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MartijnVdSmorning popey08:38
MartijnVdSpopey: ^ seen that announcement? ;)08:38
popeytrying to avoid as many fools as possible08:39
MartijnVdSpopey: better stay off the interwebs then :)08:39
popeythere is that09:03
kvarleyI'm setting up a backup system for my parents laptops. Should I use rsync or owncloud or both or something else?09:06
MartijnVdSLinux-only: Half-Life 4 - http://steamdb.info/app/800/#section_info09:45
MartijnVdS(sorry popey :))09:45
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:47
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon09:48
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS09:48
SuperMattany sim city players in here?09:50
SuperMattyes, I should have guessed09:54
MartijnVdSI played the first SimCity09:54
MartijnVdSand SC2K09:54
SuperMattI guess I'll just  have to play with myself :(09:54
directhexi have simcity for SNES.09:55
directhexit has bowser attack as a disaster09:55
MartijnVdSdirecthex: instead of godzilla?09:55
directhexand this guy giving advice http://www.catchynamenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/sims3uo3.png09:55
ikonialoved sim city on the snes10:10
ikonialoving the new one on the PC too (sad to admit)10:10
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:35
brobostigonmorning bigcalm :)10:35
bigcalmHi brobostigon :)10:38
bigcalmAlanBell: would it be possible for us to add a little more detail to http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/ please?10:39
bigcalmOh, looks like I can do it :)10:40
bigcalmAlanBell: popey: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/ text updated. Please feel free to edit as required :)10:58
* bigcalm looks for a hotel in Farnham that isn't the Hotel de Vie11:13
bigcalmPut "hotels in farnham" into google maps. Results include "Farnham Tyre and Exhaust Specialists"11:16
bigcalmSearching on google maps used to be useful :(11:16
MartijnVdSbigcalm: maybe they have a bed for you though?11:17
kvarleyIs it possible to set kernel parameters after boot?11:20
kvarleyI want to disable ipv6 on the kernel11:20
MartijnVdSkvarley: sometimes.. and you don't want to disable ipv611:20
MartijnVdSreally, you don't.11:20
MartijnVdSyou might want to disable SLAAC11:20
MartijnVdS(which you can do through /etc/sysctl.*11:20
bigcalmAlanBell: ta for the RT. Hope people show some interest :)11:22
bigcalmWondering if I shouldn't have mentioned the stag do bit in my tweet11:23
brobostigonch5,13:15, dr who and the daleks,11:34
kvarleybigcalm: Never knew you were a web developer! :)11:42
bigcalmkvarley: it's true11:49
popeybigcalm: booked!12:21
bigcalmpopey: yippie :)12:21
bigcalmpopey: I'm still hunting for a hotel. Searching on Google maps is pants. Any recommendations for places in Farnham?12:22
popeyYou're welcome to kip here if you don't mind a sofa bed12:22
bigcalmpopey: that's very kind of you, thanks. Might take up the offer if I struggle with hotels (thinking of driving down Friday evening and back Sunday afternoon).12:24
kvarleybigcalm: If a framework is MIT licensed, do I have to put an explicit message in the footer of my website or is the license in the code enough?12:41
bigcalmkvarley: I've never looked into the MIT licence12:42
bigcalmWebsites tend not to specify the framework they are built upon12:42
directhexkvarley, license in code is enough12:46
kvarleydirecthex: Thanks :)12:46
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bigcalmBlue Shift and Opposing Forces are out on linux steam. Happy days :)14:56
MartijnVdSthey are?15:00
MartijnVdSthey are!15:01
MartijnVdSHL2: Death Match as well15:01
MartijnVdS*hope HL2 itself will be out soon*15:07
MartijnVdShl2 has the same problem as tf215:15
popey16:17:39 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- You have too many channels registered.15:18
RadiumCatlol cute :)15:20
LjLniven.freenode.net * You have too many channels joined15:24
dogmatic69is it possible to have a script on server A and run that on server B from server A?15:30
Azelphurdogmatic69: ssh user@servera ./myscript15:30
dogmatic69Azelphur: thanks15:31
shaunoit needs to go the other way around if the script you want to run isn't on the machine you want to run it on.  ssh user@host bash <script.sh will run a local script on the remote machine15:36
amayerpopey: are you the one that has a camera set up that takes pics every 5 min or so and uploads them to a website? (im working on a project that needs to do just that)15:40
popeyamayer: i have done that15:40
amayermy boss wants me to buy 3 cameras to do just that and im wondering if you ran into any problems that i should look out for15:41
amayer(im probably going to have to go with a windows system tho. my boss says since we paid for all the MS licenses that we should use them)15:42
popeycant really help on windows15:43
amayerok well thanks anyway15:45
bigcalmIs there an easy way to grep irclogs for this channel?15:53
BigRedScurl + wget?15:53
BigRedScurl + grep15:53
bigcalmThat's a lot of log files to fetch15:54
* bigcalm pokes google some more15:55
popeyanything in particular you're looking for?15:56
popeymight be faster for someone with local logging to grep15:56
bigcalmI remember having a conversation with somebody about managing a 48bit integer in PHP15:56
bigcalmI came up with one way, they came up with another using 'bitwise' I _think_15:57
MartijnVdSBUT VHY!?!15:57
bigcalmWhy what?15:57
MartijnVdS48-bit ints15:58
MartijnVdSwhat's wrong with 64 bits ;)15:58
bigcalmMartijnVdS: I'm dealing with a 3rd party's API which expects a 48 bit integer, split into 16bit and 32bit integers16:00
bigcalmAnybody with local logging able to help? :)16:02
popeynothing here16:06
bigcalmIt might have been 21st Jan16:06
popeylooked for your nick, 48 and bit16:06
MartijnVdSLocal logging?16:06
MartijnVdSah IRC logging16:06
* MartijnVdS wondered about the forest16:06
bigcalmThat date it from looking at git commits for when I added the function16:07
* popey prints out his irc logs to kill the forest16:07
MartijnVdSIn case you have an Arduino lying around: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dyuT8N08zM16:21
bigcalmThis is fun. Just added a debug statement to the 3rd party code to see what the end result was of the data I sent it. I sent a value of 75, it reports it as 28896. Something's up16:44
MartijnVdSup a lot 8-)16:49
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ali1234bigcalm it wasn't in this channel17:10
SuperEngineercan someone tell the jet stream to obey the17:37
SuperEngineerubuntu code of conduct17:37
SuperEngineer...as in friendly to all....17:37
SuperEngineer... coz right now I'm ducking dreezing!17:37
brobostigoninteresting avoidnce of colourful language.17:38
TheOpenSourcererclucking bell brobostigon!17:38
brobostigonlol, :)17:38
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: are you joining us this year? http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/17:42
TheOpenSourcererThanks bigcalm - didn't know it was arranged already. Will check diary and book later. I have to get on a expand a customer's VM by 100GB right now.17:44
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: organising my stag do turned into organising the ubuntu-uk outing17:45
* AlanBell booked a ticket \o/17:50
bigcalmYay :)17:51
bigcalmWhy doesn't my photo appear next to my comments I wonder17:51
AlanBellno, it is your launchpad photo17:54
popeypulls from there17:54
ali1234this stuff gets worse17:56
bigcalmpopey: To which I have added a mug shot17:57
SionbuntuCan anybody tell me how I can fix a new screen resolution which prevents me from seeing anything on my display?17:57
bigcalmpopey: Ah, is the image my 'logo' from the branding page instead?18:00
AlanBellSionbuntu: if you boot up into a recovery kernel one of the options is to go to a safe graphics mode18:02
AlanBellSionbuntu: hold down shift as you boot up to get the grub menu to display18:02
SuperEngineerhmmm - Facebook pone due out soon ....  nah!18:10
zleaptombrough,you need to register to enter #raspberrypi18:12
zleaptom type /msg nickserv help register18:16
SuperEngineerSo... did you all work the answer to my April Fool posting?18:21
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Myrttino one has yet finished the freenode April's Fool totally18:22
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* SuperEngineer shuts down for tonight - see you later folks18:43
mungbeanfound myself tidying shelves in hobbycraft today...i don't even work there :S19:41
daftykinsmungbean: :D19:44
daftykinswhat's a 'hobbycraft' ? chain of the name suggests, selling models etc?19:45
daftykinswhen i clothes shop (very rare) i fold the clothes back up again so i often get asked if i work there :( heh19:45
zleapshops there is one in newton abbot i think19:45
mungbeanhobbycraft is an awesome shop because it sells stuff to ladies (wool, knitting, craft stuff), and there's a mens models section19:46
mungbeanso you can peruse at your leisure19:46
mungbeantoday i spent £2.15 on some tamiya tape and felt guilty. then my wife came downstairs with £30 worth of wool and other gubbins19:46
mungbeana lot of the model kits were in the wrong sections so i did some tidying19:47
daftykinsthen you quickly added items so you were spending £30 too?19:50
mungbeanno i dont like spending ££ on myself19:51
Myrttimungbean: I've taken the habit of cleaning Morrison's onion boxes from manky onions and dry skins :-D19:53
Myrttiand no I don't work at Morrisons19:53
mungbeani almolst made some recommendations to other people too19:53
daftykinsi always want to tell people to run away in local computer places if i hear them getting bad advice19:54
mungbeanwhere  a safe archive of older versions of android apk?19:58
mungbeane.g. old kindle app apk thhat i can trust19:58
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daftykinsmungbean: some problem with the latest?20:16
mungbeanyeah on x86 android20:16
daftykinsoh crikey20:17
mungbeanjonathan creek new episode? thats why so quiet20:25
brobostigonfor the new dr who it was quieter,20:26
* popey is recording Jonathan Creek20:36
czajkowskiit's very good20:40
czajkowskihe's in wolverhampton!20:40
bigcalmczajkowski: you wanted reminding of http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/ :)20:41
popeyczajkowski: http://www.comedy.co.uk/news/story/000001073/bbc_order_new_jonathan_creek_series/20:41
czajkowskibigcalm: look who's bought tickets :)20:41
czajkowskipopey: ohhh \o/ yay20:41
bigcalmczajkowski: Jon has, hope you're coming too :D20:41
czajkowskiyeah ticket has been purchased for me :)20:41
bigcalmIs it September yet?!20:44
bigcalmOh, several things yet to do20:44
bigcalmStill looking for a special set of cufflinks20:45
mungbeanthat do what bigcalm ?20:48
bigcalmmungbean: look special20:48
czajkowskibigcalm: penguins, tardis?20:49
bigcalmczajkowski: oo, possibly. Have only been looking in high street shops so far20:49
popeybigcalm: http://popey.com/~alan/dalek.jpg :D20:53
popeythey have been sat on my desk for a year or more20:55
bigcalmhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Quality-Green-Circuit-Board-Cufflinks/dp/B0045KEOXU - though an image rather than actual boards20:55
popeythey're not circuits20:56
popeythey're pictures of circuits20:56
bigcalmpopey: note the text I wrote after the link :)20:56
popeyah ☺20:57
bigcalmImagine what I could have hanging from my cuffs20:57
popeybigcalm: 3d print some ☺20:59
bigcalmHeh, there are chameleon cufflinks (searched for linux cufflinks)21:01
moreatibigcalm: a 3D relief of the QR code for your website or public key on one cuff, small ink well on the other21:02
bigcalmHey moreati, not seen you in here before. Nice idea about the ink well. I still don't like QR codes though21:02
Myrttibigcalm: yeah, I bought the blue ones for dsample as valentines present and they went through the wash cycle after first use, and the picture faded a bit under the resin21:04
moreatibigcalm: seen http://boingboing.net/2013/03/28/the-namikipilot-vanishing-poi.html btw?21:06
bigcalmMyrtti: more reason to avoid images or colours. Need something solid21:06
AzelphurAnyone here happen to know what the deal is with t-mobiles fair usage policy on mobile?21:06
bigcalmmoreati: oh, the retractable fp? They do look tasty :)21:06
Azelphuras usual the written policy is totally vague21:07
bigcalmAzelphur: The closest I got was when I was within 80% monthly usage I got a text message (that was the week VirginMedia cable went away)21:07
AzelphurI see, any idea on GB usage?21:08
Azelphurkinda interested in the £16/mo unlimited everything plan21:08
bigcalmMy plan at the time was 500MB a month. So normal usage for me never got close21:09
popeyshe totally isn't reading the cards, but off a tablet21:09
moreatiAzelphur: I switched from t-mobile because (at the time) they recompressed jpegs and injected javascript to accelerate page loads21:09
Azelphurmoreati: fun21:10
moreatiAzelphur: they may still do so, I haven't checked in > 12 months21:11
AzelphurI notice they say excluding tethering too, wonder if they do any detection21:11
AzelphurI know three does, which has been driving me mad.21:11
bigcalmAzelphur: I've never had a problem with tethering21:13
TheOpenSourcererRAT ticket booked bigcalm21:13
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: \o/21:14
popeyyay TheOpenSourcerer ☺21:15
TheOpenSourcererLookingforward to the Beerex next!21:16
TheOpenSourcererNow am off to bedski with a scotch and a good book (Currently reading Bring up the Bodies)21:18
* bigcalm plays a little more of Blue Shift while unit tests run21:26
directhexshoot the alien!21:27
bigcalmdirecthex: I've been doing a lot of that21:56
bigcalmWee, back in Xen22:00
daftykinsi'm amazed that my new TV even makes xbox games look better22:00
directhexwell if you're gonna replace an old 21" 4:3 tube with a 106" oled, it's *gonna* look better22:20
daftykinsdirecthex: heh, nah 40" 1366x768 CCFL backed 2005/6 Sony vs. 55" LED backed samsung 6800 series22:25
penguin42hmph, not good when wifi bounces during video recording - anyone know how to rescue swf?22:43
penguin42Azelphur: T-mobile's stuff is very vague - I'm on the £20/6 months unlimited plan22:43
Azelphurpenguin42: fun22:44
daftykinsAzelphur: when you were desk hunting, did you find anything ~1500x800 on the surface for cheaper than £100?22:54
daftykinsi've not tried any local places yet22:55
daftykinsbut that seems to be around the best sort of thing from amazon22:55
Azelphurdid you want a corner or just a square?22:55
daftykinsjust your standard rectangle job for a middle really22:55
Azelphurdaftykins: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S09806763/ this with the extension probably22:59
daftykinscrikey furniture @ pricey23:00
daftykinsAzelphur: ty sir!23:00
directhexGALANT gets expensive fast23:01
Azelphurhttp://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S89821547/ that's the extension I think23:01
directhexit's a modular system. so sure, a plank and the cheapest legs, as linked by Azelphur, are <£10023:01
directhexbut once you add on things like extensions, corner pieces, computer shelves, cable trays...23:02
Azelphurthat gets you 1800x800 for £15023:02
Azelphuror 1200x800 for £9023:02
daftykinschecking down my local recycling might be easiest ;D23:02
daftykinsthen local office places perhaps, apparently they're disappearing though23:02
directhexwe DIY'd a GALANT design for our main room23:03
daftykinsmy current desk came from a business' bankruptcy sale :D23:05
daftykins£25 for 1600x80023:06
daftykinsthe surface is even amazing for optical meece!23:06
daftykinsalright i gotta sleep23:07
daftykinsnn all \o23:07
penguin42B&Q do a sheet of white contiplas 2440x1220 for £2923:08

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