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SunStaris there a purpose for that?05:21
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hopkinskongI am just wondering if zygote must be built to run Ubuntu-Touch?05:46
hopkinskongShould be "app_process" built in the base android?05:51
hopkinskongIt seems that i don't have /system/bin/app_process05:51
dholbachgood morning07:01
dholbachsergiusens, did we agree who was going to post the summary of last week?07:02
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hopkinskongAnyone know if zygote is intended to be started?08:45
hopkinskongI have /system/bin/servicemanager08:45
hopkinskongbut i don't have /system/bin/app_process08:46
hopkinskongin android's init.rc it seems that it will start zygote.08:46
hopkinskongBut i don't have /system/bin/app_process in my CM10.108:46
hopkinskongIs is normal or not?08:46
hopkinskongmoreover, i don't have: installd, racoon. mtpd, keystore08:47
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janimorsalveti, is there a make target to only build the kernel in CM/phablet ?10:31
janimosergiusens, ^10:31
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Guest45723how to change the home page of the web browser? pls11:19
dank101yu no uderstand alpha11:35
om26erSaviq, shell build fails on raring http://paste.ubuntu.com/5670161/ is that known ?11:45
Saviqom26er, you need to rebuild unity11:46
Saviqom26er, ./build_unity will help11:47
Saviqom26er, but drop ../unity_build first11:47
om26erSaviq, ack, that;s going to take long though11:47
Saviqom26er, no, we're building kust UnityCore11:48
Saviqom26er, so it shouldn't take more than 15 mins11:48
vilahi all,11:49
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rvrubuntu-qtcreator-plugins : Depends: qtcreator (= 2.7.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~raring1~test7) but 2.7.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed12:49
rvrKnown issue?12:49
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om26errenato, ping12:54
renatoom26er, hi12:54
om26errenato, i was asked to work on autopilot tests for the chewie-client but seems its quite empty on raring12:55
om26errenato, could you help in getting dummy data there? or are there any services that may need to be started for the client to show stuff ?12:56
renatoom26er, I think we have only one autopilot test12:56
om26errenato, i could work on adding much more than that12:57
om26errenato, a slightly different question: is the chewie-client known to work fine in raring ?12:58
renatoom26er, great, I did not test it on raring yet12:58
renatoom26er, today there is only one way to test it, running the real service (datetime, messaging, power, ...)12:59
om26errenato, how to run them ?12:59
renatoom26er, sound and network you can get from here: lp:indicator-server13:00
renatoom26er, larsu and aruiz are working on the service side13:01
* ogra_ wonders who came up with that name ... does the chewie client chew clients ? :)13:01
renatoom26er, I am not sure if is possible but the best way to test it is creating a fake service (maybe using dbus-mock)13:02
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om26errenato, chewie' build fails for me http://paste.ubuntu.com/5670343/13:05
om26erthats on raring13:05
renatoom26er, yes the glib API has changed in raring, you should talk with larsu and aruiz, do you know him?13:05
om26errenato, yes I know them, though none of them is in this channel13:06
rvrYes, known bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/+bug/116212113:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1162121 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "wrong dependencies in ppa for raring final beta" [Undecided,New]13:07
om26erlarsu is in -unity13:07
vilahi all !13:16
vilaI used nexus7-installer in a hurry without realizing it was installing a "standard" ubuntu desktop instead of the utouch one13:17
vilaHow can I revert ?13:17
Mirvrvr: thanks for mentioning that bug, I'll ask dpm to update the instructions to not mention the plugin package anymore separately13:17
Mirvas of today, installing ubuntu-sdk on raring installs the newly named qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu as well13:18
vilaIf I follow the instructions from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install I'm blocked at Step 4 - Deploying Image to Device because 'adb devices' outputs nothing13:18
pmcgowanvila: the default instructions assume android is on the tablet, you can restore android then follow them, or somewhere are instructions to do it manually over the desktop version13:21
pmcgowanpopey: do you know where those are?13:21
vilapmcgowan: ha, great, yeah popey, can I haz ? :)13:22
popeyyou need to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Restoring_Android  first13:23
ogra_you can just boot into recovery mode and drop the zips manually in place13:23
popeyor that13:23
popeyogra_: we need a guide for people to be able to do that ..13:23
popeyits a question I've seen a few times13:23
pmcgowanyeah and its relevant for the other flavors flash doesnt support13:24
ogra_adb push ./patch/to/your/device.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip13:24
ogra_adb reboot13:24
ogra_wait until its done ...13:24
popeywill adb push work given adb devices doesn't?13:25
ogra_adb push phablet*.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip13:25
ogra_adb reboot ...13:25
ogra_popey, in recovery adb should work13:25
vilaadb devices works when I'm in recovery mode (that's the only way I found to make it work), but nexus7-installer doesn't like that mode13:25
popeyah ok13:25
ogra_so before first push ... make sure you are booted into recovery mode13:26
ogra_right, the nexus7 desktop image just uses fastboot to deploy the image ... way easier but supported by a lot less devices in the phone world13:26
* ogra_ hates adb with a passion ... 13:27
hopkinskongzygote is intended to be started?13:28
davmor2ogra_: only with passion....  I thought you'd of hated it with the flames of hell ;)13:28
hopkinskongin android's init.rc it seems that it will start zygote. But i don't have /system/bin/app_process in my CM10.113:28
hopkinskongIs is normal or not?13:28
vilaogra_: silly question... where are the phablet zips ?13:30
vila(I did use phablet-tools *before* running into nexus7-installer by mistake so I should have them in the standard place, I just can't remember it :-})13:30
ogra_vila, for the first step you want quantal-preinstalled-armel+grouper.zip  ... for the second quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip13:33
dun1982Hello, anything new and exiting happened since 2 weeks?13:34
vilaogra_: thanks13:36
rvrMirv: Cool13:43
vilaogra_: those 'adb reboot' were 'adb reboot recovery' ? At least that's what I ended up doing manually (power + volume down, switch to recovery), "normal" reboots didn't provide the expected behavior ;)14:00
vilaogra_: and I now have a utouch nexus7 up and working, thanks !14:00
ogra_oh, yeah, sorry, my fault14:00
ogra_awesome !14:00
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ogra_pmcgowan, popey https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation (feel free to fix typos or improve the text)14:13
pmcgowanogra_: you rock14:13
jhodapppmcgowan, is the media player playing video for you on the n7 for the latest build?14:17
jhodapppmcgowan, it is for me14:17
pmcgowanjhodapp: yes, I think we just had a frankenbuild yesterday14:17
jhodapppmcgowan, good! the phone icon is still missing on this build14:18
pmcgowanthats what clued us in that somethign was amiss, since we didnt fix that icon14:18
pmcgowanand the buildstamp was wrong14:18
jhodapppmcgowan, ah ok, sounds like Jenkins might have gone crazy14:18
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rsalvetijanimo: we should have, let me take a look14:38
jhodappsergiusens, ping14:38
Hazzadoes anyone prefer ubuntu touch interface to android14:38
wilee-nileeHazza, ubuntu touch is on top of android.14:39
ogra_Hazza, thats an odd question in to ask in an Ubuntu channel :)14:40
ogra_its like coming into #ubuntu and asking if people perfer gentoo :)14:40
Hazzayes but if you run ubuntu touch you previously ran android14:40
Hazzaand some like ubuntu desktop and dont like ubuntu touch14:41
wilee-nileehow so, that makes no sense14:41
Hazzaofcourse galaxy devices run android14:41
Hazzaand they are the only handsets that by default support ubuntu touch14:41
ogra_among ~50 others the community ported it to14:43
wilee-nileeI had it on my nexus 714:43
* ogra_ has it on his galaxy S214:43
wilee-nileechunky slow and problematic at best hardly usable as of a month or so ago, but a fyn test.14:44
ogra_mine is definitely snappier than android14:44
wilee-nileethe nexus just needs more ram14:45
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wilee-nileeer and maybe a quad core lol14:45
ogra_didnt you say nexus 7 ?14:45
ogra_that has 4 cores ...14:45
ogra_and plenty of ram as well14:45
wilee-nileeah, I hardly use it my droid phone is so much faster I for got the chip.14:46
wilee-nileemine a 16 gig os one gig I believe.14:47
ogra_well, 1Gig should be enough14:50
ogra_it surely is to run the desktop install smoothly on it14:50
wilee-nileeActually first I ran ported ubuntu in general, it was the slow one now that I remember, The touch just had some limitations, I didn't really spend alot of time before I reloaded a android rom.14:52
wilee-nileeI just got up my walnut sized brain is in standby. ;)14:52
rsalvetijhodapp: I think he's in vac today iirc14:54
jhodapprsalveti, yeah, just remembered that. :)14:54
jhodapprsalveti, let me ask you then, any chance we can get libstagefright_chromium_http.so to be generated and the associated #define enabled in our Jelly Bean base build?14:55
jhodapprsalveti, I need that before HTTP media streaming will work in stagefright14:55
jhodapprsalveti, e.g.: jb/frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/chromium_http_stub.cpp14:56
rsalvetijhodapp: I believe so, but I remember we had to disable to avoid dependency issues with android runtime14:58
jhodapprsalveti, crap, so it might rely on the Java parts of JB?14:58
rsalvetijhodapp: might, but will try to enable it back to see what will happen here14:58
* ogra_ hands wilee-nilee a giant cup of hot coffee14:58
jhodapprsalveti, that'd be awesome...I'm trying to get this to work first before completely jumping to relying on GStreamer14:59
jhodapprsalveti, is that something you'll be able to try pretty soon?14:59
rsalvetijhodapp: sure14:59
jhodapprsalveti, thanks!14:59
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wilee-nileeogra_, Broke out the french press just now, lol.15:03
wilee-nileethanks for the extra boost15:04
AltkeyIs there a way to access a terminal on Ubuntu Touch?15:33
pmcgowanAltkey: folks typically use an adb shell or make an ssh connection15:34
Altkeypmcgowan: okay, I'm also curious about keyboard and mouse support as my touch screen is broken?15:35
rickspencer3so, er QtCreator plugin UI is a bit hard to read today ;)15:54
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xmlich02Hi guys, we are organizing an conference in Bratislava this weekend ( http://www.openmobility.eu ). One of our speakers canceled his talk. Want anyone arrange an talk about Ubuntu Touch on this conference? We can refund at least some of expanses.16:13
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Saviqgusch, you're not shipping an icon with gallery-app :)16:16
Saviqboiko, and you're shipping an old one, and two desktop files :)16:16
ogra_cant have enough of them :)16:17
guschSaviq: I used to - let me check ...16:17
ogra_you two should work together and just share ;)16:17
Saviqgusch, nothing in /usr/share/icons16:22
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boikoSaviq: I actually ship a few desktop files, some of them are meant to be used by the messaging menu16:23
Saviqboiko, yeah, just drop the telephone-app one16:24
Saviqboiko, it's a link anyway, right?16:24
boikoSaviq: ah, that one, yes, this was a suggestion from gusch to make it easier to switch from one package name to another, but yes, it can be removed already, thanks for the reminder16:25
Saviqboiko, and please update the icon while you're at it16:26
boikoSaviq: I need to get the icon from jouni in different sizes, I'll talk to him16:26
Saviqboiko, or scalable, as some others do16:27
Saviq(I know, better to ship prerendered ones)16:27
ttoinehi all16:28
ttoineis there a way to install the ubuntu-touch unity on a x86 based hardware ?16:29
hopkinskongogra_: Are you still there?16:30
hopkinskongShould Android System Server is required for ubuntu touch?16:32
rsalvetijhodapp: seems I'm able to build it with the extra chromium support (had to add the external/chromium repo), will now check if there's any extra dependency there which might block us16:32
jhodapprsalveti, fantastic!16:32
jhodapprsalveti, pretty simple to enable?16:32
rsalvetijhodapp: yup16:34
jhodapprsalveti, awesome, if it all checks can you let me know what I need to enable and I can verify that it in fact is working as expected with stagefright16:35
rsalvetijhodapp: revert http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av.git;a=commitdiff;h=ffb7666f7ef29fde5c608c04472a271cf85a46a0;hp=e0df2e7b19749ad40488d06bb557ce8d96ab3c3716:35
rsalvetiand http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av.git;a=commitdiff;h=ba0c6053b72cc3800cffcb65f8930e685204ff72;hp=ffb7666f7ef29fde5c608c04472a271cf85a46a016:35
rsalvetithen cd external16:35
rsalvetigit clone https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_external_chromium.git chromium16:35
rsalvetigit checkout remotes/origin/cm-10.116:35
rsalvetiand brunch16:35
jhodappnice! do I need to adb push anything other than libstagefright_chromium.so over to the target to try?16:36
jhodapprsalveti, ^16:36
rsalvetijhodapp: it'll build libchromium_net and then rebuild libstagefright16:36
rsalvetiafter a brunch (if you flashed from your own generated image), do an adb sync16:36
rsalvetibut it'll update a bunch of libs16:36
jhodapprsalveti, oh ok, I'll just do that then...I'm used to just pushing over a lib or two instead of using my own built image16:37
wilee-nileeWhat is the image download command for a later install?16:37
rsalvetijhodapp: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5670963/ see the Install lines16:37
jhodappthanks rsalveti16:37
rsalvetijhodapp: let me know if you're able to build it16:37
rsalvetiseems it finished fine here16:37
jhodapprsalveti, will do...I'm heading to lunch in a few mins, but will try and give you feedback right when I get back16:38
jhodapprsalveti, thanks for trying that out for me so quickly16:38
rsalvetijhodapp: sure, np, will also be away for a bit, lunch time as well16:40
jhodapprsalveti, cool, enjoy16:40
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hopkinskongOK, becuase i don't have "/system/bin/app_process", and without it, Zygote(Android's system server) won't run, and as Zygote is marked as critical, and i don't have it, my device reboot.16:52
hopkinskongIs Zygote is essential?16:53
hopkinskongIt is misconfigure of init.rc or what? Is it intended to be run for ubuntu touch?16:53
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Bobo____I need a little help17:26
Bobo____i have installed ubuntu touch on my nexus 7 and am trying to get adb working. But on both my ubuntu server and windows pc I get "device not found"17:28
wilee-nileeBobo____, You just want access from linux?17:29
wilee-nileein other word mount17:29
Bobo____I was looking at the wiki trying to connect via adb to setup openssh-server. I just installed last night and am very noob.17:30
wilee-nileeBobo____, Windows is different is all, how you set it up, just as extra info I use this to mount. http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/how-to-mount-android-40-ubuntu-go-mtpfs.html17:31
Bobo____my linux box is cli only :(17:32
wilee-nileeyeah I saw the server part, was not sure on a possible gui setup otherwise.17:33
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Bobo____was there a difference connecting the device for you after you isntall ubuntu touch than with just android?17:35
Bobo____looks like go-mtpfs has a command line17:36
wilee-nileeBobo____, I primarily use windows on my nexus, although I'm a open source user primarily, I just used gMTP but found it slow. The windows setup using the google nexus kit is a nice setup for all around basic use. My droid mounts automatically in ubuntu.17:38
wilee-nileeI'm not sshing so my use is armchair at best17:39
Bobo____even with ubuntu touch installed on it?17:40
Bobo____My issue is that once I have installed ubuntu touch adb is saying device not found.17:41
wilee-nileeBobo____, I don't have touch installed right now I have, I am going to load it to the nexus later today though.17:41
Bobo____I just did last night. I am dissapointed in the functionality but am hoping for the best. It looks like it could be promising.17:42
Bobo____it is a rather lame duck with no shell app and I cant seem to get a shell running on it through adb either. :(17:42
wilee-nileeI understand I was just offering some info if needed, when people post, and use examples and two separate OS in reference for me it is hard to tell what the whole picture is in their wants. ;)17:42
Bobo____Yeah I was hoping someone on here had already accessed thier ubuntu touch devices through adb.17:44
pmcgowanBobo____: hey, adb certainlyw orks after you load touch17:46
bobo_____go-mtpfs output: go-mtpfs /mnt/usb 2013/04/02 10:45:23 compiled against libmtp 1.1.5 Device 0 (VID=18d1 and PID=4e41) is a Google Inc (for Asus) Nexus 7 (MTP). 2013/04/02 10:45:23 found device Google Inc (for Asus): Nexus 7 (MTP) (18d1:4e41) @ bus 1, dev 717:47
bobo_____anyone on here working with the nexus 7 running ubuntu touch?17:48
pmcgowanbobo_____: yes several folks are17:49
bobo_____anyone have adb connected ?17:50
pmcgowanit should just work17:50
pmcgowanare you using the standard touch install?17:50
bobo_____Umm. No i was uning like a zero day one :(17:51
bobo_____is that a bad idea? I can change it out17:51
pmcgowanupdate to the latest then, and to be sure this is the touch preview not the desktop on nexus 7 build17:51
pmcgowanas there are two17:52
pmcgowanactually you will need adb in order to update it properly17:53
bobo_____the way i did it was install the zip files through recovery17:53
bobo_____is that acceptable?17:53
bobo_____i used quantal-preinstalled-armel+grouper.zip and quantal-preinstalled-phablem-armhf.zip17:55
pmcgowanyep thats right17:56
bobo_____One thing i noticed everytime i turn the device on it has like bogus messages and crap on it. Is that normal?17:57
pmcgowanthere are some manual instructions in the install page you can double check17:57
pmcgowanmaybe not17:57
pmcgowanI dont get messages17:57
bobo_____not messages from the system like tweets and crap.17:57
bobo_____screen says 14 tweets recieved every time it boots in the circle in th emiddle17:58
pmcgowanoh yes, thats the lock screen17:58
pmcgowanswipe either edgeto dismiss it17:58
bobo_____right. So i think mine is installed correctly I just cant get adb to see it on windows or linux.17:59
bobo_____Is there a way to put it into usb debugging?17:59
rsalvetihopkinskong: zygote is not needed18:02
rsalvetiwe don't run any java based service18:02
pmcgowanrsalveti: bobo_____ is having trouble getting adb to connect after side loading the files18:02
pmcgowanany idea?18:02
pmcgowanthe nexus 7 is up but cannot connect via adb18:03
hopkinskongrsalveti: Thanks.18:03
hopkinskongI just comment out zygote, keystore, etc... in init.rc18:04
hopkinskongand idk why all of my services crashed.18:04
hopkinskongSurfaceflinger, servicemanager.... ALL crached.18:04
rsalvetipmcgowan: bobo_____: at linux, can you check if you have any useful usb related message at your /var/log/syslog?18:05
rsalvetiyou might want to make sure adb is killed as well before starting it again18:05
cyphermoxrsalveti: can you help having https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/phablet-tools/packaging-review/+merge/155321 reviewed?18:05
hopkinskongAfter reading the logs, i found that all services crashed because they can't map memory.18:05
bobo_____I dont see anything usb in syslog but it shows the nexus in dmesg but doesnt associate a /dev with it.18:06
rsalveticyphermox: sure18:06
hopkinskongIs it compiler problem?18:06
rsalvetihopkinskong: not sure, something might be missing, maybe broken kernel?18:06
rsalvetibobo_____: what do you get from adb devices?18:07
rsalvetiand does it work when you're booted into recovery?18:07
hopkinskongrsalveti: Will it be some kind of compiler problem?18:07
fralsrenato: hi, if you want to get in touch with the clock guys we are hanging out in #ubuntu-phone-clock18:07
bobo_____rsalveti:: List of attached devices. and nothing follows18:07
rsalvetiI wonder if that's related with the default usb parameters previously used by your device18:07
renatofrals, ok thanks18:08
rsalvetibobo_____: does it work on recovery?18:08
rsalvetiwith adb sideload, for example18:08
bobo_____rsalveti: im looking at that now. but have nnever used sidload18:08
bobo_____rsalveti: should I be able to execute adb devices in sideload and get a list?18:09
rsalvetibobo_____: just boot to recovery and see if you can find the device via adb, and then try flashing the zip via sideload (enable sideload at recovery and then adb sideload <file>)18:09
rsalvetibobo_____: just to see if your host is able to talk with it18:09
guschSaviq: that should do the trick https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-app-app-icon/+merge/15665918:10
bobo_____rsalveti: im getting "* cannot read sideload"18:11
bobo_____so im guesing we have a driver issue.18:11
rsalvetibobo_____: where are you getting that message, at recovery?18:11
bobo_____rsalveti: at the prompt18:11
rsalvetiyeah, then it's not even able to talk with the recovery's adb18:12
rsalvetibobo_____: what are you running at your host, ubuntu?18:12
rsalvetiif so, did you installed adb via the android-tools-adb package?18:13
rsalvetianother suggestion would be to flash the android stock image and see if you can get that to work, as that will erase all the cache and everything, doing a factory reset18:13
hopkinskongrsalveti: Will it be some kind of compiler problem?18:14
rickspencer3I can't enter my wifi password in today's nexus 7 build18:14
rsalvetirickspencer3: keyboard not showing up?18:15
rickspencer3rsalveti, correct18:15
bobo_____rsalveti: I have both but have moved the nexus to windows because that is the PC im on right now chatting.18:15
rsalvetirickspencer3: try rebooting18:15
rickspencer3will do18:15
rsalvetirickspencer3: might be bug 115750818:16
ubot5bug 1157508 in touch-preview-images "Keyboard not showing up for wifi password entry on Nexus 10" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115750818:16
* rickspencer3 looks18:16
rsalvetibobo_____: right18:16
rsalvetihopkinskong: could be as well, but I'd probably expect something broken at your setup18:17
rickspencer3thanks rsalveti that was it18:17
bobo_____rsalveti: i just tried it again with a zip file and it says device not found in sideload.18:17
rsalvetiyeah, that's why the suggestion to get back to the stock image18:17
hopkinskongrsalveti: I am building my base android using the toolchain that worked for building my kernel before.18:17
hopkinskongNow, i am trying to build my base android by its default toolchain18:18
rsalvetiright, might be that then18:18
bobo_____rsalveti: what driver are you using can you point me to the dl ?18:21
hopkinskongrsalveti: trying the new system image18:23
hopkinskongproblem still presist18:25
bobo_____rsalveti: when I let windows install the drivers in device manager it is recognised as MTP device, when i use drivers from asus page for adb dev manager says Android Phone-->> ADB18:29
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rsalvetibobo_____: I'm using ubuntu at my host, so no need to install extra drivers18:30
hopkinskongrsalveti: Not a kernel problem, i tried a kernel that is work previously, i have the same problem too.18:30
rsalvetihopkinskong: not sure then18:31
bobo_____rsalveti: the strange thing is ubuntu didnt work either.18:31
rsalvetibobo_____: yeah, that's why I'd suggest trying to flash the stock image at your nexus 7 again and then trying to see if it works at ubuntu18:32
hopkinskongrsalveti: are surfaceflinger/servicemanager, are needed?18:32
rsalvetimake sure it's not an issue with your usb cable as well18:32
rsalvetihopkinskong: yes18:32
hopkinskongrsalveti, both of them are crashed.18:32
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bobo_____rsalveti: does this thing see usb host mode? I have to put the image back on the device somehow.18:36
rsalvetiyou'd need a special usb otg cable to make it work in host mode18:36
bobo_____rsalveti: I have the host cable. I need to be able to transfer the file back to the device within ubuntu touch.18:38
hopkinskonganyone could help?18:38
bobo_____does ubuntu touch have a file browser?18:43
hopkinskongadb is a file browser! lol18:46
rsalveticyphermox: looks good, just curious if this will also land at the archive18:47
rsalvetidue the version used18:47
rsalvetithe previous one is 0.8-0phablet1, and at your mr you added 0.8-0ubuntu118:48
cyphermoxisn't it 0.8-0phablet2 in the tree now too?18:48
cyphermoxbut yeah, this is so that it can land in the archive18:48
rsalvetiright, there's a new rev at trunk18:49
rsalveticyphermox: mind merging trunk and bumping the version to 0.9-0ubuntu1?18:50
rsalveticyphermox: that way it'll be updated at the ppa as well18:50
rsalvetiprevious mr should have bumped the upstream version instead of the pkg version18:50
hopkinskongthere are all over "init: untracked pid XXXX exited"18:53
hopkinskongwhat's going on?18:54
hopkinskongmy surfaceflinger/servicemanager won't start and keep respawning18:54
rsalvetijhodapp: let me know if it works for you so I can officially change our builds18:54
jhodapprsalveti, will do, so when I get an image built I flash with fastboot? What would the line be?18:55
rsalvetijhodapp: you can use the zip file or flash directly with fastboot18:55
rsalvetifastboot flash boot boot.img and fastboot flash system system.img18:55
jhodapprsalveti, ah ok, cool...thanks18:56
bobo_____rsalveti: I have reverted back. I have never used ubuntu and adb. Ubuntu does not see the nexus. USB debugging enabled.18:58
cyphermoxrsalveti: ok18:59
cyphermoxrsalveti: should we be using a ~xyz suffix while this still goes to a PPA?18:59
rsalvetibobo_____: that's weird, seems you're unable to find the device at both windows and ubuntu18:59
rsalveticyphermox: I'm fine with ubuntu1, as it'll soon land at the archive19:00
cyphermoxrsalveti: well, not until S ;)19:00
rsalveticyphermox: right, that's true, could be phablet instead then19:00
cyphermoxif you approve the MR then we can have that get merged automatically19:02
rsalveticyphermox: it'll probably have conflicts at debian/changelog19:02
rsalveti Approve on 2013-03-2519:03
rsalvetiprobably before the previous rev from trunk got merged19:03
rsalvetiotherwise the ci would point out conflicts19:03
bobo_____rsalveti: yeah its a pain. Im out. Gunna pick it up later. Thanks for your help.19:04
jhodapprsalveti, I'm getting this compile issue while doing brunch maguro: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5671409/19:07
cyphermoxrsalveti: no, that was jenkins19:08
cyphermoxit will look at it again if someone in the team reviews and approves19:08
rsalveticyphermox: sure, what I was saying is that it approved because at the time jenkins did the ci build test it merged successfully19:09
rsalvetiwhich will not be the case when I top approve it19:09
rsalvetibecause of the conflicts that will be generated at debian/changelog19:09
rsalvetithat's why I asked if you could merge trunk at your mr manually first :-)19:09
cyphermoxbut I'm not asking to top approve, but to comment with approve which should wake jenkins up19:10
cyphermoxI definitely will merge trunk in though19:10
rsalvetiif I just approve it jenkins will do nothing unless I top approve19:10
rsalvetijhodapp: hm, interesting, is that after cloning the additional repo?19:11
rsalvetitry 'mmm external/chromium'19:11
jhodapprsalveti, yeah19:11
rsalvetiafter cloning the chomium there, and changing to the 10.1 branch19:11
jhodapprsalveti, I think it's building that missing library now19:12
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rsalvetijhodapp: right, I think I forgot to tell you to edit build/core/main.mk adding external/chromium19:15
rsalvetias when I tested I did mmm first19:16
jhodappok, yeah19:16
rsalvetiwhich was already enough to install the headers and such19:16
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jhodapprsalveti, that compiled all the way, now flashing and trying it out19:29
rsalvetijhodapp: cool19:29
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jhodapprsalveti, that seems to have satisfied being able to create an HTTP media source. It still doesn't work, but that's another issue.19:38
pedrohmssomeone knows how can I access ubuntu-touch via Windows on shell mode?19:38
rsalvetijhodapp: right, do you feel it's in a state which we should enable at our builds by default? or do you want more time to check if it actually works fine?19:39
jhodapprsalveti, let's enable it in the build...if it's a complete flop and I don't end up using it, it seems simple enough to disable again.19:39
rsalvetijhodapp: right, ok19:40
rsalvetiwill enable it19:40
jhodapprsalveti, thanks!19:40
rsalveticyphermox: will top approve your mr19:50
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jhodapprsalveti, any reason why net_chromium wouldn't be able to resolve a hostname when try to connect to an http media stream? running ping from the ubuntu side is able to resolve the youtube hostname...does name resolution not work on the android side of things?20:15
mhall119Saviq: is checking out the branch to ~/unity/unity-next/ a hard requirement?  Or will it work regardless of the path it's checked out to?20:15
rsalvetijhodapp: hm, it might not be using the dns server used by NM20:19
jhodapprsalveti, yeah, that's what I was thinking...have we had a need to do anything on the network from the Android side yet?20:19
rsalvetijhodapp: no, we just disabled the paranoid network20:21
jhodapprsalveti, not familiar with that, what do you mean?20:21
rsalvetiwe might need to create a link for the resolv.conf-like20:21
rsalvetior find a way to see how it can use resolv from NM20:21
rsalvetijhodapp: that was just to allow any user to create a valid socket20:22
ChickenCutlassrsalveti: jhodapp the android side does not use resolv.conf20:22
ChickenCutlassit uses properties20:22
jhodappChickenCutlass, ok, can I statically set that up for a test?20:22
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: probably20:23
jhodappChickenCutlass, any idea offhand?20:23
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: would have to look it up20:23
rsalvetiChickenCutlass: cool, never tried to change dns there20:23
rsalvetiyou could safely use the google dns server by default20:23
jhodappyeah, I use that for my home network anyway20:23
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: rsalveti setprop dhcp.eth0.dns18.8.8.820:23
jhodappChickenCutlass, awesome, thanks!20:24
jhodappChickenCutlass, we'll need to get that to automatically happen to sync with network manager20:24
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: we can setprops via hybris20:24
jhodappChickenCutlass, ah nice!20:24
Saviqmhall119, no, just anywhere in a separate dir20:25
Saviqmhall119, well, actually it will only create ../unity_build20:25
Saviqmhall119, so anywhere is fine20:25
mhall119Saviq: will it build and run on Raring okay?20:25
mhall119I can't get mine going20:25
jhodappChickenCutlass, doesn't seem to have worked, ping still gets a "bad address" error20:25
Saviqmhall119, should20:25
Saviqmhall119, what's your issue?20:25
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: maybe it is not eth020:26
Saviqmhall119, I recommend a pull and ./unity_build --clean; ./build --clean; ./run20:26
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: what does ifconfig -a say20:26
mhall119Saviq: I've started with a clean branch20:26
jhodappno such device '-a'20:26
mhall119running ./build -s now20:26
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: which phone you using20:27
jhodappChickenCutlass, galaxy nexus20:27
Saviqmhall119, yeah, that should be fine, let me try20:27
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: let me take a look.  I will get back to you20:27
jhodappChickenCutlass, thanks a lot20:27
rsalvetijhodapp: netcfg at the android side20:27
jhodappwlan0, there it is20:28
jhodappthanks rsalveti20:28
jhodappChickenCutlass, so I did a "setprop dhcp.wlan0.dns" now and that still doesn't work, wlan0 is definitely the right interface and netcfg reports it's up20:29
mhall119Saviq: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5671634/ is what I get on ./build20:29
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: does it have an ip address20:29
jhodappChickenCutlass, yeah20:29
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: not sure20:29
Saviqmhall119, come to #ubuntu-unity, we're dealing with that there20:29
jhodappChickenCutlass, wlan0    UP                        0x00001043 00:90:4c:11:22:3320:30
jhodappChickenCutlass, is there a process that needs to restart after setting that property? It's definitely set, getprop confirms it20:31
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: not sure20:33
rsalvetijhodapp: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=153385420:34
jhodapprsalveti, cool20:35
jhodapprsalveti, that worked, needed net.dns1 to be set20:36
ChickenCutlassjhodapp: oops sorry20:36
jhodappChickenCutlass, that's ok20:36
rsalvetijhodapp: cool20:37
rsalvetiwe can set the default prop for it during init20:37
jhodapprsalveti, yeah that'd be great20:38
jhodapprsalveti, media player is connecting to youtube now, just another problem :)20:38
rsalvetijhodapp: great, progress at least20:39
cyphermoxrsalveti: thanks20:39
jhodapprsalveti, indeed20:39
valfaderI love Ubuntu. It had to be said.20:51
* rsalveti takes a break20:53
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jhodapprsalveti, any tricks in getting my app access to tag a socket, getting errno 13 (EACCESS) when stagefright tries to work with the http socket21:14
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sergiusensrsalveti: hey what's up?21:45
wilee-nileeSo, do google play apps run in touch, I ask due to the android base of the touch?22:27
k1lit doesnt have the java vm22:27
wilee-nileek1l, Thanks I figured that but thought to ask, thanks. ;)22:28
wilee-nileegonna wipe the android on my nexus 7 I have it imaged, and install the touch.22:29
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drewpyWhat will it take to install the tablet OS to a Eee Pad Transformer TF10122:43
genii-aroundSomeone willing to port it.22:46
drewpyI am new22:46
drewpyI am trying to install ubuntu on my Eee Pad Transformer TF10122:47
drewpyI am not slow just new22:48
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wilee-nileek1l, Kinda a circus there on ubuntu with that resize eh.23:06
wilee-nileeSo, just loaded the touch on a nexus 7 looks nice, how do you close a running app, and are there links on the setup to know this and other controls?23:41
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rickspencer3another day, another app: http://theravingrick.blogspot.com/2013/04/listview-with-json-model-and-worlds.html23:58
wade|shullhello everyone23:59

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