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Guest65596how does one install and use the python helpers in charm-tools? I see a charm-helper-sh package but no python equivalent.12:24
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benjiYou can install them into your system python like so: sudo apt-get install python-charmhelpers12:43
sidneibenji: except you need to add the ppa first12:48
benjiooh, indeed12:49
benjiWhich is ppa:charmers/charm-helpers, right?12:49
sidneithere's a recipe to build into the juju ppa https://code.launchpad.net/~juju/+recipe/charm-tools but it's broken atm12:52
sidneii've been trying to fix that, but seems a bit more complicated than i thought12:53
sidneii *think* that https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/charm-tools/quantal is correct, just missing pep8 in build-deps12:54
mgzany of these pyjuju test failures ring a bell for anyone? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5673475/12:54
sidneiwhereas https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/raring/charm-tools/raring r18 looks like it reverted some of the previous changes12:55
sidneimgz: no idea about that, maybe a change in lxc? could you help with the charm-tools packaging issue above?12:56
mgzprobably just a missing builddep?12:57
sidneimgz: yes, missing pep8 apparently. but the raring branch looks like it removed python-charmhelpers accidentally on r1812:58
mgz...which is what you said :12:58
mgzthere doesn't seem to be a raring build anyway12:59
mgzI can probably fix this stuff up13:00
wedgwoodbenji: I don't see a python-charmhelpers package in that ppa13:02
sidneithat would be awesome. i had a stab at fixing it before realizing that r18 on the raring branch https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/raring/charm-tools/raring/+activereviews and then got pointed at bzr split documentation and lost all interest :)13:02
benjiwedgwood: hmm, it may be ppa:juju/pkgs and the package name may be just charm-tools; I'm looking into it real quick13:04
wedgwoodbenji: looks like charm-tools exists in raring, it just doesn't include the python stuff13:06
benjiwedgwood: yep, it seems to be ppa:juju/pkgs and the package name is python-charmhelpers13:06
sidneihttp://goo.gl/DuHzm ?13:07
sidneii suspect it got unpublished with the latest recipe failure13:07
jcastrohttp://juju.ubuntu.com/survey is live!14:14
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SpamapSjcastro: bummer you guys couldn't do the survey using open source like the last one ;)15:18
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jcastrooh the limesurvey?15:23
jcastroyou can't make me use bad tools. :p15:23
SpamapSjcastro: how is it bad?15:23
SpamapSlike seriously15:23
SpamapSIts *at least* as powerful as surveymonkey15:23
mgzwell, surveymonkey is bad, so I guess that's not saying much15:24
m_3mgz: thanks, I realized last night I didn't have perms to push to lp:ubuntu/charm-tools15:54
mgzm_3: we can bug someone with the right superpowers to do it though15:56
mgzand the recipe build can just come out of a branch under ~juju15:56
mgzI'm nearly there with the various packaging fixup pain15:57
m_3mgz: and yes those tests look familiar... I put 'export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck' into ~/.pbuilderrc to focus on the packaging... /me guilty look15:58
mgzand I got a different set of failures on the buildds... at least the tests pass when run in branch, and the build I cared about worked15:59
m_3bummer... I hate chasing inconsistencies16:01
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koolhead17SpamapS, hi17:00
SpamapSkoolhead17: howdy!17:06
koolhead17SpamapS, am good.17:07
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jcastrom_3: good thing you waited to fix your blog, now you get 50% lower prices on aws!17:55
SpamapSmy AWS bill has dropped consistently over the 2 years I've run a t1.micro for fewbar.com .. I think its $13/month .. and thats including about 800MB of backups going to S3 weekly.18:01
SpamapS(my hpcloud bill is $17/month for my minecraft server) :)18:02
sidneijcastro: so this wsgi charm... how different from say the gunicorn charm that is?18:06
jcastrosidnei: I was just announcing it, m_3 is the one to talk to18:07
jcastrom_3: ^18:07
m_3jcastro: I don't pay anything for it... it's just github pages18:08
m_3sidnei: it'd definitely overlap... I just wanted to file it as a separate bug to open the conversation about _which_ webserver is the most commonly used for microframeworks plugged into wsgi18:10
sidneii don't think there's a definitive answer for that, although gunicorn is quite popular18:10
mgzm_3: so, I think I've now done all the boring bits (bar some posts to the mailing list)18:10
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m_3sidnei: ack... that's ok18:10
m_3mgz: whoohoo!18:11
mgzm_3: what's up next is merging in your update-alternatives work to the packaging branch, testing it, and getting it in raring18:11
m_3mgz: thanks man, I wanted a sanity check on those18:11
m_3mgz: do I have to do something specific to the changelog?  that's why I didn't do a real MP before18:12
mgzwe'll add something, but that's pretty simple18:12
m_3do we leave it alone at 0.6-1ubuntu2 iirc?18:12
m_3or bump18:12
mgzI've bumped to 0.7-0ubuntu118:15
mgzand want to do the install changes on a new version as they're pretty major, so 0.7-0ubuntu218:16
m_3mgz: ack18:17
sidneim_3: im looking for a solution to using wedgwood_away's lp:charmsupport on the apache/squid/haproxy charms. i think the best option might be to include the package in the same ppa as charm-tools and add the ppa in the install hook.18:18
sidneias opposed to having a separate ppa that is18:18
m_3sidnei: hmmmm18:19
m_3sidnei: will that cause problems with the juju version installed18:19
m_3sidnei: i.e., if they deployed orig from the distro version of juju18:19
sidneim_3: meaning charm-tools is in the juju ppa? i thought it had its own ppa18:20
m_3sidnei: then, the charm adds that ppa, then something during the life of that service updates/upgrades18:20
m_3oh, nope, I thought it was the same as juju.... /me looking now18:20
m_3sidnei: https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/pkgs18:21
m_3all together18:21
sidneilooks like also https://launchpad.net/~charmers/+archive/charm-helpers18:21
* m_3 facepalm18:22
sidneian alternative might be to just move all of that into the python charmhelpers18:22
m_3sidnei: I have no idea what we should do with that then18:22
sidneithere was some concern that nrpe stuff shouldn't live there for example18:23
m_3sidnei: lemme look at lp:charmsupport18:23
m_3they're really two different things.... helpers are for charms... charm-tools are mostly cli tools for charmers18:24
sidneithe biggest blocker atm for me is that the relation_get function from python charmhelpers can't be changed in a backwards-compatible way18:24
sidneiare you saying that helpers should be split from charm-tools?18:25
m_3sidnei: yes18:25
m_3might not solve this particular problem18:25
m_3but in general, those stand separately18:25
m_3hmmm, yeah, that's what I was gonna ask... what's in the way of integrating charmsupport into python charm-helpers18:26
sidneinot necessarily no. but i could move the 3 functions from python charmhelpers that im using into charmsupport and ignore python charmhelpers from now on.18:26
* m_3 facepalm again18:26
m_3it'd be great to build python charmhelpers18:26
sidneiyes, i join you in that18:26
sidneito build python charmhelpers as in having a proper set of charmhelpers in a package that charms can use?18:27
m_3lemme look at relation_get in charm helpers18:27
sidneiwhich may or may not be the current python charmhelpers that are part of charm-tools18:27
sidneirelation_get in charmhelpers returns the result of relation-get in whatever the default format is, instead of the json-parsed python structure.18:28
m_3I think helpers were glommed together into the charm-tools project temporarily...18:28
m_3sidnei: ah18:28
sidneii don't think i can change it to simply add json.loads() and still be backward-compatible18:28
m_3right... I should do a big pull and start grepping around for deps on the various charm-helper packages18:29
m_3prbably have that on disk on one of the testers atm18:30
sidneiactually seems only get_config() does a json.loads(), none of the others do in charmhelpers18:30
sidneiso if we could reconcile that18:31
m_3sidnei: gotta run to a meeting... lemme know if you see a clear solution, I'll take a look this afternoon18:31
m_3sorry man18:31
sidneim_3: no problem. i might throw it in an email, im off next week.18:31
jcastroniemeyer: heya, publish looks awesome, when do you expect to land it? Wondering as far as documenting it for the submissions guidelines and all that.18:34
niemeyerjcastro: I've been landing it in pieces.. I just started working on it again 30 mins ago.. if I manage to keep my focus, perhaps sometime tomorrow it should be all in18:35
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jcastroniemeyer: oh ok, so for 13.04 then, that's brilliant18:41
SpamapS13.04 what?18:41
* SpamapS saw something about a final beta freeze yesterday18:41
jcastroI don't know what the status of juju's FFe is offhand18:43
SpamapSIIRC, juju is still unseeded. So.. the freeze is nominal18:44
SpamapSdoes juju-core exist in Ubuntu yet?18:44
jcastrois unseeded meaning ... ?18:44
SpamapSno existe18:45
SpamapSjcastro: unseeded is the new universe man18:45
jcastrooh, I believe this is what mgz/mims were working on today?18:45
SpamapSjcastro: you'll also have to tax an archive admin to pass NEW18:46
SpamapSshould have done that months ago18:47
jcastroI don't know who's working on the package18:47
* SpamapS will take some responsibility for ditching in December ;)18:47
jcastroI care more about it being in the ppa for 12.04 tbh18:47
SpamapSjcastro: totally, I'd ignore distro for raring18:47
jcastroI don't think I can get away with ignoring it18:48
SpamapSyou're going to create a bunch of work for over-taxed individuals because the plan was to work right up until the last final possible moment18:48
SpamapSthis was what I was upset about.. calling it "13.04" when you have 6 months of new work to do isn't really possible and, big surprise, the schedule slips.18:49
jcastroI more mean about the PPA18:50
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balloonsjcastro, I asked plars to swing by to help out19:18
balloonsI'm assuming since the jobs are on jenkins.qa.u.c he might be able to help you ;-)19:19
jcastrom_3: ^^^^19:19
plarsjcastro: if you know the job name, I can check to see if it's running on one of the jenkins instances I have access to19:21
plarsnothing actually runs on jenkins.qa.u.c, it's just for showing results19:21
m_3jcastro: thanks19:23
m_3plars: hi19:23
plarshi m_319:24
m_3plars: hey, so I've got some instances running that publish to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com19:25
m_3plars: the publication mechanism seems to be broken19:25
m_3plars: can you look at the logs to see what's up with... for instance... precise-openstack-charm-bitlbee19:26
m_3as a job name19:26
plarsm_3: ah, which jenkins instance actually runs the jobs?19:26
plarsm_3: typically, if publication is failing, it will be on the jenkins system that runs the jobs, not the one that it publishes to19:27
m_3plars: these're running on instances in ec219:27
plarsm_3: and unfortunately, restarting jenkins is usually the only fix (the one running the jobs)19:27
m_3plars: yup, they're actually ephemeral and come to life every day19:29
m_3plars: they're configured automatically with juju19:29
plarsm_3: and they've previously worked, but suddenly stopped?19:29
m_3plars: james page orig set up creds for publishing to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com19:29
m_3plars: yes, they were working in the past19:30
m_3plars: then they stopped a few months ago due to version changes19:30
m_3plars: then were running again19:30
plarsm_3: any chance they are getting shut down before publication has finished?19:30
m_3plars: and stopped about a month ago19:30
plarsm_3: I don't have any access (other than the public page) to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com, so everything I can see is what anyone can see on that19:31
plarsm_3: If it's an access problem, likely james or IS will have to handle it19:31
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plarsm_3: if there's any way to keep the instance alive after it finishes for a bit, for debugging though19:31
plarsm_3: that might be helpful so that you can see where if it's just dying to quick, or if there's an error on the jenkins running in ec2 when it tries to publish19:32
jcastroplars: he just texted me that his network is out.19:35
m_3ok, back19:36
plarsm_3: wb :)19:36
m_3plars: sorry19:36
plarsm_3: what was the last thing you saw from me?19:36
m_3one sec19:36
m_3plars: ok, so you were asking if the jobs died before they could publish19:38
plarsplars> m_3: I don't have any access (other than the public page) to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com, so everything I can see is what anyone can see on that19:39
plars<plars> m_3: If it's an access problem, likely james or IS will have to handle it19:39
plars<plars> m_3: if there's any way to keep the instance alive after it finishes for a bit, for debugging though19:40
plarsplars> m_3: that might be helpful so that you can see where if it's just dying to quick, or if there's an error on the jenkins running in ec2 when it tries to publish19:40
m_3plars: ok, yeah I just wanted somebody to check the logs on there while I was publishing19:43
plarsm_3: I have no ability to do that19:44
m_3plars: yeah, I can control thelifetime19:44
m_3plars: ok, cool... I'll ping is19:44
m_3plars: thanks!19:44
m_3plars: oh, btw... do you manage the disk space on there?19:44
m_3plars: i.e., if I wanted to remove old build artifacts19:44
plarsm_3: nope, that would also be IS, sorry :(19:44
m_3plars: thanks19:44
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jcastromarcoceppi: you had plans to rename shelr.tv to something else right?20:24
marcoceppijcastro: it's already been renamed20:24
marcoceppijcastro: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/shelrtv20:24
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AskUbuntuTried to follow the EC2 Juju guide and it fails | http://askubuntu.com/q/27763822:29
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