dellHi guys00:59
RobbyFHi dell01:00
dellRobbyF: Hi01:01
dellI have made an app, I came here yesterday, but it was late, could you guys test my app in a phone (if you have) ?01:01
RobbyFya, you linked it earlier.01:02
RobbyFhow do i load it :),01:02
RobbyFI'm not a dev but I 'll glady test it out01:02
dellYes, I wanted to know about the graphics, I am not a designer01:02
dellIf there were some canonical folks, who could help.01:03
thisguyare there any alternative ways to make a flashable image? I'm trying to port it to the evo 3d and I've put alot of time into it and now im on this making a installable image step and its getting on my nerves because when I do brunch msm8660 it doesn't do it.01:03
dellIf I am correct first you have to download the sdk (http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/). Then open the .qmlproject file using qtcreator. From Tools->Ubuntu make an ssh connection to the device. Build->Ubuntu->Run in device.01:07
dellThere are works to be done, specially in the notification area (if someone could help me, how to use notification in qml), but the application is functional. I have made some decisions like width fixed to units.gu(50) and units.gu(75) for height, I wanted to know besides the looks, if it fits well in a device, do I have to change the size?01:10
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dellIf you guys find something please email me to xpressrazor@gmail.com or file a bug.01:16
dellScreenshot is at (https://plus.google.com/107677876279450130344)01:32
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jimboobrienhey anyone have ubuntu touch installed on their TF 101?02:10
jimboobrienI have used CWRM 2.2.1 to install the touch zip and the phablet.zip but still get stuck at boot with a black screen and no lockscreen for ubuntu touch02:11
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cakebossAre there plans to add support for the kindle fire?03:21
thisguyplease help  I am trying to make a image for the evo 3d and when i do brunch shooter this is what i get     including vendor/cm/vendorsetup.sh build/core/product_config.mk:239: *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/htc/shooter/cm.mk]]: "device/htc/msm8660-common/bcm_hcd.mk" does not exist.  Stop.04:18
hopkinskong thisguy: You don't have device/htc/msm8660-common04:25
thisguyso i have to have that? Because my device codename is htc shooter.04:27
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hopkinskongthisguy: You need that. Becuase your device uses msm8660 CPU, and you need that.05:32
hopkinskongthisguy: You may need device/htc/common, too.05:32
hopkinskongJust try to add msm8660 first05:32
hopkinskongthen "brunch" again.05:32
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zettabyteshello there07:27
zettabytesneed some assistance07:27
zettabytesi have 1 question please07:44
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drift3r4eversome1 here have problems with camera on galaxy nexus10:05
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jholtomE/linker  (  219): ics/linker.c:1598| WARNING: Skipping libc.so - Is this likely to be caused because the device does not have NEON support (Tf101), or is it something else I'm missing? and was NEON support added in the latest preinstalled?12:20
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vitaliy_hi everyone ... just have done with root my nexus 10 but freez v boot to android `X forever` ... any sugestion ?13:25
vitaliy_i stack here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install --- >3.113:26
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Akiva-MobileI am playing around with qt creator, and made a gui project. I have made a design  layout with a few buttons, menu items, text inputs, etc, but I have no clue as to how they can interact with main.cpp > Can anyone throw me in the right direction? I am a new programmer.13:38
pmcgowanAkiva-Mobile: try to make apps with no cpp, all in qml, like the examples in the coreapps project13:46
Akiva-Mobilepmcgowan: Hmmmm...13:49
Akiva-MobileI guess for this portion of my application, I do not need it. Basically, this is my goal:13:53
Akiva-MobileInput values into a gui [QML] > Pass values to a database [postgreSQL] > After that is done, initiate a c++ Script which interacts with a 3d engine.13:55
Akiva-MobileSo I guess all I will need is for my "Generate" button to first initiate the SQL entry, and then initiate the C++ script which will read the sql entry.13:56
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rickspencer3you are a very funny man ogra_14:14
* ogra_ takes a bow to our new CEO 14:14
rickspencer3is the French Contingent on holiday today?14:24
rickspencer3I wonder if it's time to start putting all of these apps on the touch images by default?14:27
* ogra_ would guess so ... the more catholic your country is the more off you are today or so14:27
ogra_rickspencer3, ++14:28
rickspencer3mhall119, pmcgowan thoughts? ^14:28
notthisguyhey you guys I have finaly got a build for ubuntu touch for the evo 3d and I am eager to test it out but I dont see any zip?? in out/target/product I have a folder called shooter and inside that folder are 3 folders obj, root, and system and 3 other files. Do i just compress all these into a zip folder myself?14:30
pmcgowanrickspencer3: I emailed Calum on Friday about that14:31
pmcgowanthey are close14:31
pmcgowanrickspencer3: asked his view of the criteria to include14:31
rickspencer3pmcgowan, cool14:31
pmcgowansooner the btter imo14:31
rickspencer3I wonder if for the time being we should be more inclusive14:31
pmcgowanrickspencer3: also as soon as the fix for app install goes in, it will get much easier14:32
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mhall119and app launching14:36
mhall119as far as I can tell the available apps are still hard coded in the QML14:37
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rickspencer3mhall119, I guess what I am suggesting is that for a while we install more apps14:41
rickspencer3even if they are not all the way "done"14:41
mhall119ah, ok14:41
rickspencer3make it so that people can do more things14:41
mhall119in that case, the calculator app is just about ready, pending calum's team's review14:41
rickspencer3mhall119, what about all the other apps in your blog, though?14:42
rickspencer3are we blocking on those just because they aren't quite perfect or so?14:42
mhall119rickspencer3: we've only been planning on including the core apps, most of my blog was 3rd party stuff14:42
rickspencer3mhall119, right, so I'm suggesting we put on 3rd party stuff for the time being14:43
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mhall119it's entirely possible, sure14:44
mhall119if we want to just include as many as we can, we really would need the app install/launching fixed first, otherwise those guys would spend too much time updating the apps lists14:46
mhall119also a way to drag apps from the dash to the launcher14:46
mhall119since we wouldn't want all of them on the launcher14:46
mhall119Saviq: I tried running the unity next shell on my Nexus 7, but it keeps segfaulting on me, and I don't know how to track down the cause14:47
mhall119any advice?14:48
rickspencer3mhall119, could we not just install the apps for them? and why would we have to wait for the launcher features?14:50
usertest12I got pinged!14:50
mhall119rickspencer3: I suppose the launcher features can wait, as long as the apps are being added to the Apps lens on the dash14:54
rickspencer3mhall119, I think it's worth discussing14:55
rickspencer3I think the more things that people can do with the images, the more value we will get out of the development process14:55
mhall119rickspencer3: we'll get that discussion started then14:59
notthisguyhey you guys I have finaly got a build for ubuntu touch for the evo 3d and I am eager to test it out but I dont see any zip?? in out/target/product I have a folder called shooter and inside that folder are 3 folders obj, root, and system and 3 other files. Do i just compress all these into a zip folder myself?15:08
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ajalkaneCouldn't find documentation... does QML's i18n.tr() function have some way to specify placeholders for variable data that's not supposed to be translated, but that's place probably needs to change from translation to translation? For example i18n.tr("Show file %1 residing in directory %2") ?15:24
xfermiwhere i can find list with features working/not working in ubuntu phone15:51
ogra_the release notes ... see the channel topic15:53
xfermiok, thanks15:53
ollikaleo_, Saviq is http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unitynext/ somewhat close to how Unity is build for the image?15:56
ollirsalveti, ^ you might know too15:57
rsalvetiolli: yup, it's just that people got specific instructions there to be able to build it for the desktop15:58
rsalvetias we have a few modifications at our ppa to make it work at the images15:58
ollirsalveti, are you guys then also using ./build and .build_unity?15:59
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rsalvetibut we might have a ppa with unitynext already for the desktop, not sure, Saviq might know better15:59
rsalvetiolli: no, we build the packages in the proper order15:59
ollirsalveti, ppa... what fun is that ;)15:59
rsalvetithis is just for you to build locally in the right order16:00
mhall119rsalveti: I tried those instructions, but get segfaults when running it on my n716:00
ollimhall119, which instructions? from the URL I posted?16:00
mhall119olli: yes16:01
* olli wonders as it doesn't work for him16:01
ollibut works for kgunn16:01
mhall119I'm wondering if it's because I have raring on my desktop16:01
mhall119but I even tried building it on the device itself, and still no luck16:01
mhall119it seems to run for a few seconds, loads the new shell, then segfaults and restarts the old one16:02
kgunnmhall119: hadn't tried my nexus7 today...but it was working early in the week last week16:03
mhall119kgunn: using the daily image?16:03
mhall119I did a dist-upgrade, even added the SDK team's PPAs16:03
mhall119nothing seems to get it working16:03
* mhall119 could try phablet-flashing again16:04
kgunnmhall119: just started from scratch to test desktop...will try n7 too16:04
rsalvetiolli: to build at the device it's just easier to build the package itself16:04
rsalvetifrom the upstream branch16:05
kaleo_olli: it's quite a bit different when built for the image16:05
kaleo_olli: rsalveti answered :)16:06
ollithx guys16:07
mterryfginther, are there any known problems with the autopilot runs during -ci jobs for lp:unity/phablet?  My branch is failing, but I don't see any problems in my VM16:17
fginthermterry, let me take a look16:18
fginthermterry, can you point me to a merge proposal?16:20
mterryfginther, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity/phablet-greeter-lightdm/+merge/15228816:20
fginthermterry, I'm afraid I don't know enough about these jobs to diagnose the failure. You'll probably need to talk to mzanetti16:27
mterrymzanetti, poke ^16:28
mterryfginther, thanks16:28
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ollitedg, ping17:08
tedgolli, Howdy17:08
olliquick q on the unity next branch, as it fails to build for kgunn and me atm17:08
olliand you might know17:08
ollicmake .17:08
olli-- checking for one of the modules 'hud-client-1'17:08
olliCMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:363 (message):17:08
olli  None of the required 'hud-client-1' found17:08
olliCall Stack (most recent call first):17:08
olli  tests/qmluitests/qml/HudClient/CMakeLists.txt:8 (pkg_search_module)17:08
tedgYou'll need HUD :-)17:09
tedgWe've got some packages that are dailies you can use.17:09
olliI got that far in figuring it out ;)17:10
tedgOr you can build lp:hud/phablet17:10
tedgHmm, the PPA seems empty....17:11
tedgLooks like alesage just went to lunch.17:11
tedgI'll have to grab him after.17:11
ogra_does it depend on jenkins tests ?17:11
tedgWe were having an issue with publishing to the PPA, but I thought he'd fixed it.17:11
ogra_seems the migration to a new jenkins machine has some fallout here and there17:12
tedgogra_, For some stuff, but this is just the autolander PPA.17:12
ogra_(IPs changed for example)17:12
ogra_ah, k17:12
kgunntedg: ..and the script my team created does attempt build lp:hud/phablet17:13
tedgolli, Actually if you do want to do a "bzr bd" from that branch, ping me, as it doesn't work out-of-the-box right now.17:13
tedgkgunn, Ah, okay.17:14
ollitedg, autogen.sh is gone in lp:hud/phablet17:15
tedgkgunn, olli, are you guys setting the pkgconfig search dir?17:15
ollitedg, I am past that point ;)17:15
tedgolli, Yes, tvoss made us get rid of it and switch to cmake :-(17:15
olliwhen did the switch happen?17:15
tedgolli, Thursday17:15
tedgAh, that's probably the isuse.17:16
tedgThe script needs to be updated for CMake.17:16
ollitedg, we have ./autogen.sh --prefix $BUILD_DIR --disable-hybris --enable-localinstall; make install17:17
kgunntedg: ^ at that spot17:17
tedgJust to be curious, why are you building all these branches and not just using the packages?17:17
ollitedg, because...17:18
tedgMaintaining a meta-build system is a lot of work...17:18
ollitedg, kgunn pointed out this is a Q relict17:18
tedgOh, this is because libunity in Unity Next kills your desktop still?17:18
olliI haven't gotten that far yet to answer ;)17:19
ollitedg, which ppa are you refering to17:19
ollithe phablet-team/desktop-dependencies one?17:19
tedgolli, Unfortunately I'm not, but that's a bug.17:19
tedgolli, https://launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/+archive/hud-phablet17:19
tedgolli, For a quick fix you can just build the package from that branch: bzr bd17:20
kgunntedg: is "bd" some sort of bzr plungin command? (didn't find it easily in the bzr docs)17:22
tedgolli, builddeb17:22
ollikgunn, I am bailing out of this for now17:22
tedgolli, kgunn, yup you need the builddeb package apt://bzr-builddeb17:22
ollikgunn, but that should be something you should update soon17:22
mhall119yes please17:23
ollisorry to try it while everything around you is broken too17:23
kgunnolli: tedg mhall119 ....guess what my evening note to albert and saviq will be  about :)17:23
ollikgunn, great17:24
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* olli wants to run unitynext on his desktop and install one of his to be written QML apps there17:24
* mhall119 wants to hack on the shell and install it on his Nexus 717:27
mhall119thanks kgunn17:28
kgunnsure guys :)17:28
tedgkgunn, I think we should build packages even if it's from branches.  Reality is that other teams will only keep debian/rules up-to-date.17:28
kgunntedg: so you mean we could just change the scripts to call bzr bd17:29
tedgkgunn, Yeah, or debuild or some such.  There's options, but most importantly use the package build mechanisms.17:30
mhall119tedg: would that allow running the shell from a local build dir, or would the developer have to install system-wide packages?17:30
kgunntedg: i gotcha...if i call debuild will it keep the libs in the local dir?17:31
kgunnmhall119: beat me to it :)17:31
tedgToday, they'd have to be system wide, but that's being worked on.  But they could be in /opt or something.17:31
StirnerHi guys. Any1 knows if there is a version of this 4 Sumsung Galaxy SII?17:31
tedgThere's no reason they need to override the base packages.17:31
kgunntedg: at least i'll mention this to saviq & albert....and i see what you mean17:32
kgunnStirner: check here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working.2C_but_not_available_from_cdimage.u.c17:33
mhall119Stirner: there are several variations of the S317:34
mhall119see kgunn's link for your options17:34
kgunntedg: mhall119 ...gotta run (literally...easter lunch calories)17:35
ollimhall119, I am on to http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ and noticed that when installing the ppa I run into a version conflict17:35
mhall119olli: what version of Ubuntu?17:36
olliwhere archive & http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa/ubuntu compete against each other17:36
olliubuntu-qtcreator-plugins : Depends: qtcreator (= 2.7.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~raring1~test7) but 2.7.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed17:36
olliI am on R17:37
mhall119bzoltan: jppiiroinen: ^^ are you aware of this?17:37
ollimhall119, I fixed it for myself, not sure if this is an issue outside my laptop, just thought I'd let you know17:37
mhall119olli: thanks for the heads up17:37
Stirnerkgunn: tnx man =)17:59
mterrySaviq, mzanetti: yay, my lightdm branch finally passed autopilot.  Both of you seem to have come close to approving the branch, if one you could just push it over the edge, I'd appreciate it17:59
kheeperhello everyone18:03
Stirnerkheeper: Hi18:03
kheeperIt is here someone who working on i930018:03
mhall119rsalveti: do we have any eta on when we'll be able to rotate (even manually) the display on our devices?18:06
rsalvetimhall119: ricmm_ was the one working on that, he might know better18:07
rsalvetibut he's kind of off today18:07
mhall119kind of off?18:07
mhall119that's really the only way canonicalers take time off isn't it?  "I'm not working today, but I'm on IRC answering questions and hacking on code"18:08
rsalvetimhall119: he's sick18:14
mhall119ah, so then probably just hacking on code then :)18:25
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rsalvetijhodapp: were you able to test the kernel I built for you at your nexus 7?19:34
rsalvetito see if it'd make any difference at the sound support19:34
ogra_did you apply the patch from the distro kernel ?19:34
rsalvetiogra_: yup19:35
ogra_i bet it fixes it19:35
rsalvetithat's what I want to know as well :-)19:36
jhodapprsalveti, shoot, forgot to test it...got a link to that again?19:36
rsalvetiiirc http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/nexus7/boot.img19:37
rsalvetijhodapp: ^19:37
jhodappthanks rsalveti, and what's the command to flash that again?19:37
ogra_dd ?19:37
rsalvetijhodapp: sudo fastboot flash boot boot.img19:37
rsalvetiat the bootloader screen19:37
ogra_or that :)19:38
jhodapprsalveti, sound still doesn't work19:45
rsalvetijhodapp: not even when playing directly from the android side?19:45
jhodapprsalveti, I made sure the volume is up, not muted, and checked alsamixer19:45
pmcgowanjhodapp: did video play for you?19:45
jhodapppmcgowan, yeah19:45
jhodapprsalveti, let me try the test player from the android side19:45
jhodapppmcgowan, latest build19:45
pmcgowanme too19:45
thisguy_After doing brunch shooter I finally got it to go through that whole process but in out/target/product/shooter there isn't a zip folder. Theres 3 folders named obj, root, system and 3 other files. Do I put all those into a zip folder my self? or is there a certain way you have to do it19:49
pmcgowanjhodapp: running 53 with that boot.img I get no video19:49
jhodapppmcgowan, weird19:50
jhodapprsalveti, what exactly does that boot.img change?19:50
ogra_one register at the sound driver19:50
rsalvetijhodapp: the kernel, with a fix on the sound driver19:50
rsalvetipmcgowan: mind pasting the logcat?19:51
rsalvetimight be a different issue19:51
rsalvetithisguy_: in theory the zip file should be generated during build time for you19:51
pmcgowanrsalveti: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5668495/19:52
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rsalvetithisguy_: see if you have cm-10.1-20130322-UNOFFICIAL... or similar19:52
jhodapprsalveti, android side player doesn't have any sound either19:52
rsalvetipmcgowan: no error from your paste19:53
rsalvetijhodapp: right, then I need to investigate further19:53
thisguy_rsalveti: so I should try it again and see if it will make a zip?19:53
rsalvetia bit hard as I don't have the device in hands19:54
pmcgowanrsalveti: I see a bank screen, when I rotate something flashes then vanishes19:54
rsalvetithisguy_: please, and see what is the output once the command is done19:54
rsalvetimight be missing a config for your device somewhere as well19:54
pmcgowanrsalveti: how do I revert to the old boot.img?19:55
rsalvetipmcgowan: weird, was it working before at this device?19:55
pmcgowannot sure, it was last week19:55
pmcgowandid not try this build19:55
rsalvetipmcgowan: which image are you using now, latest?19:55
jhodapprsalveti, my logcat with the test_player: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5668503/19:55
rsalvetipmcgowan: ^19:55
pmcgowanrsalveti: just reflash that then19:56
rsalvetipmcgowan: yup19:56
rsalvetijhodapp: hm, no error, nothing19:57
rsalvetiwill check a bit more in the code later19:57
jhodapprsalveti, yeah exactly...it looks like it's happy19:57
ogra_did you wash your ears ?19:57
jhodapprsalveti, any volume controls from the android side?19:58
rsalvetijhodapp: in theory it might depend on how the hardware is started there20:00
jhodapprsalveti, for current volume?20:00
rsalvetibut the problem is that even with alsa mixer it's not taking any effect20:00
rsalvetifrom the ubuntu side20:00
rsalvetijhodapp: yeah20:00
pmcgowanrsalveti: jhodapp black video on my 7 with original img20:01
pmcgowanwhat happun20:01
* rsalveti wonders if pmcgowan ever got video working with his nexus 7 before20:01
pmcgowanthe scrub is showing20:01
pmcgowanand the controls20:02
pmcgowanI did indeed20:02
jhodapppmcgowan, can you try doing a phablet-flash -l and have it reflash everything again?20:02
rsalvetijust curious if it could have hardware specifics20:02
rsalvetior device specifics issues20:02
ogra_power ?20:02
rsalvetiafter seeing the issues we had with nexus 420:02
pmcgowansays 100% if tis right20:03
thisguy_rsalveti: I just got done doing it again and still there is no zip folder but this time it added another folder called symbols. So now in out/target/product/shooter I see 4 folders which are obj, root, symbols, and system. And there are three .txt files20:03
rsalvetithisguy_: then for some reason it's not building the images for you20:04
rsalvetiyou should have the boot.img, system.img and cm-10.1...zip files20:04
pmcgowanjhodapp: anything else I can check for you?20:05
jhodapppmcgowan, to get video working again?20:05
pmcgowanor see why its not20:05
jhodapppmcgowan, have you done a phablet-flash -l again?20:05
pmcgowanwell no20:06
pmcgowanI can try it20:06
jhodappok, and if that doesn't work, I'll take a logcat output20:06
pmcgowanI pasted one up above20:07
thisguy_rsalveti: I don't know if this will help but the last line it does says....    make: *** [/home/jon/[target_directory]/out/target/product/shooter/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/liboverlay_intermediates/overlayRotator.o] Error 120:07
jhodapppmcgowan, right, ok20:07
rsalvetithisguy_: yeah, this mean the build finished with an error, so that's why you're not getting any image20:08
rsalvetineeds to find why this error is happening20:08
jhodapppmcgowan, that was the entire thing logcat?20:08
pmcgowanthat was from when I played the video20:08
pmcgowanwant the who thing?20:08
jhodapppmcgowan, do a "logcat -c; logcat" and then I'll take the whole thing20:09
thisguy__rsalveti: what would you say I should do now? Or can you point me in a direction?20:10
pmcgowanjhodapp: not following that, adb logcat -c?20:10
jhodapppmcgowan, I think that'll work, I usually adb shell, then inside the shell just run commands20:11
rsalvetithisguy__: you should have more details at your build log20:12
pmcgowanI see20:12
rsalvetitry running brunch again to see if you'll get the messages related with the error20:12
pmcgowanjhodapp: well now its empty of course20:12
rsalvetiotherwise it'd be good to identify who is building liboverlay and try that by hand with mmm <path/to/liboverlay/src/code>20:13
jhodapppmcgowan, I have to run an errand, I'll be back in 25 mins and resume looking at this with you then if you're still around20:13
thisguy__rsalveti: when I run brunch it shows breakfast menu but my device isn't listed. My device would be cm_shooter userdebug20:14
rsalvetithisguy__: but it works when calling 'brunch shooter' right?20:15
mhall119bfiller: ping20:18
mhall119bfiller: has the e-d-s/akonadi discussion advanced any further since we last spoke about it?20:18
bfillermhall119: no20:19
alittlejohngot a question for anyone who could possibly help. its about getting ubuntu onto a galaxy nexus20:19
mhall119bfiller: right now is there any compelling reasion why it wouldn't be e-d-s?20:20
bfillermhall119: even if it is eds that won't be the api exposed to apps most likely20:20
bfillerthat's an implementation detail20:21
mhall119bfiller: oh?  is there talk about making an abstraction layer for apps to talk to?20:21
thisguy__rsalveti: yep when I do brunch shooter it starts building it or whatever it's doing.20:21
pmcgowanalittlejohn: ask away20:21
bfillermhall119: yes, we already use QML and Qt abstractions around a lot of things, that will most likely continue for contacts20:22
mhall119bfiller: any idea who would be implementing that?20:22
rsalvetithisguy__: yup, and it'll build a bunch of libraries and binaries at the same time, so that's why the error message might be a bit sparse at your log20:22
alittlejohni have version toro (verizon). i tried to do the flash to phone and it faild. i say that someone uploaded a file that should help me get past the fail, but how do i get the file into my library to recogize the file???20:22
alittlejohn(im not a big programmer....very new at this and just playing with some things)20:23
pmcgowanalittlejohn: if you can be a little more specific Im sure someone can help20:23
alittlejohnok...i will try20:24
thisguy__rsalveti: It's building i'm building it again now. I will report back with what I end up with20:24
alittlejohni bootstrapped my Galaxy Nexus. I put it into developer mode. i used the apt-get install phablet-tools command, and finially i used "phablet-flash -b -l" to get the image to my phone. that failed. "device detected as toro. unsupported device, audetect fails device"20:26
thisguy__rsalveti: by the way when I do . build/envsetup.sh this is what I get...  including device/asus/grouper/vendorsetup.sh including device/generic/armv7-a-neon/vendorsetup.sh including device/generic/armv7-a/vendorsetup.sh including device/generic/mips/vendorsetup.sh including device/generic/x86/vendorsetup.sh including device/htc/shooter/vendorsetup.sh including device/lge/mako/vendorsetup.sh including device/samsung/manta/vendo20:26
alittlejohnthere is a file that is supposed to help get past that fail. my question is how do i get this file into the library so that when i run the command again it will recognize the file and not fail the phone20:27
rsalvetithisguy__: that's fine20:28
pmcgowanalittlejohn: or the toro you cannot use the flash tool, you need to do some things by hand20:29
pmcgowanand substitute the toro zip for the maguro I assume20:30
alittlejohnthis is where i found the toro file.... that supposed does work. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=3829487020:31
pmcgowanright that will probably help20:31
alittlejohnok great. now how do i get THAT file to read?20:31
thisguy__rsalveti: This time it ended with a different line which says....   mdpath=`find /home/jon/[target_directory]/out/target/product/shooter/system/lib/modules -type f -name modules.order`; if [ "$mdpath" != "" ];then mpath=`dirname $mdpath`; rm -rf $mpath; fi (It added another folder also called recovery)20:34
thisguy__still no zip20:34
rsalvetialittlejohn: the way it's done there is that you'd not use this file directly from the phablet-flash command20:35
rsalvetiinstead, you need to boot the phone (android or ubuntu), copy the file to the sdcard partition (adb push file.zip /sdcard/), reboot into recovery and then flash the file from there20:35
rsalvetithe same for the ubuntu image (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip)20:37
jhodapppmcgowan, better after doing a fresh phablet-flash?20:56
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mterrymzanetti, when do I use qmluitests vs autopilot?21:12
pmcgowanjhodapp: no, I am going back to an old image to check21:13
jhodapppmcgowan, ok21:13
pmcgowanjhodapp: works on build from 3/2521:14
pmcgowanrsalveti: wheres the build stamp file?21:18
mterryMirv, when should I use qmluitests vs autopilot?21:18
rsalvetipmcgowan: /system/quantal-ubuntu_stamp21:19
pmcgowanrsalveti: video worked on 3/25 fwiw21:20
rsalvetiinteresting, not a long ago21:20
rsalvetijhodapp: ^21:20
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jhodappyeah, I'll have to make sure I'm running the latest, phablet-flash -l thinks I am but it may be messing up21:21
thisguy__rsalveti: what would this mean? Warning: you may need to install module-init-tools. It showed that while it was building.21:36
rsalvetithisguy__: probably when dealing with the kernel modules, and probably not an issue for you21:36
RobbyF_rsalveti, I hope you had a great weekend. now back to work :) eta on raring for daily images/automation?21:37
thisguy__rsalveti: okay. I'm still trying to get it to make a zip. It did make a ramdisk.img but it haven't made any zip file21:37
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pmcgowanrsalveti: jhodapp we are suspecting that build 53 is not as it claims21:38
jhodappjhodapp, unsure atm21:38
pmcgowanlets simply test again with the clean autobuild tonight21:38
jhodapppmcgowan, sounds good, I'll test that first thing in the morning21:38
rsalvetiRobbyF: yeah, was on vac as well last week ;-) but we hope to have a raring based image tomorrow or later this week21:39
pmcgowanjhodapp: the 3/27 version worked as well, I think 53 is actually older somehow21:39
jhodapppmcgowan, ok, that's good to know, thanks21:39
* jhodapp runs for now21:39
rsalvetithisguy__: you'll only get the zip file once you're able to finish your build without any error21:39
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RobbyFthanks, that was a nice consolidation that mhall119 did on G+21:39
rsalvetineed to find what is actually causing the error there21:39
mhall119RobbyF: thanks :)21:41
RobbyFjust read your netflix topic, very sneaky :P21:41
mhall119I was going to be more elaborite, being April 1st and all, but quitting time was 45 minutes ago21:42
thisguy__rsalveti: I'm trying but when it's building it's hard to see if it says error anywhere. I know I was gettig some file or directories doesn't exist and so far on my last time trying to build it ended with...   mdpath=`find /home/jon/[target_directory]/out/target/product/shooter/system/lib/modules -type f -name modules.order`; if [ "$mdpath" != "" ];then mpath=`dirname $mdpath`; rm -rf $mpath; fi21:42
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poseidonHello, is there any eta when any official hardware will be released?22:24
k1lposeidon: end of this year, is what i have in my mind22:25
* poseidon feels like a kid waiting for christmas again :)22:26
poseidondoes touch already use mir?22:26
poseidonthat looks like a great step in the right direction.  X gross22:26
k1lafaik its based on the android base system yet.22:29
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IRebootposeidon: No Mir will replace SurfaceFlinger this coming May22:46
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