InHisNameGood Bye Easter04:04
waltmanHello April Fools11:06
JonathanDThe thinkgeek stuff was kinda a letdown.11:36
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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:02
teddy-dbearand a Happy April Fools Day :-D12:03
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MutantTurkeythe defense distributed one is the best i've seen all day18:43
MutantTurkeywaltman: does drexel cs have a ticket system for problems?19:03
MutantTurkeyonce gaylord mentioned it to me because keep bugging him about menial stuff and now I can't find it19:04
waltmanYes they do. Or at least they did.19:08
waltmanNo, I can't find it either.19:11
waltmanSeems reasonable to email Gaylord and ask him for the link.19:12
waltman"I'm sorry, but since the website was resigned I can't find the link for the problem ticket system..."19:12
waltmanor suchlike.19:12
MutantTurkeyhmm ok I'll ask him19:13

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