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dholbachgood morning06:36
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BobJonkmanWhere should I make a request to have a Global LoCo Event for RaringRingtail Release Parties? 20:28
czajkowskiBobJonkman: hiya 20:28
BobJonkmanHi czajkowski20:29
czajkowskiI'll create that right now 20:29
czajkowski2 ticks :)20:29
BobJonkmanSadly, I don't yet have a party to host.  We're short for a venue.20:29
czajkowskiBobJonkman: where are you based?20:30
BobJonkmanWaterloo, Ontario, Canada20:30
BobJonkmanI hosted one last time, but the venue was a little un-party-like20:31
czajkowskinods 20:32
czajkowskihard to find the right type tbh 20:32
czajkowskipizza and quiz have worked for some in the past 20:32
BobJonkmanI'm hoping dscassel will spring to the fore with an offer of a venue at Kwartzlab (hint!)20:32
czajkowskihmm lemie find my phone need to get my 2FA generator 20:32
czajkowskiBobJonkman: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/20:39
BobJonkmanDo you have the power to add existing release parties to the global event?20:40
czajkowskiBobJonkman: I dont but you can go in and edit your event and add it to the global event 20:42
BobJonkmanOK.  I see some parties already listed; I'll send an e-mail to the organizers to let them know about the global LoCo event20:43
BobJonkman...and I hate to be a pest, but can you extend the closing date for the event? We were thinking of holding the release party a couple of weeks after the actual release date so we can distribute official disks (should Ubuntu-ca get its reapproval).  Maybe until 12 May 2013?20:44
czajkowskiBobJonkman: it is extended to may 25th 20:45
czajkowskia whole month :)20:45
BobJonkmanDouble Yay!20:45
* czajkowski double checks I did it right 20:45
czajkowskiyup tis there may 25th 20:45
BobJonkmanYes, looks good from here. 20:46
czajkowskiBobJonkman: I'll drop theother teams a mail now and let them know the global event is on 20:46
czajkowskiits never been aded really till the final month no sure why perhaps outta habbit 20:46
czajkowskiwill ad a reminder for future releases to do it a bit earlier 20:46
czajkowskiBobJonkman: all contacted now 20:52
BobJonkmanThanx, czajkowski!20:53
czajkowskiBobJonkman: have you ever thought about just maybe going to a pub and reserving an area to have the release party20:54
czajkowskiand then looking for another venue at a later date to do a talk hand out DVDs or what ever ye fancy doing ?20:54
czajkowskiso do it a twao prong approach20:54
czajkowskiI find sometimes people like one  type over another 20:54
BobJonkmanYes, we used to do that for our Ubuntu Hours in Waterloo20:54
BobJonkmanDidn't get much cooperation from the various establishments. Our reservation was bumped at one pub a bunch of times, and another venue started closing early...20:56
BobJonkmanAlso, in spite of being located in the prosperous Region of Blackberry, there are a large number of lcoal Ubuntu enthusiasts that find a commercial venue too expensive (dinner, drinks, &c.)20:57
czajkowskiBobJonkman: is there a uni/college near by ?20:58
czajkowskinot familiar with the area 20:58
BobJonkmanSo, last release party was held at our local St. John's Kitchen.  It's a bit large, and there's no good place to set up lots of computers for installation.20:58
BobJonkmanYes, Waterloo has two unis, Wilfrid Laurier and UofWaterloo.20:59
BobJonkmanBut in order to run an event there has to be a campus-authorized club to host it.20:59
BobJonkmanBut I think I know someone who's involved in the UofW CS Club; I'll ask him too.21:00
czajkowskithat is what we've done in Limerick in ireland21:01
czajkowskiis team up with the uni which works well I ended up doing a short talk last year of the new features plus then we went for pizza afterwards21:01
czajkowskino right or wrong way or best way imo 21:02
czajkowskimain thing is to have fun and spread some news about ubuntu :)21:02
BobJonkmanYes, parties have always been lots of fun...21:02
BobJonkmanSo, looking forward to another!21:03
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