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wigshello folk01:15
wigssometimes I think that lp "helpers" are more concerned with closing rather than fixing :-/01:16
hggdhwigs: example?01:16
wigshggdh: mass marking of bugs as incomplete because they are reported against EOL releases01:17
TheLordOfTimethat's valid.01:17
TheLordOfTimewigs, they're marked as incomplete.01:17
TheLordOfTimebecause: they need confirmation in supported releases01:17
wigsbut my particular peeve is for trivial bugs that take all of 5 seconds to confirm01:18
TheLordOfTimeotherwise, the bug could be considered "No Longer Valid"01:18
wigsI just like to see more people actually attempt the confirmation themselves (for obviously trivial bugs) rather than just push that on to others01:19
hggdhwigs: once a release goes EOL, a bug on it has to be verified against a non-EOL version. If a bug has already been verified as such, then marking incomplete is wrong01:19
hggdhwigs: well, I sort of agree with you there. But... we have more bugs than helpers. What, then, should be done?01:21
wigsimo, for trivial bugs, leave them01:21
wigsbecause trivial bugs are often UI quirks that come up in edge cases, etc. and will likely be lost for another more years if the report is just closed01:22
hggdhwigs: but marking incomplete is not closing the bug01:22
hggdhI am confused: you complained about mass marking bugs incomplete, and now are talking about closed bugs01:23
wigsalmost equivalent if the original report has long stopped caring01:23
hggdhthen help us01:23
TheLordOfTimewhat hggdh said01:24
hggdhagain, we are few, and there are a LOT of bugs. We -- or, to be more correct, at least I -- have other things to do. We try to help, but we *need* help01:25
wigswigs has focused his efforts on a few packages, but high quality triaging of issues01:26
hggdhwigs: this is the way to go. We cannot save it all, but we can at least do a good job on what we touch.01:28
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xnoxbdmurray: I have a cunning plan on using the file bridge to monitor the '/' inode (that one is real from the upper overlay), notice '/etc' creation and boom launch initctl reload-configuration =)08:18
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wagafoAnybody knowledgeable in apport/python to figure out what is going on in bug 985049 ? I'm the reporter but I'd also like to triage this bug some more.11:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 985049 in apport (Ubuntu) "apport-cli crashed with error in _compile(): nothing to repeat" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98504911:49
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jibelwagafo, this portion of the code crashes because of a specific value of the regex due to the substitution in line replacements.append((re.compile('\\b%s\\b' % s), 'User Name'))12:07
jibelwagafo, it'd be interesting to know what the value of s is. Looking at the code it contains the gecos field of the current user12:08
wagafojibel, thanks, cant you send me python code to include to print the value of "s"? I don't know pythong...12:08
jibelwagafo, you can get it with getent or in python with python3 -c "import os, pwd; print(pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid())[4])"12:09
jibelthis might be sensitive information though12:10
wagafoI tried it and i get my full name plus some numbers12:10
jibelwagafo, is there any special characters like (), |, %, &, ...12:13
wagafo<jibel> Just "Walter Garcia-Fontes" at the beginning, may the hyphen be the problem? I tried your comand at another system where apport does not crash and I get exactly the same, with the hyphen12:14
wagafojibel, Actually I think I can show what I get, I figure out it's just the phone numbers I input in my user profile, here it is "Walter Garcia-Fontes,20.220,+34935422722,+34934221452,"12:17
wagafojibel, as I said I get exactly the same in another system with exactly the same version of everything and it works, it's just in this system where apport crashes with "nothing to repeat"12:19
jibelwagafo, thanks, I can reproduce it. The problem is the phone number starting with a '+' sign, which is pretty common in a phone number12:21
jibelwagafo, I'll update the bug report12:21
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wagafojibel , great, I saw that I don't have the plus in the other system! Finally I could figure this out!12:21
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Noskcajany news on bug 1066223?21:12
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1066223 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "kde ubiquity detects Sydney timezone but says Adelaide" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106622321:12
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melodiegood night22:16
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