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dholbachgood morning06:36
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sammyGHis it still on air?12:14
televizoryoutube clip is 45 mins long12:14
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snowyrooftopsLooks like the gremlins are at work :-)13:15
snowyrooftopsInstalling applications for one user while not installing them for another user makes it seem like storage space could be wasted. Perhaps just installing the shortcuts for the users who want to use the application would be a more desirable solution.13:18
snowyrooftopsVoice recognition or speech recognition for login would be just as convenient to use as auto-login13:21
snowyrooftopsA PIN is typically used for locking the phone (device)13:22
snowyrooftopsHmmm... quite a long video. Will check back later for the live event.13:24
Riaelummm... ello?13:47
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Guest53824what happen13:49
Guest53824wala p ba ahaha13:50
Guest53824what time it will launch?13:50
Guest53824any idea13:51
nik90in another 10 mins13:51
Guest53824thanks nik13:52
Mario__hi all ..13:53
Guest53824hello everyone13:54
k4pvzSo it start in about 5 minutes or so?13:54
Guest53824very glad to be a part of this13:54
nik90k4pvz: i hope so :)13:54
k4pvzYes i know. me too13:55
nik90Guest53824: yup, really curious about Unity-Next and Mir13:55
ablime too.13:55
shlochhi people13:55
Guest53824has an idea in clearos13:55
* nik90 eager to get started13:55
Tashasix6Im mostly curious about mir and unity-next13:55
abliany interesting news....13:55
nik90I saw a screenshot by david calle running Unity-next using QML...it looks pretty cool.13:56
Mandrilosomebody speak spanish?13:57
Guest53824buenas tiyas mon senior13:57
nik90Mandrilo: I can google translate spanish with you :P13:57
Guest53824good idea13:57
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Mandriloi speak spanish more or less13:58
Guest53824u are from Spain ryt?eeheh13:58
Guest42870hello all!13:58
nik90ok ... aquí lo está usando traductor Google13:59
Mandriloi from peru13:59
Blundererwho's french here ?13:59
Arcidiaswoop woop woop woop woop14:00
nik90Je ne suis pas francais, mais je parle un peu14:00
fichtehi all14:00
dholbachand we're live14:00
marxhello all14:00
Arcidiashowdy mates14:00
Arcidiasdone deal, Daniel ^^14:01
xorinzorhey all :)14:01
xorinzorDid the livestream updated for anyone else? I'm still seeing the youtube video14:01
Guest53824its almost 10 mins we have been waiting for this14:01
xorinzornvm.. Im stupid :P14:01
Arcidias@xorinzor: right click, stop download, then play again14:01
balastSo, I can ask here when I mark it QUESTION?14:02
xorinzor@Arcidias Yeah I just noticed.. I expected a twich stream or summit ;)14:02
Arcidias@balast I think it has to START with QUESTION14:02
Panzerboyit started14:02
nik90video stream is live14:02
balast@Arcidias thanks14:02
dholbachyes, please prefix questions with QUESTION14:02
Arcidias@balast np m814:02
Donnelits started14:03
balastoh new guy ther :D14:03
Donnelneed to refresh to play this livestream14:03
Panzerboycan you put Thomas on?14:03
Arcidias@balast no, they just added Daniel's cam on bottom too14:03
Hakenslinecan add to video channel ?14:03
Panzerboydholbach: can you change the cam to Thomas pls?14:04
Jeroen_Nice beyerdynamic Daniel14:04
dholbachPanzerboy, sorry14:04
dholbachsorry everyone14:04
dholbachmy mistake14:04
balastHow can I disable the server generate bullshit in IRC? "xyz has joined etc."14:05
xorinzornot sure if you can14:05
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Panzerboybalast: i would say it needs to be done on the client side14:06
Panzerboybalast: so it depends on the IRC client you're using14:06
balastI use the webclient on ubuntuonair.com14:06
Panzerboybalast: then I don't know14:07
xorinzorI just tried: "/ignore #mwsf * JOINS NICKS PARTS CRAP"14:07
xorinzorbut didnt seem to work14:07
Arcidiasgratz, Kevin ^^14:07
Arcidiasyou're already here, @Guest2387014:08
FlyingPigGuest42870: shut up14:08
k1lGuest16658: stop it14:08
FlyingPigcan anybody block him?14:08
Arcidiaswe need an op here asap14:08
Panzerboydholbach: can you kick out the spammer?14:08
Blundererpls stop14:08
BloggerHello Ubuntoo i'am windows fucker:p14:10
KosticIs this an Q&A session or?14:10
Arcidias@Blogger everyone's welcome, but this kind of attitude ain't cool man :)14:10
Arcidias@Kostic you can ask questions with QUESTION: prefix14:10
BloggerSorry just kidding14:10
KosticAh... So it is. Thanks Arcidias14:11
ArcidiasKostic: np mate14:11
Arcidias+1 for the reference xD14:12
snowyrooftopsWhat Unity need is something that can scale.... for a 24" screen, a single row of icons is too few14:12
Panzerboysnowyrooftops: I guess that's what they're going to go for14:12
Arcidiassnowyrooftops: doesn't the sidebar scale?14:12
GerShockHi! :S14:13
snowyrooftopsI think it's a single set of icons... I haven;t been able to find a way to get multiple columns in the sidebar14:13
Arcidiassnowyrooftops: it's still scrollable14:13
snowyrooftopsOh, and also had to mention - just because something is a TV doesn't mean it has a high resolution. I had a Samsung Plasma with 1024x768 and 800x600 resolutions14:13
snowyrooftopsArcidias: Yes, but with a lot of apps installed, that's a lot of scrolling14:13
nik90snowyrooftops: having multiple columns would disrupt the quicklists options..it will look wierd14:14
KosticQUESTION: (nick is pronounced as Cos-te-tj :) )What graphical toolkit should I consider using for the Unity Next? Is it safe to stick with GTK+3 or should I need to consider switching to Qt5? Qt5 doesn't play so nice with Python and Golang currently (haven't tried C yet).14:14
snowyrooftopsnik90: 2 sidebars (one on each side) would be nice... or maybe even 4 'sidebars'14:14
Arcidiassnowyrooftops: I imagine it'd be a lot buggy with 4 sidebars14:14
Arcidiassnowyrooftops: visually, at least14:14
snowyrooftopsUnless 'Live Tiles' is patented, we could have a row of boxes along the top and another row along the bottom for displaying live content14:14
BloggerQuestion , Can ubuntu be like android bought by google .or ... .. and be devlopped and shared all over the world? it could be good i think ?14:15
ArcidiasBlogger: that sounds horrible14:15
snowyrooftopsBlogger: Ubuntu is a lot like Android in a way.... anyone can take Ubuntu Linux code and modify it14:16
Bloggeralso android14:16
KosticAndroid is LESS open than Ubuntu Blogger.14:16
snowyrooftopsBlogger: The difference is Java (not exactly Java per-se 'cos Swing and AWT aren't supported) is the only way to develop for Android14:16
Kostic*than Ubuntu, Blogger. ;)14:16
snowyrooftopsBlogger: For Ubuntu, you can use anything that works14:16
Bloggerohhh okk ok i see now14:16
Bloggerthank you14:16
snowyrooftopsKostic: I share your view.... though I stated it from a development perspective14:17
benkaiserQUESTION: will compiz run the same on Mir as X?14:18
snowyrooftopsWhy is Qt preferred over GTK for development for Unity? Doesn't Qt have licensing issues? I'm guessing Qt is Nokia's intellectual property.14:19
Hakenslinebahh you have a iphone14:20
Corasaaawhat i've missed?14:21
PrestonNice scarf Thomas14:21
nshiellHi all14:21
snowyrooftopsCorasaaa: Q&A session now14:21
nuts11222I love Ubuntu :)14:21
Hakenslinehah iphone14:22
CheeseBurgIs something going on now?14:22
Hakenslineplease shut you down you iphone14:22
Hakenslinewhe are ubuntu user14:22
k1lCheeseBurg: see ubuntuonair.com14:22
davielWill the desktop Unity Next follow the visual design of Ubuntu Phone and Tablet?14:22
tvossPreston, thanks :)14:23
Arcidiasdaviel: I think that's the main idea14:23
nshiellUbuntu touch seems similar to the stuff Nokia tried to release with Meamo 3years ago14:23
dholbachkeep the questiosn coming!14:23
CorasaaaIt's a great idea!14:23
Arcidiasdaviel: and I think it actually goes the other way around14:23
dholbachplease prefix them with QUESTION14:23
CheeseBurghow long has this Q&A been going on?14:23
k1lCheeseBurg: 23mins. so far14:24
ArcidiasCheeseBurg: second question answered right now14:24
KosticCompiz is dead, long live Compiz!14:24
nshiellQUESTION: Do you think Mir will ever have the same extensions as Compiz (cube wobly windows etc)?14:24
benkaisernshiell, that was going to be ,my next question... :)14:24
bhaveshQUESTION: So as compiz will be legacy, will we be able to get compiz effects like desktop cube, wobbly windows in unity next?14:25
Kosticwobly windows? Really guys? Give me a break.14:25
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HakenslineQUESTION you think the effect of introducing mouse to the top right as gnome? without ubuntu tweek?14:25
Nil_will Ubuntu launch it as OPEN SOURCE ?14:25
bhaveshoh my question was already asked ( sorry I missed that14:25
nshiellNil I'm pretty sure they will14:25
benkaiserwobbly windows are awesome... buggy, but awesome...14:25
ArcidiasHm, I don't really care about wobbly windows, but different wallpapers on every desktop should be implemented14:25
olliNil_, are you asking whether Mir is open source14:26
Arcidiasas a feature14:26
benkaiserArcidias, so true14:26
nuts11222have any of you tried zorin os ? It's just another flavor based on ubuntu.It comes with alot of programs pre-loaded.14:26
CorasaaaQUESTION: when Mir and Unity Next will be released?14:26
hero1900guys do you think you can finish it on time??? how is the progress on MIR going well?14:26
Arcidiasnuts11222: I don't like bloatware on my installs, I actually use ubuntu minimal cd, then stack whatever I want on top14:26
nuts11222I've been using it for the past year. I luv it :)14:27
nshiellQUESTION: if your not a hotshot C developer, can you still help, and if so how?14:27
nuts11222I swithch back and forth between zorin and ubuntu daily :)14:27
CheeseBurgQUESTION: I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question but what work is being done to make Unity Next more friendly to those with disabilites. This is one area where OSX is head of the competition.14:27
nuts11222You can always disable or unistall, very easily.14:28
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LuckiboyQUESTION: In addition to Corasaaa: in which release will Unity Next/Mir be presented?14:28
ollitvoss, I think he refers to hot corner14:29
Hakenslinethe view window?14:29
dellQUESTION: Will all ubuntu application switch to QT rather than GTK. E.g libreoffice14:29
chingistanQUESTION: will we have wobbly windows with Mir? If yes, when?14:29
nshiellmouse to top right shows the apps and workpaces14:29
benkaiserQUESTION: Will Mir / Unity Next, like compiz, allow plugins so someone else can implement wobbly windows?14:29
tvossolli, thanks14:30
nuts11222mouse to the top corner is in cinnamon14:30
HakenslineQUESTION on gnome 3, if you go left up the mouse you can see the whole window as ALT + TAB14:30
KosticQUESTION: For testing purposes, should I gpart a new partion on the disk to try out Mir or would a VM be a good solution?14:30
dellQUESTION: Will all ubuntu application switch to QT rather than GTK. E.g libreoffice, gimp ?14:31
nshiellQUESTION: how much planning has gone into Mir's multi monitor handling?14:31
wiliam_QUESTION: Will Desktop Unity Next follow closer to the design of the current Unity, or the Ubuntu Phone design?14:31
HakenslineQUESTION you know what I mean?14:31
HakenslineQUESTION excuse me for my english14:31
Arcidiasstop abusing the chat14:31
dholbachHakensline, you're doing fine! :)14:31
nshiellok, thanks14:32
nuts11222download ubuntu tweak. It's a great tool to have. There is a great cleaner called "Janister". I run it after installs and updates. It brings the computer back to an almost new state.14:32
HakenslineI am Swiss and I have a shop where I sell computers with Ubuntu!!14:33
janine_Damn you tvoss, I was just about to ask about testing xD14:33
k1lBoris_: no advertisiing in here, please14:33
HakenslineThis is not advertising but pride14:34
k1lHakensline: that wasnt meant for you :)14:34
Boris_Ok sorry, just was in buffer14:34
CorasaaaWhat's the relationship with Nvidia, ATI and Intel about MIR. Why don't collaborate with Nvidia ATI or Intel ? Sorry for my English!14:34
CorasaaaQUESTION: What's the relationship with Nvidia, ATI and Intel about MIR. Why don't collaborate with Nvidia ATI or Intel ? Sorry for my English!14:34
HakenslineI am proud to advertise for ubuntu14:35
nuts11222Hakensline, I like that you build and sell Ubuntu compters. I built my own with different verions on one pc. I own about  five total right now.14:35
kgunnsorry, network probs earlier...meant to share14:35
nshielli have done TDD before14:35
nshiellquite useful IMO14:35
SiekaczQUESTION: How many things in Mir/UnityNext is hardware accelerated (UI Widgets, video playback)? (read nick: syekh-atch :P)14:36
nuts11222Which graphics card do you any of you prefer gaming ?14:36
k1lnuts11222: lets stick to this hangout topic in here. we have a #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat :)14:37
nshiellI <3 comiz desktop zoom14:37
ITJri love cock14:37
nuts11222ok, sorry14:37
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Sorry I am coming to this Q&A late so this might have been answered BUT how much does Mir take from Wayland and is it possible foe the projects to share some code?14:38
SergioMeneseshi everybody!14:38
designbybeckQUESTION: with Mir , what are the perks? Any new eyecandy and the like? What will the benefits be?14:38
dellThanks for answer14:39
k1lQUESTION: so the not qt5 apps will run in xMir?14:39
janine_QUESTION: Will Apps Running in xMir be accelerated? How much access will they have to the underlying archetecture?14:42
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nshiellQUESTION: what exites you most about MIR?14:42
chingistanQUESTION: does Mir already work with Virtualbox?14:44
CheeseBurgQUESTION: If Mir or Unity Next do not support plugins, then how will other desktop environments build for Mir? While they have to make heavy changes to their code or run a custom version of Mir OR is Mir already being built with them in mind?14:44
k1lQUESTION: any progress on the prop. Video Driver topic?14:45
Lintuxlike the question @k1l14:45
dellQUESTION: I see mir uses boost library, c++ 11, and OpenGL code, which part should I focus, If I want to understand the code better14:46
bhaveshQUESTION: Unity currently has extensions for firefox, will extensions like those will also be available for chrome or chromium?14:46
PrestonQUESTION: Is the next Unity going to have some performence updates?14:50
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CheeseBurgQUESTION: How will Mir and Unity next run on lower-end hardware like ARM devices or older computers?14:52
benkaiserkgunn, yeh, I guess your right :)14:56
PrestonWhat was the first channel14:57
benkaiserPreston, what, #ubuntu-mir ?14:58
tvossPreston, #ubuntu-mir14:58
PrestonThank you14:58
CorasaaaGo TEAM!14:58
kgunnalso #ubuntu-unity14:58
k1lbb and thanks for involving the community14:58
tvossCheeseBurg, and yes, Mir and UnityNext are tailored towards resource-constrained devices14:58
CorasaaaUBUNTU IS GREAT!14:58
dholbachyou all are great!15:02
dholbachthanks again15:02
tvossthanks Daniel15:02
* tvoss hugs dholbach15:02
* dholbach hugs tvoss back :)15:03
* tvoss hugs kgunn 15:03
shagunwhen is the event starting?15:04
k1lshagun: the mir/unity session is just over15:08
k1lshagun: the next one wille be beta testing with the quality team in 3 hours from now15:09
shagun@kll thanks15:10
UbuPhillup_can you paste the url20:16
UbuPhillup_Ohh sory20:20

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