pdurbina nice post about women in tech: https://blog.mozilla.org/it/2013/03/29/when-i-moved-abroad/14:17
melodiepdurbin I believe the women-in-tech culture might be different in French chans as in other chans... I almost never felt uncomfortable in any14:28
melodiewhen I did I pushed...14:28
pdurbinthat's good14:28
melodieI sell a few services to people, and it could be surprising, but the common users who have a hard time getting the difference between right and left click with the mouse are not shocked because their machine is being fixed by a woman, and that they are tought by a woman14:30
melodieeven if for some sorts of fixes I need to wait for my companion to return and take care of it.14:30
melodiehe knows lots more than I do related to hardware components, finding which ones fit with what...14:31
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