boneliferI use mythnuv2mkv. it works. I just changed the UserJob name and were it goes for the two I had so that they go to TV and MOVIE folders. This is all the folders exist and I believe have the same permissions as the folder I was previously using, which is their parent folder now. Not sure why newly queued items just sit their now instead of doing what it did hours earlier before changing the folder.  I have restarted the computer, so17:13
boneliferit should be using the new settings17:13
bonelifernvm, I believe I found it. Before tv shows/movies all used the same job. I had them named so I'd known which host was doing the job. I've since renamed the old one for my SBE to TV, and forgot to enable it to be able to run on the mbe. meh, my brain, is so tired right, but I don't feel tired.  :(18:17
sabhainEvolution is an unholy mess.20:55

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