cerebratesome of my fonts have shrunk00:04
cerebratehow do i change default fonts?00:07
phillwcerebrate: have you looked at http://askubuntu.com/questions/218458/how-to-increase-text-size-on-lubuntu ?00:17
cerebrateno, but i did get it working as i like through rebooting :300:17
cerebratety phillw00:17
phillwcerebrate: remember, google-fu is a very useful skill to learn... In your case it was "lubuntu set default font" as the question. There are a lot of answers, but I chose the graphical solution as 1st reply to you. :)00:19
Einohave you guys experienced this odd bug in libreoffice, sometimes the screen won't update the fields when I scroll, i.e. the text of a table will vanish until I highlight it01:46
holsteinEino: no i havent.. whats the bug #?01:47
EinoI don't know01:48
holsteinok. dont assume its a bug.. or a bug with libreoffice then.. could be related to your graphics driver01:48
Einoit's a bug somewhere01:49
EinoI ment with "bug in libreoffice" that it's a bug appearing in libreoffice01:49
holsteinEino: and im saying, it could be with your graphics driver01:50
EinoI understood01:50
* Beanaroo waves Hi!04:30
BeanarooGreetings, channel Lubuntu. Installed 12.10 today, very snappy on my HTPC. Could anybody please explain to me how I can turn off the removable media popup?04:31
wxlBeanaroo: you know people ask for some weird things someitmes :)04:33
wxlhold on04:33
Unit193Beanaroo: In PCManFM, Edit > Preferences > Volume Management.04:33
wxldarn, beat me to it04:33
Beanaroooh goodness... I was there just 20 minutes ago and related the word Volume to sounds. Liberally apply palm to face. Thank you guys :) I have had great experiences so far with the distro.04:35
wxlBeanaroo: feel free to hang and ask other questions04:36
wxlBeanaroo: and don't take offense to what i said; i'm just playing :)04:36
Unit193He's know, he does some weird stuff...04:38
Beanaroohaha, none taken at all. I have setup xbmc on the TV and the popup steals window focus when insterting disks or audio devices. Does Lubuntu community have it's own Forums?04:39
Unit193Easier to have them with the normal forums and just tag them as Lubuntu, there's not a ton different at the core.04:41
BeanarooAh, I understand. Haven't used Debian/Ubuntu in over 4 years.04:42
BeanarooThanks again, guys!05:07
cerebratehow do i modify default font size?  i feel necessity to acquire a magnifying glass for this very small text I see.05:44
phiscribeim used the lubuntu software center to install fontmatrix.  it stated it was version 0.60.  when it installed it is version .9.99.  why did it lie?  how can i get version .60?  do i need to add a repository?  fontmatrix .9.99 is just about alpha code.  version .60 was usable.11:13
phiscribei used that is11:13
amjjawad_phiscribe: maybe check their website?11:40
phiscribeamjjawad, not much there.  just in general how does one go about using programs in earlier releases?  just add jaunty to my repos?  would that blow up on me?12:12
amjjawadI'm sorry I didn't understand your Q12:14
phiscribesymantic package manager can force an app to install to an earlier version, IF it is in your sources.list.  fontmanager .60 was in earlier lubuntu/ubuntu releases.  how can i add one of those earlier releases to my sources so the package manager can see the earlier version, and force it to install in a way that doesnt destabilize my whole system and apt set up.12:17
phiscribesay like from lucid or jaunty12:17
Grouverwxl, Hello. I guess you remember from yesterday? So before I buy a new NIC? Should I try something else or look somewhere else where they maybe know whats the cause?17:41
wxlGrouver: what was the last thing i suggested to you?17:44
Grouverwxl, sorry i was downstairs. I guess the last thing was trying a newer version.18:30
wxlGrouver: yep, live. did you do that? what were the results?18:31
Grouverwell. No i didnt do that yet. :p  so..18:34
Grouverbut y ou where also doubting about that i can remember.18:34
wxlor i'm testing whether or not you'd be inclined to think that.18:35
wxland now perhaps i'm really questioning your character. :)18:35
phillwwxl: I'm just finishing the last amd64 alternate. So far, so good :)18:37
Grouverhuh? :p18:41
wxlGrouver: shh, i'm just messing with you now.18:42
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Grouverso okay... trying the newest lubuntu then.18:49
xnoxLubuntu folks. Skype™ logo and reference is dropped from the lubuntu slideshow, due to request for takedown from Microsoft®19:12
xnoxbug 116350419:12
ubottubug 1163504 in unity-asset-pool (Ubuntu Raring) "Trademarked assets" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116350419:12
wxloh no?19:13
Unit193xnox: Thanks, I'll see if I can catch one.19:13
wxltime to suggest jitsi19:13
cerebratesomehow the fonts on my computer get really really small19:14
wxlcerebrate: how small?19:14
cerebratehardly legible from ~5 centimeters19:15
cerebrateor so19:15
wxlwhat size is the font set to?19:15
cerebratei dont know19:18
cerebratecan you modulate that19:18
wxlcerebrate: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Setup#Change_Font_Size_in_Interface19:18
cerebratey ty ^^19:20
wxlcerebrate: i also notice phillw gave you a similar link before http://askubuntu.com/questions/218458/how-to-increase-text-size-on-lubuntu19:21
phillwxnox: thanks for the update, do the artwork team need to anything?20:02
phillwthanks :)20:25
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Timo_Hi, at work I use an external monitor without my laptop monitor turned on. After getting home, I wanted to turn on my laptop, but after logging in, I get a black screen. This is (I assume) because the settings are still saved from my work session. How can I reset my monitor settings so that my laptop screen is enabled again?22:00
SonikkuAmericaHey everyone! Is it possible to configure a desktop entry to run multiple terminal commands at a time, such as [ sudo apt-get update ; read -p "Press ENTER to continue ..." ]?23:45
SonikkuAmericaNever mind, it's kind of a stupid question23:55

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