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ubuntu-studioHi, I tried to install US 12.10 amd64 ubiquity distro to parallel connected ATA Maxtor 6L200P0 ~190 GB with LVM on a gpt partition in order to make it an experimental disk for rc kernel updates and work-along with other systems. It doesn't boot at all no matter of IDE/AHCI BIOS settings. I tried to make the same aside of normal installation on a serial connected SSD ~130GB disk previously, but it always critically crashed fini12:40
ubuntu-studioshing on grub creating by grub-install dev/sda error. Can anyone hint how to make the two installations of US 12.10 work along in order to make that one on SSD basic without multiple partitions (this oldy SSD doesn't like it) and downgrade it for legacy fglrx (I'm on Radeon R3870) and the second one on Mawtor for experimenting with new mainline kernels, settings of xorg-radeon driver and work-along with other systems on the sa12:41
ubuntu-studiome disk? I Don't know, if it's possible issue and searching the web has offered nothing much helpful for me, so that I try to ask this way...12:41
zequenceubuntu-studio: Sorry, don't think any of the US devs know much about this, as none of them seem to have what you have. This would not be Ubuntu Studio specific anyway, so probably you'll have more luck asking on Ubuntu related channels12:42
ubuntu-studiook, thx... gonna try it12:43
zequenceubuntu-studio: check out #ubuntu-installer12:43
morgulwhats Gtk?15:14
morguli get this (qjackctl.real:3827): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_get_direction: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed15:16
morgulin my jack audio connection kit and it gives xrun callbacks from time to time15:17
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SunStartodays updates for 13.04 are not installing18:30
SunStargonna try a restart18:30
ray12683spricht einer deutsch?18:33
SunStarstuck again,  popped up with an error i couldnt see, it vanished b4 i could read, tried again, got a warning only partial upgrade would be available, successfully installed 7 updates for studio base18:52
zequenceray12683: Very little, I'm afraid. English is much easier :)18:53
zequenceSunStar: you need to do the partial upgrade, in order to install all the updates18:53
zequenceWhat it means (if I'm not totally forgetting, and I never use the GUI updater), is that some updates will also remove some packages18:54
SunStaryeah im looking @ dpkg.log and it looks like everything installed18:54
zequenceIn a terminal, you'd update doing: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:54
SunStaryeah i was gonna try that if it failed again18:54
zequenceI think it's practically the same thing18:55
SunStardpjg.log shows a whole lot more than 7 updates so i guess its all good now18:56
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jnbekare there any Ubu Studio devs in this room?20:38
zequencejnbek: Happens, yes. What would you like to ask them? :)21:04
sirriffsalot_Are there any scripts out there to use for optimizing (by that I mean removing frivolous installs) ubuntu studio for audio-related studio needs? Removing unnecessary hidden processes etc..?21:06
zequencesirriffsalot_: I've never heard of any21:06
sirriffsalot_That's a shame.. would be a nice thing for both the audio producers and visual-art producers!21:07
zequencesirriffsalot_: Which processes are you thinking about?21:07
sirriffsalot_How come this is not in any way made possible with Ubuntu Studio?21:07
zequenceBecause, from the testing that has been done, not much makes much of a difference, except realtime priority21:08
sirriffsalot_Well.. I don't know to be honest, haven't looked into it that much, but I am sure there are a lot of things that don't REALLY need to be there for audiowork/graphical work, am I wrong?21:08
zequenceThere's a big difference between what "needs" to be there, and what actually affects performance21:08
sirriffsalot_So ubuntu studio is best left alone?21:09
zequenceI didn't say that21:10
zequenceI think graphic drivers can make a big difference21:11
sirriffsalot_For audiowork?21:11
sirriffsalot_Hmm.. Well, I didn't mean to go into detail, I was just curious if anything was done on this in the past.. As if to get the most stripped ubuntu version capable of audio or graphical extravagance21:13
zequenceTo get xrun free audio operation, I don't think killing any processes will help. At least, it they aren't hardware related.21:14
zequenceHowever, you will get more space for CPU21:14
sirriffsalot_Yeah, that's what I was thinking21:14
zequenceThings like desktop FX will add to CPU21:14
sirriffsalot_CPU does help for xruns no?21:14
zequenceWell, not really, no21:14
sirriffsalot_Odd.. when I run my cpu at maximum recommended I get much less than at standard bootup21:15
zequenceYou're talking about Hz now, right21:15
zequenceNot percentage of CPU usage21:15
sirriffsalot_No.. :)21:15
sirriffsalot_Oh yea21:15
sirriffsalot_But having less processes running.. does that not help?:P21:16
zequenceWhat do you mean with maximum recommended?21:16
zequenceYeah, cause, the difference between jack using 10% CPU and 50% CPU most probably won't affect xrun free operation the slightest21:17
zequenceIt's different if we're talking about 100%21:17
zequenceHardware drivers may however have bad manners21:17
zequenceAnd take up more room than they should21:18
zequenceSo, changing drivers may be the difference between night and day21:18
zequenceWhile, switching between Unity and LXDE might be no difference at all (except for CPU usage in %)21:18
zequenceMore CPU means you can have more FX21:18
zequenceso, that is of course on pro21:19
sirriffsalot_FX<3 hehe21:19
sirriffsalot_Well I've got a four-core laptop now, and ardour3 never laggs anymore.. I just want to keep exploring options :)21:19
zequenceI don't think you will win much by optimizing much further. That's my best guess anyway. I use Gnome3 myself, as I like it. Doesn't affect my audio work at all21:20
zequenceBut each have their own special demands21:21
zequencea realtime kernel might help a bit21:21
sirriffsalot_Yeah, I use both lowlatency and realtime, can't decide which works best hehe21:21
zequenceCPU governer too (though I haven't tested that much)21:21
sirriffsalot_Yeah, I always use that21:22
sirriffsalot_Have you tried E17 with ubuntu studio?21:22
sirriffsalot_Works like a charm imo, you should try it, gnome3 is pretty bulky if I remember correctly..21:22
zequencegnome3 is fast like lightning, and don't try to tell me otherwise ;)21:22
zequenceI may use awesome sometimes21:23
sirriffsalot_Use awesome?21:23
zequenceNever tried it? sudo apt-get install awesome21:23
sirriffsalot_Hang on21:24
sirriffsalot_This'll be exciting, hang on21:24
zequenceIt's a minimal desktop system21:24
sirriffsalot_But if we really wanna go lightweight, how about fluxbox or blackbox?21:24
sirriffsalot_Gonna logout and try this awesome stuff21:25
zequenceIt's going to be awesome!21:26
sirriffsalot_Well this is a more calm and tedious version of E17 in my opinion21:28
sirriffsalot_Screw it, now I got a fullscreen thing thanks to that button in the top-right corner.. Brb21:29
jnbekzequence: I don't want to ask them anything, I just want to thank them all for putting so much effort and time into making such an awesome product. When one really sits down and thinks about all the work it takes to do something this.... 'huge' for free.... it just blows my mind.... So to all the Ubu Studio developers, Thanks!! :)21:30
zequencejnbek: Well, Ubuntu Studio devs only do a very small part after all. The biggest job is done by the software developers21:36
zequencejnbek: Most of the multimedia applications are also packaged in Debian, by the Debian Multimedia Team21:36
zequencejnbek: We kind of make it all come together on Ubuntu, which offers a bit more of a polished setup than what you find on Debian21:36
zequenceI hope we are doing a fairly good job promoting the applications21:37
jnbekya, well, while all the apps are important, the entire reason for doing this; it's the final presentation, the 'here it all is in a simple clean, plug in and create' way.... without that.... all the kickass apps in the world, mean nothing, if the underlying system is too difficult to work with.21:39
SunStarStudio is the best desktop linux ever21:46

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