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didrockshey fginther, how are you?13:08
fgintherdidrocks, good morning. I'm good, how are you?13:12
didrocksfginther: I'm fine thanks!13:13
didrocksfginther: FYI, I changed slightly customise_preseed_file to support "full ppa arg"13:13
didrocksfginther: I was thinking we should start deprecating preseed.cfg and only have one autopilot job in the end, what do you think?13:14
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fgintherdidrocks, I'll need to take a closer look. I'm not as familiar with the utah config files as the others13:15
didrocksfginther: ah, do you think the UTAH config changes?13:16
fgintherdidrocks, not necessarily, I rarely modify it, which is probably why I'm a little behind on what it's doing13:20
didrocksfginther: do you think you will have time to have a deeper look this week?13:21
didrocksI think a good target is:13:21
didrocks- just one autopilot job13:21
didrocks- we pass ppa (no ppa or CHECK_WITH_WHOLE_PPA means full dist-upgrade)13:21
fgintherdidrocks, yes, of course. I just can't give an opinion right now :-)13:21
didrocks- we can pass installed_package13:21
didrocks- and a tests list13:21
fgintherdidrocks, Oh, then are you thinking of creating a 'generic' autopilot job, which is then called by multiple 'check' jobs?13:23
didrocksfginther: exactly13:23
didrockswith different parameters13:23
didrockswe track the regressions/number of failures per job13:24
fgintherdidrocks, then yes. I agree it's a good idea. Will need to study the implementatino13:24
didrocksgreat ;)13:24
didrocksfginther: especially as we have raring/ and head/13:24
didrocksmeaning, doubling the number of jobs13:24
didrocksso better to have a generic one13:24
fgintherdidrocks, speaking of regressions. Have you considered basing regressions on a 'known test failures' list?13:25
fgintheror is that how it works now.13:25
didrocksbasically, we record the number of test failing by $release/$stack/$config13:26
didrocksso we already have that tracking13:26
didrocks(the -check job is doing the distribution)13:26
fgintherdidrocks, got it13:27
didrocksfginther: do you have some xml template example to pass parameters to another job?13:28
fgintherdidrocks, yes, one moment13:29
fgintherdidrocks, we have templates that pass all parameters to another job and a predefine list of parameters...13:31
fgintherin ci/jenkins-templates/autolanding-config.xml.tmpl13:31
didrocksfginther: the predefine is what I would need. Looking at that, thanks! :)13:31
fgintherThe project defined in the builder section passes all parameters13:31
didrocksok, CurrentBuildParameters13:32
didrocksor rather PredefinedBuildParameters13:33
fgintheryes, PredefinedBuildParameters13:33
didrocksthe separator is \n?13:33
fgintherdidrocks, When using CurrentBuildParameters, any parameter that is not defined in the target job is ignored13:34
didrocksfginther: ah excellent, so I can even parameterize them right now13:35
didrocksfginther: even if we didn't merge the "unity autopilot jobs" yet13:35
fgintherdidrocks, yes13:35
didrocksfginther: ok, tell me once you'll have the time to have a look at the rest of the jobs, we can coordinate and planning changing that ;)13:37
didrocksfginther: right now, I'm changing the triggering template already13:37
fgintherdidrocks, good idea. that will make it easier13:37
dandraderpaulliu, that's the blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-unity-ui-testing13:42
dandraderpaulliu, so after you find the component you wanna test, make sure it's not already being worked on by someone else and add an entry with your task there13:43
dandraderpaulliu, if I'm not mistaken the components under the Panel suddir don't have tests yet. so you might wanna start there.13:46
paulliudandrader: ok.. got it13:47
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cyphermoxmterry: hey14:23
cyphermoxdidn't we already release this kind of changes?14:24
mterrycyphermox, I sure thought so14:24
mterrycyphermox, archive has those changes14:25
mterrycyphermox, oh14:25
cyphermoxwell, I'm going to wait before publishing that anyway, bamf has changes that aren't closing a bug :/14:25
mterrycyphermox, I think we manually pushed those to archive.  So this may be the automerger catching up14:25
cyphermoxshould have been merged in hud a long time ago :)14:26
mterrycyphermox, I would have thought that too...14:26
cyphermoxanyway, cool, I'll investigate to see why it gets pcked up now14:26
didrocksmterry: cyphermox: if that was manually uploaded, and was manually merged back, it can appear in the diff14:27
didrocksmterry: cyphermox: as the diff is bzr diff -r <last autolanding rev> debian/14:27
cyphermoxdidrocks: yeah, but if it was manually merged back, that should have happened more than a month ago ;)14:27
didrockscyphermox: not if we didn't get anything more to release for bamf?14:28
cyphermoxdidrocks: not looking at bamf right now, but hud14:28
didrocksah ok ;)14:29
cyphermoxyeah, no extra changes either14:29
cyphermoxperhaps there was not publish of indicators since, but I find that hard to believe14:30
didrocksfginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/cupstream2distro-config/autopilot-jobs-factorization-step1/+merge/156357, do you mind having a look?14:32
didrocksfginther: some examples of deployement:14:32
didrocks(last one have no parameter, just the ppa one)14:33
didrockscyphermox: before you go on manual publishing, I'm deploying a small change for the -check job on indicators14:33
didrockscyphermox: done14:34
cyphermoxdidrocks: ok14:34
cyphermoxnot going to publish this until bamf is fixed14:34
didrocksok :)14:34
didrocksmaybe mterry can still publish unity though ;)14:34
didrocksmterry: btw, I've added the "force manual publishing mode"14:34
fgintherdidrocks, taking a look14:34
mterrydidrocks, for raring?14:34
didrocksmterry: no, in daily release, it's a parameter on the stack, I just need to write the doc ;)14:35
didrocksso if you want to force that at some point, it's possible :)14:35
mterrydidrocks, yeah, I suppose I can publish unity.  the indicator stack doesn't have any weird FFe API changes or anything, right cyphermox?14:35
cyphermoxmterry: nope14:35
cyphermoxit's some small bug fixes14:35
mterrydidrocks, ah...  you're talking for unity-greeter.  Cool14:36
didrocksmterry: yeah, we can build that stack if you feel it and force manual publishing ;)14:36
mterrydidrocks, cool, thanks.  Not urgent now, but maybe post raring14:36
didrocksyep ;)14:37
cyphermoxurr, wait a second14:37
mterrydidrocks, so are we ready for enabling the "apps" stack for head?  I had it disabled, but if the infrastructure is ready for it...14:38
didrocksmterry: yeah, it would be good to have an autopilot job (or the factorized one, see my discussion with fginther) for the -check steps14:40
didrocksmterry: as you know which commands to list and which packages needs to be installed14:40
mterrydidrocks, that's something I can specify in the config file?  OK, will look14:41
didrocksmterry: see the MP above ^14:41
didrocksmterry: fresh from the press! :-)14:41
mterrydidrocks, ah I see, awesome14:43
didrocksmterry: before those infos were hardcoded in the jenkins job14:43
didrocksmterry: the goal is just to have one14:43
mterryindeed, good14:43
didrocksmterry: I still don't like the fact that we have to hardcode the binaries we want to install (in the not "check with whole ppa") case14:44
mterrydidrocks, couldn't these be moved to dep8 tests?  That way, the info would be in the packaging, in the same branch14:46
didrocksmterry: dep8 tests are just per packages, not for a whole stack, right?14:46
didrocksmterry: we can't have autopkgtests with a real machine14:46
didrocks(so with opengl)14:46
didrockswhich is an issue for unity for instance14:46
mterrydidrocks, oh.  Why can't we test on real machine?14:48
didrocksmterry: that's why jibel told me, the infra is just on vm and it's not trivial to get a real machine provisionned apparently14:48
mterrydidrocks, weird.  OK.  And yeah, dep8 is per-package14:48
didrocksmterry: but I agree, I would prefer way more having a per stack/something like dep814:49
mterrydidrocks, but those tests all live in one package.  And dep8 can specify other packages to be installed14:49
mterry(I mean, each test lives in exactly one package)14:49
didrocksthat's interesting, we can do that14:49
mterrydidrocks, it's still hardcoding binaries, but you're doing it in the source at least14:49
mterrydidrocks, but the non-real machine is kind of a blocker14:50
didrocksmterry: indeed, but we need to think of a way of dealing with that better, I agree14:50
didrocksmterry: the hardcode is used multiple times btw:14:50
didrocks- only apt-get install <those packages>14:50
didrocks- filters then that you only get those packages in the pre-seed14:51
didrocks(if you didn't use "check with whole ppa")14:51
didrocksthat enables us to ensure that you didn't transition an ABI in a stack14:51
didrocksdepending on another stack14:51
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didrocksmterry: FYI, unity is in approved. It will be interesting to see how in production the daily release will handle it tomorrow even if I designed for it :)15:03
didrocks(basically, it should only collect the new listed bugs, but still -v<last_published_version_in_distro>)15:04
mterrydidrocks, ah.  so the changelog and the changes file have different contents finally.  :)15:05
didrocksmterry: yep ;)15:06
didrocksthanks fginther :)15:07
didrocksfginther: should we discuss and go ahead for the factorization tomorrow together?15:07
didrocksfginther: I think I'll have some cycles to help15:08
fgintherdidrocks, yes. I will have studied up on the utah configuration by then15:08
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didrocksfginther: excellent, thanks!15:09
fgintherdidrocks, you're welcome15:09
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kgunnpaulliu: i know you were looking for possible area to dig into some testing....nothing's been done for panel/indicators15:14
paulliukgunn: yeah. But that's completely new. I'd like to dig into some area that I can read and mimic first to get used to the code.15:16
kgunnpaulliu: you could also look for low hanging fruit of fixme/todos  in the code base15:26
paulliukgunn: ok.15:27
kgunnpaulliu: this sheet....has a little map i created....with comments on big/small/prioirty etc15:27
kgunnpaulliu: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoGvOYxwuvpFdEJ5dURFb3Y0cnlKeEcxc0piNDZrWXc#gid=015:27
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luvmardy: moi, Im working on the logout functionality for ubuntu online accounts - so I have put together a python script which simulates the functionality: http://pastebin.blesmrt.net/3135/16:10
luvthough, it looks like signon_identity_signout and signon_identity_remove are pretty much broken ... also UOA plugin for gnome control center can't really deal with an account with deleted identity (and there is more issues :-/),  but that's something I would eventually take care of16:11
luvbtw are you based in Finland? I spent one year in Espoo :-)16:12
luv(the interesting bits are around lines 35 - 55  )16:13
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