bigcalmGood morning peeps :)07:42
bigcalmDave2: you wanted a reminder07:42
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popeyhttps://twitter.com/FarnhamBeerex looks like it's been hacked/compromised07:53
kvarleyWhere are the stock icons stored that notify-send uses?07:53
popeydpkg -L notify-osd07:55
popey /usr/share/notify-osd/icons/hicolor/scalable/status/notification-power.svg07:55
popeyfor example07:55
kvarleyThanks popey :)07:55
AlanBellpopey: yeah, it was sending me DMs08:00
kvarleyAm I right in thinking that RSync can't do date time stamped destination folders?08:00
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popeykvarley: why?08:12
kvarleypopey: I expected a flag for doing date but I've just made a bash script and got the date via the date command. Doing backups to an external hard drive, need each one to have the date on08:13
popeyyou could use rsnapshot or rdiff-backup which does this for you08:14
popeyand will save space08:15
popeyby only backing up what's changed08:15
kvarleypopey: I've setup rsync to do checksum checks, is that enough or should I switch to either of the tools you recommended?08:16
popeywell I dont know what your goal is or what you've done with rsync08:18
popeybut for regular backups those two tools kinda beat stock rsync08:18
kvarleyBasically it's to backup my parents home folders. So it will probably be run daily via cron. Would something like owncloud be better? They do a lot of work in LibreOffice and have family pictures on there - that's about it aside from email which is on the server anyway.08:20
JamesTaitHappy World Autism Awareness Day, folks! :-D08:21
popeyfor my mum I use the standard backup tool in ubuntu - deja-dup08:23
SuperMatturgh, I have the kernal install problem again. Anyone able to remind me of the fix?08:28
popeyyou shouldn't have08:29
popeysame machine?08:29
popeykill it and then "sudo dpkg --configure -a" then "sudo apt-get -f install" and "sudo apt-get --fix-policy"08:29
popeyand "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to be sure08:29
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:37
kvarleybrobostigon: \008:41
brobostigonkvarley: o/08:42
MartijnVdSpopey: fix-policy doesn't exist?08:44
SuperMattoh... it's gone stuck again on the dist-upgrade08:45
popeysorry, install --fix-policy08:45
SuperMattoh wait... it's not08:46
SuperMattit's doing the headers now, just taking it's sweet time08:46
knightwisehey everyone08:48
brobostigonmorning knightwise08:48
popeySuperMatt: all sorted?08:56
knightwisehmm.. rummaging around in Azure at the moment08:57
knightwisecreatin databases and stuff.08:57
MartijnVdSWindows Azure?08:59
SuperMattpopey: looks like it, thanks09:04
SuperMatt*sigh* excluding all crons and nagios warnings, etc, I only have 21 emails09:05
knightwiseMartijnVdS: correct09:05
SuperMattand none of them require any action09:06
SuperMattemail needs to diaf09:06
DJonesAre there any known issues with pidgin in 13.04? For some reason, mine doesn't update the timeline, it just shows the tweets from last time I connected using it which was 340 days ago (been using polly since then), tried removing and re-adding the account with no effect09:07
AlanBellmy desktop background appears to have gone09:09
AlanBellbeen absent for a week or so, and isn't there in a guest session either09:09
* popey wonders if AlanBell is missing packages09:10
* AlanBell updates and does ubuntu-desktop^09:19
BigRedSpidgin does twitter?09:53
brobostigonthats new to me.09:53
davmor2Morning all10:00
brobostigonmorning davmor210:01
davmor2Everyone have a nice long weekend?10:01
* BigRedS spent it at work10:03
DJonesBigRedS: brobostigon Whoops, I meant Gwibber10:04
brobostigonDJones: :)10:04
SuperMattBigRedS: you poor thing :(10:05
davmor2BigRedS: :) you mean at the coffee machine twiddling your thumbs desperately trying to stay awake right ;)10:13
bigcalmMorning davmor210:18
davmor2bigcalm: How are you Mucka10:19
bigcalmdavmor2: glad for a 4 day weekend. Didn't work myself to death either. You?10:19
bigcalmNot so glad about the 2 4 day weeks though10:20
davmor2bigcalm: mostly I just crashed out :)  Very nice relax.10:22
BigRedSdavmor2: Haha, I watched a lot of TV :)10:22
BigRedSHaving periods of time where you sit around waiting for stuff to break is good incentive to spend the rest of the time making things not arbitrarily break10:23
SuperMattI spent 10 hours of my weekend playing bioshock infinite10:23
SuperMatttotally worth it10:23
mungbeanis there a way to find out which argos stores have stock of an item? it just says 10 nearest stores dont have it, but doesn't say which ones do10:25
DJonesmungbean: Don't think so, only trial and error with the stores10:25
AlanBellmungbean: sure it does :)10:25
mungbeanseems like a complete fail. unavailable to reserve otherwise10:26
popeyworks here10:27
AlanBellclick "check other stores"10:27
AlanBellyou can do 2 at a time10:27
popeyor scroll down10:27
mungbeanSorry, this item is currently out of stock in the 10 nearest stores10:28
popeyput in a further away postcode?10:29
mungbeanwhat if i have to do that for every postcode in england to discover the only store in stock is in aberdeen?10:30
mungbeanshouldn't it allow me to say find stores with stock10:31
AlanBellmungbean: you don't want reserve and collect in that case10:32
mungbeanhome delivery is unavailable10:32
AlanBellit is probably a discontinued item10:33
mungbeanbut why are they selling the item if its out of stock everywhere?10:33
mungbeani found a website to search further afield10:33
AlanBellprobably because they are based around the printed catalog10:34
mungbeani guess if its out of stock for delivery, then general availablity is low10:34
AlanBellso if it is in the current printed dead tree website then it is in the online website10:34
mungbeanits something on good offer atm so maybe just all snapped up10:34
popeyi would imagine thier backend would get a kicking if everyone was able to search stock in all stores10:35
popey..and be accurate10:35
mungbeanthis is a handy site http://www.icheckstock.co.uk/Argos-Popular-Searches.aspx10:36
AlanBellhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/ get a ticket for a train instead10:40
AlanBelleasy availability checking10:40
zleapdoes anyone know the command arguments for graphics magic to place a small creative commons logo in the corner of an image10:50
zleaptrying to work it out but having problems finding instructions for what i need10:51
mgdmzleap: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/annotating/#watermarking ?10:52
mgdmGM shouldn't have diverged too far from IM10:52
zleapi can do it manually in gimp but want this for a large number of images10:52
bigcalmmgdm: have you considered the importance of attending http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/ ?10:57
mgdmI have10:59
popeyawesome 3d printer ☺10:59
mgdmthe issue is that it's *miles* away10:59
bigcalmpopey: that is cool!11:00
bigcalmmgdm: not quite as far as oggcamp was 2 years ago (close though)11:01
davmor2man kids have all the cool things11:01
mgdmwasn't that an april fool one11:01
mgdmbigcalm: that doesn't really help :-)11:01
bigcalmmgdm: poop11:02
bigcalmI'm travelling some distance to attend, but then I'm crazy like that11:02
mgdmI'd have to get to London first, then along there11:03
mgdmso I'll have a think, but I'm not hopeful, sadly :(11:03
bigcalmThe thought counts, so thank you :)11:06
davmor2bigcalm: why did you add "like that" to your last line11:06
bigcalmdavmor2: oh you are a card11:07
bigcalms/are a /11:08
davmor2bigcalm: I've been called a lot of things in my life A card is the politest :D11:08
bigcalmdavmor2: I'm a nice person really :)11:09
davmor2bigcalm: there is a difference between polite and nice :D11:09
bigcalmI can be both11:10
bigcalmScrew you guys, I'm getting lunch11:10
davmor2Ah there is the bigcalm I know :)11:10
bigcalmdavmor2: joining us tomorrow night?11:11
davmor2bigcalm: I am11:11
bigcalmWhy is Thunderbird only updating when I switch the workspace with it on11:11
bigcalmdavmor2: didn't see your ml reply until just now by switching to thunderbird11:12
bigcalmAnyway, lunch11:12
davmor2bigcalm: save on power and bandwidth the same as firefox maybe11:14
DJonesIn a day and age where everything about everybody seems to be online, you wouldn't think it would be so hard to find somebody who's gone missing11:46
davmor2DJones: they can easily go offline11:50
DJonesI think this is more a case that they disappeared before friends reunited, facebook etc appeared, possibly changed names, left the country and not had contact with anybody from their previous life11:52
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BigRedSbigcalm: One of the reasons I stopped using tb was that it seemed to never update without being asked to12:32
BigRedSand *still* ran away with all my memory. I kept thinking I had no mail, then clicked on the inbox and suddenly had 30 messages12:32
bigcalmI just used whatever was the default mail client at the time12:32
bigcalmHappy to try another client that will cope with 5 IMAP accounts and give me calendars12:33
BigRedSI use Mutt and Google Calendar. Two extremes :)12:33
BigRedSI couldn't find a GUI mail client that wasn't rubbish12:33
bigcalmI don't want a web client and I prefer using the GUI12:33
DJonesWhat alternatives are there to thunderbird though, multi account capeable, still being actively developed etc12:34
BigRedSEvolution? Someone here uses that and it seems a lot better htan it was12:34
BigRedSwhich, admittedly, isn't hard12:34
BigRedSbut nobody develops mail clients any more. It's all about webmail.12:34
DJonesI though Evolution was the one that wasn't being actively developed12:34
popeyBigRedS: i dont get that with tb, but I have every folder set to be subscribed, and the tickbox to check for mail in this folder12:34
popeyand I have about 30 folders set as "favorite"12:35
popeyand only view those12:35
BigRedSpopey: yeah, I had that. I spent a long time experimenting it 'cause I really like Mozilla and didn't want to dislike any of their software12:35
BigRedSthis was ~11.10 though. I've been told it's better now, but mutt/offlineimap/msmtp is serving me pretty well12:35
BigRedSespecially since configuring my mail client is now just a git checkout away :)12:36
* popey hugs mutt12:37
DJonesI like the look of geary but I don't think its multi account capeable yet12:37
popeyi think it does now12:39
DJonesI'll have another look at it tonight12:41
* penguin42 is a mutt user as well - albeit directly rather than via imap; I did remember finding it tricky to get imap connections to stay open12:42
popeyi use mutt directly now too12:43
popeyofflineimap as a cron job which syncs imap mail to my machine and back12:43
penguin42ah ok12:43
shaunoyeah, mutt & maildir ftw12:43
popeywhich means mutt is super quick12:43
penguin42popey: It's nice being able to check my 10k entry spam folder in about 30 seconds12:43
mgdmI use Mutt occasionally, directly on my mail server12:44
bigcalmSilly VirginMedia outages :(12:45
* penguin42 has to admit that it's not *that* easy to read mail from a touchscreen phone with an ssh to mutt, but it does work :-)12:45
shaunoI just use my phone's native client via imap for that.  but that's for putting out fires in the inbox, not sitting down witha  glass and far too many MLs12:46
bigcalmpopey: any news on a native email client for the touch os? Will it support multiple accounts?12:47
popeywe're working on it12:48
popeyyou're welcome to help ☺12:49
mgdmwhat's it built in?12:49
popeyit isnt yet12:49
penguin42the tricky bit on a phone is getting the message density while still being able to navigate with big thick fingers12:50
popeywe looked at trojita as a possible base12:50
mgdmI once experimented with tinymail for something like that12:51
mgdmthough that just covers the IMAP part12:51
popeytrojita doesn't do pop, needs a qml frontend made12:52
bigcalmgeary looks nice, think it'll get multi-account support?13:00
DJonesbigcalm: The website suggests its a known issue being worked on13:03
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bigcalmDJones: ah, I couldn't see it from my quick glance. Is it an old ticket?13:08
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DJonesbigcalm: Looks like its already there http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/desktop-e-mail-app-geary-adds-multiple-accounts13:11
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kvarleyHow can I mount my nexus 10 in ubuntu?13:46
kvarleyIn MTP mode it doesn't appear in nautilus, only if I switch to PTP mode does it work but that seems to be just for camera pictures13:46
kvarleyAh, feature confirmed for 13.0413:47
popey!info gmtp13:47
lubotu3gmtp (source: gmtp): simple MP3 player client for MTP based devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.3-1 (quantal), package size 117 kB, installed size 394 kB13:47
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lubotu3pong is an old atari game. It's fun!14:23
* bigcalm looks at Dave214:23
* Dave2 looks at bigcalm 14:30
Dave2oh, yes14:31
Dave2I've just been looking at stuff for moar beer14:31
Dave2(Reading beer festival)14:31
bigcalmHandy link for you: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/14:31
davmor2Dave2: Why would you want to Read a beer festival, surely the aim is to drink :)14:33
Dave2har har.14:33
Dave2bigcalm: booked14:38
bigcalmooo, The page shows my mug shot in the comments now, yay14:39
bigcalmDave2: yayb \o/14:39
bigcalmDave2: yay beer \o/14:39
bigcalmDave2: add yourself in the comments :)14:39
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Dave2bigcalm: done14:41
bigcalmThat's 6 people so far. Wonder if we'll get more14:44
bigcalmErm, 7 people14:44
bigcalmWhere's that aquarius gone?14:46
aquariusam provisionally up for it, but not yet sure, hence no response :)14:47
bigcalmaquarius: good show :)14:47
bigcalmaquarius: I shall be grilling Adam Sweet at the LUG tomorrow night14:47
bigcalm(in case that's an incentive)14:47
dogmatic69I have a pc that is close to full (hdd). What are some good things to clean up on ubuntu?14:54
bigcalmdogmatic69: personal downloads, apt-cache14:54
bigcalmdogmatic69: log files14:54
dogmatic69I have cleared out /var/log before with not much difference14:55
AlanBelluse baobab to find the stuff14:55
dogmatic69just looking at ~/ now and will try the apt-cache14:55
dogmatic69hmm. I will check that.14:55
dogmatic69AlanBell: I guess that lists big files?14:56
AlanBellit maps out directory sizes recursively14:56
AlanBelland shows you pretty pictures14:56
bigcalmdogmatic69: Disk Usage Analyser14:56
dogmatic69bah. and its a server. no gui14:58
davmor2dogmatic69: du -ha > file.size.txt15:02
davmor2dogmatic69: do that from where ever you want to analyse15:03
davmor2dogmatic69: it'll produce a huge file by the way and you'll get stuff like 1.2M./Pictures/2008/05/07/hpim0733.jpg15:04
dogmatic69I see.15:04
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dogmatic69davmor2: actuall baobab will work fine. I just run it from my pc like baobab /server-drive15:09
davmor2dogmatic69: oh well there you go then15:09
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andylockranAnyone have recommendations on a home energy monitor ?19:00
andylockranreckon this looks good? http://www.edfenergy.com/products-services/for-your-home/ecomanager/19:01
dogmatic69andylockran: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/19:03
andylockrandogmatic69: that looks like too much effort :p19:07
mungbeanandylockran: what do u want it to do19:18
mungbeani have a currentcost one i got for free19:19
mungbeangathers power and temperature readings and sends them to my low powered linux box, (think rasbpi type thing)19:22
Seeker`has anyone been skein hashing today?19:56
mgdmbeen what now?19:59
mungbeansounds a bit scottish20:00
MartijnVdSskein = password hashing thing, right/20:00
mungbeani been snipping rose bushes and mowing the lawn20:01
Seeker`MartijnVdS: yeah, related to yesterdays XKCD20:08
zleaphey tom20:23
penguin42popey: I remember you were measuring some house temperatures; were those air temperatures or on the heating system itself?20:32
popeygeneral house temp20:34
penguin42popey: Thanks; I'm currently video recording the display on my boiler20:38
popeyhows that working out?20:38
AlanBellsounds exciting20:38
AlanBella youtube hit in the making20:39
penguin42popey: Well I'm trying to get to the bottom of why my shower sometimes runs cold and it's a bit difficult to tell - the boiler doesn't really have enough info20:39
penguin42AlanBell: Be careful, I  was thinking of uploading it20:39
popeyafter how long does it go cold?20:40
popeywhile you're in it I guess?20:40
penguin42popey: Yeh, and the problem is it's very very variable20:40
penguin42popey: Some nights it doesn't do it, some just at the end, some fairly early on (and that's when it pisses me off)20:40
penguin42http://www.treblig.org/daveG/boiler/  has videos20:41
penguin42popey: The boiler display only shows the heating system temp not the hot water temp, so it's difficult to follow what's really going on20:41
popeyand there's no hot water from taps either?20:42
penguin42popey: on the one or two times I've managed to test that, no there isn't20:42
* penguin42 suspects it might not do it tonight, it's a bit warmer20:45
popeyenthralling video penguin4220:56
penguin42popey: I like to think as the director, and special effects expert I did the most to make it interesting20:56
penguin42popey: The bit I'd like to understand is about 9:50 or so into it, when it's starting to go cold and then the rest drops20:58
bigcalmpopey: when was the last time you tried to ssh into a machine on your home network from an external source?21:13
popey3 seconds ago21:15
bigcalmOkay, so hopefully it's not a VirginMedia issue21:15
bigcalmI can't ssh into my home lan or even connect on port 8021:16
popeywhat happens if you nmap yourself from outside?21:18
bigcalmRunning that right now21:18
* bigcalm twiddles thumbs21:19
bigcalmIt scanned 1000 ports and says they were all filtered21:23
bigcalmI haven't changed anything on my router recently, so I don't understand why it's stopped working now21:23
popeywhat is the router uptime?21:25
bigcalm4h 20m 1s21:26
bigcalmGoing to try rebooting the modem in a bit21:26
popeyhave you ssh'ed since then?21:26
bigcalmThat shouldn't make a bit of difference :S21:26
bigcalmI've tried21:26
bigcalmDoesn't work for me21:27
bigcalmI've just added port forwarding to allow ssh to a workstation. That's timing out as well21:28
bigcalmWhat's the default IP address of the VM super hub?21:32
bigcalm_That's interesting. The SuperHub had switched out of Modem Only Mode21:39
popeythat explains it21:39
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm
bigcalmI'm guessing that VM forced a modem update upon the hardware21:42
bigcalmSod, IP address has changed now :)21:43
bigcalmThat'll be why I cannie connect on the old IP address21:44
bigcalmThat's Blue Shift finished22:41
bigcalmNow to start up Opposing Forces22:43

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