afournier1is it possible to define an env variable globally ? 08:45
jodhafournier1: what's your use case?08:56
afournier1i'd like to define LANG globally08:57
afournier1or TERM, or TZ08:57
afournier1and i only use upstart, no sysvinit scripts08:57
jodhafournier1: well, for Session Inits you can now make use of 'initctl set-env', however, that won't work for system jobs (although I'm wondering about enabling that for Upstart 1.9).08:59
afournier1that would be nice if it was possible to define this at upstart startup (pid 1) with a configuration file for example09:00
afournier1so all children process have a configurable and some how standardized environment09:01
afournier1then a job can rewrite/add variables as needed09:01
jodhafournier1: please can you raise a bug so we can consider this for Upstart 1.9. I am very wary of enabling 'initctl set-env --global' for PID 1 as that could allow a job to DoS the system.09:03
afournier1at the same time may not be a good idea when changing a variable09:04
afournier1i will check my process graph, maybe i can add insert a job at the begining (just after startup) 09:06
afournier1between mountall and startup, would this work ?09:06
jodhafournier1: you could create a "start on starting mountall" job to inject vars into mountall and all job environments that start on mountall, yes.09:12
afournier1jodh: but it would not inject those vars to the jobs that start on the jobs that start on mountall, that's it ?09:47
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