harrisset up to boot from usb first01:28
alch3m157so when i log into my account compiz doesnt work, but when i logout and login compiz works...any idea why this is? my workspaces wont change to the preset 4 wallpapers i set for it03:45
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Guest74600been awhile since I used IRC04:00
SuperLagThe icons in the bottom panel... what size are they, by default?04:14
SuperLagthank you04:17
neonkidxyHello Is there anyone active?04:30
neonkidxyI'm having trouble booting Xubuntu 12.10 64bit after installing it to a hard drive that had win7 64bit already installed. It doesn't boot grub.04:31
holstein!grub | neonkidxy i would just recover grub and try again04:32
ubottuneonkidxy i would just recover grub and try again: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:32
heoyeadualboot windows and same hd is bad idea04:33
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:33
holsteinheoyea: it'll work fine ^^04:33
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neonkidxySo recovering grub will make it the master boot loader?04:37
neonkidxyBecause right now it's just booting straight into windows04:38
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holsteinneonkidxy: try recovering grub if you want grub to replace the MBR04:39
neonkidxyOkay so I'm recovering grub right now, which partition do I install it to? The windows side or the xubuntu side?04:54
holsteinneonkidxy: i install grub on the hard drive..04:54
neonkidxyIt installed it originally to sda 704:56
neonkidxyI moved it to sda04:56
holsteinneonkidxy: grub will replace the mbr.. then allow you to boot both windows and linux.. .right now, it seems you still have the windows bootloader in the way04:56
heoyeaif u put it on sda7 it only works on that parition thats why ur windows boots up windows only04:57
neonkidxyGood to know, that may be a bug in your guy's installer04:58
heoyeawell is called advance mode04:58
heoyeaso u should know what u were doing04:58
neonkidxyI really should have used advanced mode, I didn't this time because I figured that you had streamilined it.04:59
holsteinneonkidxy: the installer will let you insatll grub where ever you like.. even somewhere that it wont work04:59
neonkidxyOr they not trying to put blame04:59
neonkidxyWell thank you I'm going down for a restart.04:59
FRO5THello guys, can you tell me how much seconds is taking you my website to load: http://linux.sytes.net05:41
FRO5Tit's not website promotion, just wanna know does I have to move all images on google because my current free webhosting has slower loading time or they've restriceted how much bandwidth all accounts can consume.05:43
pleia2FRO5T: please don't do that05:44
pleia2it's really really inappropriate here05:44
FRO5Tall of my friends are offline and don't know which man to ask :{05:45
pleia2this is not the place05:45
FRO5Tby the way, which is the command to bind the windows key and once I press it to open the menu in 12.04 ?05:47
SunStarlauncher menu -> settings manager -> keyboard -> Application Shortcuts -> xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu05:52
FRO5Tthanks SunStar05:55
friedsoup_much less talkative in Xub than Ub... probably cause all our comps work ><08:03
jessica9898When xfce loads i always get message that something has crashed, but i can' see details what goes wrong. How to get details ?08:21
FRO5Tthunar /var/log08:21
TheSheepalso ~/.xsessionerrors08:23
jessica9898How to open this ?08:24
FRO5THi sheep, happy fools day ;]08:25
TheSheepjessica9898: open a terminal and type `less ~/.xsessionerrors`08:27
jessica9898TheSheep i get " No such file or directory"08:28
FRO5Tjess - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1011096  http://markmail.org/message/2c4pajjzbuicn5v408:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937132 in Ubuntu Single Sign On Client stable-3-0 "duplicate for #1011096 ubuntu-sso-login crashed with RuntimeError in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/overrides/Gdk.py: Gdk couldn't be initialized" [Undecided,Fix committed]08:29
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xubuntu476Hi, I am new to the linux system and have just downloaded Xubunt 12.04. I set up time in the top panel, but it is off one hour back. How can I fix it?16:37
xfcexubuntu476 : xfce menu -> system -> time and date16:39
xfcexfce menu is top left corner16:39
xubuntu476o.k. I'll try16:40
xomecan somebody help with instalation xubuntu 12.04? Problem that this distr doesn''t see network cards on my laptop16:41
xomeatheros 8165 and realtek rtl8188ce16:42
xubuntu476Awesome! It worked! Thank you so much. I fixed an old broken down Windows Vista with Xubuntu 12.04 download and am so pleased with it!16:42
xomei tried to update kernels on just installed xubuntu. and all i got that on kernel 3.4+ wifi card was detected and connection was establi16:47
xomeestablished but it doesn't work properly, packets was not going.16:48
xubuntu428What's the difference between xfce session and xubuntu session - am new to linux.16:57
TheSheepxubuntu428: the initial layout of panels16:58
TheSheepxubuntu428: in xubuntu session, they are like the old ubuntu -- small panel at the top and bottom16:58
TheSheepxubuntu428: in xfce session, they are the xfce defaults16:58
TheSheepxubuntu428: you can always change them anyways16:59
xubuntu428When I set up Xubuntu session, xfce session followed suit it looks like. I see no difference. Is one better than the other?17:00
TheSheepxubuntu428: the choice only works on the first login17:01
TheSheepxubuntu428: then you can customize it anyways17:01
xubuntu428Can you make one different than the other? I mean, can I have different desktop pictures for each one?17:01
TheSheepxubuntu428: some people prefer one, others the other17:01
xubuntu428is there a difference in how it runs in cpu?17:02
TheSheepxubuntu428: they only differ in what defaults are taken on the first login, later on it uses your custom settings anyways17:02
TheSheepI don't think so17:02
xubuntu428so, after I custum set xubuntu session, the xfce session does the same? Why would one want to choose between one or the other?  I guess only at the beginning when you set it up is when the two are different, right?17:04
FRO5TTheSheep, where gone my wireless connection ? http://imgbox.com/adoLWVJO17:07
TheSheepxubuntu428: before that there was only the xubuntu session, but many people coming from other distributions wanted to have the xfce default instead17:08
FRO5TMy router is broadcasting the BSSID but xubuntu doesn't listed it when I click onto the networkorking app17:08
TheSheepFRO5T: what does ifconfig -a show?17:09
TheSheepFRO5T: only lo or your network device too?17:09
FRO5Teverything is normal there17:09
FRO5Twlan0, lo are fine17:09
FRO5Tgot assigned ips17:09
FRO5Tlo on localhost and wlan0 to
xubuntu428oh, I see... If I have the same time, weather, and desk top picture the same, what else is different with the default in xfce session than in xubuntu session17:10
xubuntu428whatever I don't change?17:10
xubuntu428I don't know what the difference is17:11
FRO5Tew fixed it, had to click "disable networking" and then waited few seconds until I enable the networking. That's bug in xubuntu17:11
TheSheepxubuntu428: after the first login there is no difference17:11
TheSheepxubuntu428: if you really want to see the difference, you can create a new user and try the other session on that account17:12
xubuntu428o.k.  you mean the very first? sorry  I'm new at this17:12
xubuntu428Ya, how DO you do that?17:12
xubuntu428what do you mean !user?17:13
FRO5Toh dear17:13
TheSheephmm, ubottu is dead?17:13
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo17:13
xubuntu428o.k. Thank you!17:13
xomecan somebody help with instalation xubuntu 12.04? Problem that this distr doesn't see network cards on my laptop17:25
xomeatheros 8165 and realtek rtl8188ce17:25
FRO5Tno networks ?17:25
xomei tried to update kernels on just installed xubuntu. and all i got that on kernel 3.4+ wifi card was detected and connection was established but it doesn't work properly, packets was not going.17:26
FRO5TI mean you can't see any wireless network ?17:26
xomeFrost, yes no networks at all wired and wireless17:26
FRO5TUntick Enable Networking and wait 5~10 seconds then tick it back to Enable Networking , it should work because same thing happens to me few minutes ago17:27
FRO5Thttp://imgbox.com/adoLWVJO image what happens to me few minutes ago , connection estabilished but can't see my broadcasted network e.g bssid17:28
xome_to Frost is any way to prepare distributiv with updated kernel?17:29
FRO5Tnever tried17:30
xome_hmm :(17:31
xome_and last question in 12.04.2 - default kernel 3.5?17:31
xome_oh :(17:33
TheSheephmm, on my 12.04 it's 3.5.017:33
TheSheepit's 12.1017:33
xome_that's problem looks like support for my hardware appear in 3.4+17:33
FRO5Tthen you should try 12.10 as thesheep mention the kernel number17:34
TheSheepxome_: well, install 12.10 then?17:34
xome_problem with repo17:34
xome_for example, Ubuntu tweak see only 5 repos :(17:34
FRO5Tyou can always add repos17:35
xome_by hands only?17:35
FRO5Tno my bad , take a look17:36
xome_ok try it.17:37
xome_thanks anyway :17:37
Makdaamhi, where can I find the xfce-power-manager-settings configuration file? or how can I disable HDD spindown in 12.10?17:42
TheSheepMakdaam: just use xfce4-settings-editor17:44
TheSheepMakdaam: everything in one place17:44
TheSheepMakdaam: the files are as usual all in ~/.config/xfce417:45
FRO5TScreenSaver->Mode: Disable Screen Saver17:45
FRO5Toh power settings, lol17:46
FRO5Tread screen settings17:46
TheSheepthere is also a huge icon in the settings manager17:47
TheSheephard to miss, really17:47
TheSheepa gigantic power plug with "power manager" written next to it17:47
FRO5TPower Manager-> On AC and drag to Never17:47
TheSheepFRO5T: he just wants to uncheck "spin down disks"17:48
FRO5Tit's there where I mentioned , below on ac is "untick or tick" spin down hdd17:48
TheSheepMakdaam: found it?17:48
FRO5Tseems i will have to make an snapshot tutorial..17:49
TheSheepa snapshot?17:49
Makdaambut the "spin down hard disks" option is grayed out :/17:49
TheSheepMakdaam: LIES17:49
MakdaamTheSheep: I found the file, now I'll have to search for the file format17:49
TheSheepMakdaam: xml17:49
Makdaamdo you happen to have an XSD to validate it?17:50
TheSheepMakdaam: you can use the editor, as I suggested17:50
TheSheepMakdaam: the editor has17:50
xome_Frost but your karma is getting better and better! :)17:50
TheSheepMakdaam: did you, by any chance, disable power management on your laptop?17:50
TheSheepMakdaam: because that could be one reason why it's grayed out17:51
MakdaamI don't recall doing so after the reinstall17:51
TheSheepalso, I don't think changing anything in the file will help when it's grayed out anyways17:51
FRO5Tcheck the screen saver settings to Untick the Cycle after..17:52
FRO5Tand see the Advanced tab to uncheck the power management boxes too17:52
MakdaamFRO5T: autoscreen saver was disabled and the power management was off too17:53
TheSheepMakdaam: maybe you don't have hdparm installed?17:53
Makdaamit's here17:54
CaesiHi all. I'm using Ubuntu 12.10. How can I (using the command line) uninstall Ubuntu graphical interface and use xfce?17:55
FRO5TMakdaam http://hd-idle.sourceforge.net/17:55
CaesiGot it.. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu17:56
MakdaamFRO5T: thanks18:00
FRO5TThank on TheSheep :}18:01
MakdaamFRO5T: I thank him on a regular basis.18:05
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dlumbergI asked in devel but everyone is sleeping (waited a while for an answer)23:52
dlumbergin Xubuntu 13.04 beta Settings Manager > Appearance doesn't change when I change the selected theme...23:53
dlumbergand my gtk?? theme that was working before is gone23:53
dlumbergany ideas?23:53

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