SunStarperhapse permissions preoblem00:21
dlumbergperms on what?00:44
dlumbergand why would it change on a crash?00:44
teejmyaSo is this place alive, or what?04:55
SunStarwhen it suites us04:58
phfhello, i'm experiencing unexpected trouble with my installation of 12.10. suddenly it won't boot anymore, it just kind of freezes displaying a few messages that are all commented with [OK]. i suggest there's something wrong with the graphics.08:39
phfdoes anybody have any advice? in addition: i installed rosegarden yesterday, that went well. one of the messages, displayed on the screen is "starting timidity alsa midi emulation [ok]", and it is often, but not always, the last message that is displayed, before there is no progress anymore.08:41
Evil[1]hello, I got some little questions... I tried ubuntu last year on my laptop and got massive problems with overheat and battery drain (that phoronix thing)... is this problem fix in recent versions?08:47
Evil[1]and secondly, is xubuntu is a fully supported distribution?08:48
SunStar1) overheat fixed by running fans more, battery still drains quicker than it should. 2) yes08:53
phfokay i just got back into xfce, typing 'startx'. -.- any comments on that? :D08:58
Evil[1]hmmm, thanks.09:00
Evil[1]2) is nice to hear... unity isn't my cup of tea, xfce is such a nice thing... but 1) is a real showstopper, to bad... if one thing is excellent in win7, then it's the power management.09:03
SunStari dont know any linux that doesnt excessivly drain the battery09:06
TheSheepworks fine on non-faulty hardware :)09:07
SunStarit should just work09:07
SunStarshouldnt need special hardware09:07
TheSheepit doesn't need special hardware, but if the hardware maker did something horrible, like in this case, there is nothing you can do09:07
Evil[1]yeah... but "more fan" to solve the overheat problem isn't a solution I would bet my bucks on.09:08
TheSheepagreed, fixing the hardware is the solution09:09
Evil[1]sadly enough, I'm not a hardware manufactor :-P My Acer Aspire 5750G works like a charm, silent and cool... good cheap hardware...09:13
TheSheepgood for you09:14
Evil[1]not that good. as I'd like to change to xubuntu...09:15
TheSheepI wish that laptop manufacturers would have a little more transparency about what's inside the laptop you are buying :/09:15
SunStarEvil[1], try 13.0409:19
Evil[1]hmmm... I have an optimus graphics chipset... so it seems like a good idea to disable the nVidia side of things in the bios?09:35
TheSheepor just install bumblebee09:39
Evil[1]I just need the nVidia side of things for Diablo 3 which is for windows only anyways...09:42
TheSheepbumblebee comes with bbswitch and power management for the nvidia card09:43
Evil[1]hmmm... have to read some docs then.09:45
Evil[1]anyway, thanks for the help... I'll give it a try this evening. will report in tomorrow with a "how it went" report :-D09:48
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SliceofLifehi all12:56
SliceofLifehi, i have come on here looking for awee bit of help after faing to find the answer on google12:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:57
SliceofLifei have this directory: /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo  but i have no system sounds working, can anyone tell me how to get them working please?12:58
SliceofLife!Ask i have this directory: /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo  but i have no system sounds working, can anyone tell me how to get them working please?13:00
ubottuSliceofLife: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:01
SliceofLifei have this directory: /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo  but i have no system sounds working, can anyone tell me how to get them working please?13:01
PhoenixSTFhey anyone installed the amd 13.1 driver?14:26
niuniomartinezI've just upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 and I've found few issues with OpenGL/Nvidia.14:48
PhoenixSTFwe are all having issues with grafic cards lately14:57
FRO5Tnot me, im radeon user xD14:58
niuniomartinezAnyway, I see "jockey" was deprecated.14:58
niuniomartinezSo, should I have to wait?15:00
n-iCe's back17:40
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WizardIs there any way to force Java apps to use GTK LAF on Xubuntu?19:03
WizardSeems java reads some gnome-speciffic settings to detect theme and doesn't obey XFCE settings manager :(19:03
stluI'm trying to find out if sshd gives out information about valid usernames19:37
PiciWhat do you mean?19:37
stluI posted the info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213172519:38
stluI want to know if the attacker can see which usernames are real or not.19:38
Piciyou may want to install fail2ban, which will block repeated failed password logins from the same ip address19:39
stluYes, I'm thinking of DenyHosts or fail2ban, this is an unexpected exercise for me today...19:39
stluBut the odd thing is, when I set PermitRootLogin to No, the attack changed.19:40
stluIt should not be able to know anything changed.19:40
Picisshd doesn't give a different error message if the username is valid or invalid19:41
stlufreaky coincidence then19:41
Picianyway, fail2ban is one of the first things I install if I have a public facing ssh server.19:42
genii-aroundPici: I change 22 to something obscure19:45
stlugenii-around: as would I, usually.  this is a special case for me, where I wanted it on 2219:46
stluI am planning to offer free shell accounts, in hopes of providing for educational use.19:47
stlu...And perhaps to learn  a thing or two about security from the not-so-good users19:48
genii-aroundMight want to also look at honeypot19:51
stluI've seen the project honeypot page, do you mean setting up my own?19:57
SunStarwhats wrong with just running an old winme machine with iis?19:58
stluI'm trying out DenyHosts first, since it seems like a simpler method20:00
xubuntu903Hi, I when I was set up my Xubuntu 12.04, I went to the site, "Xubuntu, a Classic Beauty" and followed the instructions to update first. I was sent to the Software section where it said that there was a bunch of updates to download, so I did, and I downloaded the new driver there too. Today, I am being told that there are 5 more updates to be had. Is it alright to keep up with updates? I mean, it's not going to hurt my setup right20:32
xubuntu903sorry  new here with linux20:32
Myrttithe updates aren't offered to make the computers run worse20:33
Myrttithat's not their intended effect20:33
xubuntu903hahaha  that's funny   o.k.20:33
PiciThose are regular security updates that you will continue to see.20:33
xubuntu903I just read somewhere to not update, maybe they said, not "upgrade". That would mean another clean download of Xubuntu 12.10 Right?20:34
Myrttithere's nothing to upgrade to yet20:36
Myrttiunless you push some buttons or switches that should be well hidden20:36
xubuntu903oh    what do you mean?  How about 12.10?20:37
PiciFrom 12.04 you can upgrade to 12.1020:37
Myrttiah right, it was 12.0420:38
xubuntu903They say that 12.04 is better than 12.10. I also read that you have to save your files and a bunch of stuff before you want to upgrade to 12.10.20:38
Pici'updates' usually just mean upgrading packages on the same release20:38
Myrttisorry, misread20:38
PiciYou should always preform a backup before any system upgrade.20:38
xubuntu903oh   good   that's what I want to know. So,  how long it 12.04 supported, and what exactly does "supported" mean/20:39
PiciChances are, even if things go wrong, you'd still be able to recover your files, but it just makes things easier.20:39
Pici12.04 is supported for 5 years, which means that security updates will be published for that amount of time.  It does not mean that you will packages updated with new features though.20:39
xubuntu903o.k.   that's good.. I think that's all of my questions for now. Thanks!20:40
knomePici, 3 years for xubuntu though.20:49
paulofralgum brasileiro ou falar portugues ?21:26
stlufrick, I finished configuring DenyHosts and the attacker has gone elsewhere...21:32
stluI wanted to see my new tool in action!21:34
stluDenyHosts processed my existing log, denied my attacker already.  So I won't have to wait after all!22:08
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n-iCehow is it called when you move the mouse to a corner and all the windows go to a background so you can choose between them?23:29
ochosithe only way you can really get that feature is to use compiz in xubuntu23:29
n-iCeexpose? can it be enabled on xubuntu 12.10?23:29
n-iCecompiz is not installed by default with xbuntu right?23:29
ochosior you can install skippy-xd, but it's not entirely stable and stuff23:29
n-iCethen I don't want it23:30
ochosishould be in the FAQ though i suppose23:30
ochosicompiz is a lot more resource hungry and surely not as stable as xfwm423:30
ochosiso yeah, if you care about those things, then compiz isn't for you :p23:30
n-iCeI don't really care23:31
n-iCeBut seems useful and fast to use23:31
n-iCebut I don't wanna start installing useless stuff23:31
ochosipersonally i felt like adjusting my workflow to expose is harder than expected23:34
ochosiit's very mouse-focused23:34
ochosiand the keyboard ended up being faster/easier for me for many scenarios23:35

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