SpamapShrm.. console=tty0 console=ttyS0 .. wouldn't one expect that to try tty0, then ttyS0? I think upstart is doing that backwards15:39
technomancyif I want upstart not to stop a job but to prevent it from restarting once it does stop, what's the best way to do that? should I just remove the job config from /etc/init?21:25
SpamapStechnomancy: you could just override all the important fields in /etc/init/jobname.override21:27
SpamapStechnomancy: or maintain a sentinel file and check for it in pre-start21:27
technomancyI guess it's the "respawn" behaviour I want to disable21:28
technomancyso I could counteract that in a separate .override file?21:28
SpamapStechnomancy: unfortunately no, thats a known bug. respawn can't be turned off in .override :-/21:29
technomancyok. in this case if I comment out that line in the original conf file I should be OK since I only need it off for a short window now that I think of it.21:30
SpamapStechnomancy: respawn only respawns on non-normal exits. If your program exits with a normal exit code or signal, respawn will not fire21:30
SpamapStechnomancy: you can redefine the normal exits21:30
SpamapStechnomancy: why is your program dying violently? Also if the goal is 'stop' then you won't have a respawn either21:31
technomancySpamapS: good to know; thanks21:31
technomancyI'm sending haproxy a -SIGUSR1 which supposedly tells it to exit after all active connections have terminated and stop accepting new connections21:31
technomancyit doesn't appear to be behaving quite as documented, but that's a different issue21:31
SpamapStechnomancy: normal exit SIGUSR1 should do it then21:32
technomancyshould prevent a respawn you mean?21:32
SpamapStechnomancy: upstart will respawn if the program dies from a signal that is not listed there21:32
technomancyI see; thanks21:32

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