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mwhudsonhas anyone managed to make isky work on ubuntu?01:43
Gmwhudson: I had it working during the RWC, just used Chrome tbh01:45
mwhudsonchrome or chromium?01:46
mwhudsoni guess chrome might work better, perhaps01:46
mwhudsoni get encouraging messages like "14:47:30.151 INFO playerwidget FlashAccessProcess :: system could not be updated to access drm [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2203"] " in the console :/01:47
ojwbso flash hasn't died yet then?01:53
mwhudsonbah, chrome doesn't work in an apparently unrelated way01:53
mwhudsonojwb: no :(01:53
ojwbabout the only thing I notice these days from not having flash is the odd youtube video refuses to play01:54
ojwbseemingly because it can't squirt ads via HTML video, which seems a bonus really01:54
ojwbi'm likely atypical in my web usage, but i've had a definite sense that flash is in decline01:57
hadsI think you can thank mobile browsers for that.01:57
Gmwhudson: straight Chrome02:13
Atamirawellingtonians. other than Te Papa, anything else to see while visiting the windy city?19:46
ojwbdepends what you like though19:47
ojwboh, also morning19:48
ojwbmuseum-wise, the museum of city and sea is also worth a look19:49
Atamirais that close to te papa?19:49
Atamirai like museums. knick knack shops. just having a look around generally19:50
ojwbit's certainly walkable19:50
ojwbit's near the shore, to the north19:50
ibeardsleehmm not a good sign when apport-gtk crashes when something else crashes20:03
snailAtamira: national portrait gallery is close to te papa20:04
snailAtamira: catch the cablecar up to VUW (www.adamartgallery.org.nz)  or the botanic gardens?20:05
snailAtamira: do a tour of parliment?20:06
ojwbthere's also a (pretty tiny) cable car museum at the top of the cablecar20:07
snailand the carter observatory, which has a planetarum20:07
* ojwb still hasn't got round to going there20:07
snailojwb: they've just completely refurbished it20:08
Atamirai unfortunately dont much like heights...other than planes20:16
Atamirato the cablecar is out20:17
Atamiratour of the beehive..ooh..didnt think of that20:17
Atamirathank you snial and ojwb20:17
Atamiraim off to bed.20:17
ojwbAtamira: it's not an "up on a wire" cable car20:24
ojwbit runs along rail, pulled by cables20:24
ojwbheights really wouldn't be a problem20:24
ibeardsleemore like a very steep train on tracks (just happens to use a cable to haul it up and lower it down)20:25
mwhudsoni'm not sure it's super great if you have vertigo-type problems :)20:27
mwhudsonalthough the one in hong kong is definitely worse20:27
mwhudsonmorning, btw20:27
thumpermwhudson: you back now?20:31
mwhudsonthumper: aye20:31
thumpermwhudson: it seemed like you were away for quite a while20:42
mwhudsonthumper: yeah -- a month, give or take20:42
thumpermwhudson: all holiday?20:42
mwhudsonno, i worked a bit from the uk20:42
ojwbgoing over there, taking their jobs...20:43
chiltsthat's the good thing with remote jobs, you can work from anywhere20:53
chiltsthere's a few of us in this channel doing that aye20:53
* ojwb still hasn't worked for anybody in NZ20:57
mwhudsonwhich reminds me, i need to sort my paperwork to get lots of GST back from the government...20:59
Gremote working brings up interesting management chains I've found too, until recently my management chain looked like a route for a round-the-world trip21:13
ojwbi'm just self-employed, so the management chain is usually just me to the client21:13
ojwbor at least i tend not to see much more of it21:14
thumpermwhudson: you get GST back?22:50
thumpermwhudson: from what?22:50
mwhudsonthumper: office rental mostly22:51
mwhudsonother assorted bits22:51
thumpermwhudson: ah...22:51
mwhudsonalso acc :)22:51
chiltsthey charge GST on ACC ... I forgot about that22:56
chiltspretty weird since it's only sold to businesses right, not to consumers?22:57
ibeardsleeit's a business selling a 'product'22:57
chiltsACC is a business?22:58
chiltshmmmm, ok22:58
ojwbcoo, I'd not noticed that one23:03
mwhudsonisn't the nz principle that gst gets charged on _everything_ ?23:06
mwhudsonwell, every good or service23:06
ojwbi think so - i guess i just think of acc as a tax (since it's very roughly equivalent to national insurance in the UK)23:07
ojwbthough it seems to be better ring-fenced here23:08
chiltsACC is not on bank fees23:08
chiltsI'm getting confused, ignore me23:08
chiltsyeah, GST23:08
ojwbi assume you mean?23:08
chiltsGST also isn't on various other things either, like houses23:08
chilts(unless you're a property developer)23:08
ojwbor from companies below the threshold and not registered for GST23:09
ojwbbut it's more ubiquitous that UK VAT which has a somewhat odd list of exceptions (e.g. VAT on chocolate biscuits because they are a luxury, but no VAT on cakes because they aren't, so mcvities went to court to argue that jaffacakes are cakes not biscuits)23:11
mwhudsoni think there is something about hot and cold food, or takeaway and eat-in or something along those lines23:13
ojwband tampons are apparently a luxury23:13
ojwbno VAT on kids clothes, but it's done by size, so many kids actually need sizes which VAT is charged on23:14
mwhudsonand vv23:15
Gwouldn't the whole luxury/non-luxury thing defeat the purpose of VAT/GST23:24
ojwbit certainly makes things more complex23:25
chiltsyeah, definitely more complex23:26
chiltsI think there is VAT on stuff that is eaten in, but not taken out (to clarify what mwhudson said before)23:27
Gcertainly sounds more complex than Australia too23:29
ojwbchilts: there are hot vs cold distinctions too - e.g the whole "pasty tax" saga http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/may/29/pasty-tax-brief-history23:33
mwhudsonthere was some graph somewhere that showed that we pay more gst than people in the uk pay VAT despite VAT being 20%, due to all the exemptions23:34
mwhudsonojwb: that's pretty hilarious23:35
ojwbi suspect it depends on the sort of food you buy, and whether you have (small enough) kids23:35
ojwbi love the idea of food that is designed to cool down23:35
ojwbvs food where that's a design flaw, i guess23:35
chiltsheh, weird23:39
ibeardsleechilts: from what I understand is that there is GST in a house sale, just like in theory there is in the stuff you sell on tradme, but people involved in the transaction aren't necessarily GST registered23:45

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