shel3overOff, give voice :p plz11:02
* shel3over apt-get girlfriend 13:12
* shel3over jmp14:55
shel3overhi proby megabraker teolemon elacheche_anis  Off18:43
shel3overooooh wa akhiran :p18:44
shel3overkayen 3ibad real fi hadi channel :p18:44
megabrakershel3over , whats up :p18:44
shel3overmegabraker, el vide :p18:44
megabrakersame here18:45
shel3overOff,  ma 7abch ymadelna vioce :p18:45
megabrakerthis is why he is named off xD18:46
shel3overmmmdr nice one :p18:46
=== megabraker is now known as proby
elacheche_anishey guys18:46
shel3overhi elacheche_anis18:47
shel3overoooh ppl on ubuntu-dz :D18:47
probyahla anis18:47
shel3over:where is our algerians geeks :D18:48
probynot sure if ubuntu is geek :S18:49
shel3overproby, nice one18:49
shel3overOff, we need voice :D18:50
probyshel3over , how old are you ?19:04
shel3over23ans :'(19:04
shel3overproby, do u think im a kid :@19:04
proby:p am 2119:04
shel3overnice proby19:04
shel3overfrom ?19:04
shel3overi'm from usthb :p19:05
shel3overopenminds club19:05
probytunisia :p noclub19:05
shel3overwelcome bro :)19:05
shel3overtn is more developed in IT then dz :'(19:05
probythanks , usthb is a sort of university ?19:06
shel3overuniversity :p19:06
probynice :)19:06
shel3overUniversité des Sciences et de la Technologie HOUARI BOUMEDIENE19:06
probyi think dz is a kind mysterious :p19:06
shel3overhh yes it is :D19:07
shel3overproby,  u know Off  ?19:08
probyi had a chance one and red a Algerian  writer's book , it was nice19:08
probyOff seems to be dead , no i don't19:08
shel3overwhat r u doing here :p !19:08
probyjust trying to enter arabic *nix channels :p19:09
shel3over #arabpwn is a nice place (y)19:09
probyemmm seems interesting !19:10
shel3overyep :)19:10
shel3overepic :p19:11
probyis it arabic ?19:11
probyor just human ?19:12
probyshel3over , am seeing the nasa code book :p19:13
probysoftware measurement ...19:13
shel3overarabic room ( english )19:14
shel3overhuman and minds r arabic :p19:14
shel3overi dont why im op there xD19:14
probythe website is epic19:15
probyand yeah they are meaning programming as programming :D19:16
=== megabraker is now known as proby
shel3overproby, connnection ......19:35
probyyeah i had a delay so reconnected :p19:36
Offhi there19:58
shel3overhi Off19:58
Offlooks like there are some people alive here19:59
shel3overyes Off :)19:59
Offi can't stay, i've things to do19:59
Offi will be back in a 15 mins19:59
shel3overtake your time :)19:59

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