ubottutadpole called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:16
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from tadpole)00:17
elkyk1l, uh... <tadpole> Crowler, Go fuck your self.00:18
elkyI sure hope he doesn't think he's been rewarded for that.00:19
k1lwell, crowler did provoke for some time now in the channel00:20
k1lsince im in a good mood now i think a !language seems ok for tadpole, since he apologized and i dont think that will happen again00:21
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jaysqlanyone here?08:05
jaysqli want to volunteer with writing stuff..08:05
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Myrttijaysql: and?08:41
jaysqlwell how do i apply?08:41
Myrttiwell obviously (see /topic) not here.08:42
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k1ldo we have someont with flags for #ubuntu-on-air ?14:09
Picik1l: whats up>?14:10
k1lthere is a ubuntuonair about mir and unity-next right now and that seems to bring some trolls in the channel14:10
Picik1l: are you watching it?14:11
PiciI'm in the middle of some other work, I could op you if you want to keep an eye on things.14:11
k1lyes. dholbach already kicked the spammer. but i think he is kinda busy talking on the webcam :)14:12
k1lok ill keep an eye on this14:12
Picithanks :)14:12
PiciWell, as of today, Wubi is no longer being included in 13.04 builds.14:18
k1lyeah, im very fine with this :)14:18
MyrttiI'll raise my celebratory cup of yoghurt14:19
k1lcheers ;p14:19
IdleOnebetter read up on your "how to migrate a wubi install" howto14:21
ubottuwilee-nilee called the ops in #ubuntu (St34LTH)16:41
bazhangwubi or not wubi: that is the question17:14
bazhang<rns> ubuntu used to be awesome, now it's like windows 817:21
bazhangthe threat used to be: I'm going back to windows17:21
bazhangMaya on terminal. oh yeah17:51
bazhang<bray9082_> Someone told me that installing ubuntu on a mac was a bad thing due to something with the silicone19:32
LjL"You might be a robocaller," the system asks the illegal robocaller. "To prove you are a human please enter the number 71. … I'm sorry that is incorrect. Your number has been blacklisted." http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/04/no-more-robocalls-new-tech-automatically-hangs-up-on-robots/ <- should have patented the FloodBots ;(20:14
bazhangor Partybot20:16
ubottuYup!  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2012-October/000164.html !party in #ubuntu-release-party20:17
bazhang"if ubuntu will return to gnome"20:24
bazhangplease please let gnome3 .8 in raring have the classic mode20:25
DJonesLjL: Its a bit confusing seeing somebody called "Foss" planning on selling their "proprietry technology"20:36
IdleOne@mark boldfilter #ubuntu still unhelpful as useual22:10
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:10
IdleOneerr usual22:11
IdleOneanyway, the bot understands me :/22:12
Ben64genii-around: you probably shouldn't ban everyone in the channel :)23:19
genii-aroundIt won't let you anyhow, I had this happen before23:20
k1lits just the webirc guys talking23:20
Ben64dunno how they're immune to the ban23:21
k1lthey are exceptions23:21
k1lif you kick a webirc guy the bots remove that exception23:21
Ben64ah, weird23:22
genii-aroundRight after i hit Enter he left   ( eco )23:28

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