snap-lCool, got a $25 gift certificate for Guild of Blades for shopping there on Tabletop Game day. :)00:51
ColonelPanic001woo. I'm home01:19
snap-lColonelPanic001: w/b01:31
ColonelPanic001I haven't touched a keyboard in a week01:36
snap-lyOU'RE IN FOR A SHOCK01:38
snap-lThey moved the capslock key since you last typed01:39
ColonelPanic001oHCRAP WHATS THIS01:39
ColonelPanic001I was really amused. I was down in Florida01:42
ColonelPanic001and often, when leavingt to go to a restaurant or something, we'd drive on I-7501:42
snap-lYeah, it's quite popular down there. :)02:01
snap-lAlso, I'm listening to Die Walkure02:01
snap-lAnd obsessing that I don't have this version ripped02:02
snap-leven though I hate opera02:02
snap-lI can only conclude that I am psychotic an dinsane02:02
Blazeixrejoining the internet right in time for april 1st. a poor choice.02:19
rick_h_heh greg-g getting invoveld with xkcd ftw http://xkcd.com/1193/10:51
rick_h_heh and suckered me into donating for the first time10:51
snap-lbtw: GOod morning. :)12:00
brouschDamnit. It's April fool's Day12:13
rick_h_brousch: yes...save us all12:16
snap-lI think I'm going to read a book instead of read the internet12:17
snap-land just delete any posts that have a 4/1 timestamp on them in my reader.12:17
snap-lDocker is now OSS12:18
rick_h_why I wanted to do that pycon video12:19
snap-lLooked pretty interesting12:19
snap-lI've already replaced a lot of my "server virtualbox" usage with lxc12:19
rick_h_yea, if I end up getting a desktop I might check out running it on there to handle needs like that12:20
snap-lcreate vbox image to play with software, then blow away afterward.12:20
snap-lI think it would be my preferred way to deploy ruby shit12:20
snap-lnone of that stupid not-virtualenv stuff12:21
brouschAll I see are document generators12:21
brouschOr pants12:21
snap-lToo new for search12:22
snap-ltry docker lxc container12:22
rick_h_see pycon talk about 'future of lxc containers'12:22
brouschDamnit. Now I have to look up Linux containers12:24
snap-llxc is haaawt12:24
rick_h_past time to do that12:24
snap-lI hear there's this thing called Juju that people are using12:24
brouschI use virtualbox12:25
rick_h_with a name like juju I know it's april fools :P12:25
snap-lbrousch: I did too, but unless I need something with bridged networking, LXC is good for back-of-the-envelope computing12:25
snap-lWaiting for an image to spin up, or taking and modifying an existing image is a bit of a pain12:26
snap-lIf I could figure out bridged networking with LXC without requiring a bunch of libvirt modules to make it happen, that would make my day.12:27
brouschIt takes about 10s to reboot an Ubuntu 12.04 server VM12:33
rick_h_http://r.bmark.us/u/8d69ae88418984 actually rooting for tesla so this is cool. Hopefull that in 10yrs or so we'll have one all electric and one not12:33
brousch10 years is not long enough12:35
brouschIn 10 years I hope we're all driving hybrids like the Volt12:35
rick_h_I don't know. The last 10 years has shown a LOT of progress12:35
snap-lIt's all about the batteries12:35
brouschI look at the parking lot at work. Not a single hybrid even12:35
snap-lI think in 10 years we'll have some major advancements in batteries12:35
snap-lWE've already kicked the crap out of Lithium Ion12:36
brouschThe charging time is just too long12:36
snap-lbrousch: It'll only get shorter12:36
brouschHave to switch to battery swaps or something12:36
brouschIf not, that's a fuckload of power being pushed through refueling stations12:37
snap-lbrousch: In 2003, did you even imagine you'd have a smart phone?12:37
brouschI'll wet myself every time I have to recharge in slushy weather12:37
snap-llet alone one that could do everything your phone does with an overnight charge?12:37
brouschA phone is $200 and you replace it every 2 years. A car is $20,000 and you replace it every decade12:38
brouschTurnover is easier12:38
brouschAnd you don't need a company every 1/4 mile to keep the phone running12:38
snap-lbrousch: you're not seeing the bigger picture12:39
brouschDon't get me wrong, I want a self-driving electric car. It just won't happen for the vast majority in 10 years12:39
snap-lWe're in the tadpole stages of electric cars12:39
rick_h_the 1hr stuff from tesla seems to be getting darn close to reasonable12:40
brousch1 hour every 300  miles?12:40
rick_h_besides, we've learned to change behavior before. I think it's more of a behavior training thing12:40
rick_h_brousch: well, to be fair I said one all electric and one not12:40
rick_h_I do enjoy my 11hr straight trip to VA12:41
brouschI like the Volt's system12:41
rick_h_and adding 3 1hr chargings to it would kind of suck12:41
rick_h_I don't, I think it's too complicated trying to do the both worlds approach12:41
rick_h_not enough of either12:41
brouschYou put gas in, it charges the battery12:42
brouschOr you plug it in12:42
snap-lI just find it funny that now we're complaining about the charging times for cars that go 300 miles12:42
snap-las opposed to complalining about the charging times for cars that could barely make a commute12:42
snap-lIf that ain't progress, I don't know what is. :)12:43
brouschIt is progress, but it won't get adopted until I can refuel in 5 minutes12:43
rick_h_the big thing for them is that the batteries won't be new capacity all the time.12:44
rick_h_as someone that tries to keep cars 5-7 years, ugh for dealing with capacity leakage over time12:44
rick_h_but hoping in 10yr things get better12:44
snap-lbrousch: but what if your car could refuel at the burger king?12:44
rick_h_brousch: I don't think so. I think some of that is just training people's habits12:44
snap-lWhile you're stuffing your face with the whopper, your car is busily recharging12:44
snap-l15 - 20 minutes later, you're both rearing to go12:45
brouschThat would be nice12:45
snap-lWe could return to the drive-in lanes, where you have some teenager skate over to your car, plug it in, and take your order.12:46
brouschI don't think the electric grid is ready fo that12:47
snap-lwell, that's the whole alternative energy discussion. :)12:47
snap-lbut 5 minutes ago you were complaining about an hour long charge12:48
rick_h_bah, just play along and keep saying 'in 10 years' :P12:48
brouschToo much too change in 10 years12:49
snap-lbecause you were waiting in a gas station, not sitting in a 1950s themed drive in12:49
snap-lIt only takes a little lateral thinking to see how awesome this could be.12:50
rick_h_10yrs is a long time12:50
snap-lalso, charts can tell any story. ;)12:50
brouschThere are 250 million cars in America. So that chart shows 0-1% jump in 10 years12:51
rick_h_just saying that 'hybrids' in their current have moved a ton in the last 10yrs...as in become major consumer products12:51
snap-lI think it's just brousch showing that great Western Michigan trait of "hey, who left the light on, dammit? These things cost money." ;)12:52
brouschIt boggled my mind when gas went to $4/gal and shop guys were still driving their 10 year old superduty pickups to work from ionia and fremont12:53
brouschIt had to be costing them 1/2 of their pay to get to work and back12:53
snap-lbrousch: Yep, but that's how they do their work12:54
brouschNo, they drive to work, work all day, then drive home12:54
snap-lno way in hell you're getting 600lbs of cement from point a to point b in a prius with two other guys.12:54
brouschThese guys work in the shop, not in the field12:54
snap-lAh, n/m then12:54
rick_h_yea, why I <3 my touareg. My family are all big truck people, F250+ and when I said I got 30MPG to ATL and back they did a double take12:54
rick_h_even my brother's F150 wasn't close and it's a V612:55
rick_h_but I am paying more for diesel right now :/12:55
snap-lFord's truck engines are not terribly efficient at delivering power.12:55
brouschA few years ago I looked at buying a scooter to get to work and back. I couldn't justify it based on gas savings12:58
brouschI guess if gas hits $10/gal we could see big electric uptake12:59
brouschElectric has to be as convenient as gas and cheaper before americans will give up their manly machines13:00
rick_h_one manly machine one around town vehicle :P13:01
brouschHeh, I just understood your original comment13:05
brouschI thought you meant Tesla would make 1 all-electric vehicle and one hybrid (not), not that you would own one of each13:06
brouschI'm due for a new car in 3-5 years. I hope to get a hybrid or all-electric, but I'd have to be able to justify it in money saved over the life of the vehicle13:08
snap-lIt's going to take longer than 3-5 years for this to be affordable13:18
brouschIt won't get adopted until it's affordable13:19
snap-lNot true13:19
snap-lthere's always the early-adopters13:19
brouschThey are few13:20
snap-lI think they're more numerous than you might think13:20
snap-lSteve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games just bought a Tesla S13:20
brouschHe is rich13:20
snap-lNot in the way you might think13:21
snap-lhe's quite shrewd and frugal13:21
snap-lDammit, someone already has FNORD up here. :(13:25
brouschThat's a $50,000 car. For it to be frugal, it would have to save $30,000 in gas compared to a $20,000 corola. At $10/gal and assuming it costs $0 to charge the Tesla that would mean about 90,000 miles of driving. More realistically, it means it might break even if the car lasts 15 years13:25
rick_h_or sometimes you just pay for the privilege of better...after all people seem to be about paying extra for those organic fruits/veges13:26
snap-lbrousch: You buy a car like that not because it's frugal, but because it's an ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLE WITH NO ENGINE TO SPEAK OF13:26
brouschRight, but snap-l implied it was a shrewd or frugal purchase13:26
rick_h_"for you to buy this organic oragic orange it will need to be 1.75 better for you in taste and calories"13:26
snap-li made no such claims13:26
snap-lI said that Steve Jackson was not righ13:27
snap-lHe's no pimp, even though I'm a whore for their games.13:27
snap-lHey, waitaminute.13:27
snap-lMaybe he is a pimp after all. ;)13:27
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rick_h_lmao https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-shopping/+bug/115610014:07
snap-lLove the finger pointing14:12
snap-lYes it's Amazon not filtering things, but seriously14:13
snap-lO'Reilly has a booklet on LED lighting15:12
snap-lI swear, they just want me to give them money or something15:12
greg-grick_h_: on Friday Randall Monroe reached out to some people in #wikimedia-gendergap (not sure why there, he's been idling there for a couple/few weeks) about today's comic :)15:42
rick_h_curses! forgot my headphones again.18:04
greg-gstupid monday18:05
rick_h_need to have some detector that picks up lack of headphones when heading to the coffee shop18:05
brouschGoogle Now18:05
rick_h_bad thing is I had them on the charger so they'd have juice to use at the coffee shop18:05
rick_h_so thought a little ahead today18:05
brousch"5 minutes to Caribou coffe. don't forget your headphones!"18:06
greg-gjust not far enough18:06
rick_h_greg-g: that's cool on the wikimedia stuff. Got me to donate for the first time so success18:07
greg-glove when others unilaterally get more donations to your org :)18:08
greg-ghe has a post about WP every now and then, so he's definitely a user18:09
rick_h_cool, yea I don't tend to use it much so never bothered.18:09
rick_h_try to hit more small devs working on cool stuff I use, but wth :)18:09
rick_h_bigger dogs are better!18:09
greg-gwe're pretty efficient at creating postive impact with your dollars, I promise18:10
* greg-g hides his morning champagne bottle18:10
rick_h_well I secretly donated hoping it'd help you get back to a thinkpad :P18:11
greg-gin 2 years or whatever the cycle is, I'm lobbying REAL hard18:11
snap-lrick_h_: http://mvsm.bandcamp.com/ You must check this band out18:29
rick_h_snap-l: if I had brought my headphones I would :)18:29
rick_h_snap-l: will do though.18:29
snap-lIt's like Tool's doppelganger18:30
rick_h_heh cool18:30
snap-lrick_h_: Screw the rest of the folks at the coffeeshop. This is important18:30
snap-lgreg-g: Figured you already knew about 'em. ;)18:30
snap-lgreg-g: What with being at wikimedia and all. ;)18:31
greg-gwikimedia hosts bandcamp? ;)18:31
snap-lwikimedia knows all. ;)18:31
greg-goh, right, that's true18:31
snap-lgreg-g: http://mvsm.bandcamp.com/ OMG YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT!18:31
snap-lhappy now?18:31
greg-gSWEET I WILL!18:31
greg-gthanks buddy18:31
rick_h_greg-g: funny http://www.finewoodworking.com/item/106963/how-does-a-fine-woodworker-change-a-lightbulb19:18
jcastrorick_h_: this  is how imagine your daily life19:21
rick_h_jcastro: hah, I'm not yet worthy enough to have gone this far. Many years of apprenticeship to go19:22
brouschNeed to shovel the snow? Build a shovel custom tailored to the snowfall amount and type19:23
jcastrorick_h_: the wood case for the new bulb is the best19:23
rick_h_yea, with the french cutout. My issue is the bulb isn't LED so can't be me19:24
rick_h_ooh, chair finally shipped19:29
greg-grick_h_: also, he cleans the glass of the bulb, then while cleaning the contact points, puts his filthy fingers all over the bulb again19:48
rick_h_greg-g: :)19:49
snap-lOnly the finest artisinal bulbs grace rick_h_'s sockets.19:52
greg-gyou know, when ever you say something like that, snap-l, it sounds dirty19:53
snap-lhandmade by expert Amish craftsmen19:53
snap-lAre we having fun yet?23:49
rick_h_oh yea, code review party23:52

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