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plungerCan anyone give me some quick help? I been searching all day... I removed LXDE and installed kubuntu-desktop and kde-full, when I log on and I click my menu it just shows a couple pre-selected favorites but none of my applications02:56
plungerI could likely add them manually, but there are so many.. D:02:56
coleWhat in the ever loving shit do I have to do to change my local timezone?02:58
coleNo matter what I do, it displays the digital clock as being 3AM even though it's 8PM02:58
coleI've changed it in system settings, I've overridden it in the clock itself02:59
coleevery time, it resyncs with NTP and has the wrong time02:59
plungerhave you pressed the full retard button?02:59
plungeryou might want to unclick it02:59
coleI'm mashing the damn fullretard button and it isn't helping, unfortunately.02:59
cole /etc/timezone is correct too02:59
plungerwell I think the problem is you clicked it too hard first03:00
plungernow you are so retarded that you cant click it again03:00
plungerdeath is the only option now03:00
cole"Current local time is set to America/Los Angeles (PDT)"03:00
coleCurrent time is: 3AM.03:00
coleEeeennngh. Wrong.03:00
plungergiving out your area03:01
coleactually since I left Konversation on it's defaults I'm giving away far more than that03:01
coleand I'm not in LA anyway.03:01
coleJust pissed off that everytime I look at this damn clock it's wrong03:01
PWCIs your hardware clock right?03:02
coleas far as I know/03:03
PWCCheck your CMOS.03:03
coleI'm on a mac03:03
coleI've never had this issue until I moved timezones.03:04
plungerwell there is your problem03:04
plungerget a PC03:04
colewhen they have one with magsafe, I will03:04
plungerI'm going to play some crysis 3 on my computer soon03:05
plungerbecause its not a stupid mac03:05
cole /etc/localtime is right too03:06
colecool story bro03:06
plungerj/k I like unix-based operating systems.. I use FreeBSD mostly03:06
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blondetgood evng03:20
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cjae_how come i cannot browse /var/mobile on a ipad under kubuntu?03:53
cjae_but if I plug it into a gnome based box then I can03:53
plunger Can anyone give me some quick help? I been searching all day... I removed LXDE and installed kubuntu-desktop and kde-full, when I log on and I click my menu it just shows a couple pre-selected favorites but none of my applications03:58
Programmer_how do i enable the window preview?04:19
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pierre___Hello guys. I am facing issues with connecting external displays.  I connect a display and KDE asks me to configure it. i configure that display to be on the'left' of the existing one, set resolution etc.07:24
pierre___it works fine.07:24
pierre___but when i unplug the display, KDE doesn't go back to the earlier mode - i probably needs to 'bring back' the windows from the disconnected display and group it here07:25
pierre___it again asks me to configure thenew dsiplay arraagmenet, and even if i do it, the windows still are geometrically in the left corner07:25
pierre___i am forced to click on the app in the taskbar, do a 'move' and drag itback07:26
sitaramasto seguendo una procedura per linux ubuntu per scaricare dei video da youtube, come si può fare?10:34
sitaramaqualcuno mi può aiutare?10:34
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BluesKaj"Morning all11:24
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lordievaderGood afternoon11:40
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murthyhello everyone13:36
* genii-around slides murthy a coffee and doughnut13:36
murthygenii-around: hi13:36
bradleemurthy hello someone's actually alive on this channel13:37
bradleegenii-around hello13:38
lordievaderbradlee: Lot's of idlers feed on activity ;)13:38
* genii-around slides bradlee a coffee also, with a bagel13:38
murthybradlee: :)13:38
bradleemurthy hello13:38
bradleegenii-around, I take the coffee and bagel careful not to let it slide all the way off the table and crash to the floor13:39
murthyBluesKaj: hi13:41
BluesKajhi murthy13:42
bradleewhy when I run jockey-kde it says my video driver is activated but not currently in use13:47
murthybradlee: do you have a graphics card?13:48
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bradleegeforce 9600 gt13:50
bradleemurthy: yes geforce 9600 gt13:53
murthybradlee: have you disabled the onboard gpu?13:53
bradleemurthy: how would I know I don't think so but not sure13:54
bradleemurthy: should I google that maybe?13:54
murthybradlee: no, we will see13:54
genii-aroundbradlee: Does lsmod  show the nvidia driver is actually loaded?13:54
bradleemurthy: yes lsmod | grep nvidia13:55
murthybradlee: did you install drivers from the nvidia website?13:55
bradleemurthy: no I installed them from "current drivers"13:55
murthybradlee: can you open nvidia-settings?13:56
murthybradlee: just run nvidia-settings from terminal and see, if it says the driver is not loaded then we will try something13:57
genii-aroundI wonder if xorg.conf has  Driver  "nvidia" in it13:57
bradleemurthy: yes I can run nvidia-settings13:58
murthygenii-around: I am thinking the same13:58
murthybradlee: can you see all the nvidia settings13:58
bradleemurthy: I see the x server information page13:59
murthybradlee: in that case run this command "sudo nvidia-xconfig" and restart the system and see if that solves the problem14:00
bradleemurthy: okay14:00
bradleemurthy: do you use konversation for this what we are doing now?14:00
bradleemurthy: afk restarting computer14:01
murthybradlee: ok14:02
genii-aroundmurthy: I wonder if bradlee not being back yet is a good or bad thing14:15
murthygenii-around:  ha ha ha14:15
lordievaderWith video-cards that ^ is usually a bad sign...14:15
murthynice he is back14:16
bradleemurthy: I am back14:16
murthyya we were wondering if you got stuck14:17
bradleenope, thanks14:17
murthybradlee: did it work>14:18
bradleemurthy: driver activated but not currently in use.14:18
bradleemurthy: I don't think so14:18
murthybradlee: can you paste this file "/var/log/Xorg.0.log"  ?14:19
murthybradlee: use paste.kde.org14:19
bradleemurthy: okay...14:19
murthyI keep getting two notifications for any alert, is this a known issue?14:19
bradleemurthy: http://paste.kde.org/714338/14:22
murthybradlee: checking14:22
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murthybradlee: from the logs the driver seems to be loaded14:31
murthybradlee: *log14:31
bradleemurthy: yes14:31
bradleemurthy:is it active or maybe it does not matter14:31
murthybradlee: when the nvidia-settings opens then it means the driver is active14:32
bradleemurthy:jockey-kde says it is activated but not in use...okay...so jockey-kde is confusing me14:32
murthybradlee: if the driver is not active then nvidia-settings will complain14:32
murthybradlee: we will test that now, wait14:32
lordievaderbradlee: I've heard that the jockey is sometimes wrong with these things.14:33
bradleelordievader:understood thanks14:33
BluesKajmurthy:  jockey can't be trusted , there are some bugs , it doesn't remove old modules14:34
murthyBluesKaj: oh14:35
BluesKajbest to use the package manbager as a reference and use it or apt-get to install the driver(s)14:35
genii-aroundI find it interesting it is trying to use EDID information from the CRT14:35
murthybradlee: try running some thing that uses the gpu and see if it works, for example you could test with the hardware accleration in flash videos14:37
murthyBluesKaj: are you using the 310 driver?14:38
BluesKajmurthy: I was but I just installed the 313 from xorg.edgers , was assured by the guys at #ubuntu+1 that it would run fine with my 8400gs14:39
bradleemurthy: trying to figure out how to do flash videos with hardware acceleration14:40
murthybradlee: hardware acceleration is enabled by default as far as i know and all you have to so is play some youtube video with 720p or more and  right click the video and see video info14:41
murthyBluesKaj: is it stable?14:42
bradleemurthy: I right clicked on a video on youtube and settings says enable hardware accelaration it's checked :)14:42
BluesKajseems fine so far the gpu temp even dropped by 5C14:42
BluesKajmurthy: ^14:42
murthybradlee: ya, its enabled by default, now play a video in 720p or more and right click the video and now select video info14:43
murthyBluesKaj: seriously? wow14:43
bradleemurthy:I need to find a video recorded in that resolution on youtube14:43
genii-aroundIf everyone looks like The Hulk you might have to disable video acceleration14:43
murthyha ha ha14:44
murthygenii-around: thats a known issue :(14:44
murthyBluesKaj: are you using in your regular system?14:44
murthyBluesKaj: i mean the driver?14:44
BluesKaj13.04 atm'14:45
BluesKajyes , 12.10 is gone , 13.04 is my main OS , murthy14:45
murthyBluesKaj: you i have to do that, i think i will upgrade tonight. the driver's improvement is tempting14:47
murthybradlee: have you found a video ?14:47
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I always keep the last LTS on another partittion *just in case* .... :)14:47
bradleemurthy: yes14:47
BluesKajmurthy:  well actually the 310 driver was really quite good as well14:48
bradleemurthy: right clicked and got info14:48
murthyBluesKaj: ya using 310.40 now14:48
bradleemurthy: yes14:49
bradleemurthy:even captured it as a photo14:49
bradleemurthy:i tried using ksnapshot to upload it to picasa...did not work...not sure why...14:50
murthybradlee: use imagebin14:50
murthybradlee: http://imagebin.org/14:50
bradleemurthy:imagebin...okay...I am learning so much...thank you very much I am serious14:50
murthybradlee: you are always welcome, if we are not active here, catch us at #kubuntu-offtopic14:51
bradleemurthy:thanks again14:53
murthygenii-around: I always keep an unstable version as an option :)14:53
murthybradlee: you are welcome14:54
murthywhat scares me during an upgrade is always the boot ending up in the tty due to the nvidia driver, thats not happening anymore14:55
BluesKajmurthy: the nvidia upgrade shouldn't be done with jockey , do it with the package manager if you have to . or even apt-get14:58
murthyBluesKaj: ya, like you said jockey can't  be trusted14:59
BluesKajmurthy:  good15:00
genii-aroundI like apt-get, at least you get some informative messages if everything goes wonky15:00
BluesKajmurthy:  I'm not real enthusiastic about the 313 driver tho , it's herky jerky in glxgears where the 310 driver was nice a\nd smooth15:01
BluesKajthink I'm going to revert back to the 31015:02
bradleemurthy:the capture says software rendering, is this what its supposed to say?15:04
bradleeafk for a while15:04
murthybradlee: when you right click a video you will see a an option "show video info" a embedded dialog should  show  "accelerated video rendering"15:09
bradleemurthy:the image does not show that15:16
bradleemurthy:it shows software video rendering15:16
murthybradlee: then something is wrong with the driver i guess15:17
bradleemurthy:so should I use synaptic to install a different version...15:18
murthybradlee: try reinstalling the driver using a package manager15:25
bradleemuon nvidia-current reinstall is ghosted...15:27
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bradleemurthy:maybe try snaptic muon nvidia-current reinstall is ghosted15:29
murthybradlee: try running this command "sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current"15:30
HorusHorrendushey guys ... I don't find a way to set my screen resoltuion in raring :)15:30
bradleemurthy: when I click on one of the icons in my system tray, I expect a menu, but nothing...15:33
murthyHorusHorrendus: not in system settings -> display and monitor?15:33
bradleemurthy:it takes a few seconds just to show a menu...15:33
HorusHorrendusmurthy: nope there is only screen saver & gamma15:34
murthybradlee: check if some packages are missing, you can do that with this command "apt-get install -f"15:34
murthyHorusHorrendus: what is your kubuntu version?15:35
HorusHorrendusmurthy: raring ... 13.0415:35
HorusHorrendus(just updated today to try it out)15:36
bradleemurthy:results of reinstall are at http://paste.kde.org/714404/15:36
PiciHorusHorrendus :Raring/13.04 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.15:36
murthybradlee: checking15:37
HorusHorrendusPici: yeah I know ... just thought maybe some Devs/Beta Users are here who know something ;)15:37
HorusHorrendusis there only15:37
HorusHorrendus#ubuntu+1 ... no15:38
HorusHorrendus#kubuntu+1 ;)15:38
PiciHorusHorrendus: Its the same.15:38
HorusHorrendus(wow do I have problems typing atm ;) )15:38
PiciWe don't have separate channels for each flavor for +115:38
murthybradlee: you have to restart and see if it works15:39
bradleemurthy:afk restarting computer...15:40
HorusHorrendusahh already fixed it ... kscreen is the name and somehow it was not under the expected place15:43
BluesKajyup murthy , the 310 driver is much smoother then the 313 , the 313 still needs refinement IMO15:45
BluesKajthan the 31315:45
BluesKajand the nvidia site doesn't recommend the 313 for my card yet15:46
murthyBluesKaj: oh, so should i hold on to 310 for now?15:46
murthyHorusHorrendus: nice15:46
BluesKajmurthy: yes I think so unless your card is more capable than my 8400gs15:47
murthyBluesKaj: we have a unified driver remember?15:47
BluesKajunified as adriver but some applications run better on some cards than others even with the same driver15:48
bradleemurthy: I think this worked because now the info on a 720p shows accelerated video rendering15:51
murthybradlee: thats cool15:56
murthyBluesKaj: phoronix ? :)15:57
BluesKajmurthy:  no ,the 313 is an xorg-edgers offering via their ppa15:58
bradleemurthy:My eyesight is not so good...so I have the default font at ubuntu/bold/16 and device notifier menu is garbled15:59
bradleeshould I submit this issue to launchpad?15:59
murthybradlee: sure if you feel you want to report16:00
murthyBluesKaj: i mean the nvidia driver benchmarks for various apps16:01
BluesKajmurthy:  bechmarks for apps and drivers ? never considered such a comparison since benchmarks to me always meant hardware testing not software16:05
BluesKajusing std software as control16:06
tolpicoHi, I have installed kubuntu-desktop on Ubuntu 12.10. How do I log into Kubuntu? I  restarted but there is no option to switch to kubuntu at the login screen.16:40
genii-aroundtolpico: Did you restart since this?16:41
tolpicogenii-around: yes I did16:41
genii-aroundtolpico: Very odd. Is it still using the login scren from regular Ubuntu? May want to install lightdm-kde-greeter instead16:42
tolpicoI only installed the package "kubuntu-desktop". Is there any other package which needs to be installed?16:43
tolpicook I iwll try kightdm16:43
tolpicoYes it is still using the regular ubuntu login screen16:43
tolpicolightdm-kde-greeter is already the newest version.16:44
tolpicogenii-around: Hey sorry, got it, we have to click the little ubuntu logo which brings in the desktop env switcher.16:46
genii-aroundAh, good16:47
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BluesKajgenii-around:  :)20:48
kubuntuHi ?22:14
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Guest56039Hi ?22:14
Guest56039uh ... trying to install (kubuntu 13.04 b1) ... installer doing nothing after "install this third-party... " ( clicked "continue" ) nothing happen since 15 minutes ... no disk activity, cpu activities ... Thus the Instasller is SCREWED UP ... uninstallable -- I would understand if I downloaded an alpha test - but beta means: testing last addition + bug fixes ...22:17
Guest56039"testing last"  -- no rather testing FINAL IMAGES/PACKAGES ...22:17
rsawhmm he left. bummer.22:25
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rsawI don't know why newbies want to run betas/non-lts.22:26
rosco_yI"m new enough that I still consider myself to be a newbie:  I installed the non-lts version first, because someone someone said "it should work for you."  I thought it'd be nice to have the latest bells and whistles....22:48
rosco_ybut it wasn't incredibily stable, (to put it mildly), so I switched to lts, and my system has been rock-solid ever since.  I'm hooked on lts22:49
genii-aroundThe default upgrade path of LTS straight to next LTS should be the recommended path for new users22:52
rsawgenii-around: I've see LTS to LTSD upgrades bork many a box. Better to unmount /home, nuke and pavve, do a clean install and then remount /home, imho.22:55
rosco_yI agree.  It'd be a service to most new users....22:55
rsawminus D22:55
rsawJust have to make sure /home is on a seperate drive/parition.22:56
rosco_yI'm so pleased with my solid computer new, I don't know if I'll ever mess around with the latest and greatest anymore.....22:56
rosco_yit's just so nice to have computer that "just works"22:56
genii-aroundI've tried to share /home between different LTS/non-LTS and it never did anything except get pretty borked22:57
genii-aroundI have separate partitions for that now22:57
rsawrosco_y: I suggest running an stable LTS version on your PC, and then if you want to play with the latest versions, do so in VirtualBox, as a VM.22:57
rsawOnce you install it as a VM, make a default snapshot to rollback to if the VM gets borked up.22:57
rsawgenii-around: that way works too.22:58
rosco_yrsaw: I've concidered that, but I have everything I need in LTS, and no need to experiment.  Although I have spent a few hours toying with the idea of setting up gentoo in a vm, as a "learning unix" exercise....22:58
rsawVMing it is cleaner I think, but many ways to skin that cat.22:58
rsawright on.,22:59
genii-aroundrosco_y: If you want a good exercise to do for learning, I recommend Linux From Scratch22:59
rsawGentoo or LFS is a good learning experience for sure.22:59
ubottuLFS is Linux From Scratch (www.linuxfromscratch.org) - not to be confused with !LTS, which is the long term support release of Ubuntu (currently 8.04 (server), 10.04 and 12.04)22:59
rosco_ygenii-around: The thing is, I have enough exercise trying to get the things I need to finish completed, without inventing new exercises :)23:00
genii-aroundHehe :)23:00
rsawAnother good way to learn was to install DVL (Damn Vunerable Linux, no longer made) and then pen test iwt with BackTrack, keep securing DVL until it's as secure as it can be.23:00
rsawDVL had tons of holes on purpose.23:00
rosco_ythat's why I'm hooked on LTS, it's really time-consuming to be farting around, rebuilding and reconfiguring23:00
rosco_yespecially if it's happening once or twice a month23:01
rsawme too. I just want stuff to work. I remember when I first got involved in Linux back in 1996, different world back then. I don'23:01
rosco_ywith LTS, I just hit the on button and go.23:01
rsawt want to tweak and geek for days, I have other things to do.23:01
rsawLTS is for the most part, yeah.23:01
rsawIs Kubuntu moving to Wayland?23:02
genii-aroundI don't see any mention of it being made in #kubuntu-devel23:02
rsawAre they going to use Mir then?23:02
rosco_yrsaw: agreed.  I first played around with BSD back in the early 80's--I think it took me three days to download nearly 100 3.5" floppy images....23:03
rsawX is going away, at least in Ubuntu it is.23:03
rosco_yUbuntu rocks....23:03
rosco_yinstall it and go to work.23:03
rsawrosco_y: heheh BSD, good stuff. Most secure OS right out of the box is OpenBSD23:03
rsawMy router runs pfSense, which is BSD-based.23:03
rosco_yThe wireless functionality of my router is going kuptutz.  Can anyone recommend an affordable replacement that I might consider buying?23:04
rosco_yI upgraded the firmware last night, still doesn't work correctly.....23:05
genii-aroundThe TP-Links aren't bad23:05
rsawrosco_y: Whatever you buy, make sure it's ipv6 capable, not all of them are.23:05
rsawPersonally, I vote for making your own router.23:05
rosco_yrsaw: ty.  that is something I hadn't considered23:05
rsawJust take a PC, toss on 3 NICs, 2 wired, one for LAN, one for WAN, and a wireless.23:06
rosco_y"making" your own router....?23:06
rsawthen install pfSense23:06
* rosco_y oops...I'm in the wrong room.....23:06
rosco_yI couldn't imagine what it would take to make a router23:06
genii-aroundmonkeyjuice: tplink 8960 with openwrt is good also :)23:06
rsawrosco_y: A PC with 2 NICs23:06
monkeyjuiceindeed ;)23:06
monkeyjuicehave 3 old linksys23:07
rsawI bought a unit already made, because I wanted less power consumption, I bought a Netgate FW-7535 with 2GB of RAM, upgraded it to 4GB.23:07
rosco_ymine isn't really even that old in my opinion, it's a Linksys Wireless-g23:07
rsawYeah, the LinkSys have like 2MB RAM and run VxWOrks...23:07
rsawSome can be changed out to DD-WRT, Tomato, etc, but not pfSense.23:08
monkeyjuicewhats wrong with it rosco_y23:08
rsawHis wifi die.23:08
rosco_ymonkeyjuice:  It doesn't seem to be broadcasting continually anymore23:08
monkeyjuicei would try dd-wrt23:08
rosco_ysometimes people can see it, and then it goes away23:08
monkeyjuicemight fix it23:08
rsawrosco_y: You ever seen pfSense? If not, I think you'd be impressed. They also have a channel on here as well.23:09
monkeyjuicelooks at pfsense23:09
genii-aroundrosco_y: dd-wrt and openwrt are alternate firmwares for many routers23:09
rosco_yrsaw: I've never even heard of pfSense,23:09
rsawDD-WRT is a replacement firmware, but make sure your router's hardware version is supported.23:09
rsawrosco_y: pfsense.org23:09
rosco_ygenii-around: can I install dd-wrt on my router?23:09
rsawIt's free, and enterprise level.23:09
genii-aroundrosco_y: You'd have to look at their site and see if it's on the list23:10
rsawrosco_y: maybe. Look at the HCL.23:10
genii-aroundAnd at this point I should probably do an !ot on us all ;)23:10
rsawoh fine!23:10
rosco_yok, thank you everyone, I'll go take a look--maybe save me a little of my hard-earned-pay :)23:10
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!23:10
rsawI deed it! I deed it!23:11
genii-around!helpersnack | rsaw23:11
ubottursaw: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:11
monkeyjuiceits still linux stuff ;)23:11
rsawrosco_y:  Seriously, check out pfSense.23:11
rsawmmmmmm cookie!!23:11
rsawand on that note, I'm taking my delicious cookie and gong home. The work day has ended for me.23:12
rosco_yrsaw: I'm browsing there now....looking at their "new installs" section23:12
rsawrosco_y: It's good stuff. If you use a PC, get the live CD. If you are using a CF card, that's what the nano 2G and nano4G is for,23:12
rosco_yI have the general idea that I'm looking to rewrite my firmware in my router--is that about it?23:12
rsawrosco_y: yeah, if you go with DD-WRT or Tomato, yes.23:13
rsawIf pfSense, yopu'll need  to build a router for it, or use a PC.23:13
rsawor buy one premade like I did.23:13
rsawok, cookie is gone, I've no milk, time to jet. cya all.23:14
rosco_yI kind of think I might have downloaded something like this directly from LinkSys last night--I didn't actually look at it, but it was open-source and had the makefiles and stuff to build it in linux23:14
rosco_yWhat is TFTP?  would that be selecting the bin file and flashing over the ethernet connect to the pc?23:17
rosco_yI have choices for a mini-build for initial flashing via TFTP,  and flashing via WEB (which doesn't sound all that appealing to me)23:18
rosco_yor, should I be looking at the "Standard Generic" version?23:19
genii-aroundrosco_y: tftp is like ftp without authentication/login23:30

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