superflyWinter has arrived.06:53
ThatGraemeGuymorning all07:32
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Squirmanyone know if it's yet possible to install Ubuntu on say the S3/mini08:25
SquirmI only see How-To's on the Galaxy nexus range08:25
Squirmhello there Trixar_za 08:25
Trixar_zaLo Squirm08:26
Trixar_zaSlow morning08:27
superflySquirm: you can install it on the S3, not sure about the mini08:49
superflySquirm: did you get the mini, or are you still debating getting it?08:50
nuvolario/ mornings09:06
nuvolarihi Vince-0 09:08
superflyhi nuvolari, Vince-0, Trixar_za and ThatGraemeGuy09:08
nuvolaridropping packets I see :P09:08
nuvolarihowdy superfly 09:08
Trixar_zaHi superfly09:08
superflynuvolari: still ready for us?09:08
nuvolarisuperfly: yes I am!09:09
nuvolariI can't find the date :O09:10
superflyWednesday, I think09:10
superflynuvolari: I'll check my itenerary and let you know09:10
superflynuvolari: are we gonna try organise an Ubuntu Hour for that day?09:13
nuvolarisuperfly: workers day?09:14
superflynuvolari: Wednesday the 5th of June09:15
superflynuvolari: no, not workers day, I'm afraid09:16
Squirmsuperfly: still looking09:37
Squirmwith FNB, you have to have a Gold Cheque Account10:08
Squirmand then on the phone payment specs, you need to have a monthly deposit of min R5500. yet to have a Gold Cheque Account, you need to earn R100k+10:10
SquirmMaaz: 5500*1210:10
MaazSquirm: 6600010:10
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Kiloshowdy superfly and all others11:38
superflyhi Kilos11:39
Kiloslo inetpro_  stert en al11:39
superflyKilos: overslept? :-P11:39
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inetprohi Kilos11:39
Kilosnope superfly been fighting that drive that showed disk sleep last night11:39
Kilosgave up seems to be faulty drive11:39
Kilos12.04 really been sent to test me. took an old 40g drive and installed unity and actually managed to get nm working11:41
theblazehenmsg nickserv identify jhenderson199612:07
superflytheblazehen: I don't think you wanted to do that12:07
Kiloshi theblazehen 12:25
Kilosyou forgot the / before message12:25
Kilosi think12:25
theblazehenyes :(12:26
Kiloshi Symmetria dont forget to speak to Fanie please and give some feedback12:32
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Squirmlo henkj 13:09
henkjhey Squirm 13:09
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Kiloslo Squirm henkj 13:39
henkjhi Kilos 13:40
Squirmsquash time15:01
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magespawnevening all17:23
Cantideevening '<17:34
Trixar_zaEvening Cantide and magespawn17:34
magespawnhey Trixar_za  Cantide 17:35
Cantidehi Trixar_za and magespawn '<17:35
magespawnanybody using Litecoin?17:36
* Cantide hasn't17:37
Cantideis it a bitcoin generator?17:37
magespawnno it is another currency but based on bitcoin17:39
Cantidenice :p17:41
nlsthznI started mining coins a week ago then mallwarebytes started blocking everything about it and I stopped17:42
magespawnyou running that on windows?17:51
nlsthznI had been mining on Windows yes, DBAN'ed all my discs and now on Ubuntu once again17:59
nlsthznthe little return bitcoins give don't warrant to ware and tare on my hardware...17:59
superflynlsthzn: wear and tear18:07
nlsthznyup ware and tare18:08
magespawnlitecoins are supposed to be easier and less instensive to mine18:09
nlsthznand give you less in return no doubt18:09
magespawnthe principles are the same, but there does seem to be less support for them at the moment18:10
nlsthznWell best of luck... bitcoins passed $100 a coin in value a short time ago :)18:11
smile4evergood night18:34
smile4eversee ya all :)18:34
* nlsthzn is back in the loco business... screw this laziness, got to get the UAE jump and jiving to some Ubuntu tunes :p19:17
magespawngood  night all19:30
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Cantidenight magespawn '-'/19:33
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nuvolaribut but, where is oom kilos tonight?20:16
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