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Mirvshadeslayer: not sure, the only benefit would be not having Qt5 libraries on a system so it's not a very big win. the Qt5 compiled Creator can be used to develop for both Qt4 & Qt5, but the Qt4 compiled version can only be fully used for Qt4. so it could also create a false impression that one needs qtcreator-qt4 for Qt4 development.04:13
ScottKMirv: I think the majority of users will not care about Qt5 yet.  It's a lot to add a whole new Qt.04:15
Mirvwell yes, depending on the perspective it may feel a lot extra to download as well04:24
ScottKThere ought to be a way to only require the Qt you want.04:37
dholbachdoes anyone have an idea about bug 1131636?10:44
Riddellhi dholbach 10:44
ubottubug 1131636 in skype (Ubuntu) "After QtWebkit update Skype is not launching" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113163610:44
dholbachhey Riddell10:44
dholbachI'm asking because bug 1155327 (which is in the sponsoring queue) has a workaround for it - not sure how to go about this10:44
ubottubug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115532710:44
Riddellpresumably a bit of binary incompatibility that slipped through somehow10:45
Riddelldholbach: you said there was a fix somewhere?10:46
Riddellthat package is quite messy, there's not even any .symbols files :(10:46
dholbachRiddell, no, it was a workaround for the skype package10:47
apacheloggerRiddell: yes11:04
Riddellapachelogger: yes which?11:04
apacheloggeryes libs needs patching to pick up patched-l10n11:05
Riddellokay dokay11:06
dholbachRiddell, so is the workaround something you'd upload? or does skype need to make a new release? or will qtwebkit need a symbol file?11:06
Riddelldholbach: maybe all three, I need to look into it more11:07
dholbachok, thanks11:07
BluesKaj"Morning all11:24
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lordievaderGood afternoon11:40
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Riddellooh new kscreen released12:34
Riddell!newversion kscreen 0.1-rc112:34
ubottuRiddell: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:34
Riddellkubotu: newversion kscreen 0.1-rc112:34
Riddellhi skaet 12:57
skaethiya RIddell.  :)  12:57
Riddellhi smartboyhw 13:06
smartboyhwHi I'm back from Hangzhou!13:06
Riddellwhat did you see there?13:06
jussisilly machine always running out of space on /boot13:06
smartboyhwRiddell: Lake view of Xihu:)13:07
Riddelljussi: you keep a separate partition?13:07
jussiI wish there was a nicer way of dealing with /boot is full than dpkg just failing...13:07
jussiRiddell: I guess so - I have an encrypted system with the defaults...13:07
Riddellln -s /usr/boot /boot13:08
Riddell(don't, might mess up grub)13:08
jussicareful what you say :D13:08
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murthyhello everyone13:36
Riddellhi murthy 13:36
murthyyofel: pm?13:52
Riddellhmm, pykde seems broken14:04
Riddellrdieter: it is compiling over at fedora?14:04
rdieterRiddell: I had to revert a #$#$?@# commit to make it work with python3 (and non-default sip dir)14:05
rdietermore silly "for install into user-prefix, instead of the right place" nonsense. :-/14:05
rdieterRiddell: see https://reviewboard.kde.org/r/10190314:06
Riddellrdieter: hmm I'm getting a compile failure on qsyntaxhighlighter.h http://paste.kde.org/714332/14:06
rdieteroh, that I didn't see14:07
Riddellphew kde-workspace is a beast14:46
Riddellsmartboyhw: plenty of 4.10.2 or kscreen packaging to be fun if you're at a lose end :)14:50
smartboyhwI'm not at my computer14:50
smartboyhwSo no14:50
Riddellyou must have a psychic connection to the internet :)14:51
smartboyhwHome wifi14:51
smartboyhwI use home wifi for both notebook and phone14:51
murthyi have logged inside the pbuilder, how can i find the architecture?14:58
smartboyhwmurthy; You did specify the arch when setting up pbuilder-dist right?14:59
Riddellldd /bin/ls  will let you know if it's 32 or 64 bit15:00
murthysmartboyhw: ya i did, just want to confirm that15:00
murthyRiddell: is shows x86_64, i need to arm15:01
smartboyhwarch ?15:01
murthyi ran this "sudo DIST=raring ARCH=arm pbuilder --create15:02
Riddellmurthy: umm an arm chroot won't work on a PC15:03
Riddell"arm" isn't an arch, "armhf" is15:03
Riddellmurthy: scottk has some arm machines available for use, but it might be restricted to ubuntu members only15:03
murthyRiddell: so how can i build a package for arm arch using pbuilder?15:04
smartboyhwmurthy: Get Kubuntu membership;)15:04
Riddellmurthy: you can't on your PC15:04
murthyRiddell: can you reassign nootka patch work to someone else?15:04
smartboyhwmurthy even I can:-P15:05
murthysmartboyhw: soon :)15:05
smartboyhwmurthy: Do kscreen 1.0~rc1 upgrade packaging theb:)15:06
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "murthy: Do kscreen 1.0~rc1 upgrade packaging then:)"15:06
murthysmartboyhw: I completed the copyright of nootka and then ended in a small bug, which i can fix in time, but can't test it, it is leaving me blind15:06
smartboyhwRiddell: Don't you have an ARM machine? I thought you did.15:07
Riddellsmartboyhw: I have a pandaboard but it's not running just now and I'm not at home15:08
Riddellsmartboyhw: ScottK does have some15:08
Riddellplaying with them now to check they still work15:10
murthyRiddell: in the last patch i just replaced the fns qmax(A,B) and qmin(A,B) with qmax(qreal(A),B) and qmin(qreal(A),B). But actually its wrong, i have to do that only to a selective one, it feels silly to say this to a software guru 15:12
murthyRiddell: you won't mind be telling to you right?15:13
Riddellmurthy: cast mechanisms in c++ are something nobody understands15:13
murthyRiddell: no i mean you must be knowing this already  and you wont get offended when i say this stuff to you right? you have a lot of programming experience and i am just a noob15:15
Riddellmurthy: heck I reviewed your patch and didn't see it as a problem so I'm just as at fault :)15:16
Riddellmurthy: /msg15:17
murthysmartboyhw: i am in wonderland :)15:21
smartboyhwmurthy: LOL15:25
murthyRiddell: I am getting this error for apt-get source  . "E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list", i tried after uncommenting the deb-src in sources.list, didn't work15:50
macomurthy: did you apt-get update after uncommenting them?15:52
murthymaco: didn't try that, let me check15:52
macoalways apt-get update after editing sources.list15:53
murthyya, sorry for the silly mistake15:53
murthymaco: that solved, thanks15:55
ubottuKDE bug 313479 in split-view "disable it until you have proper support" [Major,Unconfirmed]16:24
Quintasanwhat the fuck16:24
Quintasan>Can we schedule that for 5.016:25
QuintasanIf this is a feature then what the hell16:30
QuintasanWe migh ship everything written in Python then16:30
Tm_Tmaco hi, long time no tsatsa16:42
macoTm_T: hi16:49
murthyRiddell: I am having trouble setting up the base environment, and also while meddling exited the screen, shall i try  this tomorrow ?16:54
Mamarokfolpjs, there might be a dependency problem for people trying to install amarok 2.7 on 12.04: http://paste.kde.org/714458/17:04
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soeehiho, i see 4.10.2 almost here :)19:31
yofelRiddell, murthy_: I uploaded kscreen rc1 (i.e. 0.0.81) a few days ago already19:49
yofelMamarok: looking, in precise it does indeed not depend on kde-runtime (for whatever reason)20:23
Riddellyofel: you're ahead of us :)21:44
yofelwell, scott was ahead of me ^^21:44
yofelon the other hand, I would appreciate it if someone could update tomahawk to 0.6.1. I already filed a bug, but have no time till sunday21:55
yofelmurthy_ ^21:56
Riddellyofel: ssh don't distract murthy from nootka first :)22:08
Riddellkde-workspace uploaded, someone might have to retry the various things that build-dep on that when it's running22:43

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