bkerensapleia2: https://github.com/mozilla/remo/tree/master/remo/reports16:41
darthrobot`Title: [remo/remo/reports at master · mozilla/remo · GitHub]16:41
bkerensa=o we should fork that for LoCo's for monthly reports16:41
pleia2bkerensa: what is it?16:42
bkerensapleia2: its our Monthly Report Module for the Mozilla Reps program16:42
bkerensasends reminder e-mail to contacts about their monthly reports16:42
pleia2what we really want is something that hooks into loco.ubuntu.com to pull things out, not yet another form to fill out (which is harder than just adding bullet points to a wiki, which people don't do)16:42
bkerensathen they fill in form and tell us what they did.... what they plan to do next month and asks for links etc16:43
bkerensapleia2: ^ oh I agree :) I kind of abandoned wiki some time ago16:43
pleia2is this django, or just a bunch of python scripts?16:43
pleia2loco.ubuntu.com is django, so if it could be modified slightly it would be worth finding someone to work on it16:44
bkerensapleia2: tis django16:44
bkerensanotably that report system used to... not sure if it still does but could export to moinmoin wiki16:45
pleia2cool, so daker is the one you want to talk to about this, and itnet7 had mentioned at one point he might be willing to pitch in for the report creation bug ;)16:47
pleia2bkerensa: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/+bug/605651 is probably the bug you want to add notes to16:53
darthrobot`Title: [Bug #605651 “Merge in Loco Reports into loco.ubuntu.com” : Bugs : LoCo Team Portal]16:53
pleia2bkerensa: might I suggest less curt notes in the report? :) may be helpful to actually tell them it's a django thingy and explain what you explained to me17:05
kdubphilballew, sorry i couldn't make it last week, i had forgotten about the holy week stuff I had to make it to17:32
kdubsounded like it was a good meeting though from the scrollback17:32
bkerensahah http://goo.gl/maps/dZSN017:37
darthrobot`[R: maps.google.ca] Title: [Portland, Ore, United States - Google Maps]17:37
bkerensaGoogle put a bird where Portland is17:37
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