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faboogra_: rsalveti: are you familiar with upstart? the system is hanging on boot http://paste.ubuntu.com/5670011/10:25
ogra_fabo, thats an initramfs init (which is just a shellscript) not upstart10:50
ogra_fabo, take a look at /usr/share/initramfs-tools/init10:51
ogra_hmm, or not, sorry, was confused by the first line10:52
faboogra_: I passed the initramfs, switched to upstrart init/real rootfs10:53
fabousing init=/bin/sh , I see that filestystem is mounted (at least /)10:54
faboI can boot in single-user mode11:21
ogra_fabo, what kernel is that ? might be that it doesnt have =/know all options upstart needs11:55
ogra_(i.e. is that an ubuntu kernel )11:56
faboogra_: it's quantal highbank kernel12:03
faboogra_: I can boot up to runlevel 1, hangs on runlevel 212:03
ogra_well, i assume something is missing in your kernel, is the machine configured for network, does it react to pings when it is at that point ?12:09
ogra_(and is that on a framebuffer tty or did you configure upstart to provide a serial one (by adding the right files to /etc/init/) ?12:10
pritesh hey, i am using BeagleBoard-XM Expansion V2 by chipseeand i installed ubuntu.(kernel 3.2.0-23-omap) but i am not getting proper resolution, what to do  ?  ?12:25
priteshanyone please tell me12:33
faboogra_: network works on runlevel 1, I can ping. auto-serial is configured (auto-serial-console.conf)12:53
priteshanyone is alive in this channel12:53
ogra_fabo, not talking about runlevel 1 or init=/bin/bash ... what console are you on and if it is serial, did you configure the necessary bits (and how was that system installed)12:57
ogra_pritesh, yes, we are, but its a long time ago that anyone in here did anything with a beagle, the general documented kernel cmdline options should work ...12:58
faboogra_: I'm on highbank serial line (using ipmitool sol). I'm using usual Linaro's rootfs based on quantal13:01
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ogra_fabo, so you are 100% sure that the upstart tty jobs are working alright for serial ?13:02
faboI wonder if it's stuck on the serial13:02
ogra_i wonder if the system is fine and just doesnt bring up a login prompt13:02
priteshogra_, how can i get to know, that my display driver is install or not on ubuntu arm13:03
faboogra_: no, I'm not 100% sure. could be...13:03
ogra_can you access the rootfs ?13:04
ogra_indee you can ... in simngle user ...13:04
ogra_try putting something in place yourself like in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto13:05
ogra_and see if there is a login prompt coming up13:05
ogra_(needs adjustment for the right tty device indeed)13:05
ogra_i cant really imagine that its an upstart thing ...13:05
ogra_another one would be to try to move the procps.conf out of the way ... that seems to be the last job it executes and it runs  sysctl ... probably that hangs or misses write access or some such13:06
ogra_fabo, any luck ?13:59
faboogra_: some progress... I had a meeting in the meantime14:05
faboogra_: it's related to serial... I've done a normal boot and can ssh properly on the system14:06
faboI haven't used ipmitool at that tim14:06
faboogra_: I guess login prompt isn't coming on the serial but the system booted as expected14:10
ogra_well, then you simply miss the serial tty setup for upstart ...14:13
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