devralmy ubuntu server install keeps hanging and I don't get it..it hangs right after "Freeing unused kernel memory: 1102k freed"01:56
devraltwo things that may help are: "VFS: Mounted root ext4 filesystem readonly" and "ext3-fs sda2 error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (240)" and also "ext4-fs sda2: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode Opts: null"01:58
dandkburtis it the server or the desktop your trying to install02:00
devralit's the server. I've had it installed for months. it was working, then just started doing it suddenly after a power failure02:01
dandkburtwhat ver02:02
dandkburtcan I pm you02:03
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peteyhello would anyone know why my /etc/mysql/my.cnf would be empty?04:58
sarnoldpetey: it's easy to empty a file with > -- just > /etc/mysql/my.conf would do it04:59
peteyhow do i repopulate it with the information it needs to run properly?04:59
peteymysql -V and all the jazz of creating databases works, i just cant optimize my mysql config!04:59
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jolarenI was fiddling and trying to get my certificate to work but now after switching everything back I can't get my website to be displayed outside the lan :(.. what did I Do?09:38
jolarenI solved it by disabling 443 in ports.conf09:41
lolyp0phi all, i'm trying to set up a vpn connection on a server I only can acces via ssh(or a 6ours-train-trip), so I'm a bit afraid to do it as if I make the server lose internetconnection, I'd be very annoying for me... I tought about using this step-by-step http://cviorel.easyblog.ro/2009/02/09/how-to-set-up-a-vpn-server-on-ubuntu/ , does anyone have any "better" guide? (server : ubuntu 10.04)11:34
lolyp0p(ifconfig output : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5667063/)(my main problem is I'm not used to work on server and the ifconfig output isn't the same as on a normal computer, I don't know what I should put in "remoteip" and "localip"))11:35
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GeekDudeWhat is the best/easiest way to view and edit your firewall?14:20
resnocomes to mind14:21
resnoGeekDude: best / easiest is subjective14:22
resnosome would say, iptables is the best (direct control)14:22
resnoothers would say ufw is good14:22
resnoi personally use cfs...14:22
shaunoiptables wins points for viewing, simply because it'll show them no matter what frontend (ufw etc) created them.  but if you even have to ask, it's probably going to fail you on all other fronts.14:24
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halvorsI'm trying to setup nagios3 on ubuntu-server 13.04.14:36
halvorsI found that there is a lot of commands in the /usr/lib/nagio3/plugins folder. But none of this can actually be used as a service in my switch.cfg file...14:37
halvorsIs there any way i can actually use all these plugins that i've installed?14:37
Picihalvors: you'd need to define commands for them.14:41
halvorsIn the /etc/nagios3/conf.d/services_nagios2.cfg?14:41
PiciYou may want to check out nagios's online documentation, it can get kind of complicated.14:41
halvorsShouldn't this been included by the package?14:42
PiciI don't know what a default nagios3 install looks like anymore, sorry.14:42
halvorsPici: Nagios's documentation and ubuntu's nagios package seems to differ when it comes to configuration files...14:42
halvorsPici: Do you know any services.cfg file i can get from the net that covers all the plugins?14:43
Picihalvors: its all very fluid. You can call the files whatever you want as long as they are referenced in your nagios.cfg file14:44
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halvorsPici: Do you know the command for monitoring the port status using snmp15:20
ZarroBoogshalvors: Sorry, I don't have any snmp commands setup on my nagios install here, and even if I did, I don't know the MIB for that.15:21
halvorshmm. The commands seems to be "check_snmp!-C public -o ifOperStatus.1 -r 1 -m RFC1213-MIB" in the nagios docs, but that doesn't work on ubuntu.15:22
halvorsAlso width the ubuntu package...15:22
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gumawhen I am trying to do gcore I am getting at times this messages... warning: Memory read failed for corefile section, 1048576 bytes at 0x7f700846c000. What can cause this? (Ubuntu 12.10 x64)16:02
sarnoldguma: does /proc/pid/maps show that area lacking read permission?16:28
gumasarnold: let me check16:28
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gumasarnold: I never looked this befroe. I am new to this. I am assuming you asking me to check range for 0x7f700846c000?16:30
sarnoldguma: yeah16:31
gumasarnold: 7f700846c000-7f700866b000 ---p 0000c000 08:12 2097441                    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnss_files-2.15.so16:32
gumaI guess so :)16:32
gumawhy would this be?16:32
sarnoldgood question :) I wonder the utility of a mapping with no privileges..16:35
halvorsI'm trying to use snmp with nagios, but are getting the error "Error: Service check command 'check_snmp' specified in service 'Uptime' for host 'infected-tech' not defined anywhere!"16:38
halvorsAnyone knows why?16:38
andolhalvors: Well, have you defined the service command check_snmp anywhere? :)16:50
andolhalvors: Unsure on how familiar you are with Nagios, but having a check_snmp service command is separate from possibly having a binary withthe same name.16:51
andolhalvors: As an example, take a look in /etc/nagios-plugins/config/ping.cfg and you will see the service command check_ping using the check_ping plugin, but also a bunch of other service commands relying on the same plugin16:52
gumasarnold: I am wondering is ubuntu has some special security "enabled" that does lock some areas...16:53
sarnoldguma: not that I'm aware of..16:53
gumasarnold: what makes me think about this that this is libnss.16:54
sarnoldguma: on my bash, libc, libdl, libtinfo, libnss_files, libnss_nis, libnsl, libnss_compat all have mode ---p ...16:56
gumaok so perhaps this is how it is and gdb should just be "silent" about this...16:56
gumaI was just worrying that something really odd going on. But looks like you have this too :)16:57
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halvorsandol: But why isn't it there by default?17:30
Quest Is there ANY way, if I have multiple dsl / internet connections (e.g 2mbps, 1 mbps, 2 mbps) , to use them as a combined strength of 5 mbps?17:30
halvorsandol: What will the command be then?17:33
sarnoldQuest: chapter 4 of the LARTC guide may help: http://lartc.org/howto/17:33
Questsarnold,  hm.. so its possible?17:40
RoyKQuest: not for single connections, but you can combine them so that different connections use varying paths17:41
sarnoldQuest: yeah; I'd have thought it would require running a routing daemon to do a good job, but that guide makes it look surprisingly feasible.17:41
RoyKsarnold: no point in running a BGP or OSPF daemon without one on the other end of the links17:42
sarnoldRoyK: indeed.17:42
sarnoldRoyK: aka "well beyond my pay grade" :)17:42
RoyKbut yes, it's possible with some LARTC tweaks to make it work (somehow)17:44
Quest when i press tab key when typeing a path name like /etc/apache2  at the point /etc/apac   when tab is pressed. it doesnot auto completes the name to apache2 . rather it adds a tab space.   this behavriour is different from all the vps I ever used. why is that? aim on ssh17:53
zatrickyQuest: Is bash-completion installed and are you using bash or a different shell?17:54
andolhalvors: Well, does any of the commands in /etc/nagios-plugins/config/snmp.cfg satisfy what you need to check? Otherwise, just create your own, and use them as examples/inspiration.17:55
andolhalvors: I mean, the way the service commands are defined is all about what parameters you want to be able to pass to the plugin.17:56
Questzatricky,  iam on ssh by console17:56
Questzatricky,  I dont know about bash completeion17:56
RoyKQuest: which shell?17:57
RoyKQuest: ps $$17:57
sarnoldQuest: dpkg -l bash-completion will tell you about the bash-completion package17:57
RoyKsarnold: bash doesn't need that for tab expansion - that package just makes it better17:57
* RoyK guesses Quest is using dash17:57
RoyK(or tab completion, even)17:58
tonyyarussoDoes anybody actually understand what makes the MOTD say "X packages are security updates"?  I just had that in there, but doing an 'apt-get -s upgrade' everything was from -updates, not -security.17:59
jdstrandtonyyarusso: /etc/update-motd.d/90-updates-available18:00
QuestRoyK,  I have command concole in my linux OS. and the vps iam sshing is also linux18:01
jdstrandtonyyarusso: note that security updates are copied from security.ubuntu.com (ie, -security) to archive.ubuntu.com (ie, -updates) within an hour of publication18:01
RoyKQuest: ps $$ ?18:01
jdstrandtonyyarusso: for mirroring18:01
tonyyarussojdstrand: aaah, hrm.  So there must be some separate marker then.18:01
Questsarnold,    bash-completion                            1:1.3-1ubuntu8                             programmable completion for the bash shell18:02
QuestRoyK,  ps $ ? whats that18:02
zatrickytype the "ps $$" in the shell without the quotes18:02
RoyKps $$ prints the process info of the current process (your shell)18:02
zatrickyits two dollar-signs18:02
sarnoldQuest: is it 'ii ' or some other status? 'ii ' indicates installed without error18:02
QuestRoyK,  yes. i noticed that the differenct amoungs other vps and this is that its only shows $  rather  user@someipt$18:03
Questsarnold,  ii18:03
RoyKQuest: its output should be something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5668131/18:03
jdstrandtonyyarusso: looks like /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check is what generates the actual message18:03
Questmine is like this18:04
Quest 3371 pts/0    Ss     0:00 -sh18:04
RoyKQuest: chsh -s /bin/bash18:04
sarnoldRoyK: another guess well guessed. :D18:05
RoyKsarnold: :)18:05
QuestRoyK,  did that18:05
QuestRoyK,  what now?18:06
RoyKQuest: then log out and in again18:09
Questwhat was actually wrong?18:10
RoyKwhong shell18:10
RoyKyou had dash as your default shell, and dash sucks18:10
RoyKor sh, which normally is a symlink to dash18:12
sarnolddash does its best to be a small and fast POSIX-compliant 'sh'. But 'sh' is not very friendly. 'bash' is friendlier to more people.18:12
* RoyK has no idea why dash should be the default shell, since it's not like we're killing our computers running bash18:12
sarnoldRoyK: it might be a reasonably VPS setting though, they might give him only 128 M or something. if you're not using those extra features, that extra megabyte might be awesome :)18:13
RoyKsetting SHELL=/bin/bash in /etc/default/useradd makes bash the standard shell for new users18:13
Questthe admin made my account incompitentlt18:14
RoyKsarnold: really? normally you're not logged into the box most of the time, and using dash really sucks18:15
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RoyKin my 'raidtest' vm, ps v $$ tells me RSS for bash is 3376kB - not a whole lot18:16
Questhow to give /home/usename folder to the 'username' ?18:17
sarnoldRoyK: I'd prefer to have it for tab-completion, but on a slow-enough link, tab completion uncertainty makes me prefer typing commands entirely...18:17
* RoyK generally isn't using that slow links :P18:18
sarnoldRoyK: it's jarring when on poor-quality wifi.. :)18:18
Questthe admin has sucked18:18
RoyKsometimes, ok, some Edge link out in the middle of nowhere - that can be rather bad18:18
RoyKQuest: what's bad? just the shell?18:19
RoyKthat's default, btw, not the admin's fault18:19
zatrickyor when the server you're looking at has unexplained high load and you need to figure it out18:19
Questthe shell is ok now. but he made my account by my name and gave my home folder as root owner18:19
QuestRoyK, ^18:19
RoyKQuest: hehe18:19
QuestRoyK,  how to own my home folder?18:20
RoyKQuest: should have just added you with 'useradd -m <username>' to have that created automatically owned by you18:20
RoyKQuest: do you have sudo access?18:20
QuestI guess18:20
RoyKsudo -i18:20
QuestI guess i couldnt without sudo access?18:20
RoyKthat's part of standard unix security18:20
Questya. i can sudo18:21
RoyKsudo -i; cd ~yourusername; cp -R /etc/skel/. .; chown -R yourusername:yourusername .18:22
Questwhat wil  cp -R /etc/skel/ do18:22
RoyKthe 'skeleton' of what should be in a homedir is in /etc/skel. that's stuff like .bashrc. if those files are there already, you don't need that part18:23
RoyKI just guessed they're not, since the dir was owned by root18:23
QuestRoyK, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5668208/18:25
RoyKQuest: first, check if you have those files in /etc/skel/ in your homedir - just 'ls -a' in both $HOME and /etc/skel/18:26
RoyKQuest: then, if you don't, first sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $USER18:27
zatrickystrictly-speaking not sure if this is server-related - battling to find a ppa or repository for sickbeard - any hints on where I should look?18:27
RoyKthen cp -R /etc/skel/. . # with the dots and spaces18:27
QuestRoyK,  chown Masood /home/Masood              made drwxr-xr-x  2 Masood root 4096 Mar 27 20:45 Masood18:28
RoyKQuest: $USER:$USER, not just $USER18:28
RoyKyou want the group to be changed too18:28
* RoyK wonders what sort of admin that creates usernames with initial caps18:29
Quest:) dumb admin18:29
RoyKno, it doesn't matter, it's just bad practice18:29
zatrickyI was under the impression that a username could *not* be uppercase18:29
Questdone . Masood@li53-245:/home$ sudo chown Masood:Masood /home/Masood18:30
Questdrwxr-xr-x  2 Masood Masood 4096 Mar 27 20:45 Masood18:30
* RoyK hasn't even thought of using anything but lowercase18:30
RoyKQuest: looks ok - pastebin 'ls -a $HOME'18:30
sarnolddon't forget the -R ...18:30
RoyKQuest: sudo chown -R Masood:Masood /home/Masood18:31
RoyKotherwise you'll only chown the dir, not its content18:31
Questthanks !18:32
Quest ls -a $HOME18:33
Quest.  ..18:33
RoyKok, do 'cd; cp -R /etc/skel/. .'18:33
RoyKcd without arguments will send you to $HOME18:33
Questwhere do i need to be while doing cd; cp -R /etc/skel/. .18:35
RoyKlogged in as your user. cd alone will take you to your homedir18:35
RoyKQuest: or cp -R /etc/skel/. $HOME if you're nervous18:36
QuestRoyK, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5668248/18:36
RoyKQuest: what? no .bashrc or anything in /etc/skel/?18:37
RoyKwell, copy those into your homedir18:38
RoyKthe cp -R command should certainly do that for you18:39
QuestRoyK,  i should cp -R    while iam in /etc/skel?18:39
RoyKjust tried locally here, and it does18:39
RoyK20:36 < RoyK> Quest: or cp -R /etc/skel/. $HOME if you're nervous18:39
sarnoldyeah, my cp -R works as expected and copied the dotfiles too...18:40
QuestMasood@li53-245:/etc/skel$ cp -R18:40
Questcp: missing file operand18:40
RoyKQuest: did you try the full command I gave you, or just cp -R? ;)18:41
Quest:/etc/skel$ cp -R /etc/skel/. .18:42
Questcp: `/etc/skel/.' and `./.' are the same file18:42
RoyKQuest: run cd alone first to go to $home, or cp to $HOME18:42
RoyKI'm rather certain I said that18:42
Questiam at home now. what should i type?18:43
RoyK20:39 < RoyK> 20:36 < RoyK> Quest: or cp -R /etc/skel/. $HOME if you're nervous18:43
RoyKls -a $HOME18:44
Quest.  ..  .bash_logout  .bashrc  .profile  www18:44
RoyKthen try to log out and in again18:44
Quest.  ..  .bash_history  .bash_logout  .bashrc  .cache  .profile  www18:45
QuestRoyK,  ok?18:46
sarnoldQuest: now try your cd /etc/apa<tab> and see what happens. :D18:46
Questsarnold,  that worked ages ago :)18:47
QuestRoyK,  RoyK,  so all that was for making these  bash ,cache , profile dires visible? why were they so important?18:47
RoyKyour prompt should be good now too18:47
Questyes it is18:47
RoyKQuest: no, it was to make your shell work as it should18:47
Questwhy were those files important?18:48
sarnoldQuest: they're mostly important if you want to make changes to them; having the skeleton versions gives you a reasonable starting point and good comments in the files showing you some simple changes you can make18:49
QuestRoyK,  you said the admin must have done useradd -m <username> . thats the correct way of doing? if so . what would be the gourp name I would be associated to?18:49
Questsarnold, hm18:49
sarnoldQuest: 'Masood' appeared to work fine (chown didn't complain, anyway) so that should be your group. the 'id' command will show you your id, primary group, and supplementary groups18:50
RoyKQuest: not *must* have done, *should* have done18:51
RoyKbut don'1t worry about that18:51
QuestRoyK,  sarnold  thanks guys !!!!!!18:53
sarnoldQuest: have fun :)18:53
QuestI will18:53
QuestI have another question that no one answered . I have this error while mounting a ntfs partition. what can be wrong http://paste.ubuntu.com/5668301/ ?18:58
Questwindows dont checks it. it says to format it19:00
sarnoldQuest: I've successfully used The SluethKit to recover data from damaged NTFS filesystems in the past: http://www.sleuthkit.org/19:02
Questrecuva is also good. but I dont want to see my partition go in recovery19:02
RoyKQuest: then don't use NTFS :P19:03
RoyKI use ext4 and xfs on my systems, depending on how large disk systems I have19:04
QuestRoyK,  I heard linux ext4 data cannot be recovered as linux dels the files from hd. ntfs or fat32 only dels the reference19:04
RoyKQuest: well, most filesystems don't have undelete built-in as bad design like fat32 and perhaps ntfs has. they either remove a file when told to, or keep snapshots to allow rollback. the fat32 way is just very bad design19:05
RoyKQuest: keep a backup - that works - on all filesystems19:06
Questis ext3 or ntfs most difficult to recover?19:06
RoyKneither is hard to recover with a backup ;)19:07
sarnoldQuest: ext4 _can_ be configured to tell the block layer to throw away the data when it is no longer needed, via the 'discard' mount option, but since the TRIM command is a non-queuable command, it somewhat stalls the IO pipeline...19:07
Questis ext3 or ntfs most difficult to recover (assumed theres not backup)19:08
sarnoldQuest: the source code for ext3 is easily available. NTFS source is not. ext3 is likely more recoverable, but .. you should not be in that position in the first place. backups. :)19:08
RoyKsarnold: I think Quest means he wants extN or whatever fs to misbehave like fat3219:08
sarnoldRoyK: oof. the number of mistakes in fat32...19:09
RoyKQuest: I want my filesystems to remove a file when I tell them to19:09
RoyKQuest: if you want snapshots, zfs has it, btrfs has it, lvm has it (somewhat buggy, but hell, better than nothing), xfs might get it soon19:10
Questi just wanted to know on which files system files can be recovered most easily if damaged19:12
RoyKgood filesystems don't get very easily damaged19:13
RoyKfat32 gets very easily damaged, since it's a lousy filesystem19:13
RoyKext4 checksums metadata, meaning it'll know if something goes wrong on the lower levels19:14
RoyKzfs/btrfs checksums everything, meaning it'll know if a single bitflop happened19:14
sarnoldis btrfs really ready for production use?19:14
RoyKthose are self-healing. ext4 is pretty good in that aspect too19:14
RoyKsarnold: no19:14
RoyKsarnold: I have it on a couple of machines for testing - works for that, but wouldn't recommend it in prod yet19:15
sarnoldRoyK: okay :) keep me updated. It's souded promising for .. uhh .. six years? :) but I'm still hesitant to try.19:15
QuestRoyK,  there are many recovery tools for ntfs. are there as good as for ext4?19:15
sarnoldthe wikipedia infobox on filesystems needs another entry, "developer keeps home directory in this format: yes/no"19:16
RoyKsarnold: btrfs raid-[56] was just released in 3.8 (iirc)19:16
RoyKQuest: I can hardly remember a recovery problem with ext419:16
RoyKQuest: it happens very rarely, since the filesystem is rock solid19:16
RoyKQuest: so keep a good backup and ask if something goes wrong19:17
RoyKQuest: I've only managed a few hundred linux machines the last 5 years or so, so I may be wrong, but I trust myself on the filesystem part19:17
Questntfs is not as solid as ext4?19:19
RoyKjust use native filesystems19:22
RoyKon whatever platform19:22
QuestI have installed php5 and apache2 but php is not working. i mean .php files are not parsed. rather downloaded. why?20:43
thesheff17try to restart apache220:44
genii-aroundHopefully you've installed libapache2-mod-php5 and then for good measure issued:  sudo a2enmod php5     and then sudo service apache2 restart20:48
shodan45what's the bare minimum space required to get a bootable OS?21:05
Rack27Hey, I'm having a hard time getting nullmailer to send a mail. The mail log always shows "Temporary error in gethostbyname". Any idea what to do next?21:06
sarnoldRack27: can you use nc or telnet to connect to your relay's hostname?21:12
Rack27sarnold, no. Seems that this is not possible21:14
sarnoldRack27: I asked about nc or telnet since they'll use the standard resolver configuration; iirc, ping has its own resolver configuration.21:15
sarnoldRack27: can you do any dns from that host?21:15
Rack27sarnold, sorry, I'm not quite experienced. Trying to learn this, but I can't find any good tutorial for nullmailer online. Someone wrote I have to set up /etc/hosts properly so this can work.21:17
sarnoldRack27: maybe...21:17
sarnoldRack27: if your mail relay doesn't have a resolvable hostname, that's a good second option. best is if it actually resolves. :)21:18
Rack27sarnold: okay, thanks. Will try something ^^21:22
sarnoldRack27: good luck :)21:22
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Questcan any one tell why i cannot hibernate? $ sudo hibernate now .       hibernate:Warning: Tuxonice binary signature file not found. /usr/sbin/hibernate: 481: shift: can't shift that many23:08
holsteinare you running the server edition?23:10
holsteinthat might be it..23:10
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keithzgSo wait, how in the world would I retrieve a prior version of a file from S3? With versioning enabled, I would've thought it'd be easy, but even the web interface give no option to download specific older versions, much less unofficial tools like s3cmd.23:38
keithzgDoes anyone have any idea? Surely there must be *some* way of retrieving prior versions of files from Amazon S3.23:48

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