r4yHello, I am running lubuntu and flash is working but it has gecko as well06:12
r4yI am wanting to setup Ubuntu Lucid so that it has the same setup Lubuntu has if possible but I think Lubuntu does have totem so06:13
r4ydoesn't have I meant06:13
r4yI am trying to take a screenshot, I tried the print screen key but nothing happened and I couldn't find take a screen shot, so I guess I might have to install something06:15
r4yAH, I see06:15
r4yIt automatically takes screenshots when that key is tapped and put into the home folder06:16
r4yI am going to take the installed files of gecko and put them in lucid lynx and take out flash 10.3 to see if that will work, but from what I have gathered totem might get in the way, so then I will have to disable totem in Firefox and not un-install totem06:37
r4yI will be back06:37
duanedesignhi ry07:42
r4yHello, I am looking for a package called libgmlib0 1.0.5-1 which lubuntu has but ubuntu 10.04 doesn't08:55
r4yI am wondering why gecko doesn't work for Ubuntu 10.04 and does for lubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso, maybe I should have tried Ubuntu 12.04 with Gecko but when I tried booting Ubuntu 12.04 through an iso file I have it was really really really slow08:57
r4ybut Ubuntu 12.04 installed from usb was fine whenI tried it08:57
r4yI am lost, how can I get the gecko plugin to work with Firefox with Ubuntu 10.04.4 ?09:19
r4yAh, I forgot that Lubuntu has Firefox 1109:20
r4yI have Firefox 18 on this setup of Ubuntu 10.0409:21
r4yI am not sure still but what ever09:21
r4yOK, it works I think09:24
r4yI am confused, I don't know why but there are no plugins in the filesystem but youtube video are playable, haha crazy, I don't know what's going on09:42
r4yI should do another search again for something before saying that09:42
r4yI've undone everything I think of that I did, except this command sudo ldconfig, so unless Ubuntu took a plugin I dropped into the filesystem and somehow put somewhere else with a different name, but I would know what's going in anyway it's sliced09:55
r4yOK, I didn't realize it but I was watching an html5 video, I am going to leave sorry for flooding, bye10:01
isiahmorning all10:50
soul108anyone there?18:15
stevew007ukHi, I want to dual boot my windows 8 machine with ubuntu but am worried that grub will not load windows 8 after the ubuntu install, any words of advice?19:16
ubot93UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:23
stevew007ukthanks for the reply, I am using a UEFI laptop, I'll have a readof that article19:24
wilee-nileestevew007uk, Cool make sure you have windows backed up no matter what you can save images at least once on a OEM install, and many in  the pro version to ultimate.19:26
stevew007ukthanks wilee, I'm not that used to windows 8, I have recovery disks burnt for my laptop are these what you refer to?19:27
wilee-nileestevew007uk, Cool, and the ubuntu forums besides here have some daily helpers and a ton of threads with people installing and questions, good luck and enjoy. ;)19:28
stevew007ukjust to explain, I have used ubuntu for about 3 years but my last machine came with it pre-installed. I have installed in on other machines since but never dual boot19:28
stevew007ukbut even though I prefer ubuntu to win 8, my family prefer win 8, hence the desire to dual boot!19:29
wilee-nileestevew007uk, Excellent you are a great candidate for understanding the installs. I am with msdos setups and dual booting I have % OS's on my one SSD drive, but am clueless on UEFI/19:29
stevew007ukCool, you sound like a distro hopper like me! I cant understand this UEFI much though, prefer BIOS!19:30
wilee-nileehehe you don't have to justify the windows use the ubuntu community is full of people dual booting and many understand the concept of there are OS for specific situations that are more applicable to a users needs. WE have out fanboi's so does windows, but they are easy to spot. ;)19:32
stevew007ukcheers wilee, I'll do some more research and become brave and go for it, I can always recover the laptop back to windows if I chicken out!19:35
wilee-nileeI have run every major distro except any bsd, and many small ones, it has been an interesting adventure on returning to college at middle age having never used a computer, and the first one I purchased was from mom-profit computer refurbisher that sends them out with the latest Ubuntu LTS.19:35
wilee-nileenon* Doh19:35
wilee-nileeYeah enjoy. ;)19:36
stevew007ukCheers, looking forward to full speed ubuntu instead of the virtual box version.19:36
stevew007ukThanks for your help19:36
wilee-nileeno problem, is my pleasure.19:37
isiahgood deed of the day, right wilee-nilee19:40
wilee-nileelol, I try at my best to give pertinent info, however fail often. ;)19:44
L2_AlanHi All22:05
isiahhi L2_Alan22:06
L2_AlanI have some issues after installing latest version of Ubuntu22:06
L2_AlanMost likely due to some beginner mistakes ;)22:06
L2_AlanI had a Windows xp installation with multiple partitions and multiple boot options22:07
L2_AlanI chose to use one for the Ubuntu install22:07
L2_AlanDuring install I created partitions and chose a larger one for /boot and a small one for /root22:07
L2_Alanso after a short while I had a problem with free space :D22:08
isiahand that brings us today?22:08
L2_AlanThus I downloaded gparted and created a live usb and did some resizing and here the issues start22:08
L2_AlanI ended up having 3 partitions that I wanted to use for /home22:09
L2_AlanI learned that was not possible so I want to load them permanently on a few directories22:09
L2_AlanI added some lines to fstab (after some research but that does not seem to do the trick22:09
L2_Alanalthough ... they are mounted now in the correct directory but not during boot22:10
L2_AlanI have to click on a disk icon and then they are mounted22:10
L2_Alanany way to automate that22:10
L2_AlanThis is what I added to fstab22:11
isiahautomating mounting?22:11
L2_Alan# sda9 is 60GB22:11
L2_AlanUUID=718426a3-6768-4aef-89c2-e617afcf5240 /home/alain/Documents btrfs defaults 0 222:11
L2_Alan# sda10 is 6GB22:11
L2_AlanUUID=78ad15bb-414c-465d-bc7e-9d779d0ae1c6 /home/alain/tmp btrfs defaults 0 222:11
L2_AlanUUID=EE54D3BA54D3842D /home/alain/Data1 ntfs defaults 0 022:11
L2_AlanUUID=01CC2983071DCD70 /home/alain/Data2 ntfs defaults 0 022:11
L2_AlanI expected that to take care of things22:11
isiahyeah you can automount22:11
L2_Alanbut ......helas no22:11
L2_Alancan you tell me what is wrong in these lines ?22:12
L2_Alanwhy are the volumes not automounted22:12
L2_Alanthe last two are from my Windows partitions that I would like to access22:12
isiahwhen the computer boots do you see any messages about mount failing?22:13
L2_AlanI just get 4 drive icons22:13
L2_Alanwhen I click them, they mount without problems22:13
L2_Alanwhen I go to Documents, I go to the correct volume22:13
isiahwhen your computer boots up does it normally show a lot of details or just splashscreens?22:14
L2_Alanso all is working fine .............. but not during boot22:14
L2_Alanno details22:14
L2_Alanjust the splashscreens22:14
isiahok, can you mount these partitions from the command line?22:14
L2_Alanif I umount them and then type mount -a it works22:15
L2_AlanI think, let me try :)22:15
L2_Alanwell I've umounted 3 now, one is busy (logical my /Documents folder22:16
L2_Alan/dev/sda1                   ntfs        TinyData     (not mounted)                   EE54D3BA54D3842D22:17
L2_Alan/dev/sda4                   ntfs        HP_RECOVERY  (not mounted)                   01CC2945F97972B022:17
L2_Alan/dev/sda5                   ntfs        Data         (not mounted)                   01CC2983071DCD7022:17
L2_Alan/dev/sda6                   swap                     <swap>                          61a1fcd7-b874-4428-82cc-b0fbd9541e0f22:17
L2_Alan/dev/sda7                   btrfs                    (not mounted)                   f64730cf-ad0c-4e43-bdca-ddc31d8bd3ae22:17
L2_Alan/dev/sda8                   ext4                     /boot                           582f9f30-76e5-40f7-b616-3b4a0923f7f822:17
L2_Alan/dev/sda9                   btrfs                    (not mounted)                   718426a3-6768-4aef-89c2-e617afcf524022:17
L2_Alan/dev/sda10                  btrfs                    (not mounted)                   78ad15bb-414c-465d-bc7e-9d779d0ae1c622:17
L2_Alanblkid -o list22:17
L2_Alanhmm sudo mount -a did not work22:18
isiahok do the log files show them mounting before?22:18
isiahgrep mount /var/log/dmesg22:18
L2_Alanstrange because blkid shows not mounted but they are mounted now22:18
isiahI have never enjoyed guis, it might be better to stick to the comman line here22:19
isiahahh, I take that back use grep mount /var/log/boot22:21
L2_Alanlet's see22:22
L2_AlanI'm quite new to this22:23
L2_Alanlike this ? cat /var/log/boot | grep ...something22:24
isiahso are we all, so if you look at that boot you should see something about failure to mount. Correct?22:24
isiahno make it simple22:25
isiahcd /var/log22:25
isiahgrep mount boot.log22:25
isiahwere you root?22:26
isiahso literally no text at all?22:27
L2_Alanroot@alain-HP-Compaq-dc5700-Small-Form-Factor:/var/log# grep mount boot.log22:28
L2_Alannow you know what computer I have :)22:28
isiahhead boot.log22:28
isiahany text now?22:28
L2_Alanfsck from util-linux 2.20.122:28
L2_Alanfsck from util-linux 2.20.122:28
L2_Alanfsck from util-linux 2.20.122:28
L2_Alanfsck from util-linux 2.20.122:28
L2_Alanfsck from util-linux 2.20.122:28
L2_AlanBtrfs Btrfs v0.1922:28
L2_AlanBtrfs Btrfs v0.1922:28
L2_AlanBtrfs Btrfs v0.1922:28
L2_AlanBtrfs Btrfs v0.1922:28
L2_Alan/dev/sda8: clean, 268/81920 files, 56916/327423 blocks22:28
isiahok good, it is writing to the boot.log. not sure why nothing is being written about the mounts through22:29
isiahi am going to assume grep failed in some way, can you open it with a text editor and using something like cntrl+f to find the text about mount?22:30
L2_AlanI'm using gedit now22:32
L2_Alanno entries on boot22:32
L2_Alanthe lines I just copied are the only ones regarding the volumes22:32
isiahok, my assumption was wrong try this instead22:33
isiahgrep mount dmesg22:33
L2_Alanstrange, now the blkid lists the partitions again in use22:33
L2_Alan[   23.826600] EXT4-fs (sda8): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)22:34
L2_Alanthat's all22:34
isiahso it found sda8, does that mean anything to you?22:34
L2_Alana small leftover on the disk that is assigned a partition22:34
L2_Alan1GB or 512MB I think22:35
L2_Alanwas not planning on using that22:35
L2_Alan/dev/sda7        19G  4.5G   13G  27% /22:35
L2_Alanudev            490M   12K  490M   1% /dev22:35
L2_Alantmpfs           199M  920K  199M   1% /run22:35
L2_Alannone            5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock22:35
L2_Alannone            498M  3.1M  495M   1% /run/shm22:35
L2_Alannone            100M   68K  100M   1% /run/user22:35
L2_Alan/dev/sda7        19G  4.5G   13G  27% /home22:35
L2_Alan/dev/sda8       1.3G  203M  993M  17% /boot22:35
L2_Alan/dev/sda9        64G   20G   41G  33% /home/alain/Documents22:35
L2_Alan/dev/sda10      6.2G  120K  5.6G   1% /home/alain/tmp22:35
L2_Alan/dev/sda1        65G   57G  8.0G  88% /home/alain/Data122:35
isiahmy temptation to tell you to set your hd on fire and restart from scratch grows by the moment22:35
L2_Alan/dev/sda5       298G  212G   87G  71% /home/alain/Data222:35
L2_AlanI would if it weren't for my 2nd problem :)22:36
isiahwhich is?22:36
L2_Alangrub does not boot my windows :(22:36
L2_AlanI was thinking the same, you know - removing all the partitions and just start from scratch22:36
isiahdo you have the original windows install disc?22:37
L2_Alanpre-installed on the disk22:37
L2_Alanand if I use that, all gets erased22:37
L2_Alanisn't live nice22:37
isiahso you can recover windows?22:37
L2_Alanit will do complete factory restore22:37
L2_AlanI could do a backup first22:37
L2_Alanor maybe get my hands on a windows cd and they do a MBR RESTORE22:38
isiahwere you running two distros of windows?22:38
isiahok now its becoming a bit clearer22:38
L2_Alanlong story ;)22:38
isiahso, at what point did grub lose windows contact?22:39
L2_Alanwell it starts Windows22:39
L2_Alanbut then windows crashes22:39
L2_Alanlike it reads the files slightly off22:39
isiahthis occurred after you sharnk its partiion correct?22:39
L2_Alanright from the start22:39
L2_AlanI think it's a Windows thing22:40
isiahwait it always did this but you sharnk the windows parition anyway?22:40
L2_Alansomething with the boot sector of the disk22:40
L2_AlanI did not touch the Windows partitions22:40
L2_Alanand I can mount them without problems from linux22:40
L2_Alanwell Ubuntu :) better get used to that one22:40
L2_Alananyhow I can read all the info22:41
isiahso...grub still sees the windows paritions but they are unstable when ran?22:41
L2_Alanfrom Windows22:41
L2_Alanthey are plenty stable from Linux22:41
L2_AlanI had a similar issue when I installed Windows 7 with multiboot22:41
L2_Alanhad to uninstall Windows 722:42
L2_Alanmust be a xp thing22:42
isiahwell, from your linux system can you mount the windows system and see its files?22:42
L2_Alanyes Isiah22:42
L2_Alanno issues22:42
L2_AlanI can read docus22:42
L2_Alansee movies22:42
L2_Alanit's very strange22:42
isiahok, in that case I would look into using your linux system to do data recovery on your windows system then wiping the HD22:42
isiahat least I would do that at this point22:43
L2_Alanthat is an option22:43
L2_Alanjust a lot of work22:43
L2_Alan500gb of data  where to leave it :)22:43
L2_Alanneeds investing in some external disk or so22:43
isiahnobody put a gun to your head and told you to torrent ;)22:43
L2_Alanwell if it was just that22:44
isiahok, well there are other options22:44
L2_AlanI would erase in a blink of an eye22:44
L2_Alanuploading to a web server you mean ?22:44
L2_Alanis going to take some time22:44
isiahfirst off I have no idea how to fix your windows system. I remember once doing something like this to it and put a restore disc in and it fixed it22:45
L2_AlanI suppose I can try that22:45
isiahfrom that point on, you can get your dual windows boot stable22:45
L2_Alanmy worry is that after that linux will not be accessible22:45
isiahand reinstall linux22:45
L2_Alanif that does not work then I can't access anything anymore22:45
isiahyeah the restor disc is going to grab the whole hd22:45
L2_Alanwell if it works - no issue22:46
isiahwell you always have a live ubuntu cd, so if windows restore fails you can just run live, get your data, and try again22:46
L2_Alangives me an idea22:46
L2_Alanif I use the live cd22:46
L2_Alanand then copy all my windows files22:46
L2_Alancan I copy them to a non ntfs partition ?22:47
isiahbtw, you might want to look into VMs this multi-boot thing can be a real pain.22:47
isiahI think so22:47
L2_Alanwell I suppose that 's the way to go then22:47
L2_Alanstart the live cd22:47
L2_Alanthen delete all the linux partitions22:48
L2_AlanI think the bootloader of Windows is on sda122:48
L2_Alanand that is creating the issue I reckon22:48
isiahhow will that fix windows?22:48
L2_Alanit will not22:48
L2_Alanthen I have free space to copy what I need22:49
L2_Alanto one big partition22:49
L2_Alanjust delete windows then22:49
L2_Alanand only install Ubuntu22:49
L2_Alanthis pc is for testing22:49
L2_Alanalthough I should have taken a backup of my data somehow :)22:49
isiahhaha why not just burn it all to CD?22:49
L2_AlanI could use DVD's but still will need about 20 of them, once again a lot of work22:50
L2_Alanbut if that is the only option............22:50
isiahdont look at me, pretty sure my boss would be pissed about me lending out 500gb on the cluster22:50
L2_Alanit might have to do something with the hidden partition as well22:51
L2_Alan(system restore partition)22:51
L2_Alanoh well you gave me some ideas, thank you22:51
L2_Alanone more question but then I have to go22:51
L2_Alanearly day tomorrow :)22:51
L2_Alanmy swap partition is not used either22:51
L2_AlanI have to manually start it using swapon22:52
isiahno idea22:52
isiahsorry, its outside my realm22:52
L2_Alanfor playing with Ubuntu one week, I've read quite a bit ;)22:52
L2_Alanno issues22:52
L2_Alanout of mine as well22:52
L2_Alanthat's why I'm asking :)22:53
isiahi would look into vmware, kvm etc I use it at work and it is a lot easier22:53
L2_Alanwell thank you for brainstorming with me22:53
L2_AlanI'd better go now22:53
L2_Alancu around ?22:53
isiahyeah i am here often22:54
L2_Alanok talk to you later22:54
isiahits work releated so during nyc buisness hours22:55
L2_Alanwell here it's nearly midnight22:56
L2_Alanso have to crash22:56
L2_Alantalk to you later22:56

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