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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:18
cabpa_hello, my huawei usb modem is not working in neon even if i reattach. its working in 12.04 LTS06:07
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BluesKajHey folks11:26
akshay_rcan anybody please guide me .. how can I upgrade my kdelibs version to 4.9.5 from 4.8.x ?12:31
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murthyhello everyone13:26
murthylordievader: hi13:28
sublationwhat is the terminal command to output which version of notify-osd is currently installed?13:40
genii-aroundapt-cache policy <packagename>13:40
genii-aroundIn this case the packagename is notify-osd13:41
sublationok tyvm13:41
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sublationnotify-osd and exaile are not playing nice together.13:53
sublationI can see the error in the terminal when exaile changes tracks13:53
sublation    WARNING : error showing OSD notification: Timeout was reached13:53
sublationWARNING : Perhaps notify-osd is not installed?13:54
sublationBut it is installed and works without issue SOMETIMES13:54
sublationHowever, every now and again when the track changes the entire system will hang with no graphical updates on the monitor13:54
sublationHowever mouse still moves music still plays.   Wait 20 or 30 seconds for it to timeout and everything goes back to normal13:55
sublationCan disable Exailes use of notify-osd as a workaround13:55
OerHekssublation, are you on KDE Kubuntu ?13:55
sublationBut I want to see what is happening on notify-osd end when exail tries to use it.13:55
sublationnah, 13.04 ubuntu13:56
OerHekssublation, join #ubuntu+1 for raring issues, untill it comes out13:56
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kristjanhello, i have a 2 problems so far after upgrating to kubuntu 13.0416:44
kristjanskype wont start and lower right corner is a watermark AMD unsupported hardware16:45
kristjancan anybody tell me how can i fix this16:46
hydronhi every one17:08
hydronI can't login with my first created account, a black screen flash and I get back to lightdm login screen, but this doesn't occure with other users17:11
hydroncan anyone help please ?17:11
Mamarokhydron: and you have which exact Kubuntu version? Sounds like you have some important runtime packages missing17:11
hydronkubunt 12.1017:12
hydronbut I can login with other accounts17:12
Mamarokthen you might not have the right password17:12
hydronwhen I enter a wrong pass It says It17:13
Mamarokyou can log into KDE with another name but not that one?17:13
Mamarokhydron: go to a shell (ALT+CTLR+F1, log in with that name, then move the .kde/ folder17:14
hydronAm I going to lose any configuration if I do that ?17:14
Mamarokwell, "loose" not as you are moving the folder, not erasing it17:15
Mamarokbut you will start with a default setup17:15
Mamaroksomething in your configuration is causing that most likely17:15
hydronOk I'm ging to try It and come back, thak you :)17:16
Mamarokyou can then selectively copy back  the configuration files17:16
Mamarokor just reconfigure from default17:16
hydron_Mamarok: that didn't work17:19
Mamarokhydron_: then I don't know what is wrong, sorry17:20
hydron_ok thank you anyway :)17:20
Mamarokbut you were able to log in on the shell, weren't you?17:21
Mamarokand could move the .kde/ folder?17:21
Mamarokvery strange17:21
hydron_I find It too17:22
Mamarokyou can move the .local/ folder as well, maybe that helps17:22
hydron_ok, brb17:22
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hydrondoesn't work neither17:25
hydronis ther a specific log file for lightdm an X11 server ?17:26
hydronmay be we'll find out some thing inside It17:27
hydronI will try to start lightdm with the -d option for debugging, may be It will help, brb :D17:28
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hydronsomething about Xauthority permission denied :P17:35
Mamarokhydron: do you have only KDE installed as a desktop or do you have another one? Then you could check if it is KDE specific17:38
Mamarokhydron: btw, do you use any non-ascii characters maybe?17:39
hydronyes I have LXDE, but I have the same problem with It17:39
hydronI use a simple username and password17:39
hydrononly alphabetic17:39
Mamarokno accented characters?17:40
hydronno :)17:40
Mamarokmust be something with lightdm I presume, but what is wrong I am at loss17:40
hydronI'm thinking about reinstalling the whole kubuntu-desktop17:41
hydronbut I'll make It the last solution :)17:41
Mamarokseems a bit much17:41
hydronyes but I'm triying to solve this for a long time ago17:42
Mamarokcheck the user settings for that particular user, you might have soemthing differnet compared to the others17:42
murthyhydron: have you tried deleting the .Xauthority file?17:42
Mamaroka missing group or some such17:42
murthyhydron: try that17:43
hydronwhere is the .Xauthority file ?17:43
hydronok found It17:44
lordievaderGood evning17:44
hydronhey Mamarok17:52
hydronIt worked17:52
hydronthank you very much for your precious time :)17:52
hydronyou are a life saver :D17:52
Mamarokhydron: you mean murthy I guess :)17:53
hydronwhat dose murthy mean ??17:54
murthyhydron: it means "god" in the language hindi17:57
hydroneuh sorry but I believe in only one God :)17:57
murthyhydron: sorry it means statue of god :) in hindi17:58
murthyhydron: want to join us at #kubuntu-offtopic?17:59
hydronok, I'll make It easy for you, I'am muslim, and In islam, you don't make statue or image for the holly God :)18:00
hydronnow I'm leaving, thank you one more time for your precious help and au revoir :)18:04
pcybillQuestion, how do you change the volume increment on kmix?18:10
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liudaspcybill: by scrolling mouse whell over kmix icon?18:28
pcybillliudas; Yes that works, I was just wondering if it were possible to change the increment with which it increases/decreases, in my case it's 15%18:30
pcybillI would like to lower it to around 5%18:30
liudaspcybill: http://kmix5.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/what-is-hot-for-kde-4-8/ maybe this could help?18:33
pcybillliudas: Much appreciated18:34
liudaspcybill: welcome18:34
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