cjohnstonnigelb: why did it take 8 hours for tarmac to work?10:49
nigelbcjohnston: um, I have no idea. which branch?11:24
nigelbcjohnston: sorry, I wasn't logging it, so I don't know. Turned on logging now.11:27
nigelb90% of the time, it's because something wasn't done right.11:27
cjohnstonI didn't get any notifications of anything changing from the time I approved to the time they were mereged11:29
cjohnston(or after)11:29
nigelbIt could just be LP api not responding properly.11:29
nigelbMy VPS was working perfectly fine since my IRC didn't go down.11:29
nigelbcjohnston: Do you just want to move this to your machine?11:32
cjohnstonnigelb: I can11:32
cjohnston(not now, but at some point)11:32
nigelbYou need to debug it more than I do.11:32
nigelbYeah, let me know whenever.11:32
nigelbAlternatively, I can give you ssh access to the tarmac user.11:32
cjohnstonthat would be quicker11:33
cjohnstonup to you11:33
nigelbpoint me to your ssh key11:34
nigelbthe one on LP is uptodate?11:34
cjohnston^ key11:35
nigelbyou have very few keys :P11:35

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