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ePierreHi everyone!03:53
balloonsePierre, hello :-)04:08
ePierreI saw a message on Google+ leading to this article: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2013/03/beta-testing-extraordinaire-with-ubuntu.html04:11
ePierreso I wanted to check this channel as well :)04:11
ePierreI would love to participate, but I'm living in Asia, so the time schedule is pretty bad for me04:12
ePierrethat would be between 2 AM and 6 AM :)04:12
balloonsePierre, :-(04:16
balloonsI'm uploading some new videos now to the youtube channel that might help you out04:16
balloonsthat and the walkthroughs.. It's later here for me.. I'm likely 12 hours difference from you :-)04:17
ePierreoh, time for bed then!04:17
ePierreyou're Nicholas, right?04:17
ePierreIt's 12:17PM here04:17
balloonsePierre, indeed.. lol04:18
balloonsePierre, here's the video channel for you; https://www.youtube.com/qualitybecomesyou.. And here's the tutorials I mentioned; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/QATracker; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough04:18
balloonsthe video links on those pages are being update *soon* :-)04:19
ePierreworking till past midnight, that's devotion! ;)04:19
balloonslol.. just making sure things are all set for tomorrow04:20
balloonserr, well today at this point :-)04:20
dholbachgood morning06:36
jibelgood morning07:02
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gruzinЕсть кто русский ?11:16
boboyya chut chut znayu po russkiy11:16
Darrel_anybody in?11:16
gruzinэто  хорошо ,  так что тут происходит11:16
Darrel_i don't understand.11:16
boboyya iz uzbekistane11:17
Darrel_hope what i'm doing is right?11:17
Jorrit_what do you wanna do?11:17
Darrel_so what's going on now?11:17
boboywhat does mean 'Azrael'?11:18
Darrel_have i to watch the video as well?11:18
Darrel_anybody there?11:19
Azrael_War 40k11:19
boboyyeah i am here11:19
boboywhere are you from11:20
Azrael_french from russia11:20
Darrel_is the video a live treaming/11:20
Darrel_i'm from sri lanka.11:21
boboyi am from uzbekistan11:21
Azrael_on any device can i separate working use and personnal use11:21
Darrel_I don't understand how to use this chat.11:22
Darrel_can somebody help?11:22
Azrael_ask some question11:23
mido91hello  everyone11:23
zexhello to everyone11:35
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SergioMeneseshi everybody!14:37
balloonshello SergioMeneses15:25
SergioMenesesballoons, brasero testcase is almost done! :)15:26
balloonsjust syncing more of the isos for today15:36
SergioMenesesballoons, nice!... btw I have to share the software center testcase with you15:39
balloonsSergioMeneses, ok.. So I need to update the ubuntu on air page again it seems15:40
SergioMenesesballoons, did you try to "sync between computers" ?15:42
balloonsSergioMeneses, look ok now? http://ubuntuonair.com/15:44
balloonsSergioMeneses, I did try it.. I ran into that unrelated bug, but it seemed to work15:46
SergioMenesesballoons, jejee ok15:47
sojournerI zsync'd this mornings daily , It boots and the live session runs ok but I can't get past the second pages on the installer , it hangs there , I've been having this problem for most of raring . any suggestions ?15:50
balloonssojourner, when you say the second page, which page exactly/15:50
balloonswhat's the title at the top?15:50
balloonsalso, what's your setup? A vm, real hw, etc?15:51
sojournerinstall , the page where you select what to d/l during install .15:51
sojournerreal hardware , 6 drives many partitions , giving the install its own drive .15:53
SergioMenesessojourner, there is a bug about it?15:53
sojournerI forget I think I joined a bug a couple of months ago on it , Ill have to look15:54
SergioMenesessojourner, prefect15:55
balloonssojourner, hmm.. so its not hanging on the partitions page15:57
balloonsreally interesting.. if you don't have a bug filed, let's get one filed.. and if it has been filed, we can help make sure it gets looked at15:57
sojournerno does not get that far .15:57
balloonsyour setup sounds like a good test candidate with so many disks and partitions ;-)15:58
balloonsdid previous images have issues -- quantal, precise?15:58
davmor2balloons: you'll be glad to know that todays images allows secureboot again :)15:59
sojourneryes I have precise and an upgraded to raring install of quantal  I had a raring daily that did work from a mnth ago but I wiped it for this install .16:00
balloonsdavmor2, nice! do you have secure hardware yourself?16:00
davmor2balloons: however there is an issue with the software-updater it seems to stick on preconfiguring packages :(16:00
balloonssojourner, if you can get the date or approximate date on that it would help.. is there any indication of what the error is? If it locks the system completely, file a bug before you get to that part16:00
davmor2balloons: I do Lenovo ideapad y58016:01
sojournerdoesn't lock up just the installer stalled I can quit it and continue the live .16:02
sojournergot to leave now , doctors appointment I'll be back later .16:03
balloonssojourner, ok.. let me know if you need more help16:04
balloonsyou can add me to the bug you do fil16:04
balloonsnskaggs is my launchpad id..16:04
balloonsI want to make sure this gets looked at. thanks sojourner !16:04
SergioMenesesbtw balloons sojourner If I can with something more, please let me know16:05
balloonsgezasgezas, hello16:14
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balloonsSergioMeneses, ohh.. 1800 UTC is in 40 mins :-)16:20
balloonsgonna eat quickly to prepare16:21
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SergioMenesesballoons, /o\16:22
SergioMenesesperfect, I'm going to eat something too16:22
SergioMenesesI'll be back soon16:23
phillwballoons: SergioMeneses it is 16:30 UTC :)16:29
balloonsphillw, ?16:31
balloonsbah.. indeed it is16:31
* balloons rants about google calendar16:31
balloons:-) the time and date applet has it correct.. I almost always just use that16:39
balloonssilly me thought i'd schedule it in google calendar16:39
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natinuxhi every body17:00
balloonshello natinux17:02
SergioMenesesnatinux, hi17:02
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Guest45744hello all17:08
natinuxsorry hi17:11
natinuxwho speak spanish??17:12
SergioMenesesnatinux, si?17:13
balloonsSergioMeneses hablo español natinux17:13
natinuxPerfecto me alegra, que alguien me pueda entender..17:14
SergioMenesesnatinux, perfecto17:15
natinuxsoy un relativamente nuevo en lo que tiene que ver con ubuntu alguien me puede ayudar con unas inquietudes q tengo17:17
natinuxquiero cambiar el tema de ubuntu que por default es Radiance o ambiance.... por otro q me guste quien puede ayudarme???17:20
SergioMenesesnatinux, soporte? acude a #ubuntu-es17:20
SergioMenesesla verdad yo ando algo ocupado17:21
natinuxen este dialogo en q puedo ayudar??? o hacer??? y disculpo si incomodo17:26
SergioMenesesnatinux, yo te recomiendo que busques en internet temas para ubuntu17:28
SergioMenesesla verdad casi nunca cambio eso17:28
chilicuilballoons: good morning ~_~/17:47
SergioMeneseschilicuil, noon17:48
balloonschilicuil, hello :-)17:48
balloonsyou ready?17:48
chilicuilyep, setting up the vm =)17:48
balloonsk, let me invite you and SergioMeneses  now17:49
SergioMenesesballoons, chilicuil https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities17:49
* SergioMeneses goes to find a chair17:50
balloonsgoing live on ubuntuonair now :-)18:02
davmor2balloons: there is an apt-daemon fix for the issue I was having with software-updater that landed today so to do updates everyone will need to do a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade check the apt-daemon fix is in and then software-updater should in theory work again :)18:03
balloonsthis event will be in spanish -- can everyone see the video?18:03
Letozaf_balloons, I can :D18:03
SergioMenesesLetozaf_, \o\18:04
Letozaf_SergioMeneses, Hey :D18:04
schauer97Are they using Webcamstudio?18:07
balloonsschauer97, using g+ hangout18:07
schauer97Yes, but the quality of the Desktop is better than mine, if I make a Hangout on air.18:09
schauer97sorry for my bad english :/18:09
balloonsahh.. :-) I too don't have an amazing upload speed, which is what controls the quality18:10
SergioMenesesschauer97, dont worry18:10
schauer97OK :)18:10
balloonsschauer97, te habla angalias  bueno18:11
balloonslol.. better than my spanish18:11
SergioMenesesballoons, it is not so bad18:11
SergioMenesesofprieto, \o18:11
balloonsif anyone has any questions, SergioMeneses abd chilicuil can both help in spanish.. and after the demo maybe even show you if you need help18:12
SergioMeneses \o/18:13
ofprietojejee SergioMeneses  el on air tiene bastante ruido de fondo18:14
balloonscuestiones, alguien?18:14
ofprietoplease mut micro ;D18:14
ofprietoSergioMeneses:  solo se esta compartiendo la ventana de test disk18:17
BartOC3ofprieto +118:18
ofprietosi ya se ve todo SergioMeneses18:20
ofprieto*el navegador18:20
balloonsif anyone needs help running or trying out a testcase, feel free to speak up..18:23
balloonsEnglish or Español :-)18:23
balloonsthere's also folks who can help in italiano or français if needed18:25
ofprietoBartOC3:  sabes cual es el link ?18:25
ofprietocual es la opcion de este repositorio donde encuentro la parte del beta http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/18:25
BartOC3ofprieto cual link ?18:26
ofprietomira BartOC3  en este http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ cual es el  link para entrar a la opcion del beta2?18:26
=== balloons changed the topic of #ubuntu-quality to: Welcome to Ubuntu Quality | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam | Beta Testing Extraordinaire with Ubuntu Quality http://ubuntuonair.com/ 1800 UTC, 2200 UTC | Raring Final Beta Testing
BartOC3ofprieto > http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:27
CheeseBurg¿Es esta sesión en español solamente?18:28
balloonsCheeseBurg, si18:28
ofprieto02 de abril, 18:00 UTC (en español) 02 de abril, 20:00 UTC (Inglés)18:28
ofprietogracias BartOC318:28
=== balloons changed the topic of #ubuntu-quality to: Welcome to Ubuntu Quality | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam | Beta Testing Extraordinaire with Ubuntu Quality http://ubuntuonair.com/ 1800 UTC, 2000 UTC | Raring Final Beta Testing
CheeseBurgja ja ok. No hay manera de que google se puede traducir esta sesión completa.18:29
BartOC3SergioMeneses mande el link por aca..18:30
sojournerI'm back , I tried again same result  ubiquity hung again .I used ubuntu-bug to file bug report 1163502 . I checked and my previous bug was from quantal18:30
balloonssojourner, I'll go look at the bug now18:31
BartOC3Gracias don SergioMeneses18:31
balloonsbug 116350218:31
ubot5bug 1163502 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity hung during install of april 2 daily amd64" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116350218:31
ofprietoSergioMeneses: pregunta18:31
ofprietoosea puedo crear entornos de pruebas en virtualbox18:31
ofprietode varias versiones?18:31
ofprietook pero al tomar ese perfil de hardware no me tomaria el del virtual box?18:32
balloonssojourner, we need to expand the description of the bug report so the developer knows what's going on18:32
balloonscan you describe it the same way you described it to me? you have x disks, x partitions, and your trying to install by selecting X option, etc18:33
balloonsand then it locks the session, and ubiquity freezes, etc18:33
balloonswhatever happens :-)18:33
ofprietook, Gracias :D18:33
SergioMenesesofprieto, andamos algo cortos de tiempo18:34
SergioMenesespero como te decia lo importante en ese caso es el manejo al disco duro18:35
SergioMenesespor los discos virtuales18:35
SergioMenesespero de poder puedes ;)18:35
ofprietoyo ando en la empresa :S cualquiermomento vuelo SergioMeneses jejeje18:35
SergioMenesessino puedes crear un disco de virtualbox generico y re--escribirlo18:35
SergioMenesesofprieto, dale!18:35
ofprietosi ees que yo tengo ahorita18:35
ofprietoinstalado 12.1018:35
ofprietoy de todo el software que tengo ya instalado  configurado no puedo formatear y formatear o realizar actualizaciones18:36
ofprietoel disco mio es de 750 eso alcanza18:36
SergioMenesesofprieto, claro! por eso decia que es mejor mantener upgrades18:36
SergioMenesespero es cuestion de gustos18:36
ofprietoham yo si hago upgrades, pero aveces me ocurren fallas un tanto complicadas :S no tengo tanto nivel como para solucionarlas18:37
SergioMenesesofprieto, jeje dale cualquier cosa podes preguntar aqui, eso si en Ingles :P si yo estoy desocupado te doy una mano18:38
ofprietohuu ok18:39
balloonssojourner, ok, I'll look at the log, see if I reproduce.. listing exactly what you did and how you did it helps to reproduce the bug18:40
balloonsif we can reproduce it, it makes it much easier for a developer to fix. So when filing, it's a good idea to include enough information that the developer is able to reproduce it18:40
sojourneradded  comment to the report  . is that enough ?  I can copy the entire /var/log to another drive and upload anything else you think might be useful .18:41
balloonsbtw, you can update the original description -- click the yellow exclamation point18:41
balloonshmm.. grabbing /var/log is always useful.. what you have attached might be enough18:41
sojournerok I'll copy it and preserve it if they need something later  i'll have it ..18:44
balloonssojourner, perfect18:44
BartOC3SergioMeneses hasta el mometo todo perfecto..18:45
SergioMenesesBartOC3, dale!18:45
SergioMenesessiempre es algo complicado estos horarios jeje pero la intension cuenta :)18:45
balloonssojourner, did you boot using usb or via cd/dvd?18:46
BartOC3SergioMeneses si lo que vale es la intencion...18:47
SergioMenesesballoons, was a real installation? real hardware?18:47
ofprietoSergioMeneses:  pero no queda nada registrado ?18:48
sojournerI'm here on my main sys I'll leave the daily running on my test box ( where I do my testing ) if you want me to try something else .18:48
ofprietopor que si la intencion cuenta pero si se logra grabar tambien seria bueno :D18:48
SergioMenesesofprieto, si! quedara el video en youtube en el canal oficial de ubuntuonair18:48
balloonslet's see if xnox is around18:48
SergioMenesesballoons, ++18:48
balloonsxnox, is our resident friendly ubiquity developer ;-)18:48
SergioMenesesxnox, rocks! \o/18:48
ofprietose me cayo la conexion18:49
balloonssojourner, can you try something for me?18:50
balloonsdon't connect to a network at all when you install18:50
balloonstry that.. don't check the get updates box etheir (not that it would work :-) )18:50
sojournerI've already tried that same thing I'll try again .18:51
balloonsit made no difference then?18:51
balloonsok.. one other thing to try18:51
balloonsare you booting up into a live session, or selecting install ubuntu at the image boot menu?18:52
balloonsTry both ways..18:52
sojournerlive session tried both usb and dvd  , I'm on the dvd now18:53
FernandoGiraldobuenas tardes, alguna forma de filtrar las voces del fondo?18:53
balloonsahh.. try invoking the 'install ubuntu' option straight from the boot menu18:53
sojournerI've tried install from the boot menu no help , I've beeen fighting this bug for awhile .18:54
balloonsthe error your seeing is just spawning from debconf I believe18:54
balloonsso break it down for me one more time.. you see the welcome screen, you click next18:54
balloonsyou get the install screen.. all the check boxes are green.. you hit next18:54
balloonsdo you get to the install type screen?18:54
Letozaf_balloons, I will try too, synced my ISO just now18:55
balloonsheck.. let me link you somethng that will help us debug together :)18:55
SergioMenesesFernandoGiraldo, saludos!18:55
Letozaf_balloons, what language was selected ?18:55
SergioMeneseslastimosamente no de momento :S18:55
SergioMenesespero se alcanza a escuchar perfecto18:55
Letozaf_balloons, got it English18:56
FernandoGiraldoSergioMeneses: ok, gracias18:56
balloonssojourner, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity/SlideDecks.. https://plus.google.com/photos/105922848292507689403/albums/5802133545673972321?banner=pwa18:56
FernandoGiraldoSergioMeneses: saludos.18:56
balloonswhich picture is ubiquity dying on?18:56
balloonsthis one? https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Lui_CB7Td8M/UIVRv6wsQUI/AAAAAAAAAYU/a7Z6sZb8-LE/w482-h371-p-o-k/011.png18:56
balloonsLetozaf_, :-)18:56
sojournerI see the select what to download screen and when I hit continue it hangs , If I have one of my drives mounted I get a partman message about it and when I tell it to unmount the drive (or not) mit18:59
balloonsok so it's this screen, preparing to install ubuntu.. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Lui_CB7Td8M/UIVRv6wsQUI/AAAAAAAAAYU/a7Z6sZb8-LE/w482-h371-p-o-k/011.png18:59
SergioMenesesballoons, we're done19:00
Letozaf_balloons, I got past that one I'm on the "Installation type" window19:00
sojournerthe one whre it shows if you are connected to the internet and has atleast 4.9 gb drive space and if you are plugged in19:00
sojourneryes that one19:01
balloonsso the next screen is where you select your installation type.. when you hit continue it reads your disks19:01
balloonsso your not yet installing anything, nor messing with your disks19:01
sojournerthat screen never comes up .19:01
balloonsso that error is weird..19:01
balloonsright.. got it19:01
balloonsSergioMeneses, chilicuil thank you!19:02
balloonsthank you all for attending.. in an hour we'll be doing another session with similar content, but in English..19:02
balloonsyou'll see us again on ubuntuonair19:02
SergioMenesesballoons, dont worry! thanks for the invite19:03
Letozaf_balloons, in UbiquityDm.txt I see a Wacom device19:04
Letozaf_balloons, could it be that ?19:04
Letozaf_balloons, it does not happen to us as we do not have it ?19:05
balloonsLetozaf_, good question. sojourner, are there any odd devices attached?19:05
balloonsmeaning, anything beyond a mouse and keyboard?19:05
SergioMenesesok guys I have to go! see you later19:05
Letozaf_balloons, thats weired : "wacom-plugin-CRITICAL"19:06
balloonsLetozaf_, did you finish your install?19:06
Letozaf_balloons, I stopped at the installation type window19:06
balloonsif so, we should compare the logs of your installation to sojourner's19:06
balloonsi need to reboot..19:06
balloonsI'm going to use the same image, and compare the logs of my install19:07
Letozaf_balloons, ok19:07
sojournerI'm going to try the dvd on my main sys and see if it gets past that screen , I won't risk an install on my main sys but may learn something .19:07
balloonssojourner, yes indeed..19:08
balloonssomething about that box is causing things to go funny19:08
balloonsdo you have more than one swap partition?19:08
balloonsI was looking at your partman for a moment19:08
balloonsthat's my guess as to where the issue lies.. with your disks/parition setup19:08
sojourneryes I have 6 drives and 11 patritions , 2 ubuntu installs precise and an upgraded from qunatal , 1 open suse , 1 sabyon and 1 win 8 . like I said its a test box19:10
sojournerI'll have to quit for a few minutes to try the dvd on my main sys back soon19:11
balloonsphillw, ping19:13
sojournertried it on my main sys , I let it go all the way to the partitioning screen before I quit so its ok on that box19:19
sojourneryes I think it may be the win 8 install I'll try disconnecting that drive and re try .19:21
balloonssojourner, I have a win8 install lying around I think.. I'll try it on that19:21
sojournernote I was not using wubi I give every install atleast its own partition , the win 8 install is on its own seperate drive .19:22
balloonssojourner, ok, booting up the win8 install now with todays image19:23
balloonsI have a quantal and precise box.. I could try attaching more drives to it :-)19:24
sojournerthis was never an issue until quantal and the win 8 install is after quantal .19:25
balloonsinteresting :-)19:25
balloonssojourner, ohh.. wait for it..19:25
balloonsbah, win8 install passed the screen ok :-)19:25
balloonslet me add that drive to the quantal + precise box and try again19:26
phillwballoons: soz, having dinner...19:26
phillw~ 30 mins & I'll be back :)19:27
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* balloons now booting a machine with lucid, quantal, precise, win7, win8 :-)19:33
balloonsI don't have any swap partitions however sojourner19:34
balloonsI'll have to make some.. I don't use them19:34
sojournerI dont need them pleanty of mem I just make them to keep the installer from griping19:35
balloonswow.. well that took awhile, but it didn indeed get past the screen19:35
sojournertrying now without the win 8 drive I'm past that screen and to the partitioning screen I'll see if the install goes ok and report back .19:37
balloonssojourner, that would be a big breakthrough19:37
sojourneralready had an ext4 partition  preped so installing now19:39
balloonssojourner, yea.. I can't reproduce it here, even adding all those partitions19:43
balloonsit still works19:43
balloonsgonna finish an install and make sure19:43
sojourneryes all I did was disconnect the win 8 drive and its going ok so far .19:44
sojournerok I finished the install and am booted into the install on my test box so it was definately the win 8 drive that it didn't like .19:53
balloonsexcellent.. I'd add that to the report, and see what xnox comes back with19:55
saqman2060Did the live testing hangouts, in english started already @balloons19:57
balloonsgoing live in a couple mins19:57
CheeseburgI was just going to ask that19:57
saqman2060great just in time19:57
balloonsyep, just in time19:57
saqman2060where is the link to the stream?20:03
saqman2060Where do you find "testdrive" @balloon20:08
Letozafyou can just open the dash and type in testdrive and install it clicking on the search result20:08
saqman2060zsync is good to use20:10
Letozafsaqman2060, yes it's the quicker way to download ISO's20:12
Letozafjohngreen, hello!20:15
saqman2060netboot test case sounds good. Please show @balloon20:16
Letozafsaqman2060, don't worry we will show it soon20:19
saqman2060@letozaf, thanks20:20
meetingologysaqman2060: Error: "letozaf," is not a valid command.20:20
saqman2060letozaf, thanks20:20
Letozafsaqman2060, :)20:20
saqman2060sound quality is a little harsh20:25
balloonscan you hear ok?20:25
UbuPhillup_not so good20:26
balloonsis it better now?20:28
balloonsI can hear ok.. but there is some feedback20:28
Noskcajballoons, can i have a link?20:28
CheeseBurgthe screen is of google+20:28
balloonsNoskcaj, ubuntuonair.com20:29
Noskcajok, ty. can i join the conversation somehow20:29
balloonsNoskcaj, yes of course20:29
CheeseBurgYea I can hear you but your very VERY low20:31
balloonsCheeseBurg, ok, let me know if there is something you don't understand20:32
HarryHawkAm I  correct that Virtual box will not run on my Nexus 7?20:33
balloonsHarryHawk, I think that's a wise assumption :-)20:33
* balloons wonders if there is working virtual machine managers for arm20:34
bdmurraypsivaa: is raring upgrade testing being run?20:35
Anujither voice is bit on the lower side...20:36
ultimowhat is this all about?20:37
balloonsthis is showing a netboot testcase installatio20:37
balloonswe covered a basic install using virtualbox a virtual machine20:37
UbuPhillup_when balloons speak is there a »brumm«20:37
UbuPhillup_but i can understand20:38
zak_Does testdrive require a cpu with the virtualization feature? If not what are the minimum requiremenst to run testdrive?20:39
Noskcajso everyone knows, netboot on PPC is a bit different20:40
Noskcajnetboot doesn't release betas, they're on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/264/builds though for some reason20:42
Anujitok..r autosync options also there?20:45
johnny-ubilol... it's u-boon-too...20:46
UbuPhillupin German20:48
Anujitkind of a stupid ques..but is the the min sys reqmnts for ubuntu on virtual box?20:53
UbuPhillupwhat about the applications?20:54
UbuPhillupare they overwritten?20:55
balloonsAnujit, the min requirements20:56
balloonsI would say a few gb's of ram, and a resonably new cpi20:57
balloonsUbuPhillup, yes the applications are overwritten20:57
UbuPhillupballoons: okey thanks20:57
NoskcajAnujit, try running netboot, lubuntu or xubuntu in a VM first, as they use less RAM20:59
Noskcajjust so some of you know, in PPC you can only download off one server21:01
balloonsI hope that proved helpful21:02
balloonsthank you Carla and Noskcaj21:02
balloonssorry the netboot case didn't finish :-(21:02
Letozaf_yes it take quite long21:03
Letozaf_sorry for that :(21:03
Noskcajsorry i didn't have the time to get an ISO, my dad hates the internet21:03
Letozaf_but now there is an excuse to test it so  you see what happens21:03
Letozaf_at the end21:03
balloonsLetozaf_, :-)21:03
Noskcajdid phill go on the stream before i was on.21:04
balloonsNoskcaj, no he's restricted by bandwidth21:05
balloonsthanks everyone for watching!21:05
balloonsbtw, I noticed our non-english testcase is showing up borked: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds/41126/testcases/1316/results21:05
balloonsI was going to do it, and file a bug on it ;-)21:06
balloonsat least it is in my browser21:06
balloonsis it for you?21:06
balloonsthe characters are incorrect21:06
Noskcajballoons, as i said earlier, why is netboot in the beta 2 testing area?21:07
Letozaf_balloons, same for me the non-english testcase is showing up borked21:08
balloonsNoskcaj, I'm confused21:08
balloonsI'm not sure what's going on.. we'll need to ask -release21:08
Noskcajnetboot shouldn't be in here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/264/builds21:08
balloonsmost things are missing if you'll notice21:09
balloonswhich is odd21:09
Noskcajballoons, not really, some ISOs always come before the rest21:10
balloonsper infinity.. indeed, they are re-spinning everything21:10
balloonshopefully everything looks good.. easter set things back it seems21:15
balloonsI should have shown reporting a bug a bit more I think21:16
balloonsI'll file the bug for the testcase not showing up properly21:16
Letozaf_balloons, netboot install is still going ... :-)21:17
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
balloonsNoskcaj, letozaf_ I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bug/116358921:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1163589 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Non-english testcases don't render properly" [Undecided,New]21:28
phillwballoons: there is possibly a similar issue in docs / manual where UTF coding is causing problems. I can go dig the details of the email if you think it may help?21:34
balloonsphillw, hmm.. if you want to leave it in a comment on the bug, that could help..21:36
balloonsI've not looked into it.. and today I won't21:36
balloonsI'm bushed :-)21:36
phillwI'll got find the email. It may be totally unrelated, but the non-rendering bit does ring a bell :)21:37
phillwballoons: bug 922251 (amongst others)21:38
ubot5bug 922251 in ubuntu-ru-docs "serverguide-pdf: ubuntu font instead of serif/monospace/symbol" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92225121:38
phillwahh, no. it seems pdf based for that bug, but the email discussion is not. I'll add it to the bug.21:40
sojournerafter I booted into my install it wanted to "finish installing the language packs" I let it try and it stalled at " preconfiguring packages " I quit out and rebooted and installed synaptic with apt-get , started synaptic and it showed nothing broken or missing . the message it showed when I killed the language updat said I had out of date packages ?21:42
balloonssojourner, hmm22:07
balloonsif it stalled out, it might have gotten stuck on something22:07
balloonsor it simply finished and didn't update22:07
sojournerI've rebooted a couple of times and installed much software and no problems so far .22:08
balloonsright.. I wouldn't expect there to be any22:09
balloonsdid you install in english?22:09
balloonsor something else?22:09
sojournerI also reconnected the win 8 drive and updated my master grub ( on the precise install) and all ok22:09
sojournerenglish yes22:09
balloonsif in english, you shouldn't see that prompt for language packs22:09
balloonsonly for languages that aren't on the iso22:10
sojournerI get that sometimes I don't know why .22:10
* balloons wonders if there is a bug22:10
balloonsdid you have internet enabled?22:10
balloonsI *think* there might be a couple bits it wants that isn't on the cd22:11
sojournernot during install but when the prompt shoed up22:11
balloonsmight still be a bug, but could explain it22:11
balloonsahh yes22:11
balloonsI believe the intent is those should be on the cd22:11
balloonsand of course, it shouldn't error out22:11
sojournerit didn't error out I had to kill debconf from the system monitor .22:12
sojournerIt has happened on some previous installs but never has caused a problem I just figgured it was a quirk .22:13
balloonsdebconf quirk indeed22:15
balloonswell, I'm off for now.. interesting finds sojourner :-)22:15
balloonslet me know if you need my help to follow up any of them22:15
balloonsI want to ask xnox about the win8 drive bug you found22:16
sojournerwhen I updated the repos I noticed most or all of the language translation repo's failed22:16
balloonswhat on earth about it was/is preventing install22:16
sojournerI have no Idea but I know how to fix it next time .22:16

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