if you're not an Ubuntu developer (are you?), just poke me when it's in Debian, and I'll sync it.06:45
infinityIf you are an Ubuntu developer, just run 'syncpackage -d experimental cacti' after giving LP a bit of time to learn about the Debian upload.06:46
Elbrusinfinity: I have upload rights for cacti07:00
Elbrusand I am still wondering if I should bother the RT in Debian with this fix, as it is major annoyance for large sites, but I don't think release critical07:01
Elbrusnevertheless, I like to fix this in Ubuntu.07:01
infinityElbrus: Well, uploading to unstable doesn't mean you HAVE to bother the RT with it, if you don't care about it being in wheezy. :P07:13
infinityElbrus: But experimental works too, your package, your call.07:14
Elbrusinfinity: exactly, but it is what I was doubting about07:14
* Elbrus likes to keep unstable available for RC bug fixes as he has done with most of his other packages, he uses experimental for Ubuntu stuff now.07:15
infinityYeah, I've been doing similar.  Can't wait for wheezy to release.07:15
infinitySo I can break the world with the new glibc for jessie. :P07:15
Elbrusme too07:16
Elbrusjust a ignorant question: until when is it appropriate for ME to improve the cacti package in raring?07:16
ElbrusI have several (annoyance) bug fixes in the pipe-line07:17
Elbrusnothing big07:17
infinityIt's a universe package, we don't formally freeze universe until right before release, really.07:17
Elbrusso if I want to get the blame, I can continue until release ;)07:18
infinityBut, from the POV of getting a bit of testing and being a responsible uploader, if I were you, I'd set a personal deadline of "a couple of weeks before release, except for critical fixes" or similar.07:18
Elbrusnot that I would want that though07:18
Elbrusright. So that would be until NOW.07:18
infinityOr a week or two from now, yeah.07:19
infinityBut if you have a bunch of stuff queued up, I'd just do it all now so you have time to notice all the ways you messed up and upload a fix or two. ;)07:19
Elbruscacti is uploading to unstable now07:21
Elbrushow long does it take before LP learns about it?07:21
infinityAn hour or two after dinstall, IIRC.07:21
infinityAnd I don't remember when dinstall is, so that wasn't a helpful answer.07:22
Elbrusbut thanks anyway07:22
Riddellhmm, where's the style sheet gone? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/09:31
Riddellah hah, missing semi colon09:40
ogra_hmm, cadejo.buildd looks unhapppy today09:57
ogra_oh, and foyal.buildd seems to be even unhappier09:59
cjwatsonRiddell: whoops, thanks.  deployed.10:16
Riddellwhere are we in beta testing?  cron disabled but nothing on the iso tracker?12:01
Riddelloh it's probably a holiday in various christian countries so maybe not much happening today, I'll just do some smoke testing12:02
cjwatsonRiddell: cron's still enabled12:45
cjwatsonallegedly ... not sure why e.g. no Ubuntu Desktop or Kubuntu images12:46
Riddellnot even logs12:46
* ogra_ only sees failures for cadejo and royal builds 12:47
ogra_*empty failures12:47
ogra_royal seems to be completely dead though, which would explain it12:47
cjwatsonthere are livefs logs - but ah yes, a bunch of builds stuck on ssh to royal12:50
cjwatsoncdimage@nusakan:~$ ps xf | grep --count 'ssh.*royal'12:51
cjwatsonogra_: lots of this in cron mail:12:51
cjwatson/home/ogra/sync-phablet-images: 34: [: -gt: unexpected operator12:51
ogra_cjwatson, oops, i'll quieten it ....12:52
ogra_the IBS team changed the IP of the jenkins machine over the weekend ... so it became unreachable from nusakan ...12:53
cjwatsonI've killed all the ssh processes waiting for royal12:53
ogra_RT is filed, but i guess IS will need its time12:53
cjwatsonbut it'll still need to be cleaned up at the otehr end12:53
cjwatsonogra_: did you already ask IS about royal?12:54
cjwatsonI'll do that then12:54
ogra_only noticed it's dead very  recently12:54
ogra_(i dont tend to look at ppc builds)12:54
cjwatsonhaven't asked about cadejo, I'll let you chase that down :)12:55
ogra_heh, k12:56
cjwatsoncadejo's in a different state - e.g. it's responding to HTTP12:56
ogra_right, might be a dangling lock again, let me do a manual build ... thats usually the quickest way to find out12:56
cjwatsonlockfile: Try praying, giving up on "/home/buildd/buildLiveCD.lock"12:58
cjwatsonubuntu-server-armhf-omap on cadejo.buildd finished at 2013-04-01 06:29:02 (failed)12:58
cjwatsonfrom a cron mail12:58
ogra_ah, thx12:58
ogra_yeah, the usual issue12:59
ogra_OH !12:59
* ogra_ looks at the crontab ... is buildlive now an automatic part of for-project ?12:59
cjwatsoncron.* but yes12:59
ogra_can i still call it manually separately ?12:59
cjwatsonIt simplified the crontab a lot though13:00
ogra_yeah, just noticed13:00
cjwatsonAnd at some point I'll make the stdout from buildlive go into the cd-build-logs13:00
cjwatsonWhich will make it a bit more accessible13:00
cjwatsonThat'll be a matter of pushing it down into cdimage.build13:00
cjwatsonSome of the invocations changed, but mostly only for niche images13:02
cjwatsonActually, no, changed for everything13:04
ogra_sync-phablet-images shoudll exit 1 now if it cant reach jenkins13:04
cjwatsonbuildlive ubuntu daily-live => for-project ubuntu buildlive daily-live13:05
cjwatsonbuildlive was always anomalous so I made its interface more regular13:05
ogra_oh, no vanguard ?13:06
ogra_so i guess it will need an RT for cadejo to get sorted13:06
cjwatsonask on #webops, somebody will probably notice at some point13:08
rtg_so what's the story on this beta freeze? I've got a nice fat stable kernel update ready to go for raring.13:16
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bdmurrayslangasek: should wubi still be listed as a test case in the iso testing tracker?15:13
stgraberbdmurray: did we announce we were dropping wubi yet?15:16
bdmurraystgraber: no, I haven't seen that announcement from slanagsek yet15:16
stgraberbdmurray: good. I have an action to remove it from the tracker and turn off the needed bits on nusakan once the announcement is out, but there's no reason to do this any earlier15:17
stgraberwould probably be a good idea to get the announcement out before beta-2 though15:17
ogra_stgraber, iirc steve is off today15:27
ogra_so wont happen before tomorrow15:27
ogra_(there was a mail)15:28
stgraberogra_: right, tomorrow should still be good enough for beta215:28
stgraberogra_: I've got a call with Steve and a few other release members tomorrow, will make sure it's mentioned there and taken care of this week15:29
ogra_great !15:29
ogra_(the sooner we get rid of wubi the better)15:30
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balloonshow's things looking for final beta milestone?17:22
stgraberI'm suspecting quite a few people are still enjoying a long easter weekend and we'll only know more tomorrow. Though the archive is frozen, so things shouldn't at least get any worse than they are currently ;)17:31
balloonsstgraber, :-) Just wanting to make sure it's up before 2200 UTC tomorrow.. We're having a testing event.. We do need images for it ;-)17:38
stgrabershould be. I think infinity is still on vacation today but should be back tomorrow (he's the release/cdimage contat for beta2)17:39
balloonsexcellent.. :-)17:39
* tumbleweed catches up on FFes and attempts to be a more useful team member17:39
Elbrusinfinity: you still here?17:41
ElbrusI just tried to sync cacti, but I got a "syncpackage: Error: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request"17:41
tumbleweedElbrus: pastebin?17:42
ElbrusI also see cacti in the line here at 19:0717:42
tumbleweedoh, right, was that the version you wanted to sync?17:42
tumbleweedstill, LP should allow two identical syncs in the queue17:43
Elbrustumbleweed: yes17:43
Elbrusmight be permissions? I got mine just recently, it is the first time I try17:43
tumbleweedno, look at line 1117:43
tumbleweedlooks like your syncpackage is too old. you can work around that with -r raring-proposed17:43
Elbrusaha, ok, so indeed raring-proposed is the right place. How are they synced to raring itself? time without bugs?17:44
Elbrusor by the release team17:44
tumbleweedwe have a briteny17:45
Elbrusbut I guess the sync is already requested? or did that line at 19:07 mean it didn't go well?17:46
tumbleweedno, it's in the queue, wating to be accepted by a release team member. The archive is frozen17:46
Elbrusah, great.17:47
Elbrusthis morning I understood that frozen in Ubuntu was different (from my Debian perspective) in universe17:48
tumbleweedFeature Freeze doesn't imply a frozen archive17:48
ScottKElbrus: It's mostly different in how hard we look at it before accepting.17:48
infinityElbrus: I synced it, sorry for the confusion. :P18:05
Elbrusinfinity: no problem, I was just looking forward to my first Ubuntu sync :)18:05
tumbleweedwork faster!18:06
ScottKAfter all, if Ubuntu doesn't stand for sacrificing quality for speed, what does it stand for?18:09
infinityScottK: Surely, we can have out cake and eat it too by sacrificing both.18:22
ScottKRight.  It's the sacrificing speed part that the release team is responsible for.18:23
ScottKJust say no.18:23
rtg_infinity, can I sacrifice some stability by uploading a new kernel? lots of 3.8.5 stable update goodness.18:31
infinityrtg_: Upload away, I'd rather have it tested in the beta than landing after.18:44
infinityScottK: Can you accept Tim's kernel when he uploads, I have to run off to the doctor.18:44
rtg_infinity, coming your way in a bit then....18:44
infinitystgraber: Or you ^18:44
ScottKstgraber: You going to do it ^^^ ?19:12
stgraberScottK: yep, I'll take care of it19:14
rtg_stgraber, linux, linux-meta, and linux-signed are all uploaded.19:18
stgraberrtg_: thanks19:18
ScottKstgraber: Thanks.19:21
stgraberrtg_: all done19:52
rtg_stgraber, ack, thanks19:52
slangasekbdmurray, stgraber, ogra_: whoops, sorry - wubi mail sent now19:59
ogra_ah, welcome back :)20:00
stgraberslangasek: thanks, I'll take care of updating the QA tracker after the TB meeting20:01
ogra_slangasek, hmm, given todays date you should probably have waited til tomorrow20:04
slangasekno, it's not something that should be delayed further20:04
ScottKAnd I don't think anyone will be fooled20:05
slangasekand it's not all that funny, people will just have to use common sense :)20:05
ScottKThat's generally a risky approach (assume common sense)20:05
slangasekyes, but in this case it's their own problem if they don't, not mine ;P20:06
ScottKYeah.  There is that.20:06
bdmurrayI forget is cdromupgrade not being on cds deliberate?20:18
stgraberbdmurray: I think so, they only really made sense when you could dist-upgrade from the media20:18
stgraberwhich you can't anymore20:18
stgraberwell, except for the flavours that kept the alternate media and maybe for server20:19
bdmurrayah, right I'd forgotten about the alternate bit thanks20:20
infinitystgraber: Thanks for accepting the kernels.21:08
stgraberinfinity: np, stable kernel updates are easy to review ;)21:11
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