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jonohey all15:22
jonocan someone help me reset my U1 setup - I keep getting an error when I re-set up my device and account 'IPCError' and currently U1 is not syncing for me15:22
dobeywhat are the details of the error?15:31
mandeljono, ^15:55
jonohey dobey, mandel15:56
jonoso this is what I do:15:56
jonoload the U1 client15:56
jonoI get an error box saying "Sorry, an error has occured and Ubuntu One needs to close"15:56
jonoclicking Show Details says "IPCError"15:56
jonoand that is it15:56
mandeljono, what OS is that happening on?15:57
jonoif I delete the device in there and re-enter my U1 details I am able to log in OK, but then on the Syncing the cloud to your computer screen it says "Getting information, please wait..." and nothing ever happens15:58
jonomandel, raring15:58
mandeljono, can you take a look to see if the ubuntuone syncademon process is running?15:58
mandeljono, ipc error is related to the communication from the ui to the daemon via ipc (in this case dbus)15:59
jonojono@forge:~$ ps ax | grep u1sdtool15:59
jono17487 pts/3    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto u1sdtool15:59
jonoseems not15:59
chaselivingstonjono: Hi, could you submit the form at http://one.ubuntu.com/support/contact  so we can get some more information from you?15:59
jonochaselivingston, sure16:00
chaselivingstonjono: thanks!16:00
jonochaselivingston, page doesnt exist16:00
jonomandel, ok, so it seems u1sdtool is not running at all16:02
jonowhen I start it with --start I don't see it in the process list16:02
jonowhich might suggest it is crashing16:02
chaselivingstonjono: working for me...16:03
jonojono@forge:~$ u1sdtool --connect16:03
jonoOops, an error ocurred:16:03
jonochaselivingston, oops, I had a space at the end16:03
chaselivingstonjono: :)16:03
chaselivingstonjono: replied16:09
jonochaselivingston, just replied16:13
jonothe issue seems to be with syncdaemon16:13
mandeljono, yes, that is not a surprise.. I mean, for the future, IPCError means, I, the UI, I'm trying to talk with the daemon and something went wrong :-/16:23
jonomandel, right, but the UnknownMethod error I assume is odd for u1sdtool?16:24
jonowhich suggests u1sdtool is broken in raring16:24
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mandeljono, yes.. but dbus errors are very un-informative, it could be that there is no service with a given path for example16:25
jonomandel, right16:25
jonowhat I find odd is that I don't see the process in my process list16:25
mandeljono, so, either, the interfaces have diff methods (diff version of u1sdtool and the daemon) or that the process is not there16:25
mandeljono, exactly, so sd is done, try to start it manually16:26
jonoif I run u1sdtool -c I get the UnknownMethod error16:26
jonoand the process doesn't seem to start16:26
mandeljono, python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon16:27
mandeljono, lets see what that says16:27
jonojono@forge:~$ python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon16:29
jonoAnother instance is running16:29
jonomandel, ^16:29
mandeljono, pkill the bastard16:29
mandeljono, I wonder why it does not appear in the process list16:29
jonohow do I pkill it?16:30
jonoI have only ever used kill :-)16:30
dobeywhat unknown method?16:35
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jonomandel, hey17:45
jonoI killed it and when I restart the client I get the same IPCError17:45
nessitajono, hi there. If you still have your issue, can you please pastebin the output of python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug18:02
jonojono@forge:~$ pkill u1sdtool18:03
jonojono@forge:~$ python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug18:03
jono2013-04-01 11:03:13,109 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon - WARNING - Another instance is running18:03
jonoAnother instance is running18:03
jono2013-04-01 11:03:13,110 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon - INFO - not starting twisted.manhole18:03
nessitajono, so, let's kill all those instances, ps aufx | grep ubuntuone-syncdaemon and kill the process using the reported id18:04
nessitajono, once ps aufx | grep ubuntuone-syncdaemon gives you nothing (except maybe the grep command), re-run the python /usr/... command18:05
jononessita, running the debug command but this is spitting out an enormous amount of output18:09
jonolooks like things are syncing18:09
nessitajono, ridiculus amount of output is expected and welcomed18:10
nessitajono, when it settles, would you please paste the last ~100 lines?18:10
jononessita, interesting, it looks like things might be working now18:11
utlemmingquestion regarding the U1 client: the qouta in the client says that my max isn't what the webpage says. How do I get the client to report the right max?18:12
mandeljono, sorry fogot to say I had to walk the dog18:15
jonono worries mandel18:16
dobeyutlemming: close the application and start it again. if it's still not matching, you're possibly looking at different (or duplicate) accounts, and should then fill the form at https://one.ubuntu.com/help/contact/18:17

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