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AskUbuntu_relation error between nova-compute and nova cloud controller | http://askubuntu.com/q/27713913:44
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jcastrom_3: so I hear you nailed -alternatives?14:46
m_3jcastro: yeah, it's working great... I want martin to take a look and then figure out what to do with the changelog and other official stuff to get it merged14:48
mgzjcastro: will want some testing, but looks reasonable14:48
m_3he might have a beter way to do it too14:48
m_3mgz: only tested it on raring btw14:48
m_3mgz: welcome back!14:49
mgzwell, we'll only do this for raring, so that much is fine14:49
m_3hope you had a decent long weekend14:49
* m_3 wants one next weekend I think14:49
mgzm_3: was good, still have sis and baby niece around today as well14:51
jcastrowow, the room for the OpenStack Charm Workshop holds like 320 people.14:52
m_3no way14:52
jcastrom_3: we'll have wired internet this time!14:52
m_3oh, awesome14:52
m_3jcastro: I really still wanna combine #juju and #juju-dev14:54
m_3I don't think developer-speak will drive people away from the channel14:55
jcastroI agree, but mramm didn't want to change anything until at least 13.04+14:55
jcastroI can appreciate his concern, with the deadlines looming, etc.14:55
m_3yeah, understand14:55
m_3just looking towards the future ;)14:55
jcastroyeah, after that we just need to move cheney to the us14:56
jcastroand we'll be good14:56
* m_3 is still holding out for an australian sprint15:00
* m_3 coffee15:43
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Carlettohi all16:38
jcastroarosales: charmworld guys are asking for confirmation on something16:41
jcastroarosales: the new terminology is "reviewed" and then everything else right?16:41
jcastrowe're not doing "Community" and all those other labels iirc?16:41
arosalesjcastro: correct "reviewed" is how I remember it for charms being in the charm store, and then nothing else for all others.16:43
arosalesand correct, no "community" label16:43
Carlettosomeone Italian?17:04
SpamapSjcastro: still searching the archives, but I didn't see that term discussed on the mailing list.. :-P17:08
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jcastroyeah I am just waiting for some UI thing to bring it up on the list17:10
jcastroSpamapS: I am also going to start publishing notes from each weekly call, etc.17:11
jcastroand probably recording them and putting them on youtube17:11
SpamapSjcastro: and inviting the "community" ?17:12
SpamapSI mean, not that I'll have time to attend17:12
SpamapSbut its the thought that counts ;)17:12
jcastrosomehow the weekly call turned private, not on purpose17:12
jcastrowe used to do them with like brandon and marco etc.17:12
SpamapSyeah I remember :)17:13
* m_3 lunch17:46
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* marcoceppi lunch18:08
sidneiSpamapS: heya, still owning the packaging for charm-tools? had to fix a couple things to for the packaging to work with tip of lp:charm-tools, missing some build-deps mainly.18:20
sidneiwell, and a billion pep8 errors on raring, due to the newer pep8, but im still going through those.18:20
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fsshi everyone19:01
fssI'm having some troubles with zookeeper in one of our juju installation :-(19:01
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fsszookeeper is eating all the available memory in one bootstrap machine, while in the other environment it uses less than 400MB of RAM. Both environments have about the same number of machines19:03
fsshas anyone had this problem before?19:04
benjifss: I haven't heard anything like that.  Have the two environments existed for the same length of time?  Have the two bootstrap nodes been up for the same amount of time?  I'm wondering if there is a leak somewhere.19:09
hazmatfss, can you check that debug-log is off19:09
hazmatfss, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5671415/19:10
hazmatfss, debug log left on can fill up space in quickly19:11
hazmatfss, out of curiosity how many machines in the env?19:11
fsshazmat: hmm, I see. thanks for the script. I will turn it off.19:11
hazmatfss, that script turns off the log entries but does not clear out the used space19:12
fsshazmat: does "juju debug-log" clears it?19:12
fsshazmat: about 10 running machines, but we create and destroy very frequently19:13
fssthe machine "counter" is on 55419:13
hazmatfss, it does not19:13
fsshazmat: how can I clean it?19:14
hazmatfss, the logs are nodes in /logs19:14
hazmatfss, if you can check/verify that's the issue, i can add a flag to that off script to clear it19:14
fsshazmat: how can I inspect /logs on nodes? I'm a zookeeper noob :)19:15
hazmatfss ssh into bootstrap node and run /usr/share/zookeeper/bin/zkCli.sh   and then $ ls /logs19:16
fsshazmat: thanks19:16
hazmatfss,  hmm. actually $ get /logs should show the child count as part of the parent node properties without having to count the individual files19:17
hazmatthere's also not much by way of garbage collection on older state/nodes (ie destroyed services / machines)19:18
hazmatbut those are typically tiny.. under 1k each19:18
fsshazmat: good, because I'm not able to ls /logs, I get "connection loss" error. it's probably out of memory error again19:18
fsshere's the get output19:18
fssnumChildren = 68474519:19
fss(if I increase xmx I would possible be able to fix it, but it's already 1GB)19:19
hazmatzk only allows for 1mb packet size to the client by default, trying to do more than that will get that reconnection loss19:20
hazmater connection loss19:20
* hazmat ponders19:20
fsshazmat: I see19:21
fsshazmat: what's the proper way to cleanup these log entries?19:21
hazmatthere isn't a proper tool for it. its a bug.  deleting the nodes under /logs would do it.. but if you can't get the node names..19:23
sidneimaybe you can infer the node names to purge from the !active ones19:25
hazmati think its a sequence19:25
hazmatso should be able to iterate on delete commands to the seuqence19:25
fssis it possible to increase that 1MB packet size limit?19:26
hazmatfss, yes, but it needs recompilation19:26
fssoh boy19:26
hazmatfss, got a solution, but in meeting, will need 30m to code up19:28
fsshazmat: oh, thanks. I can wait. I will keep trying something else19:32
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hazmatfss, --reset option to kill the logs.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5671870/21:45
hazmatoh.. he's gone.21:45
* hazmat emails21:47
sidneihazmat: was about to say. :) also does that delete all the logs unconditionally?21:48
hazmatsidnei, it does21:50
hazmatsidnei, honestly storing logs in zk is particularly bad..21:50
hazmatjuju-core i think is setting up syslog as remote target21:50
sidneiyeah, no idea how it works. just wondering if that will break something else21:50
hazmatsidnei, the logs still exist on disk everywhere21:50
sidneiyup, i saw the commit for using syslog passing by21:50
hazmatsidnei, yeah.. just updated the script.. to reset the parent block pointer to update the last seen index for the cli tool21:51
hazmatin this version, also emailed out http://paste.ubuntu.com/5671892/21:51
sidneiah, cool21:52
sidneim_3: ping! https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-pqm-team/ubuntu/raring/charm-tools/raring/+merge/156710 https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-pqm-team/charm-tools/trunk/+merge/15670922:31
sidneisuccessfully built at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-pqm-team/+recipe/charm-tools-daily22:32
m_3sidnei: hey22:44
m_3sidnei: I don't have permission to push to that cause it's distro I guess22:47
m_3sidnei: lemme see what the difference it22:47
m_3we might have to submit them against lp:charm-tools first... not sure22:48
m_3-vs- lp:ubuntu/charm-tools22:48
sidneim_3: the latter is the packaging branch (the debian/* stuff), the former is the 'upstream' branch22:49
m_3sidnei: yeah, just found the right ones... the initial MPs linked to the ubuntu one22:50
m_3lemme merge22:51
m_3sidnei: do you have permissions to push to the packaging branch?22:53
m_3sidnei: the changes are approved, but I can't push to that one22:53
sidneim_3: i don't. maybe SpamapS?22:54
m_3clint's the only one that I know of22:54
m_3we can probably get somebody to sponsor it, but it might take a bit22:54
m_3SpamapS: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-pqm-team/ubuntu/raring/charm-tools/raring/+merge/15671022:54
SpamapSm_3: about to step out for the day, don't think I'll be able to get to it until tomorrow22:56
sidneitomorrow is fine thanks!22:57
m_3SpamapS: np, thanks man22:57
andrewsmedinahazmat: its need reboot the zookeeper after delete logs?22:59
hazmatandrewsmedina, the purgeTxnLogs cron job (from the zk pkg) should get run. but afaik .. no restart23:01
m_3sidnei: lp:charm-tools is updated... it'll start passing again once the packaging updates land23:01
hazmati don't know how aggressive it is about releasing memory.. probably some jvm tuning23:01
m_3sidnei: thanks btw!23:01
hazmatits not keeping additional versions in memory, it is keeping them on disk in the txn logs which is why the purge script is useful23:01
sidneim_3: thank you!23:02
fssi'm back23:04
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fsshazmat: i saw your email when I was in the bus, thanks for the help! :)23:04
fsshazmat: I will take a look tomorrow, it's on vpc, I can't access it from home. I could use an elastic ip, but we have a temporary solution, it can wait23:06
sidneifss, andrewsmedina: did you guys ever try jitsu import/export, and do you have the need for it or something similar to it in tsuru?23:09
fsssidnei: nope, we never tried it. Actually, I don't know what it does. Is it used for exporting and importing environments between cloud providers?23:11
sidneifss: roughly yes. im looking for something that can take (charms, configs, relations, constraints, number of units) and either build a complete environment from scratch or update an already-running one.23:12
sidneijitsu import does handle the 'from scratch' part, but im not sure it handles updating an existing environment to match the import file, hazmat?23:13
andrewsmedina    content, stat = client.get("/logs")23:15
fsssidnei: that would be cool23:15
andrewsmedinaexceptions.TypeError: iteration over non-sequence23:15
hazmatsidnei, it can be imported into an existing non-conflicting env (conflicts detected and aborted)23:15
hazmatandrewdeane, add a yield to before client23:15
andrewsmedinahazmat: ok23:16
hazmatactually hold on.. i should check the rest of that script23:16
hazmatandrewsmedina, fixed version http://paste.ubuntu.com/5672062/23:16
andrewsmedinahazmat: it works :)23:16
hazmatandrewsmedina, it doesn't...23:17
fssandrewsmedina: \o/23:17
andrewsmedinahazmat: its removing 685132 logs :p23:17
* fss zzzzzzz23:17
hazmatandrewsmedina, not without the second version.. its not waiting on the op completion.. so its issuing a bunch of deletes without waiting on the results..23:17
andrewsmedinahazmat: I added the yield23:17
hazmatit should still clear out some stuff, and its not harmful.. but you should run the second version23:17
hazmatandrewsmedina, there where a few yields missing.. diff to that second pastebin23:18
hazmatbut that should clear out the memory23:18
hazmatdon't forget to clear out the txn logs23:18
hazmatif your close to disk full23:18
sidneihazmat: yeah, looking at the source seems like it's pretty specific, and would depend on pyjuju23:18
hazmatsidnei, yeah.. i've got on my task/todo list to update juju-deployer2 for juju-core.. as the openstack deploys are using it instead of import/export jitsu style23:19
hazmatits much closer to pure cli usage so should work with both23:19
sidneihazmat: is there a juju-deployer2 already? :)23:20
hazmatwith the advent of the juju-core api publicly things like that should be easier23:20
hazmatwhat import/export are doing that is23:20
hazmatsidnei, not yet.. was waiting on maas provider for jcore23:20
hazmatelse its non-urgent/fun task23:20
sidneihazmat: i got it very high on my list to rewrite juju-deployer with tests23:21
hazmatsidnei, when you say update existing env.. what do you mean?23:21
hazmatlike change config, change charm versions.. change charm origins?23:21
hazmatie more of a sync than import23:22
sidneihazmat: yes, something along these lines. with an eye towards service-swap (deploy charm as service-1; on sync deploy charm as service-2 and move relation from service-1 to service-2)23:23
hazmatsidnei, with both s-1 and s-2 defined in the state file ?23:24
sidneihazmat: haven't got to that part yet, but i think nope. it would be defined as 'service' in the state file, the versioning would be a flag.23:25
sidneimaybe sync --rolling-swap=service or something23:26
sidneior maybe it's defined as a policy in the state file, and it's always done as a rolling swap whenever there are changes to 'service' to be synced23:27
hazmatfss, andrewsmedina you guys good?23:28
hazmatsidnei, not really seeing that.. cause else it could just be a charm upgrade away23:28
hazmatsidnei, else why throw away state.. ie. what if its a db23:28
fsshazmat: I think so23:28
hazmatfss, memory usage down?23:29
sidneihazmat: what if you need to change constraints? move from m1.small to m1.large? or can that be done just by setting constraints on an existing service and add/remove nodes?23:29
fsshazmat: andrewsmedina is running the script, looks like the memory usage drop 1/3 (from about 1G to about 650M)23:30
hazmatfss, excellent23:30
hazmatsidnei, you can do that on ec2 without killing things..23:30
hazmatsidnei, stop, modify instance attr, start..23:30
hazmati mean there always a place for rolling.. with canaries.. esp for image deploys..23:31
hazmatbut there are other ways to skin that cat23:31
fsshazmat: thank you :-)23:32
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sidneihazmat: yeah, i think canaries is actually what im after23:33
sidneihazmat: can you expand on other ways to skin that cat? :)23:33
sidnei(dinner will check backlog later)23:34
* hazmat does the same23:34

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