jbicharoasted: fixed the brightness panel and the missing app lauchers (like language-selector) will be fixed shortly03:28
darkxstricotz, ok to copy your mozjs17 and gjs over to gnome3-staging, as is?06:57
roastednice! way to rock jbicha13:29
roastedI see that it's fixed on my end. This is great.13:29
jbicharicotz, darkxst: oops, we're going to have to request more space if we ever want to push webkit to the staging ppa (the gnome3 ppa has space though)13:45
roasteddoh, my laptop just gave out.13:46
roastedthe MIA battery icon got me :P13:48
timontiUsing 1st April build of Ubuntu Gnome, I am unable to upgrade to 3.819:08
timontianyone here?19:10
tyrogjbicha: are you there? Is the gnome3 staging ppa stable now? thanks21:23
jbichatyrog: for raring, we're still in beta21:35
tyrogjbicha: What PPAs do you recommend for people using raring at the moment?21:36
tyrogThe objective is to have gnome 3.821:36
jbichaI'm sure the GNOME 3.7.92/3.8 that we're using has more bugs than the 3.6.3 or whatever is in the regular Ubuntu respositories21:36
jbichawe recommend the GNOME3 PPA21:36
jbichathe GNOME3 Staging PPA is for those who like the bleeding edge and don't mind things being a bit broken21:37
tyrogjbicha: The normal one, staging and/or Rico's Testing PPA?21:37
roastedIs there a current bug for the printer dialog crashing upon adding a printer?21:37
jbichathe normal https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+packages?field.series_filter=raring21:37
tyrogonly that one?21:37
roastedIt doesn't make it sting any less that localhost:631 is refusing my credentials to log in <_<21:38
jbichathe ricotz testing ppa uses git snapshots which isn't what the average person needs21:38
tyrogjbicha: Gnome tweak tool doesn't work with that PPA enabled. Is it supposed not to?21:38
jbicharoasted: no idea, you're welcome to report a new bug if you can't find already reported21:39
tyrogjbicha: tweak tool not working. Is it still being worked on for gnome 3.8?21:41
ricotztyrog, you need to provide a bit more information like that actual version while you are using several ppas "apt-cache policy gnome-tweak-tool" and pastebin the console output of running it -- 3.8.0~git20130329.30f0f84d-0ubuntu1~ suppose to work fine even without running a gnome-shell session21:45
ricotzi hope someone can help out here, g2g21:46
tyrogricotz: Is your PPA (GNOME testing) good or better stick with gnome3 and gnome3 staging?21:46
tyrogI see, I'm using raring to have the latest stuff until final, it is a dual boot. I don't mind having some breakage here and there21:46
tyrogI just want to know if your PPA provides added value to the gnome3 staging ppa. Thanks21:47
ricotztyrog, if you are using ricotz/testing, also better use gnome3/gnome3-staging21:47
ricotzwith gnome3/gnome3 too of course21:47
tyrogricotz: Not using ricotz (yet). But should I use it even after Ubuntu 13.04 is officially released?21:48
ricotztyrog, as jbicha said it is more bleeding edge and doesnt fit the needs for everyone21:48
tyrogricotz: Its the only way to get Gnome 3.8 in Ubuntu 12.10 for example. So you'd consider it safe for users with 12.10 who want to use Gnome shell 3.8?21:49
ricotztyrog, it will get 3.9.x snapshots soon21:49
ricotztyrog, it is not safe for everyone, things are likely to be broken21:50
ricotzalright, i really need to go, bye21:51
jbichadarkxst: did you test gnome-shell before uploading?22:47
darkxstjbicha, yes22:48
darkxstwhy? what is broken?22:48
jbichadarkxst: I hadn't uploaded sooner because I ran into https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69698122:49
ubot5Gnome bug 696981 in general "many keyboard shortcuts stopped working with 3.8.0 on Ubuntu" [Normal,Unconfirmed]22:49
darkxstjbicha, I hit that a couple of weeks ago22:51
darkxstbut then it disappeared22:52
jbichadarkxst: oh, things work ok with your upload22:52

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