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Saviqhi, is it possible to set a default stacking branch for branches under a directory?09:49
Saviqi.e. we have lp:unity/phablet and pushing without explicit --stacked-on ... tries to stack on top of lp:unity09:49
Saviqbut the two don't have any common history09:49
Saviqso we're pushing the whole thing every time09:49
Saviqany pointers on how to improve that?09:50
mgzactually create seperate projects fro seperate projects?09:52
mgzlaunchpad stacking is special cased for how launchpad wants you to lay things out09:53
mgzit expects code under one project to share history09:53
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kate`hiya. i'm trying to convert something from svn to bzr, and confusing myself an awful lot in the process19:02
mgzyou might get a good response if you post the details of the conversion on the bazaar mailing list19:03
kate`way back when, i had three seperate svn repositories. at some point i combined all these into one (by dumping them and 'svnadmin load'ing them into different subdirectories) - and then i continued development from that point onwards, in one single repository19:04
mgzthe people who've dived in those waters should see it there19:04
kate`well, maybe :)19:04
* fullermd read that as "died in those waters"...19:04
kate`i'm wondering how's the best way to represent this in bzr.. clearly i could just convert the repository as-is, but i want those histories to appear in paralle, as they're unrelated until that point where they combine19:04
kate`i.e. i don't want a linear history with the work on those three things interspersed19:05
mgzthat sound doable, but potentially not simply19:05
kate`what options can i consider? i could use svn's dump filter things to split those apart again19:05
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kate`i thought either i can leave this as one giant repository and try to have bzr svn-import understand that merging, or: i could convert them seperate, merge in bzr, and then somehow svn-import the rest of the work after the merge19:07
fullermdThat last step would be the really tricksy part.19:07
kate`can svn-import import after existing commits?19:12
kate`or: are there any other ways to go about this? i'm not really sure how this history *should* look19:16
kate`i assume these three origional svn repos should become branches in bzr19:16
* jelmer waves20:32
jelmerkate`: svn-import can import after existing commits, but it won't recognize merges that were not made with bzr20:33
kate`ok. so does my plan to seperate back out my svn repository into three before-the-merge and one after-the-merge sound sane, with doing that merge by hand in bzr?20:37
kate`i.e. to svn-import them to three seperate bzr repositories, rather than branches within one repository or something20:38
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jelmerkate`: I don't think that will work, if the three different branches don't have shared history21:06
jelmer(shared history where svn/bzr is concerned, that is)21:06
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