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Cantidehttp://www.news24.com/Technology/News/Mxlish-the-12th-official-SA-language-20130328 <- hahahaha April fools anyone?06:27
SymmetriaI like this bit07:07
SymmetriaReports suggest that three companies from Limpopo have been included on the preferred bidders' list.07:07
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Trixar_zaKilos: I checked this morning - seems they just moved the 2G+1GB promo deal to Telkom Mobile08:33
Kilosoh my goodness so i bought mine early all for nothing08:34
Kiloswhat a waste hey08:34
Kilosmorning Trixar_za  superfly  and others08:35
Trixar_zaOh, it wasn't a complete waste. I'm still using mine :P08:35
* Trixar_za is listening to: Village Of All Beginnings -- Playstation by Tomba!08:35
Trixar_zaListening to streaming music too08:35
Trixar_zaI've always been a fan of game music, especially early console music08:36
Trixar_zaNot so much because they were chiptunes, but because you had such a limited range of sounds and you had to make it work08:36
Trixar_zaTrue talent that08:36
Kiloshi Vince-0  08:42
Cantidei bought the 60 + 60 yesterday =_=08:49
CantideTelkom are evil08:49
CantideTrixar_za, I like chiptunes, too :) and all retro game music :)08:49
Kiloswhy you say they are evil Cantide  ?08:50
Cantidei could have waited a day and then it would last me another month08:51
Kilosoh ya thats what i did because i was scared the 2+1 would be gone08:52
Cantideyeah :/08:53
Cantideoh well08:53
Cantideat least i have enough data until i leave08:53
Cantideand then i will give the sim to my dad08:53
Kiloswhen you leaving?08:53
Cantideprobably September08:54
Cantidei'm not 100% sure yet08:54
Kilosah so quite a while yet08:55
Cantidejust need monies '-'08:55
Cantideso i will work for a few more months08:55
Kiloswhats that?08:55
Cantidethen relax for a few months before i go08:55
Cantidemoney *08:55
Kilosthat stuff that used to grow on trees08:56
Cantideyes, that stuff :p08:56
Cantidenow it grows in mines - requires hard work and lives lost to dig it out08:56
Kilosi wish maaz would return09:01
Kilosgot so many links saved with him09:02
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* Squirm[A] pops in11:24
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sakhihowzit popin?11:39
Cantideoh yeah12:43
Cantidewrong channel :p12:43
tumbleweedhttp://ograblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/important-changes-in-ubuntu-engineering/ :)13:34
Cantidethere seem to be a lot of these going around today :D13:37
zeref_debianlol @ article14:22
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Trixar_zaEven Ubuntu had to make an Easter Fool's day joke15:49
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Kiloshmm... you drowning in nicks Cantedious  16:59
Cantediousbusy trying to make my own input method for ibus17:00
Cantediousso far it's not working out..17:00
SquirmTrixar_za: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/government/74427-bittorrent-downloads-websites-to-be-blocked-in-sa.html17:04
SquirmI lol'd17:04
Squirmonly saw it after they edit the title17:05
Squirmanyone know where I can find good prepaid phone deals?17:14
Cantediousgame or pep?17:15
Squirmlooking for a smartphone17:15
* Squirm looks on the Game website17:16
SquirmTrixar_za: the S3 Mini at Game is R4000, the S3 Mini from FNB is R150pm for 24months = R360017:19
Squirmcheaper and you pay it off slowly17:19
Squirmsame with the S317:20
SquirmR600 cheaper17:20
Squirmgo go FNB17:20
Trixar_zaIt's R4000 now. In 2 years time, that price would be about 1/4 that it is now17:24
Squirmbut I can't wait 2 years for a new phone :P17:27
SquirmI'm getting the phone now17:27
Squirmin the metaphorical sense17:27
Trixar_zaTrue, but just remember the math when you make decisions17:29
Trixar_zaIn the long run they're overcharging, but it's cheaper than buying new right now17:30
SquirmI don't understand how they're overcharging17:30
Squirmin total I'd pay say R4000 from Game, R3600 from FNB17:30
Trixar_zaLong run - thing lose value over time17:30
Squirmthey lose the same value whether you pay for it in full or not17:30
Trixar_zaWould you buy a 2 year old car at the price it was when it was new?17:30
Squirmbut I'm not17:31
Squirmcome now logically minded Trixar_za 17:31
Trixar_zalol, most people lack the ability to think in days, months and years. I have never had that problem and it's been my crutch since forever17:32
SquirmI may still be paying for it in a year and 6 months. but I've still had it for a year and 6 months17:32
Squirm1.5 years17:32
Trixar_zaAnd by that time it would be only like 1,2k to buy it 'new'17:33
Squirmso whether I buy a phone for R4000 or R150pm. in 2 years time I'll have paid less for the same phone worth the same amount of money17:33
Squirmyes, THEN17:33
Squirmbut this is NOW17:33
Trixar_zaBut don't overthink it too much17:33
* Cantedious agrees with Squirm17:33
Cantediousyou're getting the phone now, not in 2 years17:34
Cantediousso paying less over time makes no difference17:34
Cantediousexcept saving money17:34
Cantediousalso, rands might be worth less in 2 years :p17:34
Squirmoh I hope not17:34
Trixar_zaThis is like explaining 3 dimensional space to people in a 2 dimensional world.17:35
Squirmconvenient for me to pay R150pm as well, I don't have R4k cash. cept it ties me down :/17:35
Trixar_zaPoint is: You are getting the phone now, but your not saving long term. Stop thinking in terms of what it's priced now, but when your pay it off. You are not saving in the LONG RUN. End of story.17:35
Cantediousi'm considering getting the galaxy pocket - just to last me 6 months17:36
Tonberryi don't follow your logic17:36
Trixar_zaMind you, most companies cash in on people's inability to think long term17:36
* Squirm looks at Trixar_za 17:36
Squirmyou're really not understanding me :/17:36
SquirmTrixar_za: in the long run. i.e. 2 years time, I'd have paid R360017:37
Squirmand say I pay R4k cash now17:38
Squirmin 2 years time17:38
SquirmI'd have still spent R4k on the phone17:38
* Squirm thinks Trixar_za is sober17:38
Trixar_zaYes, but by the time you do actually pay it off, the price would have dropped drastically. The phone wouldn't be worth 4k at that time. In fact, I estimate, you'd have payed R2600 more for the phone by then. But it doesn't matter.17:40
Tonberrybugger that. S3 costs R8000ish prepaid. Contract payments if you subtract the non phone bits only add up to R5000ish17:40
Tonberryhow am I not saving money going the contract route17:40
SquirmTonberry: this isn't a contract route17:40
SquirmFNB has the S3mini for R150pm*24months = R3600. Game has the Mini for R4k17:41
* Tonberry scrolls up17:41
Trixar_zaSo all I'm saying is: You don't save in the long term. End of argument. :P17:41
SquirmTrixar_za: thinks in the long run it'd be more expensive to go with FNB17:41
SquirmTrixar_za: no17:41
Squirmif I got the phone at the END of the 2 years, yes17:41
Squirmbut I'd get the phone now17:41
Trixar_zaNo, I don't. I'm just disagreeing with you about you 'saving' money in the long run with the deal. It's still a good deal by today's standards, even if they screw you a little in the long run.17:42
Tonberryso i still lose money if i give the 3600 to some third party and let him pay it of vs paying 4000 upfront?17:42
Trixar_zaYou'd lose money either way17:43
Tonberrybut you lose more giving away 400017:43
Trixar_zaEither way the phone still loses value over the years17:43
SquirmTrixar_za: at the end I'd still have paid less on the FNB side17:43
Tonberryby that logic no one would ever buy technology17:44
* Trixar_za sighs17:44
* Squirm sighs17:44
Tonberryok what do you suggest someone does if they want to buy the phone17:44
* Squirm lets other people figure out Trixar_zas illogical logic and goes and has a beer17:44
* Tonberry sips his white wine17:45
Trixar_zaLet me try it like this: Compared to today's game price, the end total of the 24 month deal looks cheap. But if you compare the price of the phone at the time when you pay of the phone, there would be a drastic loss in value. Still with me? It's relative to which end of the transaction your looking at.17:45
Trixar_zaThe bank has enough sense to realize that they can sell you something for cheaper, because in the long run they'll be making profit.17:46
Tonberrybut the bank has to pay his suppliers for the phone now17:46
Trixar_zaWhich they probably get a cost and/or bulk price17:47
Trixar_zaEither way, the bank won't be making a loss.17:47
Trixar_zaAnd you probably won't either17:47
Tonberrybut they aren't really screwing you either17:48
Trixar_zaIt's a good deal. Go with it. Just don't think it's a saving when it's not :P17:48
Cantediousif it's normally 4K, but they can give it to you for 3.6K, then you're saving17:50
Cantediousof course the phone will lose value over time - it will no matter how you pay for it17:50
Cantediouspay less for same product now = win17:51
Trixar_zaBut your not paying for the same product now. Your paying for the same product then.17:51
magespawnevening all17:58
Trixar_zaEvening magespawn17:58
magespawnMy 2 cents, by paying it off your are also paying the same monthly amount for a phone that is worth less each month17:59
Kiloshi magespawn  and others18:00
magespawncan you open a sql database created with access with another sql manager or do you need to convert it?18:00
magespawnhey Kilos 18:01
magespawnTrixar_za: this logic does not only apply to phones but anything that goes down in value18:02
Trixar_zamagespawn: Exactly and it's by what most companies that sell something at a monthly rate makes money off of18:03
magespawnSquirm: that article on my bb is very close to what is happening in the states and europe18:05
Trixar_zaIt's just hard to explain to people. I've always thought in long terms, which has always tripped me up. Only time I think only short term is while I'm completely sloshed :P18:05
magespawnTrixar_za: imagine paying off the game s3 with an rcs card, pay 3 times the price18:06
magespawnmy bug bear is 'free' when they mean included18:06
Trixar_zaI'm actually abusing that logic for my own gain too - well if we get that club bar18:06
Trixar_zaWe're including the mix in the price, but telling them it's 'free'18:07
magespawnTrixar_za: they probable also make money off the transacti9ns themselves by owning the authorising company18:07
Kilosshame guys Squirm  really wants that fone18:08
magespawntyping is horrendous tonight18:08
magespawni got my tablet through fnb and IT is the best deal for it18:08
Trixar_zaThen let him buy it. We never said it was a bad deal.18:09
magespawnyou are just not saving money you are just spending/losing  less18:09
Kilossquirm if you take the R150 per month and pay R200 per month it drastically shortens the 2 years18:09
superflymagespawn: no. Access is not SQL (nor would I ever call it a database)18:09
magespawnthey do not allow that18:09
superflymagespawn: you can use mdbtools18:09
Kilosoh my. not same as buying a house?18:10
magespawnsuperfly the book i have has of course used access so was wondering 18:10
Kilosor has that also changed18:10
magespawnno Kilos 18:10
superflymagespawn: you can try LibreOffice Base18:11
magespawndepends on your terms but with the fnb phone/tablet deal fixed amount has to be repayed18:11
superflymagespawn: most Access courses depend a LOT on the Forms18:11
superflywhich is stupid beyond belief, but hey18:11
magespawnthey have four db they use through out the book, would hate to have to set them up first18:12
Trixar_zaYeah, that's what I meant. He'd be losing less than if he bought the thing new. But he'd still be losing. The only saving is in a lower loss rate.18:14
Trixar_zaPersonally, I would go for the deal too.18:15
magespawnanybody know more about this http://www.nedbank.co.za/website/content/mediakit/media_content.asp?page=top&article=current&prID=147218:19
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magespawnfound some more here http://simplybiz.co.za/nedbank-pocketpos%E2%84%A2-question-and-answers18:22
Kiloslo nuvolari_  18:22
nuvolari_hi oom Kilos 18:22
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nuvolarihoe gaan dit oom?18:23
nuvolariek is weer terug in die beskawing18:23
Kilosok dankie en jy seun?18:23
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie oom!18:23
Kiloswerk more?18:23
nuvolaridarm eilig gery18:23
nuvolari*darm veilig gery18:23
nuvolarija-nee oom, die lewee gaan aan18:23
nuvolarilol a couple of google april-fools jokes18:27
Kiloshi cocooncrash  maaz is dead? do you have time to fix him?18:31
Kilosty cocooncrash  18:32
inetproKilos: he's back18:33
Kilosmagespawn: wb18:33
inetprogood evening18:33
Kiloshi inetpro  18:33
Kilosdid you do it inetpro  ?18:33
inetproKilos: no18:33
magespawnlol @ Kilos 18:33
Kilosmagespawn: coffee on18:33
inetproMaaz: coffee on18:34
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:34
Kilosqa dont make lekker coffee18:34
magespawnneither do i, ask my wife18:34
Kilossome peeps do it on purpose to get out of making again18:35
Kilosive given up with bios flash via floppy magespawn  18:36
Kiloscant fir the flash and update onna floppy18:37
smile4evergood night18:37
Kiloshi smile4ever  18:37
Kilosoh night18:37
Kilossleep tight18:37
smile4everKilos: sorry ;)18:37
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro!18:38
Kilosoh my goodness the bot didnt give me coffee18:40
inetproKilos: you didn't ask him18:40
inetproMaaz: danke18:41
Kilosi got probs here with kde. keeps going slow18:41
inetproKilos: define slow18:41
Kilosso slow when i type here it takes minutes before even showing18:42
Kilosand other things battle to close18:42
inetproKilos: run htop18:42
inetproor just press CTRL+ESC18:43
inetprolook at what is eating your cpu18:43
Kilosxorg 19% krunner 6% konvers 9%18:45
inetproKilos: do it when it's slow again18:45
Kilosit isnt the pc telling me its time for a reinstall??18:46
magespawnno Kilos no no no no no18:46
inetproKilos: you have a talking pc?18:46
Kiloswell if it isnt running right there is something wrong hey?18:47
inetprofind the problem and then fix it18:47
Kiloswhy does plasma say disk sleep?18:54
Kilosthere it did it but couldnt see percentages just disk sleep kept popping up18:54
magespawnmaybe the hard drive power saving is set to make the disk sleep quickly19:00
Kiloswhere you find that thing magespawn  19:01
Kilosthere again and now it was konvers saying disk sleep19:01
magespawnnot too sure look under system settings under power settings19:02
Kilosbtw my other drive with kde on vlc shows that video perfectly19:02
magespawnhmm strange maybe some install difference then19:03
Kilosok turned off button events handling, we see now19:04
Kilosweird hey19:04
Kilosand both installed from my saved archives19:04
magespawnyou need to let people know about this sort of thing19:05
magespawnyou find problems nobody else does19:05
Kilosya but why?19:12
Kiloswhy not you clever peeps19:12
magespawnthats the thing, by reporting with data settings etc, maybe people can find out why19:13
* inetpro can't see how it can be caused by "button events handling"19:14
Kilosthats the only place that was still ticked in the power settings19:15
Kilosand only place i saw the word sleep19:15
Kilosbut will watch it now19:15
Kiloswb inetpro_  19:25
Kilosaw did it again19:26
inetpro_uh oh19:26
Kilospidgin and konvers showed disk sleep19:26
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Kilosbut not for long19:26
inetproKilos: what is the exact error message and how do you see it?19:27
Kilosim watching that system activity thing19:27
Kilosthe column under cpu usage19:27
Kilosdont get error messages19:28
inetproKilos: can you make a screenshot when you see it again?19:29
Kiloshow on kde19:30
inetproKilos: hang on, you're not the only one having that problem19:31
Kilosbut thats on suse19:32
inetproKilos: kde is kde19:32
inetprobut regardless, I don't think that posting has a solution for you19:33
Kilosoh dont see kde in the link, sorry19:33
inetprogoogle is your friend19:33
inetproactually I think this might not even be a kde issue19:34
inetprohave you checked your bios?19:35
Kiloswhat do i look for in bios19:35
Kilosits not after long time sometimes minutes apart the sleep thing19:35
inetproare you running your kde off a secondary disk?19:36
Kilosnope first disk19:36
inetproa samsung disk?19:36
Kiloshavent checked if sdb does the same yet19:37
Kilosmaxtor methinks19:37
Kilosor seagate19:37
Kilosso , if sdb dont do it as well its the drive?19:38
inetprocheck for advanced power management settings or such19:39
Kilosok will do that.ty19:40
Kilosif i dont come back i got too tired and will see youall tomorrow\19:41
magespawngood night all19:44
Kilosfsck found an inconsistency in sda7 and said run fsck manually19:51
Kiloswhatever sda7 might be19:52
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:56
Cantidegood night '-'/~20:18
Guest38454Hey guys :)22:50

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