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dholbachgood morning06:36
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akgranerpleia2, my  calendar informs my I am on deck to drive UWN starting this weekend?14:11
akgranerso you can relax and not worry about it14:12
akgranerDoes that match your schedule?14:12
akgranerI have this week through May 20th14:13
akgranerwell not me only just that you  will have one less thing to worry about14:14
akgranerjono_, is to bbqpad what rickspencer3 is to release process :-)   (that's my thought for today)15:24
pleia2akgraner: actually I'm around this weekend (and Monday), it's Monday the 14th that I head off to a conference and them am out for a while16:05
akgranerpleia2, ok great.  I'll still plan on writing summaries and helping gather information in case I am rusty and need you to whip me back in shape :-)16:56
pleia2thanks :)17:12

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