sarytry to update the archive , then see if there is available package upgrade.00:00
sarywhich command you've used to install the .deb file!00:00
saryanother thing to check , are you sure you're trying to install the correct architecture for your system!00:02
duanedesignis split pane viewing acailable still i Nautilus?00:05
bjsniderduanedesign, no00:30
Guest53169I have a question about my wifi, I am not sure if I should ask here or regular ubuntu channel but I am using 13.0400:49
Guest53169basically, my wifi is still working just fine, but today it seems that I have to wait bout a minute after it boots to connect to my router, and I am wondering if that might be part of the 'joy' of the pre-release00:51
Guest53169it used to be connected as soon as I booted00:51
Guest53169am I in the wrong channel for tech support?00:53
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bjsnideryou might check dmesg while that's happening to see if there's anything being spammed in there00:53
KernelSandursok, I am not sure where to find dmesg logs00:54
KernelSandursthank you00:56
KernelSandursI suspect this might also not be ubuntu's fault at all, I know I made a change to my network yesterday - I took my main PC off wired and put in wifi.00:57
duanedesignthanks bjsnider for the answer, despite my bad english typing00:57
KernelSandurscould that possibly cause my laptop to detect the network slower?00:58
KernelSandursI know almost nothing about how to read a dmesg log, but I didn't see anything that looked like an obvious problem01:00
sarywill, what changes you've made .. and also is this the first time you noiced the delay , or did it ever happend on a different ubuntu release with the same NIC chipt!01:00
KernelSandurswell, this laptop is the only machine running xubuntu consistantly, and I started with 12.10 and then upgraded to 13.04 after about a week of 12.10, that was about a month ago01:02
KernelSandursso in short, no I have not tested with any other releases or hardware, I am kinda really thinking this is somehow caused by the network change, but that just seems strange that adding 1 pc would make that much difference01:02
KernelSandursI suppose I will have to investigate this more thoroughly when I am in a mood to crawl around under my desk to mess with the cables01:03
KernelSandursIs there a rolling release of Ubuntu? I remember a thread where someone said something about 13.04 being a rolling release01:06
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Riley88hey guys have any of yall tried i3 on ubuntu03:34
Riley88lightdm refuses to start it for some reason im in tty right now03:34
Riley88hey did anyone see my previous comment03:53
Riley88i rebooted03:53
Riley88this channel is dead04:08
repeteHi all09:17
repeteAnyone know how to get Unity Web Apps working with Chromium?09:18
repeteI'm getting prompted inconsistently, and in the end... nothing happens :-/09:18
repeteSorry, this is in Raring (not Quantal)09:18
steveireHi. I can't seem to use icecc with raring.10:43
steveire * Starting distributed compiler daemon iceccd                                                                                                                                                                     start-stop-daemon: unable to open pidfile '/var/run/icecc/iceccd.pid' for writing (No such file or directory)10:43
steveire                                                                                                                                                                                                            [fail]10:43
zAo^steveire, does /var/run/icecc/ exist?10:50
steveirezAo^: Nope10:50
zAo^create it then ;)10:50
steveireHmm, that at least seems to get me onto the icecream network (I see myself in icemon), but I don't seem to be actually compiling through the network10:52
steveirestephen@hal:~/dev/build/qtbase-ns/qtbase-ns$ which g++10:53
steveirestephen@hal:~/dev/build/qtbase-ns/qtbase-ns$ ll /usr/lib/icecc/bin//g++10:53
steveirelrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 18 Dec 17 16:33 /usr/lib/icecc/bin//g++ -> ../../../bin/icecc*10:53
BluesKaj"Morning all11:24
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BluesKajinstalled the 310.14 experimental driver on Kubuntu 13.04 , but the 304.84 nvidia-current driver leaves the kernel module behind after the 310 install is finished and rebooted creating an API mismatch upon rebooting . Had to do a dpkg -r nvidia-304 to remove the left overs . The 310 kernel module / driver now boot into the OS just fine. Jockey isn't cleaning the old kernel module / drivers out whm installing the new driver12:36
k1li installed the 313 and it boots up to the 313 module just fine12:40
BluesKajk1l:  don't think my card can handle the 31312:41
BluesKajthe 310.14 is about as bleeding edge my 8400GS can handle12:42
k1lgot a 8600 gt m12:42
BluesKajare you using the first experimental driver at the top of the list in jockey ?12:43
k1li did use the 310 experimental at 12.10. that was the first entry in 13.0412:44
k1ljust switched to the 313 some days ago. didnt had any pĆ¼roblems with the 310 before12:45
BluesKajthe 8400gs driver recommended for linux on nvidia's site is the 310.40 , which isn't available in jockey for my card afaik12:45
BluesKajunfortunately jockey doesn't give the driver numbers , just a name , so it's hard to tell what's being listed as experimental12:48
k1ljockey lists the numbers for me12:48
k1lBluesKaj: but you can install the nvidia drivers with apt. so you know exactly what to install12:48
BluesKajunity eh, I'm a KDE guy , that probly expalins it12:49
k1lyeah. im on unity12:49
k1lhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=raring&searchon=names&keywords=nvidia  is the list of available nvidia stuff12:50
BluesKajk1l:  yeah I should have thought of that first ...not enough coffee yet this morning :)12:50
BluesKaji still use synaptic for refernceing packages , should have looked up the drivers first12:51
BluesKajk1l:  something odd , the 310 driver also installs the 313 settings updates , not the 310 settings updates12:56
BluesKajanticipating a nvidia driver upgrade i guess12:57
k1lwhen opening nautilus on unity it seems to restart unity :/13:14
bjsniderBluesKaj, the 313 will drive your card13:28
bjsniderall hardware prior to the geforce 8 was dropped, but you have a geforce 813:28
BluesKajbjsnider:  nvidia's site recommends the 310.44 driver , and the 313 driver isn't listed in synaptic , but I can check again13:30
BluesKajbjsnider:  there's no nvidia-313 driver listed in synaptic , only the dev , updates, and settings updates13:32
bjsniderok, it's in xorg-edgers because it's still beta, but i assure you it will drive your hardware13:33
BluesKajupdates-dev rather13:34
BluesKajthe ppa , ok13:34
BluesKajaltho , the 310 seems to be doing fine atm13:35
bjsniderlook for nvidia-313-updates13:35
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bjsniderit's there13:35
bjsnideri expect users with old junk will be left on the nvidia-304 series and newer stuff will be on the 310 by the end of the raring cycle13:38
BluesKajhad to remove the nvidia-304 with dpkg -r in the tty..leftover modules created an API confict with the new 310 driver13:39
bjsniderthey both create nvidia.ko, so i don't see how they could coexist13:41
minasi am using 13.04 and I have noticed that when I double click a script that has executable rights, I don't get promted to run it (that's what happen in 12.10). is this a bug?13:49
BluesKajok bjsnider here goes , installing nvidia-313 as we speak14:00
bjsniderlemme know if the same thing happens that happened with the move from 304>31014:00
BluesKajwell I can remve the 310 module if need be14:03
bjsnideryes but if it happens again i want you to submitteth a buggeth14:03
BluesKajok bjsnider nvidia 313.26 successfully installed , no glitches or bugs needeth be reporteth14:32
bjsniderthat's no fun14:32
BluesKajwell did some cleaning house before rebooting auttoremove /autoclean etc14:33
BluesKajbjsnider:  what's the better setting in desktop effects , native or raster , or does unity even give the option?14:41
BluesKajdunno how much Qt is used on ubuntu14:42
bjsniderdesktop effects?14:42
BluesKajyeah kwin , not compiz14:44
bjsniderask someone who knows something about kwin14:45
BluesKajok , just figureed you might have heard some comments about it14:47
bjsnideri have some comments about it, but i can't say them in here14:48
BluesKajhehe ok , to each his own14:49
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BluesKajglxgears isn't very smooth ...herky jerky , was nice and smooth with the 310 driver :P14:54
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oskar-hi all, has anyone else experienced a broken /usr/sbin/python during the release upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04?16:18
oskar-i had to remove package "nscd" and then install the new version of the "libc6" package to be able to continue.16:20
SonikkuAmericaThere seems to be no way to install Google Chrome in 13.04 Beta 1 due to the absence of libudev016:27
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sarySonikkuAmerica: hi , what's wrong with Chromium!17:34
wilee-nileesary, I don't think it is being maintained is it?17:35
hachre1why do I have a 117:37
=== hachre1 is now known as hachre
hachrewhy should Chromium not be maintained??17:38
hachrelatest version is  25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu3 sounds quite up to date to me17:40
SonikkuAmericaOne second... I'm getting out of a class17:44
sarywilee-nilee: hi :) sure it is, there i also PPA's for it ( stable,daily builds ) .17:45
SonikkuAmerica(btw my issue is with the Google Chrome .deb, not with ChromIUM)17:46
hachreSonikkuAmerica: where do you get that deb from?17:46
hachrecurrent versions are 26.x for final, 26.x for beta and 27.x for dev... the 25->26. switch in final happened very recently17:47
wilee-nileesary, the stable and daily were last loaded in 5-12-2012 ans 4-12-201217:47
SonikkuAmericahachre: Google's web site (using google-chrome-stable)17:47
hachreI'm using their ppa, but I'm using unstable17:48
hachrebut it tells me17:48
hachregoogle-chrome-stable is  26.0.1410.43-r18967117:48
hachrewhich is perfectly up to date17:49
SonikkuAmericaOne second.17:49
hachredeb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main17:49
hachrethat's what im using17:49
SonikkuAmericaHere's the pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5671167/17:50
wilee-nileeI would look in the PPA's as far as last loads I believe none are really current, which does not necessarily matter it is a personal choice.17:51
SonikkuAmericaStupid pastebinit pipe didn't copy what was important...17:51
SonikkuAmericaHere's what really shows up: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5671181/17:54
hachreSo why don't you install libudev17:55
wilee-nileeyeah installed in my 12.04 setup17:56
hachre 175-0ubuntu19 is current in raring17:56
wilee-nilee9.3 in precise17:57
saryI have 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu317:57
saryin raring.17:57
trismit seems libudev0 was deleted a few hours ago, probably the issue17:58
trismsince we have libudev1 now17:58
SonikkuAmericaOK, I'm back17:58
hachrei was saying17:59
hachrewhy don't you install libudev0 then17:59
trismbecause it is not in the archive anymore...17:59
SonikkuAmericaIt won't install: "has no installation candidate"17:59
hachrethat must be very new17:59
hachrei only installed this raring two days ago18:00
hachreand it worked then18:00
trism17 hours ago18:00
hachrewell you can have my deb if you want ;D18:00
hachrei got 175-0ubuntu1918:00
SonikkuAmericaYou could DCC it18:00
hachreill upload it18:00
hachreto my server18:00
trismyou don't really need to do that, it is still on launchpad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/175-0ubuntu19 click on builds18:02
otendwell, this is strange.  13.04 is more stable than 12.04 LTS on my setup.18:02
otendI'd usually have a GPU crash or two by now18:02
wilee-nileeotend, Both installs no upgrades, many possible variables.18:03
otendprobably, yes18:03
otendI think it's a small thing within the versions, from 12.10 that was backported to 12.0418:04
wilee-nileelol " probably, yes" ;)18:04
hachreit's vey small18:04
otendwhich seems to have been a bug fix for most, but constant crashes for me18:04
otendor, at least, implies it was a bug fix for most18:04
hachreSonikkuAmerica: http://hachre.de/forumhost/ubuntu/libudev0_175-0ubuntu19_amd64.deb18:05
otendstill, other than some very minor issues, I've been having a nice, smooth experience so far18:05
otendit's shaping up quite well18:05
bjsnidertheoretically gpu drivers should be getting more and more stable over time18:07
genii-aroundThe key word being "theoretically"18:08
saryam trying to unmount (safely remove) my exteirnal hdd from the devices section in nautilus , is this normal! http://imgur.com/AYu5L6618:08
hachresary: I don't see anything abnormal there18:09
sarywhen i rright-click the ejact button the trash message shows instead of the submenu for options.18:12
benmooseAt any rate, udev needs back into Raring's main repos, or else a lot of ChromE users are about to get wiped.18:12
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SonikkuAmericaI'm benmoose. Apparently I force-closed XChat when I restarted.18:13
hachreSonikkuAmerica: hi18:13
hachreSonikkuAmerica: http://hachre.de/forumhost/ubuntu/libudev0_175-0ubuntu19_amd64.deb18:13
SonikkuAmericaGood to go. Processing normally. Any way to get that upstream?18:15
SonikkuAmericaThanks btw18:15
hachrenp, no idea why it is gone... maybe it has been replaced and google has to drop the dependency18:17
hachreor maybe it needs a transitinoal dummy package18:17
trismSonikkuAmerica: there are a couple bugs about it, although one is marked fixed, so it might just be a debian packaging issue: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=14516018:17
trismSonikkuAmerica: the bugs are for other distros of course (suse/fedora)18:17
SonikkuAmericaBut still, libudev0 is needed to provide the .so.0 file.18:18
SonikkuAmerica(At least in Debian/Ubuntu)18:18
qenghoSonikkuAmerica: what was your question?18:33
SonikkuAmericaI had an issue with Chrome not installing due to libudev0 (libudev.so.0) missing. We fixed it with hachre's version of udev.18:34
qenghoSonikkuAmerica: chrome or ubutu chromium?18:34
SonikkuAmerica(Google) Chrome.18:35
SonikkuAmericaChromium works fine, but I need Chrome for March Madness Live18:35
SonikkuAmerica'cuz of the Flash Player version.18:35
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SonikkuAmericaAnd besides, if companies continue using Flash, Chrome will be the only viable browser for Linux machines after 2016.18:36
SonikkuAmericaAt least YouTube will still be usable (HTML5 will hopefully be in a more perfect state by then)18:38
qenghoSonikkuAmerica: are you using the internal "Pepper" flash, or a plugin for Flash?18:39
SonikkuAmericaPepper Flash (still getting the multicolored spots). (Chromium uses the Flash plugin, of course)18:40
hachreis there any way currently to play videos on the web, i dont care with what or how, but with 3d acceleration?18:58
hachrei have minitube for youtube which works great, but thats just for youtube..18:59
johnjohn101seems like 3.5 weeks to release is taking forever19:51
genii-aroundjohnjohn101: The last hours in #ubuntu-release-party seem to last for days19:53
johnjohn101i personally can't wait until QT unity and mir.19:54
bazhangeons even19:54
johnjohn101this is looking like another nice solid release.  still can't believe they wanted to futz with the current model. but considering i don't pay anything, it's ok19:56
FernandoMigueland after over 2 months20:59
FernandoMiguelthe gsettings bug seems to have been fixed20:59
FernandoMiguelwe will see how long I manage to be online :D20:59
boldfilterCould you use an older version of gnome-panel from 12.10 on 13.0421:07
FernandoMiguelboldfilter: because of the notify area?21:08
boldfilter--no space21:09
FernandoMiguelI have nothing like that21:14
FernandoMiguelisn't global menu supposed to replace that?21:14
boldfilterOh, this is classic21:14
FernandoMiguelcan't comment21:14
FernandoMiguelstock unity here21:14
boldfilterI like to use Docky so I use it21:17
FernandoMiguelI loved gnome-do21:17
FernandoMiguelstill do :)21:17
FernandoMiguelbut unity conflicted too much with it21:17
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MalgorathAre there any beta releases we can d/l yet of 13.04?21:58
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boldfilter$ sudo do-release-upgrade -d21:59
=== elerac_atlantic7 is now known as elerac_atlantic
MalgorathI have a new system i was going to install so its not got any OS on it yet to upgrade with, was hoping for an ISO but I'll just go 12.10 for now then22:00
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Malgoraththanks k1l22:02
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Elfini have some questions about raring ringtail23:48
Elfinwhy is unity not included?23:49
IdleOnewho said it wasn't?23:51
IdleOneUbuntu comes with the Unity shell.23:51
Elfinhmm.. i'm confised then. i seem to only have gnome23:52
IdleOneDid you download Ubuntu GNOME?23:52
Elfini've installed from the 28 Mar daily build and ran all updates. and no, this is basically stock ubuntu23:52
IdleOnewhere are you getting the iso?23:53
ElfinI happen to be downloading the Apr 2 daily build now23:53
k1lwhats the .iso called you downloaded?23:53
IdleOnethose should be the default ubuntu23:54
Elfinraring-desktop-amd64.iso from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/23:54
Elfinwhen logging in, i see the gnome greeter (if thats the name for it) not the unity greeter, and I only have GNOME under session23:55
Elfini installed unity from the software center and it worked fine except i'm missing the themes. I'm forced to use unity with the gnome theme23:58
k1lare you sure you didnt slip to the ubuntu-gnome dailies?23:58
Elfini'm positive23:59
Elfini guess my only hope would be to reinstall from the apr 2 daily im downloading now23:59

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