systemd0wnQuestion, I'm going to use lubuntu for the first time. I've had problems with certain kernels. Will going back to 3.5-rc2 be detrimental?00:42
melodiesystemd0wn do you know what type of problem this has been about ?00:54
melodiesystemd0wn I rephrase : can you say more about the problems you met ?00:55
melodieand with which kernels ?00:55
smoke_hi, im trying to get my usb headset activated as the default audio output device for alsa but for some reason even when i set in my .asoundrc it does not activate it anybody know where the central config is located at?03:11
donnieFresh install problems04:31
donnieis lxde famous for crashing?04:43
donnieHow can any normal soul stand lubuntu? It crashes 99% of the time... shockwave, in chromium will not go without crashing05:33
Gardohi people how can I start lubuntu in text mode07:21
smoke_does pulseaudio come default with lubuntu? i inistalled lubuntu a coupel days ago, and im having problems with my usb headset and alsa, and i discovered pulseaudio is controlling some stuff07:33
smoke_i thought it normally doenst come on lubuntu?07:33
_frosty-is lubuntu suited best for my old laptop?09:10
_frosty-running xp now is slow09:11
i4c hi does anybody know how to copy "this application closed unexpectedly" full error report ? i tried ctrl+c and rightclick but nothing :(10:46
grouverHello. What happend.  I installed Ubuntu a while ago. It crashed and my computer didnt boot anymore. Now I tried installing Lubuntu. During the installation it asked me to remove ubuntu completly. I confirmed. During the installation my computer crashed with the error: "stopping cpu interrupts balancing daemon [OK]"  I googled but cant seem to find a decent straigth forward answer to fix this.11:40
i4chi grouver, have u tried going for the custom solution and erasing everything with gparted11:44
i4cthen installing fresh11:44
grouverHow can I do t his without a OS?11:44
i4ci am not 100% sure, but i think so, can anyone confirm ?11:45
i4ci am gonna ask on ubuntu channel11:45
i4cthey say u can install o a clean disc grouver11:47
i4cif u have imporant setting backup home folder11:47
i4ci always do that11:47
grouveri4c, how do you mean? I dont have a OS to run gparted. I am stuck in the installation proces. So how do i suppose to clean the disk?11:49
i4cuse the lubuntu cd, run the live version do not select to uninstall, it comes with gparted i think, from there select to delete ur whole disc11:50
i4cthen the ubuntu clashing with lubuntu problems will go away11:51
i4cif u have any questions highlight me, i will be here for a couple more hours, so i can help u through the process11:52
grouveri4c, iam at work now. But I think i get it.11:52
grouverinstead of let lubuntu handle the whole removing I need to use gparted during the partion choose proces.11:53
grouverand do it manually myself.11:54
i4cyes, gparted is very intuitive to use11:54
i4cand after that goodbye unity and welcome lxde :P11:55
melodiei4c :)11:55
melodieI tried raring unity in my vbox yesterday, it almost killed me ! :D11:56
grouveri4c, thanks :)11:56
AndreeeCZhello goog people: is there a way to make gloobus-preview work with pcmanfm?12:11
i4chi AndreeeCZ i am not aware of how, u should ask the gloobus devs at #gloobus or https://bugs.launchpad.net/gloobus-preview12:18
AndreeeCZi4c, the thing is that gloobus is unmaintained, the channel is empty etc12:21
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AndreeeCZi4c, i have managed to make it work under marlin/nautilus, but they are far from pcmanfm in terms of design and lightweightness and ui12:22
i4csad to hear about that AndreeeCZ sounded nice, have u tried alternative file previewers like sushi ?12:29
AndreeeCZi4c, havent heard of it.12:30
i4cits a shame all the file previewers i find seem to be made with gnome in mind12:32
AndreeeCZi dont mind gnome. (I personally use "sort of" xfce), but i do mind nautilus.12:33
i4cAndreeeCZ,  have u tried nautilus forks ?12:34
AndreeeCZI have tried marlin12:34
i4ccaja ?12:34
AndreeeCZpcmanfm fits perfectly for me. The only thing im missing is a hide-menu option12:35
i4ci think caja is supervised by the guys forking gnome 2, because they disliked gnome 3 or something like that12:35
AndreeeCZill check it out12:36
i4cit is included in linux mint by default with the mate DE12:36
i4cor u can try it in ubuntu12:37
AndreeeCZi use arch12:38
AndreeeCZand it requires mate-common12:38
i4coh :d ok, i always wanted to try arch, but the installation process always seemed a bit daunting12:38
i4cbut the AUR is very appealing12:38
rapid76buon giorno a tutti12:42
rapid76c'e' qualcuno che mi puo' dare una mano ?12:43
AndreeeCZbon giorno, englis please12:43
rapid76my english is terrible12:44
AndreeeCZmy italian is non-existent12:44
AndreeeCZmah, thats terrible, i4c. pcmanfm is just the best and the quick-view is awesome.12:44
AndreeeCZI didnt know i need it at all, but then i saw a friend of mine using it on his mac a its just goo.12:45
AndreeeCZi4c, besides, i dont like gtk312:45
i4cah okay, do u know any easy install script or something easy to install arch, like achieving lubuntu with arch12:47
i4csry i cannot help u anymore AndreeeCZ  :(12:47
AndreeeCZi4c, arch installation is not a difficult as it seams. You just follow the wiki step by step and youre done in 40mins with netinstall (inluding a DE)12:55
k4jcwGreetings. Does lubuntu use the apt repositories as ubuntu? I'm currently running a Gentoo server that I'm getting annoyed with, and thinking of switching it over to lubuntu. However, some of the packages in the lubuntu repository are a little behind where I want to be (mediawiki, for example). I know ubuntu unstable has more recent versions, and I'm curious if I can configure apt-get to use the unstables. (I'm a lot familiar with G14:59
k4jcwentoo than lubuntu, so I'm still learning here)14:59
genii-aroundk4jcw: Yes, all the official *buntu distributions use the same repositories, the main differences are in the different desktop environments they use as default15:04
k4jcwExcellent. I've been digging lubuntu. I liked KDE, but it's gotten so bloated, and so many features I don't use. And I've never like Gnome.15:05
k4jcwIf you're one of the maintainers/developers/etc, thanks!15:05
genii-aroundk4jcw: I'm just a helper, but I'm sure some are around and will appreciate the kudos15:06
k4jcwThe helpers are important. Everyone who contributes is important in the software eco-system. I'm more of an embedded guy myself, and try to contribute in that field.15:07
k4jcwIs there a testing/unstable installer or installer option? Or do I need to edit sources.list and change it testing or unstable? I see for ubuntu, the recommendation is to do a fresh install selecting unstable, but I don't recall that being an option when installing lubuntu.15:30
i4csame with me k4jcw i really like lxde+kupfer15:52
wxl_frosty-: the one you build yourself with no gui.16:53
wxlooops wrong channel :)16:53
GrouverDamn. During installation of lubuntu i still get the error: "stopping cpu interrupts balancing daemon" . AFter advise from i4c (his name was i believe) i deleted all partitions and made a swap area and a ext4 partition. Still getting the error. :(17:56
tweaksterisn't there a beginner lubuntu channel here?18:26
wxltweakster: no, but feel free to ask questions18:26
wxlit's not like #ubuntu where they need a separate channel because there's so much traffic18:26
tweaksteri have a question about bash, which i cannot solve by googling..18:27
tweaksteri installed lubuntu core but the XTerm does not seem to have a history at the prompt accessible with the up arrows...18:27
tweaksterat least i don't seem to be able to make it work...18:28
wxlthat's strange18:28
tweaksteri looked at the .bashrc, but I cannot see anything that indicated it should not have this feature.18:28
wxlshould be standard bash functionality18:28
wxldoes it work in lxterminal?18:29
tweaksterlet me give it a try there18:29
wxlworks for me in xterm, too18:29
wxlecho $BASH_VERSION18:29
tweaksterwhen i use the up arrow, i see this:  ^[[A18:30
wxlmaybe some kind of keymap issue∆18:32
tweaksterthe command "echo $BASH_VERSION" does not return anything at all18:32
wxlwhat about18:33
wxlwhereis bash18:33
tweaksteras far as I have found, the commands work, but this history is missing, and apparently echo is having problems18:34
wxlecho $SHELL18:34
wxlah ha18:34
wxlyou're not using bash18:34
wxlthus your problem18:34
wxllet's be extra sure18:35
wxlps -p $$18:35
tweaksterso lubuntu core did not install it with XTerm18:35
wxlthat is indeed strange18:36
tweaksteri saw two lines with that command: first, PID TTY   TIME CMD      second, 9502  pts/5   00:00:00 sh18:37
wxlyou're running sh18:37
wxlso now try this:18:37
wxlwhereis bash18:37
tweaksterwhereis bash showed this:   bash: /bin/bash /etc/bash.bashrc  /usr/share/man/man1/bash.1.gz18:39
wxlso you do have bash18:39
tweaksterokay, i think i got it working now from what you said18:41
tweaksterat the prompt after starting XTerm, I have to type bash18:42
tweaksternow i have the right looking prompt and i have history18:42
tweaksterso bash is apparently not loading automatically for this user18:42
wxli'm trying to figure out where the default is set18:42
tweaksteri created this user after installing the OS18:43
wxlthen i bet that's the problem18:43
wxldoes the user you first created use bash or sh?18:43
tweaksterperhaps i need to assign bash to its default profile?18:43
tweaksterthat first user is gone completely, i had to remove it.18:43
genii-aroundThen you have no user with admin rights18:44
tweaksterso at least now i know what i need to do. figure out how to assign bash to a user's profile18:44
wxlor maybe he created new; made admin; deleted original genii-around18:44
tweaksteri have admin rights with a user named root18:44
tweaksterand with sudo18:44
wxland that user's shell is…?18:45
tweaksterwhich user are you referring to now?18:45
tweaksteri only have two that i know of.  my regular one, which i created, and root.18:46
tweaksterin any case, if i only have to type bash to get the bash shell, i am fine with that.18:46
tweaksterlet me see what happens with root shell. wait one18:47
tweaksteri do not log on wit root normally18:47
wxlyou can add SHELL="/bin/bash" to /etc/environment if you want to set it globally18:47
wxlinterestingly none of my global environment files refer to shell18:48
tweaksterroot has bash shell18:49
wxlthat's what i'd expect in any case18:50
wxltweakster: chsh -s /bin/bash18:52
tweaksteri am looking in /etc/environment right now and there is only one line, which is PATH="...<folders>..."18:53
wxltweakster: that's why i used the word "add"18:53
tweaksterput SHELL="/bin/bash" as a second line, you mean, right?18:54
wxlor just chsh -s /bin/bash18:54
wxlwhich will change only your user18:54
tweaksterput that command at the bash prompt right now, or back at sh prompt? "chsh -s /bin/bash"18:55
wxltweakster: doesn't matter. not a shell-specific feature18:56
tweakstermaybe it does not matter, i don't know18:56
zleapwhat are you trying to do18:57
wxlzleap: he created a new user and got /bin/sh as a default shell.18:57
zleapyou can change the default shell in the user settings18:57
zleapsystem tools - users adn groups,  select user and click advanced,18:58
wxlor you could do that18:58
wxlnot sure that's part of lubuntu-core though18:58
GrouverDuring installation of lubuntu i still get the error: "stopping cpu interrupts balancing daemon" . AFter advise from i4c (his name was i believe) i deleted all partitions and made a swap area and a ext4 partition. Still getting the error. :(18:58
zleapwell there has to be some sort of gui tool for adding / managing users18:59
tweaksterit appears to be a command available to me, yes.18:59
SonikkuAmericaHere's a quickie: Is the latest (stable) Lubuntu image "dd-compatible"?18:59
wxlzleap: yep, the command line.18:59
wxlSonikkuAmerica: afaik, they all are.18:59
zleapisn't the shell used by a  user also in /etc/passwd18:59
wxlzleap: yeah, that's what chsh affects19:00
tweaksterthanks for the help, wxl. i should be good now for while anyway.  :)19:00
SonikkuAmericawxl: Thanks. I've been thinking of downsizing to Lubuntu and since dd'ing to a hard disk is the only way to install the OS...19:00
wxlSonikkuAmerica: it is? :)19:00
zleapok thanks too,  that is useful19:00
wxlGrouver: have you seen this? http://en.kioskea.net/faq/27144-lubuntu-error-message-stopping-cpu-interrupts-balancing-daemons19:00
SonikkuAmericawxl: usb-creator-gtk doesn't work (of course), and I don't have a DVD or USB stick, but I do have an IDE hard drive that I can hook up via USB.19:01
SonikkuAmericaThat's how I installed Ubuntu (with Unity) last time.19:01
wxlSonikkuAmerica: oh now i get it; yeah that works19:02
SonikkuAmericawxl: lol, I wasn't too clear with that.19:02
SonikkuAmericaI'll b back19:02
* wxl waves19:02
Grouverwxl,  NICE!19:02
Grouverthanks :)19:02
tweaksteri think i got logged out, so i'm not sure if my text posted.  thanks for the help, wxl. i should be good now for a while anyway.19:05
wxltweakster: np19:05
Grouverwxl, hi are you still there? :)20:29
Grouveranyways, I worked it out. Its working now.20:29
GrouverThough the original problem i had was the following. I keep getting the message: "Disconnected your now offline"   then it retries connecting ... and then again: "Disconnected your now offline"20:30
Grouveri searched the net for similair problems.. but couldnt find a solution.20:31
GrouverNow somebody over here told me to not test the internet via the live cd but just install it first and then try to find the problem.20:31
Grouverso its installed now... but i still have the same problem.20:31
GrouverI hope somebody can help me.20:31
Grouvernobody I guess? :(20:41
phillwGrouver: soz, I've only just landed on the page20:49
phillwwhat version of lubuntu are you installing?20:50
Grouverphillw, uh, let me check.20:51
Grouverlsb_release -a tells me:  Ubuntu 12.0420:54
GrouverBut I installed lubuntu.. so iam not sure how to check the version of lubuntu.20:55
phillwwxl: for the last person with a usb device they wanted to make an ISO copy  onto, I suggested https://launchpad.net/gdiskdump As they never came back to complain (and believe me... they would have!). I assume it works.20:55
phillwlsb-release will not show lubuntu... but assuming you used a lubuntu install disk, you will be running lubuntu 12.04 :)20:56
Grouverwhich is good? :p20:56
phillwGrouver: it is usual... kubuntu/xubuntu etc. will all show it as ubuntu :)20:57
Grouverokay. :)20:57
GrouverIts weird btw phillw.  I have checked t he cable with a other computer and it worked.20:58
GrouverI also checked the network card by installing windows xp or whatever... and it worked just fine.20:58
GrouverNow only with lubuntu it keeps reconnecting to the wired network.20:58
GrouverSo I have a feeling its not about the hardware.20:58
wxlit won't connect to wired? that's bizarre.20:59
Grouverit keeps reconnecting and showing me the popup in the upper right corner that iam offline.21:00
wxlGrouver: pastebin the results of ifconfig21:03
Grouverpastebin is gonna be hard without internet xD21:04
wxlhaahah oh yeah i forgot21:04
wxlwell shoot.21:05
Grouverill save it to notepad to a usb?21:05
Grouverbesides ifconfig some more requets so i can do test/do it at once?21:05
wxlyou can save it to a usb but you'll be hardpressed to use a windows program to do it21:05
Grouveranyways... ill go upstairs..21:07
Grouverbe back in a bit.21:07
Grouverhmm well darn... it doesnt recocnize any usb device. =/21:15
wxlso do you have an ubuntu install on that machine?21:15
Grouverno, only a lubuntu install.21:16
wxlwhen you installed it, it checked to see if you were connected to the internet, did it not?21:16
Grouveryes. i wasnt connected.21:16
Grouverbut somebody advised overhere to just install and see later whats going on.21:16
wxlcan you run the live cd on that machine?21:17
wxland did it have networking when you ran the live cd?21:17
Grouverno it didnt.  but again somebody here advised me to just install.21:17
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wxlwhat card do yo uhave?21:17
GrouverI guess there is a command for that.. let me look that up.21:18
wxllspci | grep -i eth21:18
Grouverhmm ok let me check.. after that i will go to bed. one sec.21:19
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Grouverwxl, here we go: Intel Cooperation 82557/8/9/0/1 Ethernet Pro 100 (rev 05)21:26
Grouverbut it does work when i install xp or whatever.21:28
wxlthat means little21:28
Grouverand its also not about the cable since if i hook up another ubuntu pc it works fine.21:28
wxlcan't find anything specifically related to that21:29
wxlsee if it persists in a live 12.10 environment21:30
wxlif it doesn't, install 12.1021:30
Grouverokay will try that tommorow. Thanks for you help.21:31
* Grouver waves!21:31
wxlsee yuz21:31
* wxl slaps Slappybag 22:36
wxlsorry, couldn't help it.22:36
* Slappybag rubs face22:36
SlappybagWell, lubuntu has the least idlers on IRC of the main *ubuntu distros22:37
wxlis that per capita?22:37
SlappybagI must return to my people.22:39
wxlgood luck22:39

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