lderanknome: hey, sorry i haven't gotten the meetingology fixes to you yet, been on holiday this past week :P12:52
lderanhave founds the bits needing the changes so shouldn't be much bother12:52
knomelderan, no problem. how was the holiday?12:53
lderanit mainly consisted of snow & rain, the wonderful land of England.12:53
knomei took a few days off too, back today in the home office working12:54
knomei hate when i have a holiday and stuff piles up12:54
lderanaye that is a pain12:55
knomeespecially after longer time off, since then it's hard to get the wheels rolling anyway...12:56
lderanindeed it is12:58
knomeanyway, i got all the stuff scheduled for today done12:59
dlumberganyone have a link to the bug tracker?16:48
dlumbergwhen booting with a second monitor attached the "appearance" settings don't work16:53
dlumbergwhere should I report that?16:53
pleia2dlumberg: you'll want to use the "ubuntu-bug" command line tool, but I'm not sure which package just yet16:55
pleia2(hopefully someone else knows :))16:55
ochosidlumberg: what do you mean "isn't working anymore"?16:56
dlumbergit boots with the default what used to be gtk theme (not the window manager)16:57
dlumbergand trying to change the Settings Manager > Appearance settings does nothing16:57
Unit193xfce4-settings is the package, in case it comes to that.16:57
ochosidlumberg: if you run xfce4-appearance-settings from terminal and then try to change your theme, do you get any error messages?16:59
dlumbergI can't reboot right now to test, but I will later17:00
dlumbergdoes it just log into syslog?17:01
ochosii'd check ~/.xsession-errors17:01
dlumbergthese are the only 2 that I see that might be related, the rest are nm-applet, xfce4-indicator-plugin and thunar-volman17:05
dlumberg[2399:2399:0402/123912:ERROR:omnibox_view_gtk.cc(431)] Not implemented reached in virtual void OmniboxViewGtk::ApplyCaretVisibility()17:05
dlumbergNVIDIA: could not open the device file /dev/nvidia0 (Operation not permitted).17:05
dlumbergno errors from the command line17:31
dlumbergon an unrelated note I think I need to add a swap file, it seems that 16GB ram isn't enough to compile android w/o running out and crashing17:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1163477 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "[NVIDIA] Appearence settings broken booting with dual monitor attached" [Undecided,New]17:35
dlumbergand now to reboot again to get my theme back17:39
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ochosiskellat: rrring22:52
skellatochosi: What's up?23:54

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