mokmeisterhello everyone10:38
chrono800hi, anyone fancy a chat?20:29
zmoylanall well?20:41
chrono800Are you doing a spot of coding tonight?20:42
chrono800or a more open question,  .. what are you up to?20:43
zmoylanwatching red dwarf, playing a flash game.20:44
chrono800ah red dwarf never really got that humour!! People love I know, A cult classic!!21:42
tdr112me too21:49
tdr112never got it21:49
tdr112is it bad to say it way too english21:50
chrono800yes ;)21:57
chrono800I'm a londoner :)21:57
chrono800But raised in co.tipperary!! Talk about being an outsider!!21:58
chrono800hence I have dual nationality, so defend both english and irish culture.....! 8-)21:59
chrono800anyhow,  I'm getting animated now!! Can you help me out airurando?  How are you? :-X22:02
tdr112well i am not saying its bad its just miss out on the culture refences in the show22:52
airurandotdr112 do you remember chrono800? He was at skycon12 with me23:00

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