Len-nbzequence, good post.03:37
astraljavaGrats zequence!04:27
ttoinezequence, I just read your blog post08:12
zequenceastraljava: ttoine Thanks :)11:19
zequencettoine: I could volunteer to help translate your article btw11:22
zequencettoine: I was thinking even just making a quick google translation, and then adjusting the text from that would be a good start11:22
ttoinezequence, this is not the good way to do it.11:34
ttoineI just need a bit of time to do it, and then, we will have to find a good technical english native for the proof read11:35
zequencettoine: I'm sure I can do that. My English is pretty decent, and just having a second pair of eyes makes a big difference11:47
ttoinesure. but in my experience, Google translate may be good for one word, it is not good at all for sentences11:48
zequencettoine: Either you translate, or google does. If google does, there will be many mistakes, but it's still possible to correct 90% of the text that way. The remaining 10% I would ask you about11:49
zequenceSince I don't undersand French, it's impossible for me do the actual translation. I can however edit the text11:50
zequenceI'm wondering if it would be good idea to start a separate Ubuntu Studio blog for things like this11:53
zequencebbl - going for a run11:56
zequencettoine: Where was the link to your article in French now again?12:32
madeinkobaiaHi all : )12:50
zequencemadeinkobaia: Hi12:51
madeinkobaiaHi Kaj, I made some tests on my G+ with the banner12:51
zequenceWhat did you think?12:52
madeinkobaiaIn fact the bad surprise is that G+ is re-compress any banner picture added. (I told you yesterday about this problem), that means12:54
madeinkobaiaMy picture have a size of +-700 ko, G+ seems to have a limit of +- 100 ko, that new compression affect the quality of the picture, 12:55
zequenceI can respect your aim at making it look really nice and proffesional, but perhaps we'll just have to make a small compromise? I really don't know much about image formats and conversions, et12:57
madeinkobaiaSure Kaj, I am a little bit perfectionist : / that's a good and bad I know12:58
madeinkobaiaDo you have the time now for looking at the result on my G+ profile ?12:59
zequenceThe same here, all though, I'm not as sensitive as you about images, that much I have seen. And I realize why you are so good at what you do12:59
zequencemadeinkobaia: sure12:59
zequencemadeinkobaia: Looks fine to me, and I13:01
zequenceI'm looking from a LCD 42 inch TV13:02
madeinkobaiaok, which is your resolution ?13:02
madeinkobaiaWell, is it possible for you to make a screen-shot and to put it in the branch or send me (if you have the time)13:04
zequencemadeinkobaia: sure, but I'll just share it online13:04
madeinkobaiaok great, its for see how G+ crop the picture on various resolutions (I ve got a 1440x900 here)13:05
smartboyhwHello zequence13:06
zequencemadeinkobaia: http://imagebin.org/25252513:06
zequencesmartboyhw: Hi13:06
smartboyhwAnd hellp to our Art Lead madeinkobaia;)13:06
madeinkobaiaHi smartboyhw :)13:07
zequencemadeinkobaia: smartboyhw is our release manager. He's 14 years old from Hong Kong. He will be responsible for making sure our ISOs pass tests and are released13:08
madeinkobaiaOk, I read that in devl-mail, glad to meet him13:09
smartboyhwEh I wanted to have a chat with Scott:(13:09
smartboyhwzequence: Aren't you supposed to do the Beta 2 testing announcement for me?;*13:10
zequencesmartboyhw: You should try emailing him.13:10
smartboyhwOuch wrong face13:10
smartboyhwIt's ;)13:10
madeinkobaialol, ok I brb13:11
zequencesmartboyhw: Where is the beta2?13:12
smartboyhwOr isn't the Beta 2 this week?13:13
zequenceIt is to be released on 4th13:13
smartboyhwHmm weird13:14
smartboyhwGah that's weird13:18
smartboyhwAsked the release team13:18
ttoinezequence, http://lite.framapad.org/p/5n3kYagDQA13:22
ttoinezequence, don't hesitate to translate on the same tool/page, but please, could create a new part/section ?13:23
zequencettoine: Ok13:25
zequencettoine: I started working on it a little13:39
zequencettoine: I'll let you know when I've done as much as I can, and marked some problem areas13:39
madeinkobaiazaquence : About the banners, I found the solution :  save the picture as .png, the result seems really good, I made some tests on FB, works fine too ! 13:56
zequencemadeinkobaia: Ah, ok. I did have a suspicion that png might be a better format than jpg14:03
ttoinemadeinkobaia, I will have to create some goodies (baseball caps, mugs, t-shirt)14:07
ttoineis there some artwork I can use for that ?14:07
madeinkobaiazequence :ok14:08
zequenceYes, ttoine is working on some merchandise, so that would certainly be a task suitable for madeinkobaia to decide on artwork for it14:08
madeinkobaiaNo problems for me !14:09
zequenceWe haven't yet decided on how to finance it yet, so it's a bit early, but one can of course develope the ideas already14:09
madeinkobaiazequence  : ok14:09
madeinkobaiazequence : About the banners we can consider that they are now finished I think, as we said the blue version seems to be the best one. So I put them in the branch now in two new folders "social-networks_googleplus" and "social-networks_facebook"...what do you think ?14:13
zequencemadeinkobaia: Sounds good14:14
madeinkobaiagreat :)14:14
madeinkobaiaI do that now and I will be back later. See you all !14:15
zequenceok, bye :)14:15
ttoinezequence, I don't think it is really important to finance it. My aim would be to find a website capable of producing "per order", but in good quality.14:19
ttoinezequence, http://www.spreadshirt.fr/gamme-de-produit-C210714:21
ttoineI think I find what we need14:22
ttoinezequence, last point: what about the @ubuntustudio.org email addresses ? I saw some stuff about that, but is it working ?14:31
zequencettoine: Not the last time I checked. I've forgotten about it since14:33
ttoinezequence, me too ;-)14:34
ttoinezequence, I just phoned spreadshirt.net: this is possible to create a shop for Ubuntu Studio, and they can produce items one by one, and deliver accross the world14:35
ttoineno need to finance anything, just provide artwork and select what we want in our shop14:35
ttoineI now have to send an email to the legal dpt of Spreadshirt to check that everything's ok14:36
zequencettoine: Oh. That's pretty cool14:39
smartboyhwWhat is cool?14:40
* smartboyhw does not have any backlog for this14:40
ttoinesmartboyhw, I have to check about legal stuff14:42
ttoinebut we may soon have a spreadshirt.com shop for Ubuntu Studio.14:42
smartboyhwCan I get one shirt myself for free? lol14:45
ttoinesmartboyhw, for free no... but they are able to print oone by one, and deliver everywhere14:46
ttoinewith good quality14:46
ttoineand first, I will buy myself every stuff to check the quality !14:47
smartboyhw:( I don't have money14:47
ttoinesmartboyhw, let me first set up that... we will see after for us14:47
smartboyhw_zequence, the milestone has been created on the ISO QA Tracker. Please help to do the announcement since I need to sleep15:51
zequencesmartboyhw_: Ok. Thanks15:54
smartboyhw_zequence make sure you send it to both user and devel mailing lists , and also ubuntu-quality@lists.ubuntu.com (the main QA team mail list)16:04
smartboyhw_Good night.16:04
zequenceLen-nb: We should have a look at ardour and lv2. There seems to be some bugs around that. I think the lv2 guis are not working on some releases16:50
zequencettoine: Do you know anything about this?16:51
zequenceHere's a bunch of info that las has gathered from users over time http://manual.ardour.org/setting-up-your-system/platform-specifics/ubuntu-linux/#gsc.tab=016:53
ttoinezequence, I now that there are some bugs with some LV2 gui but not all16:54
ttoineand it depends too of the restricted driver if they use OpenGl for rendering, like gverb16:55
zequencettoine: I see16:55
ttoineI am pretty sure that this is ok with most LV2 in 12.04 and 12.10, in Ardour and in Mixbus16:56
ttoinebut for Ardour, as I use the one in kxstudio, I can not confirm if the default in our repos works well or not16:56
ttoinehowever, I am sure that some gui are brocken whatever version you are using.16:57
ttoinefor this reason, I use only Calf and Invada in production16:57
ttoineand of course, harrison and linuxdsp lv2 plugins, as I own the licenses16:57
zequenceI bought some linux DSP plugins. one guy involved in those had something bad to say about support on Ubuntu, but I've had no problems so far16:58
ttoinezequence, it would be interessant to ask calf developpers if they can create mono version of their plugins16:58
ttoinezequence, there is a problem on low resolutions screen, or not well configured screens because the linuxdsp have auto resize depending on screen dimension and dpi16:59
zequencettoine: Strange17:01
ttoinezequence, but for linuxdsp, the issue is documented in the readme, or something like that17:02
zequenceI see17:02
ttoineactually, the GUI rendering of the lv2 plugins is very different from one to one, depending of the developper choice17:03
ttoinezequence, http://blog.ttoine.net/2013/01/28/harrison-mixbus-et-ubuntu-12-04-chez-azarecord/17:03
ttoineif you look at gverb in the screenshot of this post, you will see an openGL layout bug17:03
ttoinethis happends only with one version of the AMD driver. It does not happends at all with nvidia, intel or other AMD drivers17:04
zequencettoine: Ok. But, I think the main problem is on some releases, that there's no LV2 gui at all. Looks just like ladspa17:05
zequenceI haven't really used that many plugins on many releases to really have a good idea of this though17:05
zequenceI usually only use a few17:06
ttoinezequence, yes, I already see that too17:07
ttoineI think that on 12.04 and 12.10 it is fixed17:07
madeinkobaiazequence : I have a message "<AUTO-REPLY> :  not here ..." from our other discussion, don't know what it means : /18:31
madeinkobaiaYou're still here ?18:33
=== jta is now known as jta_afk

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