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infinityI want to marry sagari and have sexy little powerpc babies with it.  Is that wrong?02:45
infinity(Alternately, just buy a few more machines like it)02:45
infinityDon't accept the d-i upload I just uploaded, I'll accept it once the PPC kernels publish.03:53
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davmor2cjwatson: Hey dude the UEFI + Secureboot would the Secureboot need to be enabled for the kernel to build against it or should it do it with the secureboot disabled do you know?10:03
cjwatsonI haven't had enough coffee to understand that - could you add in the punctuation to help me, please? :-)10:03
cjwatsondavmor2: do you mean "does UEFI Secure Boot need to be enabled in order to build a kernel that supports UEFI Secure Boot"?  No.10:21
davmor2cjwatson: sorry :(  I had the issue with secure boot not working on the latest raring install.  I was asked to try some main line kernels.  These install and create new efi entrys.  However in order to boot the machine to get the kernels to install I needed to disable secureboot.10:21
cjwatsonI don't know whether the mainline kernel builds have the right things turned on to support SB.10:22
cjwatsonThere's normally a separate linux-signed-image-* package.10:23
cjwatsonIf you only have linux-image-*, then the intent is for it to boot anyway even with SB, but some firmware has bugs that prevent this working.10:23
davmor2cjwatson: which would explain why they aren't working when I enable secureboot again, thanks I'll catch up with jsailsbury when he is online thanks10:23
cjwatsonIn order to support linux-signed-image-*, the kernel team would have to be building their mainline kernels in a PPA with appropriate server-side configuration, and there'd probably also have to be a shim-signed with the corresponding key built into it10:24
cjwatsonIt's a fair amount of work10:25
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smartboyhwHello Ubuntu Release Team, isn't the Beta 2 milestone supposed to be created on the ISO QA Tracker for testing???13:16
cjwatsoninfinity: ^-13:16
ogra_smartboyhw, hey !13:16
* ogra_ hugs smartboyhw ... 13:16
ogra_i didnt mean to shock you like that with my april fools blogging :)13:16
smartboyhwogra_ thank you for your joke;)13:16
ogra_(though saying that we consider the euro the most stable currency should have told you ... )13:17
smartboyhwogra_ no I don't know anything about economics;)13:17
ogra_heh ... k13:18
ogra_then the mailing list at the end should :)13:18
smartboyhwThat is;)13:18
ogra_“Ubuntu Engineering Ltd.” ubuntu-april-1st@conanical.com13:18
smartboyhwDoes this email address exist actually;)13:18
ogra_dunno, ask conanical.com :)13:18
smartboyhwThat's the strange thing13:19
cjwatson$ host -t mx conanical.com13:22
cjwatsonHost conanical.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)13:22
cjwatsonsmartboyhw: ^-13:23
davmor2Yay Ubuntu is working against secureboot again with todays iso :)13:40
cjwatsondavmor2: great13:41
cjwatsonLaney: what do you think of the notion of removing the entire conduit stack on armhf?  it looks like, at best, it's going to take a while to resolve13:54
stgrabercjwatson: looks like the QATracker eventually noticed the new d-i13:54
cjwatsonstgraber: well, a newer one than when I asked :)13:55
dokocjwatson, I was told that Laney is afak this week. is this the missing bit to get haskell into raring?13:56
cjwatsondoko: Laney's on holiday but he said he was going to be hacking on haskell while on holiday13:56
cjwatsondoko: it's one of several missing bits, certainly not the only one13:56
cjwatsonLaney is considerably better at this than I am but I've been trying to move things along where I know how13:57
xnoxwell given that he is posting pictures with loads of snow & it's actually sunshine in typical parts of england, I take it he is quite afk.13:57
cjwatsonxnox: he was uploading haskell packages as recently as Sunday, at least13:58
xnoxOh, ok =)13:58
cjwatsonthe other haskell problem that I currently know to be a porting issue is haskell-cipher-aes/powerpc13:59
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cjwatsonthat's very likely a big-endian bug, based on the similar haskell-cryptohash/powerpc problem I fixed (by the same upstream author)14:00
cjwatsonhaven't quite tracked it down yet, but that would unstick another chunk of the stack14:00
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cjwatsonthat one is curious for (a) first 128 bits of output are correct (b) weirdest hex encoding ever14:06
ogra_cjwatson, hmm, i just got a strange erros from the nexus7 daily-preinstalled14:23
ogra_looks like the new lock check code has a hiccup for builds that just failed without lock issues14:24
cjwatsonogra_: No, that's fine, it's just an extra mail14:25
cjwatsonBut essentially the same failure as before14:25
cjwatsonPreviously it would silently not have run the image-generation part of the build if all the livefs builds failed14:25
cjwatsonNow the livefs build is done inside the image-generation lock/logging so that buildlive output shows up in the image build logs14:26
ogra_well, i got a proper failure log from the livefs builder (libc6-dev couldn't be installed)14:26
cjwatsonYeah, I know, I'm looking at both the mails14:26
ogra_ah, k14:26
cjwatsonThey're different from before, I know, but I did expect this14:26
cjwatsonI suppose I might silence the mail notifications in this case; the logging's still useful14:27
ogra_yup, well, if i know i can ignore the traceback i'm fine14:27
ogra_(i see it properly raises the error msg in the last line)14:27
ogra_Unpacking libc6-dev:armhf (from .../libc6-dev_2.17-0ubuntu4_armhf.deb) ...14:29
ogra_dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6-dev_2.17-0ubuntu4_armhf.deb (--unpack):14:29
ogra_ corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive14:29
ogra_i guess thats just a retry14:29
ogra_(i doubt we have corrupt packages in the archive :) )14:29
cjwatsonOK, I've silenced the image build failure mail in this case14:30
cjwatsonIndeed, that's much more likely to be builder-side corruption14:30
* ogra_ fires off a manual build ... 14:30
ogra_hmm, you quietened the cmdline output too when doing manual builds14:31
cjwatsonYep - use DEBUG=1 or tail the log14:35
cjwatson(DEBUG=1 won't publish)14:36
cjwatsonIt was an accident of implementation that the buildlive output always landed on stdout; personally I found it rather annoying and find it more useful in the log14:37
ogra_k, no prob ... i just noticed it14:37
ogra_(wasnt a complaint ... or at least shouldnt have been)14:37
cjwatsondoko: mind if I use ~ubuntu-toolchain-r/test to test a haskell-cipher-aes/powerpc fix?  I'll delete it afterwards14:49
ogra_cjwatson, hmm, now it returned but i didnt get a failure mail14:51
dokocjwatson, sure14:51
ogra_ah, ignore that ... mail delivery was just slow14:52
smartboyhwinfinity: ping14:52
ogra_Unpacking aptdaemon (from .../aptdaemon_1.0-0ubuntu8_all.deb) ...14:56
ogra_dpkg-deb (subprocess): decompressing archive member: internal gzip read error: '<fd:4>: incorrect data check'14:56
ogra_tar: This does not look like a tar archive14:56
ogra_tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors14:56
ogra_SIGH !14:56
ogra_starts looking serious14:56
cjwatsondoko: hmm, ~ubuntu-toolchain-r/test doesn't build against -proposed - is there another handy powerpc-enabled PPA you know of with -proposed already enabled, or should I just flip -proposed on briefly?15:09
dokocjwatson, sounds ok, I'm currntly not using it15:10
cjwatsonok, tweaking15:10
dokofor the 4.8 test rebuild I ddidn't want -proposed15:10
balloonsis infinity about yet? looking for the final beta milestone + images to pop up on the tracker ;-)15:31
stgraberballoons: I created the milestone and added upgrades+netboot images. I also updated the manifest to enable all products but I didn't turn on auto-publish for those as that should only be done once infinity is ready to do the first respin15:41
balloonsstgraber, thank you15:42
stgraberjbicha: I assume you'll be participating in beta2?16:05
balloonsstgraber, the raring daily is still up16:13
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jbichastgraber: yes, there wasn't an email about it this time though, right?16:40
infinityjbicha: No, I didn't send a "who's participating" email, assuming (perhaps naively?) that the answer was "everyone".16:43
slangasekwell, final beta is not an optional milestone... if a flavor is releasing, they're expected to be part of the beta :)16:44
infinityjbicha: So, we just decided in a quick release call to default to that assumption, and if someone doesn't want to be betaing, we can remove them. :P16:44
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* ogra_ sighs about arm lifefs builders 16:59
ogra_*livefs too16:59
dokoinfinity, any reason for you linux-omap4 action?17:14
infinitydoko: Yes, because it's intentionally a copy from quantal and always will be.  Forking the packaging for raring add work for zero benefit, as it would now need to go through SRU verification twice, etc.17:16
dokoinfinity, is this documented somewhere?17:17
infinityDoes it need to be?17:17
dokowell, apparently two people didn't know about it17:18
infinityAnd now they do.  I'm not sure documentation would have solved that.17:18
dokoand I don't think it would hurt to fix these to eliminate the noise17:18
infinityIt came up when we were deciding to keep the Q kernel in R for pvr-omap reasons, but it's certainly not something I think is worth documenting all over the place as some sort of policy.17:19
infinityJust need to make sure the people involved know.17:19
xnoxdoko: we are not getting any new driver blobs for omap4/panda so the kernel is "frozen" at quantal, until EOL.17:22
dokonice, so we are getting new buildds for 14.04? ;-P17:23
cjwatsonYes, AIUI17:23
infinityThough, that doesn't relate.17:23
infinityCause the -generic kernel will boot omap4 just fine and work for buildds.17:23
infinityJust not for desktops.17:23
infinity(Because of the lack of GLES blobs)17:24
xnoxdoko: well quantal's kernel is backported to precise and gets 5 year support, so yeah by 16.04 we should get "supported" armhf builders ;-))))17:25
ogra_given thee current  reoccuring probs with the buildds  i would actually vote for trying -generic right now on them :P17:25
xnox(5year - 6 months)17:25
ogra_infinity, ^^^17:25
infinityogra_: No thanks.17:26
ogra_well, then no images :P17:26
ogra_unless there is a HW error which i dont belive there is17:26
ogra_celbalrai falls over once a week with the stale lock atm ... and since today it cant even unpack packages anymore it seems17:27
infinityThat sounds like hardware to me.17:28
infinityUnless you think celbalrai's kernel is somehow magically different from all the other buildds.17:28
ogra_well, it was only different for the first two weeks when it was newly set up17:28
ogra_since then its a regular thing17:28
infinityPandas are crap.  This isn't news.  We've been suffering with them because they were better than the crap we had before. :P17:28
ogra_yeah, i know17:29
xnoxinfinity: what was before?17:29
infinityAnyhow, the -generic kernel has had almost zero testing, and I don't see it being any better.17:29
* xnox ponders raspberry-pi?!17:29
ogra_xnox, babbage imx5117:29
infinityxnox: Beagles, Babbages, qemu, some old Marvell armv5 platform.17:29
ogra_and *they* were crap ...17:30
infinityxnox: (Actually, the Marvell v5 kit was great, in comparison to all the rest, but it was v5, so we had to ditch it)17:30
ogra_even in the brtoken state the pandas are more stable17:30
infinityDebian still uses those as armel buildds, and they're pretty solid.17:30
ogra_did we actually have beagles in ubuntu ?17:30
infinityogra_: Yeahp, all the a*ceaea machines were beagles.17:31
* ogra_ thought that was linaro stuff only17:31
infinityThey were livefs builders and lp-buildds.17:31
ogra_anyway ...17:31
* ogra_ goes to file an RT so we possibly have livefses by end of the week again :P17:32
infinityogra_: Are both livefs builders broken?17:32
infinityogra_: If not, we can just shove all the builds on to the other.17:32
ogra_the omap images seem to have built17:33
cjwatsonwhich omap?17:33
ogra_and celbalrai seems fine up to the point where it thinks that the tarball it wants to unpack isnt one17:33
ogra_err, not omap ...17:33
infinityogra_: Point me at a log of this tarball thing?17:34
infinitydpkg-deb (subprocess): decompressing archive member: internal gzip read error: '<fd:4>: incorrect data check'17:35
infinitytar: This does not look like a tar archive17:35
infinityFound it, yeah.17:35
infinitytar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors17:35
infinitydpkg-deb: error: subprocess tar returned error exit status 217:35
infinitydpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/language-selector-gnome_0.108_all.deb (--unpack):17:35
infinityThat could just need a reboot and some prayer.17:35
ogra_it does that randomly on different packages17:35
ogra_and i have seen it before ... several times17:35
ogra_though usualy the next build was fine then ... until it went ro with a stale lock17:36
infinityogra_: Well, it's either a recurring hardware issue, or it's that same goofy bug that causes buildds to hate their chroot tarballs occasionally.17:36
infinityogra_: The ro thing, though, sounds like hardware.17:36
ogra_i suspect its the same17:36
ogra_and i suspect the USB layer17:37
infinityWe certainly don't have all the Pandas going ro for no reason constantly.17:37
ogra_or more ... power of the USB layer17:37
infinityYeah, lacking power is also possible.  That's still "hardware issue" to me.17:37
ogra_since thats a typical point of failure on the panda17:37
dokocjwatson, would you mind, if I remove the eclipse binaries for armhf, and for dependent packages? gave up on getting the recent eclipse built on armhf17:38
ogra_do people even use eclipse from the archive at all ?17:39
dokothere are not that many masochists17:39
ogra_i meant on x86 actually17:39
infinityI have a friend who uses the archive version.17:39
cjwatsondoko: go ahead17:39
ogra_every time i come across any eclipes howto the general suggestion is to use the upstream packages17:40
infinityBecause he's had the Debian ethos of "if it's packaged, use that one" drilled into him.17:40
ogra_by you17:40
infinityAnyhow, eclipse on armhf should just be a metapackage that depends on vim, gdb, and build-essential.17:40
ogra_that will also make it easier for doko to port it to Mir :)17:41
dokoinfinity, go ahead. with you QA hat on,  your "doing stuff" side does lack a bit ;-P17:42
infinitydoko: I'm not fundamentall against removing eclipse/armhf for raring.  I'd like it if we could fix it, but I'm certainly not going to.17:52
dokoinfinity, afk now, would be nice if you could look at the eclipse migration18:23
infinityWill do.18:29
blitzkrieg3could we upgrade biosdevname from version 3.11 to 4.1 in precise through an SRU?18:36
bdmurrayslangasek: do you have an opinion on bug 1040833?19:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1040833 in The Dell-poweredge project "Upgrade biosdevname to 4.1 in precise" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104083319:11
bdmurrayslangasek: oh, I see your opinion in the bug now19:14
slangaseklike magic :)19:17
balloonswhat's up with the builds for beta2? are we re-spinning everything or something? Long day.. hit me if I'm just confused21:09
infinityballoons: I'm going to be respinning the world, yeah.  It should all be ready tonight/tomorrow.21:09
cjwatsonballoons: could you please not reassign bugs to ubiquity (the upstream project)?  Please reassign them to ubiquity (the source package in Ubuntu) instead22:44
cjwatsonIt's an LP bug that it even lets you do this, I think, since I don't think ubiquity upstream is configured for bug tracking22:44
stgrabercjwatson: looks like we have a few more (just did an API query). I'll move those too. It's indeed rather annoying that LP doesn't prevent that and that the web UI won't let you see them22:50
cjwatsonstgraber: thanks22:51
cjwatsonI think I filed a bug about that a few years back ...22:51
ScottKpidgin in the Kubuntu packageset.  How odd.23:51
ScottKAh.  libpurple.23:52
infinityScottK: Yeah.  I've intentionally not accepted anything seeded since I'm in the middle of respin-mania.  If you spot anything in the queue you think is urgent enough to trigger a respin of the bits it affects, speak up.  None of them looked critical to me.23:56
ScottKinfinity: Agreed.  I didnt' see anything that needed to get in now.23:57
infinityAlthough, some of the Chinese stuff in NEW is probably wanted for kylin.  I suspect that'll have to wait until after beta.23:57
ScottKIf we do respin Kubuntu, it'd be nice to throw Qapt/Muon in too, but certainly not respin worthy on their own.23:57
infinityWe can accept and build them after the respins are done, so they land on the next potential respin.23:58
infinityI just didn't want the archive in a state of flux while the world was building.23:58

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