delti'd like to compile a kernel similar to the one in ubuntu-studio (for low MIDI latency) ...what compile-time options should i look for?00:54
zequencedelt: Which distro/release are you on?00:56
zequencelinux-lowlatency is in the main repo, as all Ubuntu Studio sources. Also in some of Ubuntus' derivatives00:57
zequenceBut, if you do want to build a kernel with -lowlatency configs, these are the configs that diff between -generic and -lowlatency on Ubuntu https://github.com/zequence/ubuntu-precise-lowlatency/blob/lowlatency/debian.lowlatency/config-delta00:58
deltzequence: slackware for now01:04
deltso if i just want to use the official kernel, what compile options should i useL?01:05
zequencedelt: It's not in the compile options. You need to configure the kernel first01:05
deltduh i meant configure options sorry**01:06
zequenceWhat I posted was the configs that turn a linux-generic into a linux-lowlatency on Ubuntu. As for slackware, the configs might be different01:06
zequenceI mean, there might be other configs that you might want to change on slackware01:06
zequenceAll though, i doubt it01:06
deltbut isn't the kernel source official across distros unless you maintain some kind of fork of it??01:07
zequenceThe default configs for each distro or release may be different01:07
zequenceAlso, kernels evolve all the time, getting new options, or loosing some01:08
zequenceAdd to that, you have distro specific patches01:08
delti'm talking, download a clean release of a relatively new kernel, and compiling it without any patches or stuff01:08
zequenceWell, I just posted to you the configs that make up linux-lowlatency. I don't know what else you want to know really01:09
deltthanks, looking at the page now...01:10
zequenceEach kernel version is different. Each distro has a different kernel because of different configs and patches. There's no guarantee that you will get the same thing on one that you get with the other01:10
deltso basically it's just CONFIG_PREEMPT=y and CONFIG_HZ=1000 ...?01:10
zequenceIf you want to use the rtirq script, you'll want to make sure irq threading is enabled01:11
deltokie, thanks =)01:11
zequenceAnd, you'll want to book the kernel with the boot parameter "threadirqs"01:12
zequence..or the script won't work01:12
deltthreaded irq handlers?01:12
zequenceProbably it's on by default, but you might want to check01:13
deltah got it01:13
zequenceYou can add boot parameters during config if you want. I don't remember exactly where, if you the menuconfig thing01:15
deltwhat about CONFIG_NO_HZ ?01:15
deltsomeone mentioned a "tickless" kernel?01:15
delton my current config i see CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY=y01:15
zequenceThat's the default on all Ubuntu kernels01:16
deltdoesn't that supersede CONFIG_HZ=1000?01:16
zequenceI actually don't know the specifics of that.01:17
zequenceProbably, the most important config is PREEMPT. That will make most of the difference01:17
zequencejitter free midi with ALSA might be hard to get, in some situations, no matter which configs you use01:18
deltpreempt_voluntary is so-called "cooperative" multitasking, right?01:18
deltie. each process gives back control "voluntarily" back to the kernel at the end of its quantum?01:19
zequenceWell, it's the default on most distros. It enables some PREEMPT, but doesn't sacrifice throughput. With -lowlatency you get a 10% decrease in throughput, something you'd not want on a server01:19
deltah ok got it01:20
deltslackware is more server oriented, which is probably why the default kernel doesn't have such functionality enabled01:21
studio-user695any other video editors that anyone would suggest, than open shot?04:59
zequencestudio-user695: kdenlive04:59
zequenceUbuntu Studio 13.04 will come preinstalled with it05:00
zequenceIt's more in the pro range05:00
studio-user695thanks I will have to give it a look05:00
zequenceopenshot is more of a consumer editor05:00
studio-user695that is what I am just starting05:00
zequenceHopefully soon, Lightworks will become available on Linux05:00
zequenceA beta is coming out shortlyu05:01
studio-user695do you know anything of (sp) cinderella05:01
zequenceYou mean, cinerella?05:01
zequenceWe don't have it in the repo, but there's probably a PPA you can add05:01
studio-user695yeah saw it at a linux fest one time and it looked awesome05:01
holsteini added the ppa... didnt breakk anything for me05:02
studio-user695just installing studio on this laptop have to reboot to finish the install ... thanks again!05:03
studio-user909Heyyyy y'all.05:13
zequencePipeManMusic: Hi, man14:17
PipeManMusiczequence: Curiousity on the handover got the better of me, so here I is.14:18
PipeManMusiczequence: So you are the new lead?14:18
zequencePipeManMusic: Yeah, Scott just stepped down earlier. He put an announcement out on the mail list14:18
PipeManMusiczequence: Yeah, I've talked to Scott.14:19
PipeManMusicIt's been a long time comming.14:19
PipeManMusiczequence: Let me know if at some point you'd be interested in an interview for OSMP.14:20
zequencePipeManMusic: Sure, anytime really. But, that's live audio right? I'm usually available around 18.00-22.00 UTC by audio. Maybe 12.00-22-00 UTC during weekends14:22
PipeManMusiczequence: We don't do a live show anymore, everything is pre recorded.14:23
PipeManMusiczequence: But it would be a live conversation.14:24
zequencePipeManMusic: Ok. Just ping me whenever you think might be a good time :)14:25
PipeManMusiczequence: It would most likeley need to be a weekend, I'm UTC-6.14:26
PipeManMusicSomething aroudn 14:00 UTC is best.14:26
zequencePipeManMusic: Ok. I dont' have plans for next weekend, so that might work.14:27
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chescohey ppl ! thanks for helped last time in compiling my kernel... I'd like to ask you something concern manymany new kernel sections in aiming to disable the whole I dont use...15:38
chescoany1 ?15:38
zequencechesco: Have you been on #opensourcemusicians? A bunch of linux audio folks there, also on #lad (linux audio dev), who might be able to answer kernel questions15:39
chescofine, I ll go there... thanks baguette15:40
zequenceI usually don't disable anything myself. I've done some testing, and haven't found anything worth changing further beyond -lowlatency configs15:40
chescoah yeah I know, but I tought about led section as exemple... I dont think it's usefull for me :P15:41
chescoahhh X crashed.... can U send me channs plz ? thanks15:53
chescoopensourcemusicians, found , thanks :p15:55
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joiamanBoa Noite, algum brasileiro on line?22:31

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