snap-lApparently the people of Macomb CC are functionally rtarded00:29
snap-lTHree people using their cell phones next to a "Cell phone use is restricted to stairwells"00:30
snap-land I forgot my headphones00:34
snap-lOh, and he's a fucking real-estate douchebag00:35
snap-l15 minutes in photoshop, and he's a fucking brollionaire00:35
snap-lSay sick one more time motehrfucer00:36
snap-l"first most important thing is the bio"00:37
snap-l"I can make this thing white"00:37
snap-l"I can make images look SICK"00:37
snap-l"Think I should do a web app?"00:37
snap-l"There's too much flash on this"00:38
snap-lI want to fucking throttle him00:38
snap-l"Look, I think this is what's tight..."00:38
snap-lAt least he's an accessiblity douche00:38
monkeyjuiceis this called venting?00:39
snap-lIT is called "I have no mouth, and must scream"00:39
monkeyjuiceah ok00:40
snap-lIt's a regular feature here. :)00:40
* snap-l reminds himself to check the nicklist from time to time. :)00:40
monkeyjuicewell i did hear you loud and clear ;)00:40
snap-lWelcome. :)00:40
monkeyjuiceive been here00:40
monkeyjuicejust dont talk much00:41
snap-lDOn't let me hog the channel then. :)00:41
monkeyjuiceits ok00:41
monkeyjuiceyou need to let you that stress ;)00:42
monkeyjuicelet out that is00:42
snap-lTHank you. :)00:46
snap-lI wish Google Calendar refreshed ical feeds more frequently00:57
monkeyjuiceyour calendar changes that much?00:58
snap-lI'm trying to sort out the MUG feed, and it's not showing me the right timezone01:00
snap-land unfortunately if you unsubscribe from a feed, it's not the same as removing it01:00
snap-lso it'll cache for 4-24 hours01:00
snap-lWhich doesn't help me debug things. :)01:01
monkeyjuicemust be why i dont use it ;)01:01
monkeyjuicekeep it simple stuped ;)01:02
snap-lHow's the morning treating everyone?12:15
monkeyjuicehad coffee , breakfast , and the sun is up12:21
rick_h_people need to wake up at a reasonable hour and quit holding me up12:21
snap-lrick_h_: Reasonable = before your morning paper arrives? :-P12:23
rick_h_snap-l: reasonable == whenever I'm up12:23
rick_h_it's completely reasonable12:23
rick_h_it is...don't look at me like that12:24
brouschsnap-l: morning what?12:29
snap-lbrousch: wood?12:45
brouschWhich comes first: the morning paper or the morning wood?12:49
snap-ldepends on the paper.12:51
widoxugh, I'm ready to head back to bed. up at 4am blows13:03
snap-lwidox: Getting up at 4am is your first mistake13:04
snap-lWhat posessed you to get up that early?13:04
widoxbig code release last night, and this morning13:04
snap-lOh, those are the worst.13:05
rick_h_widox: up at 4am? bug in the release hopefully? Or was that the master plan?13:05
snap-lLet's get a bunch of sleep-deprived coders together and push out code13:05
widoxbut, feels good to finaly have it out13:05
snap-lwhat could possibly go wrong? :)13:05
widoxrick_h_: was the plan to finish @413:05
rick_h_ugh, sounds like a bad plan to me.13:06
widoxanother process was taking way long13:06
widoxso, we had to wait :(13:06
rick_h_double ugh, LP had many suckages, but damned if we couldn't do releases in sub 5-min downtime13:06
rick_h_which rolled across the server behind haproxy meant little notice to users13:06
snap-lrick_h_: yeah, I would have shot someone if the SF pushes had to happen at the same time as the Chrysler pushes13:07
widoxwe have like min 2 hour releases every 2 weeks13:07
snap-lHA == Godsend13:07
widoxthankful I don't have to be involved13:08
jrwren_I think I was still in bed when rick_h_ wrote about people being up at a reasonable hour.13:20
jrwren_widox: what code?13:21
jrwren_looking for that link, I think rick_h_ pasted praising the 80col limit of pep813:29
jrwren_just a few days ago IIRC13:29
rick_h_jrwren_: which link?13:29
* rick_h_ is confused 13:30
jrwren_maybe I didn't find it from rick_h_13:32
brouschjrwren_: I think I saw such an article on the Python Planet feed13:33
jrwren_must have been link from twitter, but I can't find it in my browser history :(13:34
jrwren_firefox history search needs work13:35
brouschI can't find it either13:41
snap-lIt was from March 28th13:44
snap-lunfortunately clicking on planet Python destroyed the link in my history13:45
snap-ljrwren_: That's the one13:49
snap-lI remember the VT10013:49
jrwren_me too. TERM=vt10013:50
snap-lLet's not get too carried away. :)13:50
jrwren_snap-l: I'm surprised you don't own a vt100 and have it as a serial console13:50
snap-lI have an ADM1113:50
snap-lgave Rick a Ditto 220xl13:51
snap-lHaven't been able to find a VT100 or 10113:51
rick_h_jrwren_: oh yea, I linked to that a couple of weeks ago :)13:51
widoxjrwren_: work junk14:09
rick_h_the man loves his work14:11
jrwren_good that you loves it.14:11
jrwren_waking up early for a deploy is nothing I'm interested in doing, ever.14:11
widoxheh. me either. first, hopefully last time14:13
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rick_h_greg-g: http://hairysun.com/blog/2013/04/02/oh-ergonomic-keyboard/15:52
rick_h_I think you were pointing that uot before? or was it brousch ?15:52
brouschI did nothing15:53
rick_h_ok, nvm then15:53
greg-grick_h_: oh cool, a completed one15:59
rick_h_greg-g: yea15:59
snap-lI still don't understand the lust for the split keyboard16:34
snap-lthat said, if in 2-5 years time I'm sitting here with a split keyboard on my desk, I will just give rick_h_ my credit card and tell him to buy me cool things16:35
greg-gsnap-l: dangerous dangerous16:37
snap-lYeah, but it'll all work and be carefully curated. :)17:03
greg-gthere's a price for that, it's what the apple fanbois pay for17:04
rick_h_I feel like my aunt who has a bad day and wants to go shoe shopping17:06
rick_h_I'm either going to start shooting people or the UPS man is going to get my chair here to sooth me17:06
greg-gnew keyboard on the way?17:06
rick_h_new chair17:06
rick_h_I"m happy with the leopold 10less for now17:06
snap-lrick_h_: I'd recommend a trip to Microcenter, but that usually puts me in  worse mood. :)17:07
jrwren_rick_h_: i stress eat. and at work, with the snack wall, it is a problem.17:14
rick_h_jrwren_: I"m with you today. Damn easter candy. It's like halloween with church approval.17:15
greg-gjrwren_: man, totally. and on this paleo thing, the kitchen at WMF is soooo tempting17:16
jrwren_today was going to be my first day in a long time not hitting the snack wall, but I don't know if I can hold out17:28
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snap-ljust finished the cat box. Again.22:20
snap-lIt's like changing a giant diaper22:20
snap-lA giant, awkward, clay-filled diaper22:21
* greg-g is so happy rowan poops mainly in the toilet22:23
greg-gwhy people put up with cats I have no idea ;)22:23
snap-lBecause they're sweet and adorable killing machines with your ultimate demise at heart.22:24
greg-gthe first part sounds like rowan, the second part isn't something I want ;)22:27

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